“Super hangout! Wonderful clarity and big screen is awesome since I can actually see it now. Thanks!”

Thank-you for that feedback from Donna Burleaud. Cousin Russ and I certainly love the new Zoom webinar interface, even as Ol’ Myrt here is learning to use the host controls for spotlighting panelists and their screen shares. Of special note this week, we feature Daniel Horowitz, Chief Genealogist at MyHeritage who talked about DNA and the expanded MyHeritage webinar offerings for 2018. We also visited with Fiona Fitzsimons to learn more about the APG Britain, Ireland and the Isles Chapter[of the Association of Professional Genealogists. Its a virtual chapter with a Twitter, YouTube and Facebook presence. You’ll find the annotated typed chat with links we mentioned below this embedded video recording.

00:26:24 Kirsten Hart: Good evening from Hove, UK!
00:26:28 Marian Koalski: First timer on Zoom from snowy Mass.
00:26:54 Susan Ennis: Great visual quality and audio too!
00:27:18 Marian Koalski: It IS much better!
00:28:13 Susan Howard: Just playing with viewing options on Zoom! Seems easy!
00:29:21 Joanne Shackford Parkes: Was very easy to make this transition to Zoom – just click on the link. Thanks for all the background work to implement new tools!
00:30:01 Cousin Russ: Also can I talk about 52 ancestors Hilary Gadsby’s blog:
00:30:20 Donna Burleaud: Zoom was easier than I expected to set up! Loving the big screen.
00:31:19 Hilary Gadsby:
00:32:22 Marian Koalski: I’m admiring John Laws’ less-than-full storage bins/drawers.
00:32:51 Leah Smith: Great presentation on Polish immigrant mill workers. I will be listening to it again this week.
00:33:59 Hilary Gadsby: I am also going to be at RootsTech from the Sunday before the conference.
00:35:16 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Terrific John, keep improving.
00:36:07 Cousin Russ: Please put links to your Blogs into the Chat to ALL Panelists and Attendees — Thank you
00:36:13 Randy Seaver: We come into RootsTech on the Monday afternoon
00:36:39 Yvonne Demoskoff: Hoping to meet up with you at RT, Hilary 🙂
00:40:49 Dave Robison: Old Bones Genealogy of New England blog:
00:40:57 Pat Kuhn: my blog is
00:41:30 Randy Seaver: my blog is – I’m on week 208 of the 52 Ancestors series. My posts are biographies of my ancestors, working down my ahnentafel list of ancestors. I’m in the 6th great-grandparents now
00:41:32 Marian Koalski: I thought you were in front of a beautifully clean picture window, Russ
00:42:23 John Laws: My Blog is or just LAWS FAMILY REGISTER in your browser find us on Facebook
00:42:32 Anna Matthews:
00:44:39 Dave Robison: I’m experimenting with a second screen. It’s almost too distracting!
00:45:52 Randy Seaver: my blog is – I’m on week 208 of the 52 Ancestors series. My posts are biographies of my ancestors, working down my ahnentafel list of ancestors. I’m in the 6th great-grandparents now
00:49:46 Valerie Eichler Lair: Daniel – I can’t look at my orange hits coming up on my Legacy FT software fast enough! LOL
00:49:49 Daniel Horowitz: Hi Sharon, you can upload test from any other vendor and get the same results
00:50:22 Valerie Eichler Lair: Fiona!!! {{{hugs}}} so great to see you here!!!
00:50:54 Linda Stufflebean: Daniel, Thank you for the new Ellis Island immigrants database. It’s fabulous and a huge improvement over the actual Ellis Island website. [ ]
00:52:03 Daniel Horowitz: YOUR WELCOME 😉 Please send me by email ( your comments and success stories with that collection.
00:52:28 Randy Seaver: Daniel, I ‘ve been having fun with the School Yearbook collection – found me, my mother and brothers.

