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SSG Christian Werthwein, Company L, 305 Infantry Regiment, 77th Division, US Army, WWII took pictures. A LOT of pictures. His granddaughter, Alexa Klimas Corcoran, inherited many documents and photos from the time of his basic training and his service in the Pacific, including the report of his injury at Leyte, Philippines. Our goal is to figure out what to do with this incredible collection.


19:02:59 From Betty-Lu Burton : Hello everyone
19:03:24 From MelissaBarker : Hello Everyone!

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19:06:29 From DearMYRTLE : JENNIFER HOLIK’S Finding the Answers Through WWII Writing Course:
19:06:41 From Irene Rossman: I’m going to take it, too!!
19:13:52 From Irene Rossman: Alexa told some of us about it.

19:14:03 From MelissaBarker : “Preserving Black Paper Photo Albums” from A Genealogist in the Archives blog
19:14:29 From Irene Rossman: I’m definitely looking forward to that blog post about preserving the black paper photo albums. I have inherited quite a few.
19:14:38 From Irene Rossman: Thank you, Melissa!
19:14:57 From MelissaBarker : Your Welcome Irene, if you have any questions please email me.
19:15:07 From Irene Rossman to All panelists : I sure will!!

iMAGE: Courtesy WikiPedia Commons

19:34:24 From MelissaBarker : Battle of Leyte Wikipedia:

19:37:30 From Deb Andrew : My dad was in WWII, awarded the bronze star, came home disabled.

IMAGE: US Army, Leyte: United States, Army Campaigns of World War II, p 16, citing National Archives. Caption reads “Infantrymen cautiously move toward an enemy
machine gun position.” ( : viewed 4 April 2018.)

Regarding SSG Christian Werthwein’s unit, this brochure explains

“Meanwhile, on the west side of Leyte, the XXIV Corps received welcome reinforcements on 7 December with the landing of the 77th Infantry Division, commanded by Maj. Gen. Andrew D. Bruce, three and a half miles south of Ormoc City and one mile north of 7th Division positions. The 77th Division’s 305th, 306th, and 307th Infantry Regiments came ashore unopposed’ although naval shipping was subjected to kamikaze air attacks. As the newly committed unit landed and moved inland’ the 7th Division resumed its march north, and the defenders were quickly squeezed between the two forces.

The commitment of the 77th Division proved decisive.” 


IMAGE: US Army, Leyte: United States, Army Campaigns of World War II, p 23, citing National Archives. Caption reads “Filipino volunteers carry supplies into the mountains to reach 1st Cavalry Division troops.” ( : viewed 4 April 2018.)

19:42:50 From MelissaBarker : Pritzker Military Museum & Library Link:
19:42:56 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : My step-father, turning 97 later this month, was a fighter pilot in WWII, shot down behind enemy lines, taken prison, and made to march many miles in the snow, with no protection, only food was bugs if they could find them, beaten numerous times. He received the purple heart.
19:43:09 From Deb Andrew : I have his discharge papers, Baine Washington Stone. My husband’s uncle was in the South Pacific theatre, Cyril Peter Zurlinden, correspondent in the service.
19:44:14 From Betty-Lu Burton : My father and maternal grandfather both served in the Navy during WW ll. My father was stationed in Hawii after Pearl Harbour
19:47:00 From Janine Edmée Hakim to All panelists : Good evening Jennifer Holik, does the museum have infrmation about,or links to information about the individuals in the USO who went overseas, in military uniform, during WWII ?
19:47:43 From Jennifer Holik to All panelists : Hi Janine – Does Pritzker have that? You should check their catalog and if you cannot find it then send an email and ask to be sure.
19:51:29 From Terri Kallio: Many of these WWII Units have websites – I learned a great deal about my Uncle’s service and time at Port Moresby.
19:55:13 From Anna Matthews : There is.
19:57:51 From Betty-Lu Burton : May be she could do a Blog or website with it and then note where you donated the originals
20:01:03 From Terri Kallio to All panelists : She can also turn the blog into a self published book
20:02:06 From Betty-Lu Burton : A Weebly website
20:02:23 From Terri Kallio: Smaller reach but, copies can be donated to local libraries where he lived and historical societies.
20:03:01 From Terri Kallio: I donated a copy of mine to the High School where my Uncle lived.
20:07:27 From Deb Andrew : Check out books by Cyril Peter Zurlinden, he wrote several books on the war in the South Pacific. He was at several of the worst battles fought in that area. He always said he was shot in the typewriter.
20:09:55 From Anna Matthews : Those photos are just amazing. I have some letters home from my grand uncle who was killed in Holland. In one of them he asks for family to send him film, but no camera, film or photos are listed in his effects. I have seen some photos of his regiment online but they were dated about a week after he was killed. I keep searching, though. I do have some photos of my grandfather overseas but they are military photos, not personal like these.
20:10:36 From Jennifer Holik: Anna did you get his IDPF?
20:10:47 From Deb Andrew : He was there.
20:11:09 From Deb Andrew to All panelists : He was there.
20:12:13 From Anna Matthews : He is, but he was Canadian military. His file is on Ancestry. I have visited there with my mother and grandmother many years ago. I’m crying again.
20:12:33 From Terri Kallio: She can look for the man from Kearney’s grave marker in Manilla –
20:12:39 From Jennifer Holik: We are crying with you Anna. Hugs. Is he still buried overseas?
20:13:11 From DearMYRTLE : ((((gentle hugs))))
20:13:26 From Terri Kallio: There is also a site for men who received purple hearts –
20:14:10 From Deb Andrew: Go to google books.
20:19:18 From Anna Matthews : I have read about how the Dutch people care for war graves to this day, it is very touching. I think the entire cemetery was photographed on flickr before it was on FindAGrave. There are some gorgeous photos of the cemetery on flickr. Much better than the ones we took with our plastic Kodak camera 🙂
20:19:47 From Deb Andrew: He might of met Cyril as he was a Lt. in the Marines.
20:20:44 From Janine Edmée Hakim : Thank you so muchfor the rare oprtunity to hear you generous;y share yur grandfater’s life
20:20:54 From Anna Matthews : I will have to tell Uncle Lawrence’s story – he had no direct descendants. I’ll have to start scanning those letters this weekend!
20:21:52 From Debi Polen : Thank you so very, very much.
20:22:25 From Susan Bleimehl : Excellent evening. Thanks for sharing
20:22:50 From Molly McKinley: Oh my, that made me think of my dad so much. He was Navy, but the memories are stirred up now.
20:22:54 From Anna Matthews : Thank you!

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