DearMYRTLE logoNOTE from DearMYRTLE: There has been a big uproar in social media over the LDS church’s decision to pull out of the Boy Scouts of America in 2020.

In all honesty, I don’t think it has anything to do with gays or permitting girls to join.

I posted the following to effectively stem the tide in my channels, but am now elevating this to blog post status, so my position is perfectly clear. (I don’t know why genealogists get overly political from time to time. I just want to talk about how to research.) 🤗

DearMYRTLE has followers from many walks of life. This has opened my eyes to different ways of thinking. It’s evident to me good people come in all shapes and sizes. For these experiences I am most grateful – even humbled. I hope my children and grandchildren take the time to see people for who they are and aren’t quick to profile.

When we consider the worldwide reach of the LDS Church members, the majority of our youth don’t have access to BSA so this puts a new slant on things.

For many youth throughout the world, Boy Scouts of America frankly isn’t doable.

I believe BSA, with very few exceptions, was a marvelous influence on the boys I grew up with.

As the church has grown to have more members outside the US, our youth are no longer just white, working or middle class. It’s unkind to foist any program on youth who are oft times breadwinners in their family, etc.

For instance, I remember when it was unthinkable for 12-13 year olds to pass the sacrament without wearing a suit and tie. There was instruction on how to polish shoes in preparation for Sunday worship service.

This is now recognized as impractical on many levels in various cultures. Now the emphasis is on presenting one’s best self to the service of our Father in Heaven as we remember the sacrifice of His Son.

We respect the traditions in each culture that for generations have fostered principles of kindness, hard work, respect, honesty and integrity. Things parents and grandparents throughout the ages have encouraged.

I’m glad the church has been working on a youth program that will honor these traditions and inspire living purposeful, loving lives as it can be interpreted in each culture.