Inserted by Ol’ Myrt:

00:53:19 Jenny Hawran: Zoom is cool! Great quality. Ya’ll look nice and clear
00:53:37 Doris Haskell: Can this hangout through Zoom also be used with smart phones and tablets? [YES, this works with smart phones and tablets!]
00:54:36 Daniel Horowitz:
00:54:37 Susan Howard: Any news on when a Mac version of Legacy will be available from My Heritage?
00:54:39 Jenny Hawran: How do I see what other attendees are here?
00:57:52 Robbin Smith: no it is not
00:58:01 Marian Koalski: Not full screen for me
00:58:07 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Now we see all panel members
00:58:10 Dave Robison: Upper right hand corner?? “Full Screen”???
00:59:09 Pat Kuhn: have different percentages from my Ancestry to My Heritage DNA results Daniel.
01:01:04 Cousin Russ: and
01:01:28 Valerie Eichler Lair: Fiona – congratulations on all that you and the others have done for BII chapter!!! 🙂
01:02:19 Doris Haskell: He sure makes his mother smile. 🙂
01:02:58 Cousin Russ: APG Britain, Ireland and the Isles Chapter. – quite a large chapter, with almost 300 members scattered across England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Isles. We hope that the new social media channels will bring the chapter together online, so that our members have better access. We also hope to use the channels to circulate webinars/ podcasts for CPD, localised to our region. The first podcast is already posted on YouTube and FB. It’s a moderated discussion between Chris Paton (The Genes Blog/ @BritishGenes) and Lorna Moloney (Clans & Surnames @merrimanresearch). Our next CPD event will take place shortly, details to be announced. The channels can found as follows:

