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This poignant webinar features Jennifer Holik discussing Army and Army Air Force morning reports. Jennifer is a researcher, speaker, author, empath, and medium. She helps people find the answers to their family history and military questions. She offers expert, custom, and confidential World War I, World War II,Korean War, and Vietnam historical and genealogical research, analysis, and writing services.To learn more visit the WWII Research and Writing Center

WWII Jennifer Holik




19:01:46 From Shelley Murphy : Good evening!
19:02:42 From Cousin Russ : WII Education Facebook Group –
19:02:57 From Cousin Russ : World War II Research and Writing Center Facebook Page –
19:03:16 From Cousin Russ : Introducing Jennifer Holik of the World War II Research and Writing Center –

19:03:57 From Betty-Lu Burton : I have a cousin who died in France […] right now I am going through some things. I have found his grave.
19:04:28 From Molly McKinley : My 2nd cousin got frostbitten ears in Italy during WWII

Calvin Clark Davis


19:17:46 From Shelley Murphy : I enjoy the photos – one of my relatives died during a bombing raid on Meresburg, Germany.
19:20:21 From Shelley Murphy : He is buried in the American Cemetery overseas, he was left overseas. But his grave was adopted by now a family frien
19:22:19 From Shelley Murphy : My relative is Calvin Clark Davis:
19:24:50 From Shelley Murphy : He adopted my cousin’s grave.




19:25:55 From Sue Draper : My uncle was in the Navy in the Pacific; my dad was in Italy (Army Air Force) working on radio installments before D-day. Would there be morning reports for their stations? 
19:28:27 From Betty-Lu Burton : Would there be morning reports for Naval bases? My father was station in Hawaii, on land not on a ship.

Jennifer Holik writes about alternative record sets:

  • For those researching US Navy, the Naval Muster Rolls are available, some on Ancestry or Fold3. Some records did not survive the war.
  • Marine Corps Muster Rolls are on Ancestry. Only Jan/April/July/Oct are indexed, although all months exist online. You’ll go into the dropdown menu and select other rolls to find the next month and your unit.

19:29:38 From Sue Draper : What is the abbreviation Dy to MIA or Dy 745?
19:30:53 From True Lewis : MOS = Military Occupational Specialty. For Army it was CQ = Charge of Quarters Report Log.

19:32:54 From Rose Mazza s : My dad’s cousin was killed in the WWll. How can I find a report on his death? [Learn more at WII Education Facebook Group –]

19:36:55 From Cheri Passey : My grandfather was killed on Peleliu, one brother killed in Italy and another killed when his plane went down off of Sicily. Would love to find morning reports for their units.
19:38:10 From Shelley Murphy : that is so true.
19:41:57 From Sue Draper : love the map! nice drawing
19:45:16 From Sue Draper : Why restricted?
19:45:49 From Cheri Passey : That’s incredible! Really helps to put yourself in the moment with them!

19:47:49 From True Lewis : I’m just so excited to find out Daddy’s experience and compare it to what he told me about WW2 and as a Colored Troop you rarely hear their Stories in the moment like this! WoW! He was always animated when he talked about his experience like it was yesterday.
19:51:17 From True Lewis : These Reports look like the meat on the bones beside a personal soldier account. Very detailed.
19:51:40 From Shelley Murphy : They are @True
19:54:22 From Shelley Murphy : @True they didn’t know my family was “colored”, he was a radio gunner in a plane.

Jennifer Holik follows up by saying “Research in Morning Reports is the same for Colored Soldiers and Women as it is for men. Often people think because they were segregated, the Colored Soldier research is different, but it isn’t.”

19:55:17 From True Lewis : WoW ! Shelley. These Military Stories are Incredible.
19:55:28 From True Lewis : I know. I am so PROUD of Cousin Russ, for sharing!
19:55:48 From Shelley Murphy : Cousin Russ thank you for that!
19:57:54 From Rose Mazza : I had a uncle who was a POW was there any morning reports on that to.
20:04:22 From Kathleen Kelly Daetsch : I have a diary of a POW.  It has pictures.
20:04:23 From Shelley Murphy : amazing! Cousin Russ



Jennifer Holik books

20:09:16 From Shelley Murphy : Oh, I would love to travel to where Calvin was stationed and died.
20:09:32 From True Lewis : Shelley don’t make me cry…..
20:10:24 From Shelley Murphy : Yes, the Germans picked up his body parts from the plane crash, etc. They wrote a record on the bodies, etc.
20:13:26 From Shelley Murphy : Museum’s for units
20:15:18 From Shelley Murphy : Thank you! Enjoyed it
20:15:48 From True Lewis : Thank YOU so Enjoyed!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get a consultation!
20:18:12 From True Lewis : I’ll let her know.

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