Cousin Russ was away on a cruise for “spring break”. We tried valiantly to go forward, and thanks to Hilary Gadsby who stepped up and kept track of comments. Thank you all for another jam-packed episode.


10:02:51 From Janine Edmée Hakim : no hot sand under my toes…just more snw!!
10:03:02 From Shelley Murphy : Good afternoon to all! (I am at work can’t be on the panel)
10:03:05 From Bill West : Good morning from snowy Massachusetts.
10:03:39 From Gloria Deison : Morning! (Afternoon here). I have, just today, found my great great grandpa’s obituary (kinda) from 1907. Super happy!
10:03:46 From JoAnn Lawrence to All panelists : Good Afternoon from snowy New Jersey
10:05:08 From HilaryGadsby : To share with everyone post to all panellists and attendees please
10:05:21 From Jackie Wilson : Good morning everyone! The snow missed Chicago! But now partly cloudy and 39F
10:06:06 From RandySeaver to All panelists : it’s my morning choc chip cookie
10:06:48 From HilaryGadsby : I had such a busy March still have posts to write from all the genealogy events I attended
10:07:10 From Gloria Deison : Doing something for the genealogy community for free: I’m transcribing the 1857 census from a town in Italy (updated) .. slowly but I’ll do it all…
10:07:27 From RandySeaver : Today’s Amanuensis Monday post is
10:07:33 From Robbin Smith : @gloria wow!

10:07:35 From Shelley Murphy : I am enjoying the show on BYUTV called Relative Race!
10:07:39 From June Butka to All panelists : I follow Julie’s prompt. Adjective’s makes it a challenge. Essentials of Life is Family. I’m an inconsistent blogger. i go back to her prompts to help write our stories at my space.
10:08:56 From Jackie Chalmers : Am very happy to be viewing live today – 2am in Lismore Australia!
10:09:44 From Mary Cooper : I also love Relative Race.
10:10:32 From Doris Haskell : Melinda is speaking for me.
10:10:39 From Jackie Wilson : Melinda, why not try journaling about the reason why you don’t want your blog to go live?
10:11:04 From Sheryl Zeringue to All panelists : Hello from South Louisiana.
10:11:58 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : That’s right. He did say he was going on another Disney cruise w/family.
10:13:09 From RandySeaver : I wondered if Russ’s FB post was an April Fools Day joke, but decided it was probably true since he was in Miami at the time. He may have daughter and grandkids with him and Patti
10:13:17 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Myrt asked Melinda a good question about if she worried what others would think of her blog – I sometimes feel that what I write isn’t as good or as important as what others write.
10:15:03 From Shelley Murphy : I have to catch up with my 52ancestors52weeks. I am two weeks behind.
10:15:06 From Kathy Ruther to All panelists : Joining live for the first time today. I’m not a blogger, but I’m intrigued! How do you use it?
10:15:20 From RandySeaver : Most of my blog posts are really a “first draft.” With the blog, I can edit, correct typos, etc. No editor but me! I don’t worry about being wrong – someone will correct me!
10:16:38 From HilaryGadsby : Joining live for the first time today. I’m not a blogger, but I’m intrigued! How do you use it? from Kathy
10:17:02 From Gloria Deison : I have decided to use my blog to spotlight some interesting finds, to educate people on how to read and use italian records and to transcribe some.
10:17:55 From Bill West : Having a public blog is great cousin bait. I have people contacting me about a common ancestor because they found one of my posts from years ago.

10:18:58 From RandySeaver : I just had a comment on a 52 Ancestors post from two years ago saying we were cousins and thanking me for a probate transcription. Every little bit helps.