01:04:33 Susan Howard: Trello card or board?
01:05:53 Cousin Russ: Susan – we have a Board, with each “show” is a Card
01:07:31 Susan Howard: Thanks, Russ. Now I see. Love Trello!
01:14:03 Hilary Gadsby: I think I might use Trello for planning my posts for the 52 ancestors
01:14:59 Barbara Gressel: Pat, last week, two people who I adore did DNA tests and found 1/2 siblings. One is excited to meet a new sibling. The other is crushed to learn about thier father’s extra curricular activities. Not all DNA tests are well-received. I’m not sure how I would have felt if faced with the same situation.
01:18:32 Daniel Horowitz: …. and you can upload for FREE your raw DNA from any of those companies to
01:18:49 Dave Robison: I’ve tested with LivingDNA.
01:19:11 Pat Kuhn: I have to run now, will see you all later!!!
01:19:57 Dawn Carlile: I tested with Living DNA last spring Interesting results.
01:19:58 Randy Seaver: Sorry about the hiccup. I wanted to see if the Share Screen would show all of the RootsMagic screens. It did!
01:21:01 Hilary Gadsby: I have only tested with Living DNA as I wanted the UK breakdown.
01:21:28 Randy Seaver: I have tested with Living DNA also.
01:23:06 Cousin Russ: MyHeritage Webinar Series
01:24:05 Cousin Russ: NEW! discount: The following coupon code will entitle the user to a 30% discount on one order: COMP3
01:24:28 Jacqueline Wilson: I already have both books!
01:25:08 Randy Seaver: I don’t understand how with my Video off and the Share Screen on why it showed my screen. A bug or a feature of Zoom?
01:25:39 DearMYRTLE: The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy 4th Edition Val D. Greenwood
01:29:24 Valerie Eichler Lair: <giggling> It’s hard for us opinionated to be quiet! LOL
01:30:00 Valerie Eichler Lair: <<<shaking my head up & down like a Bobblehead!!! LOL
01:32:25 Jacqueline Wilson: I can do it – but I will not be a panelist.
01:32:30 Yvonne Demoskoff: Chapter 2 will take place on the opening day of RootsTech?
01:32:32 DearMYRTLE:
01:32:45 Valerie Eichler Lair: Jan. 30th at 7pm MT is fine with me just to join in the discussion…not necessarily teach chapter 1. But….you know if you need me, you can reach out to me!
01:33:25 Jacqueline Wilson: I am available on the 30th altho I will not be on the panel.
01:34:35 Cousin Russ: NEW! discount: The following coupon code will entitle the user to a 30% discount on one order: COMP3
01:34:43 Lisa Gorrell: wished I had had a discount code when I bought mine. 😉
01:35:05 Cousin Russ: Julie Goucher’s Jan 2018 BOOK OF ME writing prompts
01:35:40 Hilary Gadsby: I am restarting Book of Me need to review the first prompt
01:36:27 Lisa Gorrell: I did most of the prompts the last time we had this. I’m doing 52 Ancestors this year.
01:36:58 Hilary Gadsby: I have a folder in Google Drive with my answers from before
01:39:26 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Yes
01:40:48 Jacqueline Wilson: What do you enjoy? Reading and research. In a few words as possible! I think I will be journaling some if not all of the prompts. But they will probably be private.
01:41:33 Bill West: I’m sticking with the 52 Ancestors., which I usuallyam running behind on.
01:44:05 Randy Seaver: will the Zoom Webinar Chat be saved somewhere?
01:45:30 Hilary Gadsby: You can save chat by going to more
01:48:00 Doris Haskell: I enjoy helping people find and meet their biological family members, because of DNA.
01:50:53 Robbin Smith: I dont see the same options as you are showing
01:51:10 Dawn Carlile: I do no have a More button.
01:51:13 Jenny Hawran: hmm…I don’t see the More button
01:51:13 Denise Coughlin: Is that just for panelists? Or do we have to have another sign in for Zoom?
01:51:15 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Same here, I do not have the More button.
01:51:17 Doris Haskell: I see the More word that you are showing us, but I don’t see it on my chat screen.
01:51:32 Mary Lou Gravatt: Do not have the more button.
01:51:36 Valerie Lisk: I have magnified the chat and their is no More button. Is that only for the panelists?
01:51:38 Danine Cozzens: If you pop out the chat, you see more options.
01:51:49 Cyndy Bray: don’t see the more prompt
01:52:11 Robbin Smith: but as a non panelist i still do not see the same options as russ has
01:52:12 Jacqueline Wilson: My More button just disappeared. But before that it said something about merging not saving chat?
01:52:15 Fiona Fitzsimons: Oops, think I sent my response to Cousing Russ! Good to know you’re there. This is a fun format, I must listen in again. F
01:52:26 Danine Cozzens: The pop out is a diagonal arrow which disappears once you check it….
01:52:33 Randy Seaver: Click on the “Chat” icon at the bottom of the screen to get the chat log on the right and not in them iddle
01:52:59 Robbin Smith: my to: only shows 2 options – panelists; and all panelist and attendees
01:53:41 Robbin Smith: my more only shows merge to mtg window
01:53:41 Danine Cozzens: Same here, not possible to message individuals.
01:54:13 Cyndy Bray: same here
01:54:51 Dawn Carlile: Thank you Danine. Now I will resize my window so it doesn’t overlap the screen.
01:54:53 Cousin Russ: I’ll look at the Recording when it is ready to see what you are seeing. I can’t see that from here. Sorry
01:55:06 Danine Cozzens: “Pop Out” is at top left under small v
01:55:13 Monique Riley: No problem Russ. We are all learning.
01:55:31 Dawn Carlile: y only MORE option is to merge to the meeting window. 🙁
01:55:37 Monique Riley: Just giving feedback to learn from for next time
01:57:52 Dave Robison: I have an original of the Attestation Paper for my maternal grandfather. He had been living in the United States for quite a few years and lists his permantent address as 19 Bliss St, Springfield, Mass.
01:58:01 Cyndy Bray: don’t see a small v
01:58:11 Marcia Philbrick: The entire chat can be selected and then copy/paste can be used to save the chat. Not ideal — but does keep the info
01:59:24 Monique Riley: Good idea Marcia!
01:59:57 Valerie Lisk: I would like the entire chat because in trying to register,, I shut off the wifi and it took me an hour to figure it out. Then didn’t have audio.
02:03:36 Donna Burleaud: Super hangout! Wonderful clarity and big screen is awesome since I can actually see it now. Thanks!
02:03:52 Danine Cozzens: Cindy, the small v at top left appears in one mode and not another, depending on whether the chat is full size or not. Modern “minimalist” screen design…
02:04:49 Danine Cozzens: Have to be merged with screen to see the v…
02:05:08 Ronald Williams:

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