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Thank-you to our guest expert Kathryn Lake Hogan, UE for a most informative session including info about the history of Canada and it’s census records. Our shared CanadaGen Google Sheet with links we mention is located here:

See also: CanadaGen Study Group 2



10:00:41 From Deb Andrew : Good morning.
10:00:59 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Good morning panelists & attendees!
10:01:08 From Janine Edmée Hakim : Good noon time
10:01:37 From Melissa Barker : Hello! Listening in from the Houston County, TN. Archives. The Archive Lady is in the house!
10:01:49 From Louise Henson : Hello from Deep River, Ontario, Canada. Thunderstorms expected, so I may lose you ! Very humid
10:02:23 From Danine Cozzens : Listening in for clues on my early Canadian relatives.
10:02:46 From Meg McLaughlin : Hi from Coquitlam BC!
10:02:52 From Cousin Russ:
10:03:10 From Louise Henson : Hi Meg in Port Coquitlam !

Kathryn Lake Hogan

10:03:18 From Cousin Russ : Kathryn Lake Hogan, UE
10:03:34 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Hi Meg; I’m in Hope!

10:04:00 From Kathryn Lake Hogan : Greetings!
10:04:30 From Jacqueline Wilson : Hellos from Chicago!
10:06:08 From Meg McLaughlin : Hi Louise good to see you here. Hi Yvonne.
10:06:30 From Danine Cozzens : Not seeing this link, Russ…. 🙁
10:08:33 From Danine Cozzens : That worked, thank you!
10:18:33 From Cousin Russ : FamilySearch Research Wiki – Canada
10:19:49 From Cousin Russ : Library and Archives Canada
library and archives Canada
10:22:12 From Louise Henson : York to Toronto
10:22:39 From Deborah Guilbeault : Bytown to Ottawa
10:22:54 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Ontario towns seemed to have changed names more than towns in Quebec
10:23:17 From Hilary Gadsby : I have just come across this name York in arecord I have been looking at today.
10:23:33 From Jan Murphy to All panelists : The same thing happens in the United States, too. We’re just more used to it.
10:23:51 From Cousin Russ : The Olive Tree Genealogy: Canadian Genealogy
Olive Tree Genealogy
10:24:04 From Cousin Russ : Canada GenWeb

10:26:09 From Hilary Gadsby : 1921 will not be released for a few years in UK
10:27:03 From Jan Murphy : 100 year rule for England and Wales Census
10:28:04 From Hilary Gadsby : I have found people on 2 census records in 1911 as they emigrated to Canada btween the census dates
10:28:18 From DearMYRTLE : thanks Hilary and Jan. 🙂
10:28:38 From Yvonne Demoskoff : certain religiious groups in the Prairie Provinces (like Doukhobors) had their own censuses

10:30:28 From Cousin Russ : Automated Genealogy

Automated Genealogy

10:31:50 From Meg McLaughlin : Also French populations in Nova Scotia
10:40:37 From Yvonne Demoskoff : I made a little cheat sheet about official enumeration dates and taped it to desk shelf
10:42:12 From Kevin Hackett to All panelists : Was the 1851 Census have the data as of 1852, or does it reflect the data from 1851?
10:42:38 From Meg McLaughlin : Did they change the names to French names also for the Canada East census ie Jean for John?
10:47:06 From robert e scales : I have seen both, Jean and John, seems to depend on who is recording it.
10:47:53 From Cousin Russ : thanks Robert! Robert (en francais)
10:53:57 From robert e scales : My home town on Vancouver Island did not have house numbers until 1970!
10:58:16 From Jan Murphy  : Some of these glitches could be copying errors (53 vs 63)
11:08:19 From Linda O’Rourke : Can you tell us a little about the Newfoundland Census. Due to their late entry to confederation.
11:10:29 From Cousin Russ : Linda – Archives and Library of Canada See Library and Archives of Canada – Censuses located here Linda.
11:12:41 From Louise Henson : I have a 1921 marriage , city is listed as York (Toronto)
11:14:10 From Jan Murphy : Geographic Names Board for Canada in the Canada Genealogy article! Excellent.
11:14:27 From Deborah Guilbeault : thank you
11:17:55 From Yvonne Demoskoff : well done, Kathryn!
11:18:14 From Dianne Tremblay to All panelists : thank you !
11:18:45 From Louise Henson : Thanks all

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