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Powerful breakthroughs happen during Mondays with Myrt, our flagship webinar, held most weeks of the year. We talk about anything and everything that’s come across our genea-desks during the past week. Today’s episode includes:

  • Old Maps Online
  • FieldTripper
  • How we may react to communications from a potential cousin.
  • Building society membership, including the use of PayPal processing of membership fees.
  • A problem with how handles UK registration districts with multiple words in the name.
  • The General Data Protection Act (May 2018)


 Old Maps Online 

00:36:57 Cousin Russ: Old Maps Online
00:37:47 Betty-Lu Burton: That is neat
00:37:57 Robbin Smith: yes
00:40:47 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Another resource to follow. Thank you.
00:40:49 Cathy Naborowski: There is an App called FieldTrip that will tell you where things are nearby – you can break it down to history or artchitecture or food.
00:41:26 HilaryGadsby: Scotland has maps for England
00:41:58 Cathy Naborowski: Yes. I have a droid. You can break it down to lots of things.

00:42:19 Cousin Russ:
00:42:29 Cousin Russ: Scotland has maps for England
00:42:54 Bill West: Good morning from chilly Massachusetts.
00:46:51 HilaryGadsby: One of my cousins works for Ordnance Survey
00:53:37 Marian Koalski: Were they using the message interface built into Ancestry or FamilySearch, which won’t allow attachments?
00:55:05 Betty-Lu Burton: I wonder if it is a case of mistaken identity. There being two Austin’s that are being confused
00:56:05 Marian Koalski: A reasonable response might be to send him a direct email address and ask him to send you a JPG of the right photo.
00:56:20 Betty-Lu Burton: Maybe she needs to message him back and ask him where you can find his information on Austin and see what he has
00:57:11 Karen Trearchis: I agree with Dave, the person has seen a lot of false information on his ancestor and saw incorrect picture, but did not read Pat’s page fully.
00:58:46 Rachel Evans: I have sent messages saying that something someone had was wrong. It’s difficult to say it without sounding agressive. If it sounds to me like it is I add that I am not trying to sound that way.
00:58:48 Karen Trearchis: He not be savvy in not knowing how to upload pictures.
01:00:53 Rachel Evans: Ask them what they use to share their tree and ask them to upload there so you can view it without giving an email.
01:02:07 Deb Andrew: Probably just using the research records and not building a tree there.
01:04:33 RandySeaver: Here is profile for Austin VB on FamilySearch Family Tree. No photos or stories.
01:05:04 Robbin Smith: He may have just found the picture through a search and didnt see the tree/relationships
01:05:31 RandySeaver: There is no profile for Austin VB on WikiTree
01:09:52 RandySeaver: All of the info on FamilySearch Family Tree is from FamilySearch – no one else. Info probably from FindAGrave.
01:14:37 JoAnn Lawrence: I found that the person is looking for the research I did. They don’t want to do the research themselves, they just want to copy someone else’s work.
01:16:43 Karen Trearchis: He may be someone that does not want to share his tree and just uses his computer for his family history. He just looks up information on ancestry & familysearch and puts the information he has found & puts it on his genealogy program only. He sees this picture and he knows it is wrong. He sees it repeatedly, so sends Pat the email with fully reading her tree. In my case, I posted my genealogy many years ago on the old site “myfamily.” At the time I did not know my tree was being uploaded to World Family tree. On part of my tree was incorrect, I was just testing an idea. Well now that false information that I wrote is repeated being put on people’s ancestry trees. In the past,I have tried to contact people that are matched to me and tell them that is incorrect & why it is. Some listen some don’t. Frustrating to see, maybe this is what happened to this man/woman and she/he is doing the same.
01:17:27 Karen Trearchis: meant without reading her tree.
01:17:43 Valerie Lisk: If you send a link to the profile, does the person have access to the whole tree?
01:19:13 PatKuhn: thanks for all the help everyone!!!
01:19:38 RandySeaver: Valerie, if the tree is public, another person can see all of the deceased persons
01:20:07 Valerie Lisk: Thanks Randy.
01:22:05 RandySeaver: An Exact search on Ancestry trees found only 5 matches and two had the photo of Austin VB. I didn’t see Pat’s tree on the list
01:24:38 Valerie Lisk: My cousin shared my beginning tree on Ancestry and 6 people have copied it without verifying the information so all of that incorrect info is going around. My tree is now private.

