How to Cook Better Citations for Problematic Websites

Tony Proctor is the forward-thinking genealogist who writes at The Parallax View  From his bio we read “Graduated in physics but entered computing in late 1970’s. Software architect since 1987. Born in Nottingham but currently working from rural Ireland.

Worked in areas of language compilers and associated tools (creating 3 proprietary language systems), computer architecture and operating system development, OLAP databases (registering 2 US patents), cross-platform portability, business intelligence, encryption, workflow, multi-tier distributed servers, locale systems and globalisation.

Entered genealogy in about 2004. Still heavily researching the history of all branches of my family (i.e. many different surnames). Working independently on a research project for a universal data model and source format for micro-history data (STEMMA, Former organising member of FHISO (; currently Vice Chair.”

He’s figured out how to use SVG in the genealogy vertical, see:

Myrt’s favorite posts include:


10:04:15 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : I can add links if it is easier
10:05:48 From Hilary Gadsby : Tony’s blog
10:14:02 From Geoff Mulholland : I have the same problem being in Germany, Ancestry pushes me to rather than or
10:15:10 From Geoff Mulholland : I try to use a VPN
10:15:22 From Hilary Gadsby : and have very different pages to sign in

10:20:41 From Molly McKinley to All panelists : My website had both static pages and posts.
10:21:25 From Molly McKinley to All panelists : I have a blog site with static pages like “About me”, etc.
10:24:34 From Geoffrey Cooker to All panelists : I completely agree with this…cite the source NOT the query!!
10:27:14 From Sue Adams : Every archive should insist on access of thier records by the archival reference, but htat might not be implemented using a URL.
10:28:42 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Is this going to be viewable later? I need to go for my Ultra Sound test and will not make it back in time for the rest.
10:28:53 From Hilary Gadsby : I have noticed archival reference showing in an Ancestry citation this week
10:30:00 From Hilary Gadsby to Sheryl Whisenhunt and all panelists : Yes it will be on YouTube when Pat has time to do the archiving
10:30:14 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Thank you, catch you later.
10:32:12 From Geoffrey Cooker : Precisely, when the page and content are seperated due to circumstances beyond the researcher’s control…if the source exists, does the query really matter? The source is what is important, no?
10:34:29 From Melinda Culpon : can be very slow but good for a small Texas town
10:36:25 From Geoffrey Cooker : Well explained
10:40:07 From Pat Richley-Erickson : Thank-you, Geoffrey
10:40:36 From Pat Richley-Erickson : Geoffrey. Tony is brilliant to bring this to our attention.
10:43:58 From Geoffrey Cooker : It just seems to me that we are putting a lot of importance on the query path. For example, if our source is page 14, column 1 of the 25 October 1924 New York Times, why not just make that the source? That page exists and may possibly be found by several ways. I feel the query is just adding a lot of extra, and sometimes confusing, information to what should be a simple source.
10:53:36 From Hilary Gadsby : Sometimes the records disappear from the page completely. This has happened on a website I use where the city directories have now gone.
10:53:39 From Melinda Culpon: I was able to see the related images for a 1911 UK census on [Note from Myrt: I was as well, Melinda, just didn’t have the “related info” link in the bottom right, to get to the instructions for enumerators.]

port cities UK
10:55:37 From Hilary Gadsby : UK Port Cities
10:57:56 From Hilary Gadsby : The whole site has gone unless it has been saved on the Internet Archive
10:59:57 From Jackie Wilson : I have been told that there could be differences between digital copies when found at Ancestry and at Family Search (for example).
11:01:40 From Hilary Gadsby :—1817

Referencing for Genealogists Sources and Citation
11:03:27 From SueAdams : A new book coming out next month Referencing for Genealogists by Ian G. Macdonald
And available in the US via Amazon 

11:14:25 From Hilary Gadsby : I found settlement examination I had used in the catalog when I viewed at the FHL  it is not indexed
11:19:08 From Hilary Gadsby :
11:25:08 From Pat Richley-Erickson to Melinda Culpon(Privately) :
11:25:58 From Pat Richley-Erickson :
11:25:59 From Melinda Culpon :
11:27:52 From Geoff Mulholland : Thank you very much
11:28:20 From Molly McKinley to All panelists : Great discussions