Making Family History Videos

Let’s imagine you need to make a slide presentation for an upcoming 50th wedding anniversary celebration, or a funeral, or a genealogy society meeting. It’s easy using PowerPoint or Google Slides (free) and then narrate it using YouTube Events (free). Thank-you to my *very* distant cousin, Frälein Schmidt, for hosting this webinar while I slipped away with Mr. Myrt for a candlelight dinner. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

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00:21:38 Cousin Russ: DearMYRTLE and Cousin Russ recognize the United Nations’ International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024. We reach out to _all_ regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural inheritance.


00:21:52 Cheri Passey: Thanks for the shout out!!
00:22:08 Janine Edmée Hakim: Gute Nact Frauliein unt Cousin Russ
00:22:34 Betty-Lu Burton: hi True and Melissa
00:22:53 Melissa Barker: Hello Everyone!
00:31:02 Shelley Murphy: Yes it is cool!
00:38:43 Deb Andrew: No I do ‘t
00:38:57 Anna Matthews: Yes, and a channel with one old home video on it
00:43:45 Shelley Murphy: me too.
00:45:01 True Lewis: I learned all this on Mondays with Myrt.

00:46:03 Cousin Russ: We recommend a USB headset, and this is the one Myrt and I use Microsoft LX-3000

00:46:25 Cousin Russ: We use the Logictech webcam, but don’t use it’s built-in mic. C920

01:15:28 Cousin Russ: WACKY Wednesday – Promo Graphics: How does Ol’ Myrt design them? 


01:15:40 Cousin Russ: WACKY Wednesday – More creating promo graphics 

01:16:38 Cousin Russ: DearMYRTLE’s Hosting Virtual Meetings

01:17:11 Cousin Russ: DearMYRTLE’s Hosting Virtual Meetings (PM) – Equipment, room layout and contract info

01:19:02 Donna Burleaud: Great! Should look at this again to learn how…
01:19:36 Donna Burleaud: Thanks so much!
01:19:55 Cousin Russ: The Conversation continues here —
01:20:21 Cousin Russ: PLUSWORD – Description:This is a watch and comment event. No need to register.
01:22:34 Melissa Barker: Great Wacky Wednesday!

01:27:04 Cousin Russ: BLACK PROGEN LIVE

01:27:59 Cousin Russ: The Archive Lady on DearMYRTLE Playlist –
01:28:03 Melissa Barker: A Genealogist in the Archives
01:28:18 Cousin Russ: Family Tree Webinars – Melissa LeMaster Barker
01:29:48 Cousin Russ: Family Tree Maker User
01:30:13 Debi Polen: Thank you. 🙂

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