We discuss whether to combine our research logs with our correspondence logs among these other topics:

  • US Union Volunteer Soldiers (old soldiers’ homes)
  • US Civil War Pension Cards
  • Kindle books
  • Historical fiction
  • Google Maps
  • The roll out of the new home page
  • What we’re reading

00:28:28 Marcia Philbrick: Does anyone have the new Ancestry home page? Crista Cowen had a demo in her recent Ancestry update video.
00:29:27 Randy Seaver: my home page looks the same
00:30:13 Marcia Philbrick: It is supposed to be a roll out — it will look totally different — Tree and DNA boxes on main page
00:30:31 Susan Ennis: recently did a member survey about color schemes, but my home page still looks the same.
00:31:36 Marcia Philbrick: Link to Crista’s YouTube video – 

00:34:48 Marcia Philbrick: The new screen is shown about 6:20 minutes into the video.

IMAGE: Screen shot from Crista Cowan’s video showing the new design rolling out at [Myrt’s Musing – I think this is a marvelous way to push the DNA testers into developing a family tree.]

George W Seaver's Old Soldiers Home Entry

IMAGE: George W Seaver’s Old Soldiers Home Entry

00:42:44 Cousin Russ: George W. Seaver news articles and research. Best link is

IMAGE: Leonard Reedy’s photo gallery at

00:36:26 Cousin Russ: Pat O’Donnell’s grandson’s ancestor Leonard Reedy’s Tree
00:35:02 June Butka: That is awesome, Pat.
00:36:42 Marian Koalski: Pat, you must be a good story-teller to make such an impression on your grandson. Good work!
00:36:48 Sheryl Whisenhunt: This is great Pat.
00:37:53 Marcia Philbrick: Awesome! Pat!
00:39:23 Rachel Evans: My grandather’s cousin married a Reedy. I just got contacted by a descendant of theirs. I will have to ask of they are related.
00:42:24 Pat Kuhn: you will have to let me know!

“Americans today pronounce some words more like Shakespeare than Brits do… but it’s in 18th-Century England where they’d really feel at home.” [BBC link below.]

00:43:35 Hilary Gadsby: This link from the BBC looks interesting.

More about Randy Seaver’s Union volunteer soldier:
00:47:16 Valerie Eichler Lair : WOW – Randy! Great resource to tell about to everyone. 🙂
00:50:16 Karen Trearchis: I live in the town of Dracut, Massachusetts, right next of Lowell. In fact part of the town of Dracut became Lowell.
00:50:36 Marian Koalski: Lowell was a big textile-making town. It has a fascinating National Historic Park in the old mill buildings and some of the boarding houses.
00:51:47 Marian Koalski: I’ve seen a mother’s application for a pension after her son was killed in action in the Civil War
00:52:12 Karen Trearchis: Please spell the town in Maine, Randy.
00:55:32 Hilary Gadsby: I have found Seevier in my ancestry and I wonder if this might be a variant.
00:55:42 Karen Trearchis: Lowell, MA is the first urban national park in the country. Senator Paul Tsongas help found the park.
00:56:28 Valerie Eichler Lair : Maybe George named his horse after his dad or grandad…So look for a Barney Seaver! 🙂 Barnhard, Barnhardt, etc.
00:57:03 June Butka: I’ll look into my Roby ancestors and FAN in New Hampshire.
00:57:55 Randy Seaver: There are Barney Seavers in VT in 19th century
00:58:48 Dave Robison: From WiKipedia: Lowell was named after Francis Cabot Lowell, a local figure in the Industrial Revolution. The city became known as the cradle of the American Industrial Revolution.

00:58:59Cousin Russ:

