We’re up to Chapter 15 “Citing Images of previously Unpublished Materials” where Dr. Jones says

“… organizations have digitized countless volumes of unpublished material. Archives, businesses, governmental, and religious organizations image this material, sometimes with little or no human intervention. Much of it has come from unpublished Genealogical Society of Utah/FamilySearch microfilm mechanically run through scanners.” Source: Jones, Thomas. Mastering Genealogical Documentation (NGS Special Topics Series Book 122) (Kindle Locations 4017-4019). National Genealogical Society, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Although the author eschews two of the four citation samples he provides, the consensus of the panelists is to include as much in the citation as possible – both WHEREIS and WHEREIn.

We decided it was good  Dr. Jones shows the less-desirable citation formats as they provide us the opportunity to compare and contrast citations we created in our homework.

00:50:13 Valerie EichlerLair: Jones’ [Methodology] course at SLIG [Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy] is going to change your ways Melinda! Plus, all you will have time for is sleep, eat, class, and homework. 🙂
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00:59:34 Cousin Russ: Combined Chapter 15 Homework –
00:59:38 Lisa Gorrell: What’s interesting, is this death certificate can still be found in all of the places Cary visited.
00:59:48 Cousin Russ: Thomas W. Jones. Mastering Genealogical Documentation, (Arlington, Virginia: National Genealogical Society, 2017.) Softbound available from the publisher’s website Kindle format at Amazon here:
01:01:36 Melissa Barker: Study the Finding Aid!
01:07:37 Yvonne Demoskoff: I have a few relatives in that CEF database, Dave, so it’s interesting to see how you crafted your citations.
01:09:01 Lisa Gorrell: It’s important when you show the wrong way to do something, is to explain why. When I was training, we never showed the wrong way–we didn’t want people to practice that!
01:12:01 Anna Matthews: The creator of the original record is The Ministry of Overseas Forces of Canada according to the LAC website.
01:13:05 Anna Matthews: I wrote the citation for my Granduncle’s file in both ways that Dr. Jones showed under option 3 but I’m not sure which I prefer or if either one is correct!
01:13:35 MelindaCulpon: Question? Do we think that eventually there will be digital image numbers – that can be tracked like ISP numbers currently?
01:14:00 Yvonne Demoskoff: is that record # needed to find it again?
01:15:27 Yvonne Demoskoff: what if you put instead Dickson’s regt. #?
01:15:43 Anna Matthews: Yes, the Attestation Paper is only the first two images of the file.
01:16:26 Marceline Beem: Melinda, a lot of the journals I used in grad school had what’s called DOI numbers that identified that article no matter what database it was in. So it’s possible, but whether or not it’s practical is another question all together.
01:18:22 Lisa Gorrell: That’s why you need to look at the notes about the database first.
01:20:43 Jacqueline Wilson: At the top of the document, there is a preprinted name. Would that be the author?
01:20:50 Yvonne Demoskoff: Dave, it might be helpful to say it’s an Original att. paper, because there are sometimes duplicates and triplicates out there.
01:22:23 Valerie Eichler Lair: Dave – I’ll spend time this afternoon and tonight on your citation. 🙂 I’ll PM you what I come up with. <hee hee>
01:24:43 Anna Matthews: Dave and Valerie, this is the blog post that I wrote when I was trying to craft my citation for these records, if at all helpful:
01:26:21 Hilary Gadsby: This week we have found out how useful waypoints are in citations
01:26:22 DaveRobison: Anna… Thanks! I’ll take a close look at it after we’re done here.
01:33:50 Cousin Russ: Combined Chapter 15 Homework –