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Powerful breakthroughs happen during Mondays with Myrt, our flagship webinar, held most weeks of the year. We talk about anything and everything that’s come across our genea-desks during the past week. Among other things, today’s episode includes:

  • Dave’s #RootsTech experience (how to handle big genealogy conferences)
  • Other large-scale conferences, outside the genealogy vertical
  • Guild of One Name Studies
  • Why blog?
  • New York Genealogical & Biographical Society
  • Reclaim the Records & RPAC (Records Preservation and Access Committee)


00:22:01 Yvonne Demoskoff: I finally made it in 🙂
00:22:23 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Yippee, you made it. The update wiped out my RM7 key. Had to request it again from RM.
00:22:23 Danine Cozzens: Happy to be in! I had to exit and re-register. Glad you are all here.
00:22:26 AnnaMatthews: Went to NARA NY for first in series – Finding Family Genealogy Series. First one was Joshua Taylor speaking about NYG&B. Also wanted to talk about NYC vital records access. I have a few links for that and for the NYG&B.
00:23:03 Doris Haskell: I made it on my iPad using Safari
00:23:06 Denise Coughlin: I did the re-registering trick too! Guess it is really a Monday 🙂
00:23:41 Janine Edmée Hakim: Good sunny day to ne and all
00:25:07 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Happy Birthday again, Lisa, if you do show up.
00:25:17 Bill West: Phew. Finally here from sunny, chilly Massachusetts.

00:25:29 Cheri Passey: Loved meeting you at RootsTech, Dave!!
00:25:51 Melinda Culpon: Dave just had too much fun at RootsTech!
00:26:00 Cousin Russ: RootsTech
00:26:08 JoAnn Lawrence: Does any one remember the website about maps from last week? I seem to have lost the link. [Old Maps Online ]
00:26:24 HilaryGadsby: It was great to meet so many online friends at RootsTech

00:27:10 Cousin Russ: New England Regional Genealogical Consortium
00:27:24 RandySeaver: Jamboree has about 1500-2000 each year
00:27:25 Melinda Culpon: It was great getting together with everyone! That was the best part of Rootstech
00:27:32 AnnaMatthews: Looking forward to attending NERGC next year!
00:28:01 JoAnn Lawrence: I had problems finding the blog this week. Maybe it was all the snow we have this last week. I’ll try again. Thanks
00:28:15 Deb Andrew: I think they need to talk to the people who organize the Houston Quilt Show. They have tons of classes and lots of people who attended.
00:29:00 Danine Cozzens: Was this the one about maps?
00:32:52 JoAnn Lawrence: No, the one about overlapping maps.
00:33:20 Susan Bleimehl: JoAnn, I also had trouble finding last Monday’s MWM. Still haven’t seen it.

00:33:30 Cousin Russ: National Genealogical Society –
00:33:56 Doris Haskell: I used to go to big Amway conferences, 20 years ago, and this RootsTech is very good, in my view.

FGS logo
00:34:05 Cousin Russ: Federation of Genealogical Society –
00:34:30 JoAnn Lawrence: Thanks, I thought it was me. I’ll keep trying.
00:34:32 HilaryGadsby: MwM from last week may not be up on YouTube yet check Myrt’s Musings blog
00:34:52 Dawn Carlile: I always fly in Saturday morning arriving at 8:40ish and spend the day at the FHL, relax on Sunday then have two more days at the FHL before RootsTech. It really helps.

00:36:09 Cousin Russ: Quilt Festival Houston
00:36:25 Dawn Carlile: I also review the handouts to determine if the session is really going to give me what I want before I decide which ones to attend. There are a lot of beginner level sessions that I can skip and very few advanced sessions that I truly must go to.
00:36:29 RandySeaver: There were more complaints at RootsTech because they changed the class entry rules. Nobody expected that, and it was a negative change. Hence more complaints.

