Most genealogists are thrilled when an ancestor photo has been identified by writing on the back so we know who is featured in the portrait. Today, I’d like to focus on a slightly different benefit. Sorting through old pics to be scanned, I spotted my Dad’s handwriting, and the tears started flowing. My heart is in my throat. I miss him so. Dads home reverse

Dad writes “My home @ 310 W Garfield St. Seattle from about 1928-1931??” Back in the early 2000s I added “Written by Glen S. Player” when I first saw this photo years ago, as if I could forget. Dad’s handwriting does pull on my heart strings.

The image above is the face of the photograph, which I am sure holds many memories for people who once lived there. To me, it’s just a place we’ve driven past many times as Dad would take us around places where he lived, attended school, and later worked after returning from WWII military service. What I treasure is Dad’s handwriting on the reverse side.

This is my maternal grandmother Frances Irene Goering’s handwriting on the back of a postcard. “Valentines Greetings from Little Red Riding Hood. Grandma I went to a party and this is the was I dressed. Love to you & Grampa. From Frances.”

GrandmaFrancesValentine reverse

There is no date on the postcard, and it was never mailed, so I cannot guess the age of my grandmother in this picture on the other side.

I have to tell you, Ol’ Myrt here is most assuredly waxing nostalgic here.