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The Researchers Guide to American Genealogy 4th Edition by Val D. Greenwood, 2017 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co.) Available in paperback

AmericaGen Study Group Chapter 3 “Surveying, Analyzing & Planning”

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00:38:22 Melissa Barker: Hello Everyone! Joining from the Houston County, TN. Archives!
00:39:45 Shelley Murphy: Hey there Lisa, Marcelne, Liberty, Sheri, Cheri…
00:39:55 Melissa Barker: Great Panel of all my favorites!
00:40:17 Cousin Russ: AmericaGen Study Group Chapter 3 Surveying, Analyzing & Planning combined homework
00:40:59 Cousin Russ: Marceline Beem – Chapter 3 homework –
00:45:15 Shelley Murphy: I think it provides and opportunity to ask it questions, you are talking to yourself.
00:47:06 Shelley Murphy: Yes Lisa! Thanks.
00:48:01 Sheryl Whisenhunt: I have learned that the hard way.
00:48:19 Cousin Russ: Liberty Evanko – Chapter 3 homework –
00:50:09 Janine Edmée Hakim: Good morning all
00:50:11 Anna Matthews: I’m working on a timeline that is morphing into a combination of timeline, research plan and research log. Its an excel file with multiple sheets.
00:52:04 DearMYRTLE: <3
00:52:56 Danine Cozzens: Question: How does one determine on Ancestry which family tree is copying from whom? I go by the sources (are there any?) and whether they agree with what I know so far. Any tips welcome!

Map Guide to US Federal Census

00:57:38 Cousin Russ: Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, 1790-1920 Second Printing 1988 Edition by William Thorndale (Author),‎ William Dollarhide
00:58:09 Danine Cozzens: Thank you!
00:59:08 Valerie Lisk: How do you do a T chart on the computer?
00:59:17 Janine Edmée Hakim: indeed….thank you so much, that is a GREAT chart
00:59:23 Deb Andrew: There is one other thing I check with an Ancestry tree, how close is the home person from the ancestor and are they a direct descendant.
00:59:36 Shelley Murphy: I am back,
00:59:52 Valerie Lisk: Thnak you.
00:59:53 Shelley Murphy: russ I have my ear buds in, if you need me
01:00:01 Cousin Russ: Shelley Murphy – Chapter 3 homework –
01:00:43 Valerie Lisk: Thank you Myrt! I could never get my lines to line up correctly.
01:04:14 Danine Cozzens: Love the So What? Questioning.
01:05:49 Shelley Murphy: go for it!
01:07:49 Janine Edmée Hakim: that is the frustration wit only having access to an index the sometime quite on quote ancillary information goldmine in a document
01:08:16 Cousin Russ: Melinda Dosch Culpon – Chapter 3 homework –

01:16:12 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Okay, I have listened to Pat long enough now that duct tape or no duct tape, I can hear you. 🙂

01:16:21 Liberty Evanko: Sorry it is when you add a person like a spouse of child that they added the dates
01:16:28 Cousin Russ: Sheri Beffort Fenley – Chapter 3 homework –

01:17:28 DearMYRTLE: (I am trying to be good!)
01:17:46 Sheryl Whisenhunt: LOL
01:17:51 Liberty Evanko: On FamilySearch it shows the dates when you add a new person. For example, California says State, 1850-present under it.
01:18:29 Melissa Barker: This is great! I am going to be talking about “Where Are The Records?” tonight on Wacky Wednesday with The Archive Lady! Come Join Us!
01:19:50 Valerie Lisk: When you come across chattel entries, are you placing that info anywhere?
01:20:16 Shelley Murphy: Oh Melissa, that’s good, I will be there!
01:21:39 Shelley Murphy: @Geri, University of the Pacific I think
01:23:55 Danine Cozzens: General question about states and territories: Should one “convert” locations to current state or (e.g. Oregon) list the name of what it was when the event occured? (e.g. Oregon Territory)?

01:27:32 Cousin Russ: If you are have genealogy methodogy, technology or research questions, be sure to consult Katherine R. Willson’s Genealogy on Facebook listing of over 10,000+ groups and pages
01:27:53 Shelley Murphy: so key to make that list!

01:31:33 Cousin Russ: Cheryl Hudson Passey – Chapter 3 homework –

New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer01:34:43 Randi Patrick: We are very fortunate in NY since the NYGB created the New York Family History Research Guide & Gazetteer. This Gazetteer includes the whole state. It includes for every locality in NY all of the name changes to include the dates of the changes, a map of the location and all municipalities/jurisdictions involved with that location. And much more. Other jurisdictions also have these types of Gazetteers. FYI.
01:36:46 Cousin Russ: New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer;jsessionid=BF79EEACC27BFBF4B67555738C5D375A-n1?product=278&catalogId=2&

01:37:55 Deb Andrew: My family lore was our grandmother was 1/2 Native American. She even said something along that line. Everyone in the family knows that story. After many DNA test and doing a mtDNA test, no Native American.

01:38:25 Cousin Russ: Lisa Hork Gorrell – Chapter 3 homework –


01:42:52 Shelley Murphy: Love PERSI [PERiodical Source Index]

01:46:56 Cousin Russ: WHERE are DearMYRTLE’s Webinars archived? At MYRT’S MUSINGS

01:47:35 Cousin Russ: Your Conversation will continue —
01:48:03 Cousin Russ: IDG Classes
01:49:02 Shelley Murphy: Excellent opportunity!
01:49:06 Cousin Russ: GenFriends

01:51:04 Sheryl Whisenhunt: This has been another great session!
01:52:01 Isabella Baltar: Thank you for all the excellent resources.
01:52:32 Shelley Murphy: Thank you…see you next month on Chapter 4 with Cheri and I.

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