00:37:15 Bill West: I’ve attended 6 World Science Fiction Conventions when I was younger. I went to Denver, (by bus), Chicago (by bus) and Baltimore (by train) for three of them. The other three were in Boston. I learned to pace myself and chose panels that were close together at the site. I visited the vendor hall several times over the thee days and was like a kid in a candy shop.
00:37:59 Melinda Culpon: The George R Brown and the Salt Palace are comparable size
00:39:52 Bill West: Best long line I was ever in was at Denver where the line moved ahead to a guy playing the Darth Vader March on an accordion.
00:39:57 Danine Cozzens: JoAnn, I don’t have the overlapping map link saved and will have to review the MWM to find it. (Forgot to save it in OneTab!)
00:40:41 Melinda Culpon: need chat only russ
00:42:56 Danine Cozzens: Re: overlapping maps:
00:43:44 JoAnn Lawrence: Thank you, thank you, thank you.
00:44:28 Yvonne Demoskoff: maybe RT could repeat some classes based on the popularity of speaker
00:44:55 Valerie Lisk: When we have out St Louis Genealogical Society meeting, they have you check the classes you are interested on the registration form so they have a rough idea of how many people may attend.
00:45:09 Danine Cozzens: More historic mapping:
00:45:59 JoAnn Lawrence: Thank you.
00:47:01 Karen Trearchis: Would you be able to put the overflow for a DNA class in a another room with a screen or two to watch the live stream.
00:47:34 Cousin Russ:
00:47:46 Dawn Carlile: DNA sessions should be held in a portion of the general session room as they have done in the past.
00:48:33 RandySeaver: I don’t recall scanning badges for the Keynotes
00:48:42 HilaryGadsby: I know some people watched the keynote sessions on the streaming to avoid the crush afterwards
00:49:28 Deb Andrew: Take it easy and get well.
00:49:43 Rachel Evans: Your health is more important.
00:49:44 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Hugs back.
00:49:46 Deb Andrew: Hugs, Hugs, Hugs
00:50:07 HilaryGadsby: Guild of One Name Studies
00:50:21 Susan Bleimehl: You ARE good. 🙂 Health is more important than posting.
00:50:24 Janine Edmée Hakim: DearMyrt….{ { { }}}
00:51:04 Danine Cozzens: Take your time to get well! You can see how much we value what you do; and someone will have the correct link to post.
00:54:16 JoAnn Lawrence: Please take your time and get well. I can view this later. Your health is more important.
00:54:47 Shelley Murphy: @Susan Bleimehl that is so true! Health is important. Hugs to all.
00:54:58 DearMYRTLE: THANK YOU for being understanding!
00:56:34 RandySeaver: remember the UK history centres have 1000 years of history to deal with

00:56:40 Melinda Culpon: National Railway Museum is FABULOUS!
00:57:13 Cousin Russ:

01:01:32 Deb Andrew: 2x great and great grandfather were coal miners in England and the States.

Borthwick Institute

01:02:35 Cousin Russ:
01:02:37 AnnaMatthews: My great-grandfather Matthews’ baptismal record says his father was a disabled coal miner. They lived in Coleford.
01:03:40 Rachel Evans: My husband’s step-grandfather had some coal miner ancestors from Yorkshire. Thanks for the links.

01:03:55 DearMYRTLE:
01:03:57 DaveRobison: The Museum of Springfield (Mass) Hisotry and Archives has records dating to 1636, the year Springfield was founded.


01:04:32 HilaryGadsby:
01:06:01 Deb Andrew: It will add on to an existing membership. If you are a member you will get 5% off.
01:06:18 Dawn Carlile: Blaine Bettinger has a 5 course series on DNA on FamilyTree Webinars.
01:06:54 Valerie Lisk: From Thomas MacEntee; PLUS use promo code THOMAS15 at checkout and the price is just $24.21!
01:07:06 Valerie Lisk: Wow Russ!
01:08:59 Karen Trearchis: I listened to this and have been using the tools they used during the webinar! Have been great time.
01:09:15 HilaryGadsby: I learnt things from the hands on presentation by Geoff

01:10:31 Randy Seaver: Why I blog – see
01:11:58 Bill West: Randy’s blog was one of several that inspired me to blog about my own family research.It’s all his fault! 🙂
01:12:46 Deb Andrew: Are you related to Gov Seiver. The Owsley Society is going to visit his home during their conference.
01:14:05 Danine Cozzens: Randy, that is so inspirational.
01:16:53 Dawn Carlile: Randy and John, you are so amazing and such an inspiration to the rest of us. I need to start blogging. Turn off the TV and do genealogy!
01:17:00 Rachel Evans: I love reading your blog Randy. Even better we are both descended from the Bloodgoods.