2018 RootsTech Videos

01:26:31 Cousin Russ:
01:26:48 Robbin Smith: it was the first day
01:27:04 Robbin Smith: it was DNA

titanic museum
01:27:17 DaveRobison: This Titanic Museum museum is about 4 miles from where I live:
01:27:18 Robbin Smith: DNA match – no tree no problem
01:28:09 RandySeaver: Lisa Louise Cooke’s video from RootsTech is
01:30:43 RandySeaver: how can anyone turn Dave down?
01:32:52 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Webinars are great for those housebound or unable to walk any distance/move among crowds. Do loose out on the contacts and displays though is a drawback.
01:33:37 Denise Coughlin: What video service do you use Dave?
01:36:48 Deb Andrew: I belong to the Owsley Family Historical Society. They have a newsletter paper and electronic and a very active Facebook group.
01:37:04 RandySeaver: We have a round-table discussion every month at Chula Vista GS Research Group. It’s devolved to almsot all DNA questions/comments/experiences
01:38:50 HilaryGadsby: It is so important for new members or visitors to feel welcome
01:39:31 Cheri Passey: We do the same. We have name tags every month with attatched ribbons representing locations of research. We had at least one round table a year. Very popular meeting!
01:40:38 RandySeaver: CVGS usually does a “Stump the Chumps” program meeting with members questions and challenges discussed by a panel of “experts”
01:41:28 Karen Trearchis: When I was president of Merrimack Valley chapter, MSOG, I use many of the techniques that Dave has used. When I began the chapter in 2010 we began with about 25 & left with 80 members and now I am no longer that chapter is growing! I would get my members to socialize with visitors and invite them to go out to lunch, many come and once they have gone to lunch they are sure to join. It is very important to socialize, chat newcomers and members. What I do is introduce new people to members so they can chat.
01:41:29 Joanne Shackford Parkes: How far do folks travel to attend your meetings? (Asking as I live in small community with a drive of two hours to a large community with active genealogy societies so am so fortunate to “attend” so many webinars.
01:42:40 Karen Trearchis: Should be no longer chapter president, but people are still joining!
01:43:57 RandySeaver: CVGS and SDGS use Wild Apricot which has same features as Constant Contact.
01:44:41 HilaryGadsby: I wish my local society would consider virtual presentations but the current venue is not suitable. No internet access. Difficult to suggest changes that would require a change of venue.
01:45:20 Karen Trearchis: Is there a cost for zoom?
01:45:54 HilaryGadsby: There are different levels for Zoom
01:47:52 Sheri Fenley: It doesn’t cost any money to make someone feel welcome!
01:48:22 DearMYRTLE: 🙂
01:49:57 HilaryGadsby: I have not continued with my local society but might write to the membership secretary and tell them why and what could improve the membership.
01:49:57 RandySeaver: it would be like requiring a CG or AG in the USA
01:54:15 Karen Trearchis: Why does Dave use Zoom, what level of Zoom, what is cost? BTW, CORI- Criminal Offender Record Information, they are looking for sexual predators, too.
01:56:53 HilaryGadsby: We have criminal checks in the UK
01:57:01 Karen Trearchis: MSOG, MV & Bristol chapter has been checking the boys off with badges. Our VP of MV chapter is a Boy Scout leader!
01:57:25 AnnaMatthews: The local Irish and Italian groups here offer a half-hour one-on-one help before the meetings every month. They also have new members introduce themselves and ask about surnames. When I went to the Italian group last month I only had two surnames but met someone sitting right in front of me with that surname.
01:57:49 Bill West: Genealogy and hockey have lines in common. (Hockey joke)