10:20:14 From Marian Koalski : WorldConnect seems to be up now
10:20:21 From Gloria Deison : 🙂 thanks! I hope it’s also useful as cousin bait! Some of those surnames I’m transcribing are in my tree… hehe.
10:20:46 From HilaryGadsby : I had a contact via Family Search Family Tree this weekend who lives in New Zealand
10:24:12 From Betty Taylor : Are there any copyright issues with reposting information from other sites?
10:24:31 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Randy: how long does it take to transcribe those Monday records?
10:24:53 From HilaryGadsby : I usually just link to another site rather than copy
10:25:04 From MelindaCulpon to All panelists : address betty taylor’s copyright question
10:25:34 From Shelley Murphy : What is the key to transcribing the 18th century documents? should I just hire someone (LOL)
10:27:59 From Bill West : This why I use material in my blog from Googlebooks where there is no copyright.
10:29:08 From Marian Koalski : There are online “courses” in paleography (old writing). Practice makes perfect.
10:29:19 From Jackie Wilson : I took a class in copyright. I fell in love with he term ‘copy-wrong’!!!!
10:29:23 From Bill West : And I always cite the source and gove a link to where I found it.
10:30:31 From JoAnn Lawrence : I followed a family tree back to what may be my 12 great-grandfather. He was a friend to Martin Luther. I discussed this man with a well known expert on Martin Luther. The expert said yes they were friends, but my gentleman was never married. So my 12 great-grandfather would be his brother. But I found many people made this wrong connection. How can I help correction this? Would a blog help?
10:30:56 From DearMYRTLE :
10:31:33 From Danine Cozzens : I too have “someone is wrong on the internet” issues, JoAnn! (Also some published family histories.)
10:32:00 From Jackie Wilson : JoAnn – just because he never married, does not mean he did not have children.
10:32:24 From RandySeaver : Yvonne, it often takes me an hour orm ore to transcribe a record – the one I did for today took an hour to transcribe two pages of test, and 30 minutes to proof it and write the post. It’s an investment. I do them on Sunday and schedule it for Monday.
10:33:43 From Molly McKinley to All panelists : Not so far. I am really careful about documenting where I got it.
10:33:58 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Randy: That’s not too much time; thought it might take maybe half a day or so 🙂
10:34:09 From June Butka to All panelists : I not had issues of my embeded photos to date. I’m not a commercial site.
10:34:21 From HilaryGadsby : You also need to think about breaking your contract with the website providing the image
10:34:27 From Shelley Murphy : The genealogy police are always out, at least the ones that feel they need to. I typically ask if I am bringing other folks items in, other than that, its my info and materials.
10:35:36 From Molly McKinley to All panelists : I have permission from several people on Find-a-grave to use their photos. I always put on the information who took the photo and that I was given permission.
10:35:40 From Jackie Chalmers : Some Metadata (“Description’ field on a Mac) does not travel with image.
10:35:42 From RandySeaver : Yvonne, it helps that I am fairly proficvient now, and the handwriting was clear and had good contrast in that document.
10:35:54 From Doris Haskell : This is why it’s a good idea to put our signature on our photos when we post them.
10:36:09 From June Butka to All panelists : I make every attempt, even on Ancestry, asking the shared photo original poster for permission to add to my tree.
10:36:19 From Doris Haskell : Then, if someone helps themself, at least our name is there.
10:38:38 From Molly McKinley to All panelists : yes
10:38:52 From Betty Taylor : There is so much repeating of photos on Ancestry. Any hints for finding the source? It seems an impossible task.
10:39:20 From Doris Haskell : Are you signed in to GenealogyBAnk
10:39:23 From JoAnn Lawrence : Jackie and Danine, I learned that Leonard Kaiser was an Anabaptist, they never married. Leonard did have brothers with families.
10:39:33 From Deb Andrew to All panelists : You’d need to clip first, you missed a step.
10:43:20 From Shelley Murphy : I emailed Dick Eastman about reblogging some of his articles and notifications. He said to me, reblog any of them and dont reblog the ones I say not too. that was it. I beleive the best practice is just ask.
10:43:56 From MelindaCulpon :
10:45:21 From Danine Cozzens : JoAnn, I don’t think Anabaptists were required to be celibate. He may have not married for other reasons.
10:46:01 From June Butka to All panelists : What program allows you to add the citation at the bottom?
10:46:27 From Jason Holt : When you send the file to your email. Ancestry creates the citation automatically.
10:46:31 From RandySeaver : Eastman’s articles that can be republished are an excellent resource for society newsletters. Just put his copyright statement and permission statement. Some folks have asked me about my articles and I’ve never declined letting them republish.
10:46:59 From JoAnn Lawrence : I don’t know much about Anabaptist. I need to learn more.
10:47:14 From HilaryGadsby : You need to understand the copyright rules where you live if you are not in the U.S. they may be different
10:47:24 From Janine Edmée Hakim : monetizing is the province of the original creator only
10:47:43 From RandySeaver : I save my screen shots and clipped articles to my Downloads folder, rename them, and then upload them to my blog post.
10:47:55 From June Butka to All panelists : My problem is when another family members publishers a photo in a magazine and I don’t know about it. We both had the same original of my father.
10:49:41 From MelindaCulpon : Snagit is the program Pat was using for the screen shot
10:49:51 From Danine Cozzens : JoAnn, start with Wikipedia and you will find many leads. (I just went there to refresh my own recall.)
10:50:18 From RandySeaver : I use the Windows Snipping Tool to capture images.
10:51:42 From Marian Koalski : Even we Mac people need to learn to use Snipping Tool, so that we can use it on library computers
10:52:47 From Mary Lou Gravatt : The Snipping Tool is great.
10:53:18 From DearMYRTLE : Copyright in our blogging? • Text (? fair use portion) • Press releases • Before 1923 • Facts • Images • FindAGrave • Fair Use • • Watermark photographs • Screen Shot • Terms of service •
10:55:22 From June Butka to All panelists : It prevents me from posting myself.
10:55:59 From JoAnn Lawrence : My expert wrote many books on Martin Luther. He is helping me with books and other information from German or/and Latin. I’ll look any place to help me made the correction connection. Thanks for your help.
10:57:18 From HilaryGadsby : June it depends on your relationship to the person who took the photograph as we just discussed
10:58:01 From RandySeaver : June, why does it prevent you from posting? When was the photo taken?
11:04:47 From Shelley Murphy : I know of a Mr. MClaren that works for FTDNA, he is always at the conferences wearing his skilt. He is from Loudoun Co. VA.
11:09:28 From Shelley Murphy : I miss Cousin Russ!
11:09:51 From Marian Koalski : John Laws, you’re right about too-fast demos, which are very common. I think that’s why we appreciate Geoff Rasmussen’s demos — well-paced with clear mouse movements.

