Valentines 2

As part of Myrt’s 2nd Annual Heirloom Recipe Exchange & Pampered Chef Party tonight’s webinar demoed great ideas to make the day special for the sweethearts in your life. Ol’ Myrt here showed some of her favorite PC bowls, and other implements.


00:29:40 Cousin Russ: The party itself is taking place on Facebook.
00:31:34 Cousin Russ:  These Were the First Cookbooks Published By Black People in America

00:31:44 Cousin Russ: Melissa LeMaster Barker “This is a great newspaper clipping from the Houston County, TN. Archives, Mrs. P.L. Cook with her 1,000 jars of preserved food from her prize winning garden.” #genealogy #archives

New_Babas-Kitchen-Cover00:31:51 Cousin Russ: Mary Cooper “I so enjoyed the recording of the “recipes.” My mother’s parents were both from Slovakia. I have a file envelope with handwritten recipes by my grandmother. (I just have to find it.) She would write them down on whatever paper she could find. My cousin put together a family cookbook which included Mary Sarna Gabuzda’s recipes along with all 4 of her daughter’s recipes. I have had fun trying some of them. Here is a scrapbook page of my grandmother in the kitchen with two of her ‘old country’ recipes. I love Baba’s Kitchen by Lisa Alzo.”
00:32:40 Sheri Fenley: I shared my ratty old cookbook that belonged to my great grandmother a couple of weeks ago on the last GENDOC session
00:33:34 Cousin Russ: Sue McCormick Mother in the Kitchen [Stories from Tried and True Recipe book]
00:35:25 Cousin Russ: Wendy writes “Here’s some tips on cake decorating. There’s nothing like hands on practice too. When I was first learning to use a piping bag, I practiced on the back of cookie sheets. Then I could scrap up my mistakes and reuse the icing.”
00:36:23 Cousin Russ: Egg Cooker Recipe E-Book
00:37:43 Sue McCormick: June Sterns Butke (name correct?) added a recipe for Peanut Butter Soup to my post about mother in the Kitchen.

Heart shaped brownies
00:52:14 Cousin Russ: Make HEART SHAPED Brownies with a little tin foil in the corner –
00:57:08 June Butka: I would put a cut out pie crust heart on top before baking.

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01:01:40 June Butka: Love the spatulas.
01:03:51 June Butka: The quiche can be individual size in the brownie pan.
01:04:13 MelissaBarker: Need to post pics on the FB page, can’t wait to see it all set up!
01:06:28 Sue McCormick: Does the “Mix and Mash” replace a Dover Beater?
01:07:49 Sue McCormick: A hand powered beater powered by turning a handle. It predates the electric beater.
01:11:46 June Butka: Nice prize
01:12:21 June Butka: I make my oatmeal in mine. I need a second one.
01:13:24 June Butka: Spiralizing veggies instead for pasta base is what I do.
01:17:28 June Butka: Video one of your cooking session with her for a reminder when she is older.

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01:22:43 Cousin Russ: WENDY GUNDERSON LIVE – Her genealogy story.

01:24:24 June Butka: Peanut Butter Soup
01:25:16 Cousin Russ: Wendy Gunderson Finally, something every kitchen needs; Silicone Oven Mitts to protect your hands and give you a secure grip.
01:26:33 Cousin Russ: Barbara Beddow Benson writes “Only memories for me. No recipes written down. I wish I had some of my ancestors recipes. My mom didn’t like to cook and neither did her mother. I have a recipe from my mother-in-law for a CORN CASSEROLE. Very simple really. 3 cans cream style corn, 1 stick butter, 1 medium onion, 3 eggs, 1 cup minute rice (or cooked rice), shredded cheese. Saute chopped onion with 1 stick butter. Mix corn, rice, eggs and sauteed onions with butter. Mix until blended. Pour in glass casserole dish (sprayed with oil). Top with shredded cheese (no such thing as too much cheese). Bake at 350 for 1 hr.

01:29:34 June Butka: Enjoy your visit. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

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