01:58:25 Sheri Fenley: San Joaquin Genealogical Society goes where ever they ask us to go and sometimes even when they don’t ask us!
01:58:58 Sheri Fenley: LOL Bill West!
01:59:42 Sheri Fenley: Snacks always help!
01:59:53 RandySeaver: We have the social half hour after the speaker and the short meeting at our programs
02:01:37 Karen Trearchis: I have had CORI done and so has Dean & we are good, too! hahaha

surname society 2

02:02:03 Cousin Russ:
02:02:29 Sheri Fenley: Is the society only for British people? I noticed the dues are in pounds
02:05:03 JohnLaws: The Surname Society was a breakaway group from Guild of One-Name Studing
02:05:16 Marian Koalski: Randy, thank you for contributing to worldwide knowledge on using those unindexed collections. They are a lot more usable than most people imagine.
02:06:34 Karen Trearchis: Our meeting begins at 10 AM and socialize from 9-10, most arrive around 9:30 or after.
02:07:18 RandySeaver: Sheri, the Surname society is worldwide – only 5 pounds (Paypal converts to dollars on your charge card). Monthly Hangouts, an annual virtual conference, and great people you meet at RootsTech! Love Kirsty Gray – the English version of Dave Robison, I think
02:08:31 RandySeaver: Marian Koalski – thank you – you’re right about the unindexed records. I’m in them every day now.
02:10:00 Sheri Fenley: San Joaquin accepts Paypal for all money transactions
02:10:03 Karen Trearchis: The same with us

02:11:54 DearMYRTLE:
02:12:44 Karen Trearchis: 96% of my town was without power from the last snowstorm here in Massachusetts.
02:13:09 RandySeaver: Surname Society conference on 17 March speakersl isted in Pretty good for 5 pounds a year.

02:13:52 Cousin Russ: Comparing BMD indexes for England and Wales: Ancestry by Audrey Collins

Where Audrey explains “There are some transcription errors, but a much bigger problem is the way that the parishes are listed in their registration districts; if the name of the district contains more than one word, the list will show all the parishes in districts which contain any of those words. So the link for the registration district of St George in the East goes to a list of parishes in districts all over the country, including St Martin in the Fields, Newcastle in Emlyn, Stow on the Wold, and Bury St Edmunds, to name but a few. “

02:15:26 Cousin Russ: Women’s History Month 2018: Community Cookbooks by Gena Phillibert-Ortega
02:15:42 Cousin Russ: Crista Cowan’s Timeless: Taxi Drive to NASCAR
02:16:01 Shelley Murphy: I love the program Timeless.

Image: Alisha Chipman of the Library’s Conservation Division prepares to treat a newly discovered photograph of abolitionist Harriet Tubman, one of 44 portraits inside a photo album jointly acquired by the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. Photo by Shawn Miller.
02:16:32 Cousin Russ: New Online: Rare Photo of Harriet Tubman Preserved for Future Generations March 6, 2018 by Mark Hartsell
02:16:44 Bill West: Timeless is educating people as they entertain them.
02:16:58 Cousin Russ: Randy Seaver’s Best of the Genea-Blogs – 11 to 17 March 2018
02:17:13 PatKuhn: I love Timeless!!!
02:17:15 Shelley Murphy: Yes it is Bill West, love it.

The General Data Protection Act (May 2018)

02:17:18 Cousin Russ: GDPR by Roberta Estes
02:17:42 RandySeaver: Dick Eastman had an article on GDPR also.

02:19:30 Cousin Russ:

02:19:41 Cousin Russ: James Tanner’s Computer Storage in the Future: A Concern for Genealogists
02:20:27 Cousin Russ: Machines reading the archive: handwritten text recognition software
02:21:48 Janine Edmée Hakim: Dear Myrtle….speaking of reading handwriting, is the wonderful Frenchman who created a handwriting [transcription] program…you featured him on a webinar?
02:21:57 Cousin Russ: Our conversation will continue here –
02:23:08 Doris Haskell: Yes, you are good. Very good. Thank you!
02:23:10 Karen Trearchis: Great time
02:23:23 Janine Edmée Hakim: Great as always

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