11:11:28 From Bill West : I LOVE probate Records!
11:12:37 From June Butka to All panelists : Actually I published it on my blog of my father. I have th origianl. I shared the photo with my siblings. She was accepted for a Rememince article that said no one could use the photo she submitted. I haad posted on my blog before her article was accepted. I chose to remove from my blog, so my siters atricle could be published I now need to remeber not to publish it in future articles. Mine was post 4 years ago.
11:13:00 From Jason Holt : I am preparing for a family reunion. I have that side of the tree as up to date as we can. 2 questions 1. What activities can we do to encourage discussion amongst the relatives. 2. should I publish a basic book now to have ready for event or wait and get pics/stories and publish after.
11:13:16 From Shelley Murphy : Me too @BillWest
11:17:11 From Bill West : One of my ancesto’s land boundary is described as “running higgeldy-piggeldy” along a bank of a brook. Made me grin when I read that in the probate file.
11:18:14 From Shelley Murphy : That is what they know and lived by.
11:20:00 From Marian Koalski : Jas…, I would try a small booklet that includes your email address to hand out at the reunion, so that everyone goes home at least knowing how to send you updates. Maybe you could trade the booklets for their own email addresses?

11:20:41 From DearMYRTLE : NGS to livestream 10 lectures
11:20:45 From Shelley Murphy : My home town
11:21:28 From RandySeaver : My blog post today is – has links to two earlier posts on this estate
11:22:52 From Shelley Murphy : I will see you there
11:23:49 From Marian Koalski : Jas…, This is a video of a discussion of things to do at reunions BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 49: It’s a Family Reunion: From Planning to Renewed Bonds

11:23:53 From Paul S to All panelists : Dear Myrt, Would it ever be possible for you to go through “a day in the life of Pat/Dear Myrtle”… as far as the work you do on your own, plus all the webcasts and work with the community…! How on Earth do you have time?

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: Wouldn’t it be great if we had an extra 10-12 hours a day!

11:24:51 From Renate Sanders: I made a post with a similar question a few months ago. The person had my family on the tree, but when I reached out to them, they had no idea why they were on their or what their connection was. Their comment was something like – “I have over 20,000 on my tree, How am I supposed to know who they all are?”

11:28:22 From Jackie Wilson : Thanks for doing the GreekGen Study Group – this is perfect timing for me. I found a DNA match that has a recent Greek immigrant!!!!
11:28:33 From RandySeaver : Renate, we all make them and we can usually figure them out.
11:28:49 From Renate Sanders : LOL… I know. They are so embarrassing though! 🙂
11:29:21 From Shelley Murphy : I am okay with folks having over 20k, it is up to me to verify if it is going into my tree.
11:30:34 From Renate Sanders : @Shelley I was reaching out to the person to see how we were connected. You know – looking for cousins, etc. So, I wasn’t trying to add to my tree, necessarily.
11:31:25 From Janine Edmée Hakim : I assumed your post was an April Fools
11:31:26 From Shelley Murphy : @Renate, not referencing that, it was responding to the dialog that was on the screen.
11:31:36 From Robbin Smith : what is the url for the tony proctor’s webinar?
11:34:00 From HilaryGadsby : Go to Myrt’s Musings blog for this months webinars
11:34:26 From Robbin Smith : thx
11:34:37 From RandySeaver : Robbin –

11:35:11 From Renate Sanders : That’s really great! I didn’t realize the comments were archived.
11:35:35 From June Butka to All panelists : Great job everyone.
11:35:49 From Kathy Ruther to All panelists : Thank you!
11:35:57 From HilaryGadsby : If I miss one I watch on YouTube and follow the comments on the blog
11:35:57 From Janine Edmée Hakim : Thumbs up
11:36:04 From Shelley Murphy : Have a good afternoon! Thanks Myrt and the Panel.
11:36:13 From Cheryl Garrett : Thank you! This has been a great discussion.
11:36:35 From JoAnn Lawrence : Thanks, have a great week
11:38:56 From Jason Holt : Thank you Marian!

History of England Lyttleton 1804
11:39:14 From Jackie Wilson : John, Can you give the info about the English History book?
11:43:31 From DearMYRTLE : The Modern History of England by George Courtney Lyttleton 1804
11:44:16 From Jackie Wilson :
11:46:16 From DearMYRTLE :

See also: A companion and key to the history of England; consisting of copious ...

11:50:12 From Jason Holt : you should see the cost of a new school text book!

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