00:59:26 Tami Crandall: Randy, I found out this weekend we are cousins! John Benjamin ( immigrant 1633) is my ancestors too.
01:06:24 June Butka: Time for another adventure to Lowell. It’s only 20 minutes away.
01:06:29 Marian Koalski: And engineers love it!
01:08:16 Randy Seaver: Hilary, there are a few Seaver/variants in England in the 18th and 19th century, and some in Ireland after 1600. I found one family who was born in England, went to Australia, went to Canada, went to Mexico, and ended up in the USA.
01:08:56 Randy Seaver: I’ve been to the Lowell park, back in the 90s with my New England cousins.
01:09:13 Randy Seaver: I think the playing card uses the Ancestry photo
01:09:16 June Butka: My photo was also chosen.
01:12:22 June Butka: Well done, Valerie.
01:12:45 Yvonne Demoskoff: It doesn’t look like we can do these DNA cards at (at least not yet)
01:21:07 Barbara Zabitz: Started logging my email correspondence
01:21:50 Barbara Zabitz: For an email, (gmail) you can copy the URL but you must copy itinto the browser link
01:22:06 June Butka: I save them as a PDF file to the surname file of the person/s mentioned.
01:22:07 Marcia Philbrick: Do you use the tools in your software for research logs and correspondence logs OR do you keep it in Excel?
01:24:49 Joanne Shackford Parkes: I added a field called OTHER RESEARCHERS to my RootsMagic and add a source for the e-mails received and sent under the person they relate to as well as file them under the person in my person database. Interesting information to go back to at times as sometimes there are hints that lead to other sources in these e-mails.
01:26:07 Valerie Eichler Lair : I have my Research Log in Excel, then I can move it into Dropbox or Google Sheets.
01:26:07 Rachel Evans: I do the same as Hilary and email it to evernote. I also save as pdf and attach it to the relevant person.
01:26:12 Randy Seaver: Bye folks – I have to take Linda to her hip exercise class. See you next week.
01:27:04 June Butka: My PDF file link is in my Excel. I just started using the google sheets.
01:28:43 Marian Koalski: Does anyone keep a running narrative of which sources were found and what they said?
01:30:05 Hilary Gadsby: Correspondence may contain information you never find documented and is a source.
01:30:26 Marian Koalski: Geoff Rasmussen’s running narrative for each person in LegacyFamilyTree is very impressive, going back years and explaining why he decided to examine the next source.
01:30:59 June Butka: My recent problems is the phone messages, Messenger and text and how to save them other than a screen capture of the screen/s.
01:35:13 Marian Koalski: Russ, I do that, too, and if the correspondence was handwritten, I link the citation to the JPG or PDF.
01:36:47 Valerie Eichler Lair : Yes…I’ve had a citation formatted for Letter to, Letter from, Postcard to, Postcard from, Email to sent ___, Email from sent ___. Of course the citation includes the person’s name, address, email addy. I also include Phone Calls to / from., evem though those are follow-up with a letter.
01:36:56 Bill West: A late Good afternoon from dreary Massachusetts. Better late than never. 🙂
01:37:00 Marian Koalski: You’re darn good, Russ!

01:37:40 Cousin Russ: Book of Me Facebook Group
01:37:53 Cousin Russ: Book of Me – February Prompts by Julie Goucher

Julie Goucher’s Book of Me February 2018 Prompts
– What do (or did) you do?
– What makes you tick?
– What do you read?
– What do you collect?
– What do you dislike?

01:39:10 June Butka: I doing the prompts and blogging about it in different ways.
01:39:35 Bill West: I read history, mystery, and sf, Lately, I’ve been collecting dust.
01:40:45 June Butka: Here is a link to my blog about Julie Prompts.
01:41:06 Maria Tegtmeier: I read all genres. Recently read: Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives by Tim Harford. I collect socks.
01:41:16 Valerie Eichler Lair : Tell your kids and grandkids how you met, what did you do for your first Valentine’s Day and up to now, do you have this info on your parents & grandparents?
01:41:25 June Butka: I collect friends.
01:41:39 Marian Koalski: I collect UNMATCHED socks.

01:42:30 June Butka: Jennifer Vaughan’s books are great.
01:44:05 Cousin Russ: Ladies Detective Agency (books)


The Wicked Trade
01:44:14 Hilary Gadsby: The Wicked Trade
01:46:19 June Butka: Last Flight Out link for Jennifer Vaughan’s book.

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01:49:33 Cousin Russ: TRAX

01:53:55 Cousin Russ: WEBINARS: Pay what you want* by DearMYRTLE.
01:55:27 Maria Tegtmeier: Squatters has a great Turkey Sandwich
01:55:32 Cousin Russ: The conversation continues here —
01:56:48 Valerie Eichler Lair : Blue Lemon has good food, too. All the others Myrt has mentioned are great and my regular eateries when I am in SLC.
01:58:33 Hilary Gadsby: I ate at Squatters on the first night last time I came. I expect I will go straight to bed this time when I arrive.
02:01:05 Valerie Eichler Lair : Tami – you and I and others that can’t go will enjoy everyone’s posts on Facebook, Twitter, and photos! 🙂
02:01:32 June Butka: Waiting on the Rotor now
02:04:03 June Butka: There is a clamp to place it in vertical mode.
02:04:40 Maria Tegtmeier: I grind my flour the day I make my bread. It is electric. Much easier.
02:05:44 June Butka: Looks like they are working on my roll out. Temporary not functioning post on ancestry.

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