Alfred Roberts, from the outskirts of Southampton, is who’s in Hilary Gadsby’s line. What was his occupation? Find out during this episode of Genealogy Game Night. We also discovered Ol’ Myrt’s ancestor’s cause of death and saw how Myrt cited her first reference from an index about the ancestor’s burial place. Cousin Dave Robison asked us to determine to which branch of the service his Thomas Tuggery belonged. Cousin Russ shared a bit about Omar Jones as we attempted to determine why in a US federal census enumeration listed him in a location other than the state where he was born, lived and died.


00:41:39 Deb Andrew: Milkweed disease.
00:42:05 Betty-Lu Burton: Did it have to do with child birth
00:42:38 Betty-Lu Burton: did it have to do with her occupation
00:42:39 Deb Andrew: You get milkweed disease after childbirth.

Milk Fever is perhaps what Deb was referring to above – associated with having given birth. Source:

00:43:12 Betty-Lu Burton: Did it have something to do with horses?
00:43:14 Dave Robison: Am I in tonight??
00:43:45 Betty-Lu Burton: Was it the flu
00:43:48 Dawn Carlile: Consumption?
00:43:52 Diane Minir: smallpox?
00:43:58 Deb Andrew: phavors
00:44:16 Betty-Lu Burton: TB tuberculous
00:44:18 Dawn Carlile: Tuberculosis?
00:44:29 Deb Andrew: vapors
00:45:32 Dave Robison: I heard  today that was new to me: “Confinement”
00:50:16 Betty-Lu Burton: That looks like my early citations
00:50:52 Betty-Lu Burton: Did it have to do with the sea or water?
00:51:26 Betty-Lu Burton: He was not a fisherman
00:52:04 Betty-Lu Burton: Did he work for someone else?
00:52:21 Dave Robison: Did he carve Welsh engagement spoons?
00:52:26 Deb Andrew: Overseerer
00:52:54 Diane Minir: peddlers?
00:53:17 Betty-Lu Burton: Was he one who went around and woke people up in the morning?
00:56:20 Betty-Lu Burton: Did he live in Wales?
00:56:32 Betty-Lu Burton: Did he live in England?
00:56:40 Deb Andrew: Shoemaker
00:57:10 Betty-Lu Burton: Did he make something?
00:57:31 Dawn Carlile: Was it a food product?
00:57:55 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Did he sell medicine?
00:58:04 Deb Andrew: Roofer
00:58:32 Deb Andrew: Undertaker
00:58:57 Betty-Lu Burton: Blacksmith
00:59:39 Deb Andrew: Iceman
01:02:07 Betty-Lu Burton: When i was in college I stay for awhile with someone who still used coal
01:04:11 Betty-Lu Burton: My great grandfather was a coal miner in Penn
01:05:36 Deb Andrew: My great great grandfather and great grandfather both were miners in England and then came to the States.
01:05:50 Diane Minir: we had coal furnace in 1960s.
01:06:54 Sheri Fenley: i came in late so maybe myrt has told you all, but where is she at? The fancy schmancy background?
01:07:01 Dawn Carlile: Foreign Legion?
01:07:20 Betty-Lu Burton: Was he in the service in the USA
01:07:46 Betty-Lu Burton: Was he in a canadian military branch?
01:07:46 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Luftwaffe?
01:07:57 Sheri Fenley: was he a hessian soldier?
01:08:40 Betty-Lu Burton: Was he from England?
01:16:38 Deb Andrew: They lived on the border.
01:16:40 Betty-Lu Burton: Was he visiting someone?
01:16:40 Dawn Carlile: Were they visiting their family?
01:16:57 Diane Minir: boundary changes
01:17:13 Dawn Carlile: Were they working in a different place than home?
01:17:19 Betty-Lu Burton: Did a family member moved to the other state?
01:17:21 Dawn Carlile: Were they a gold miner?
01:17:42 Diane Minir: went for medical care?
01:17:59 Betty-Lu Burton: Was he in the military?
01:18:07 Dawn Carlile: Were they attending school?
01:18:14 Deb Andrew: Company registered in their name.
01:18:51 Dawn Carlile: Were they attending an event?
01:18:57 Betty-Lu Burton: was he a census taker?
01:19:11 Deb Andrew: A politician.
01:19:35 Dawn Carlile: Circuit minister?
01:20:33 Betty-Lu Burton: Was it during one of the early census when the census taker just wrote names down?
01:20:43 Dave Robison: Was he selling coal?
01:20:58 Dawn Carlile: Was he the execetor of an estate?
01:21:29 Deb Andrew: Conductor
01:22:58 Dawn Carlile: Was he hunting or fishing?
01:23:40 Dawn Carlile: Was he a performing musician, singer or dancer?
01:23:50 Betty-Lu Burton: Was he a lawman?
01:24:04 Dawn Carlile: circuit judge?
01:24:43 Deb Andrew: Smith
01:24:44 Dawn Carlile: John Smith?
01:24:58 Dawn Carlile: Baker?
01:24:58 Betty-Lu Burton: Was he a federal employee?
01:25:30 Dawn Carlile: Miller?
01:25:38 Dawn Carlile: Grain miller?
01:25:44 Betty-Lu Burton: He was at a convention
01:25:48 Deb Andrew: It wasn’t a state at the time.
01:26:22 Dawn Carlile: He was attending church?
01:27:26 Deb Andrew: He was at Four Corners
01:27:58 Dawn Carlile: Gambling
01:28:03 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Was he giving last rites to someone?
01:28:07 Betty-Lu Burton: Are you certain it is him in the other location? Was he listed twice in the census?
01:36:55 Cousin Russ:  AmericaGen STUDY GROUP – Chapter 2 Syllabus – Researchers Guide to American Genealogy 4th Edition by Val D. Greenwood, 2017 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co.) Available in paperback REGISTRATION PAGE 21 Feb 2018


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