01:18:50 Dawn Carlile: Me, too! One of my DNA matches has 48,000 people in their tree but not much info.
01:20:28 RandySeaver: Deb, Gov Sevier of state of Franklin is another line, out of Virginia. From France, as I recall.
01:20:30 DearMYRTLE: Cousin Russ’ A Worthington Weblog:
01:20:46 DearMYRTLE: Cousin Russ’ YouTube Channel:
01:20:55 Karen Trearchis: Since listening to Geoff (Legacy webinar) I have been using the tools demonstrated and comparing my Dad’s side of tree with relatives, captioning the ethnicity maps and total percentages. The comparisons are my Uncle, my brother, my first cousin, my sons and myself. I sent this out to my cousins and Uncles, hoping more will test. BTW my Dad came from a family of 10. My ethnicities (from Dad) are 38.9% Greek; 9.1 Balkan; 4.9 East European. Then I sent out a copy of the matches of the relatives listed above to the majority of my cousins and Uncle.
01:23:50 HilaryGadsby: You can stay at Morton’s house! 😳🤗😯 New post on Facebook from Nathan Dylan Goodwin
01:23:51 RandySeaver: What Russ has brought to the FTM community has been priceless and ongoing – the logic is impeccable, and the techniques admirable.
01:24:26 Cousin Russ:
01:24:40 Karen Trearchis: I appreciate the tips given in Randy and Cousin Russ blogs! Thanks guys.
01:25:17 RandySeaver: I looked at my Graveyard Rabbit blog recently and the last post was 2010. Oh well.
01:26:27 Cousin Russ:

Billion Graves
01:27:44 Cousin Russ: Billion Graves

01:27:46 DearMYRTLE:

01:28:14 Cousin Russ: Went to NARA NY for first in series – Finding Family Genealogy Series. First one was Joshua Taylor speaking about NYG&B.
01:28:30 Cousin Russ: Also wanted to talk about NYC vital records access. I have a few links for that and for the NYG&B.
01:28:49 AnnaMatthews:

01:30:06 Cousin Russ:
01:31:19 Cousin Russ:
01:31:30 AnnaMatthews: 
The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society YouTube Channel
01:32:15 Janine Edmée Hakim: I’ve been a member for several years….they published the first in many decades York State Gazetteer ….very comprehensive organization
01:32:24 Rachel Evans: After listening to him speak I was ready to go and join. It is definitely a valuable resource for NY researchers.
01:33:00 Valerie Lisk: Click on share

01:35:01 AnnaMatthews: Eleven ways to use the NYG&B website:
01:35:40 Rachel Evans: Was great meeting you Anna!
01:36:51 Janine Edmée Hakim: Yes it is….for a long time

reclaims the records
01:37:21 Cousin Russ:

01:38:22 Cousin Russ: Records Preservation and Access Committee –  A joint committee of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, the National Genealogical Society, and the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies

01:38:33 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Go For It!
01:39:03 Cousin Russ: Amy Johnson Crowe
01:39:32 Shelley Murphy: oh I remember Linkpendium, wow!
01:39:47 DaveRobison: That’s on my list of useful websites for my ABCs classes. We’ll be going over that tonight!
01:40:32 DaveRobison: Amy will be with us om a WMGS webinar April 4th!

01:41:12 DearMYRTLE:
01:41:41 Dawn Carlile: I use it all the time.
01:42:13 Dawn Carlile: Newspapers, city directories, books
01:42:21 Dawn Carlile: County Antrim
01:43:24 Sheryl Whisenhunt: JoAnn Lawrence, do you mean the Old Maps Online ?
01:46:15 Cousin Russ:
01:47:01 Rachel Evans: Judy Russell just posted about the LOC and the Supreme Court
01:48:12 JoAnn Lawrence: Sheryl I’ll check later today, thank you. My husband is into old maps and I was hoping he would enjoy the website. Thanks.
01:48:13 Shelley Murphy: So far I have not had any success with GenealogyBank, hoping it comes up soon
01:53:39 Sheryl Whisenhunt: You are welcome JoAnn. I just happen to have had that handy this morning.
01:54:05 Deborah Giddings: Can I save the chat log?
01:55:38 Maria Tegtmeier: Is this Vietnam ship project indexed at all?
01:56:34 Rachel Evans: It’s there Russ
01:56:42 Sheryl Whisenhunt: We see it also.
01:58:23 HilaryGadsby: I need to leave see you next time.
01:59:32 Cousin Russ: And our conversation continues here — — in the DearMYRTLE Genealogy Community
01:59:40 Maria Tegtmeier: My Uncle served in Vietnam but, has passed away. I will ask my cousin if she knows what ship he sailed on.
02:00:57 Maria Tegtmeier: thanks
02:01:49 JoAnn Lawrence: Thank you.
02:02:03 RandySeaver: Been looking through the “Seaver” matches in US Serial Set on GenealogyBank. 1209 items. Several are Civil War pension bills for deceased andl iving soldiers. Excellent resource!
02:02:34 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Take it easy and take care of yourself first. You will get there.
02:02:40 Rachel Evans: Your next blog series Randy!
02:02:48 Geoff Mulholland: Thank you !! Take care
02:03:07 Shelley Murphy: Enjoyed it! Thanks
02:03:17 Bill West: Have a great genealogy week, all!
02:03:18 RandySeaver: maybe, Rachel!

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