As usual we discuss the latest genea-news that’s come across our desk including:

  • WWI Conclusion
  • The Library and Archives of Canada
  • The Canadian Expeditionary Forces
  • Cousin Russ’ new Blue Yeti microphone
  • Kathryn Lake Hogan’s Thursday Canadian Research With a Twist webinars
  • MyHeritage Users Conference Oslo 2018
  • MyHeritage announces extracting DNA from our ancestors’ envelopes and stamps
  • Pat Kuhn’s report to FamilySearch about an error message.
  • Family History Ron reported the FamilySearch Family Tree has issues that are being addressed by programmers starting Monday, 5 Nov 2018, hopefully concluding late Friday, 9 Nov 2018.



10:00:47 From Deb Andrew : Good morning.
10:03:49 From Hilary Gadsby : I am trying to decide whether to come on train or drive to Birmingham.
10:04:11 From Jenny Hawran to All panelists : Hello from Connecticut 🙂

November is (US) National Native American Heritage month.
To celebrate, we’re offering free access* to our Native American collection November 1-15 until midnight Mountain Time.

Sunday, Nov 11, 2018 marks 100 years since WWI.

10:06:16 From Cousin Russ to All panelists :

10:07:31 From Betty-Lu Burton : I think here in the USA many people do not realize the significance of Nov 11. They tend to put all Veterans together on this day.
10:07:47 From Hilary Gadsby :
10:08:36 From Deb Andrew : I had my first DNA match that was across the pond. They had a tree and matched with mine. I had five total matches to this person who is in England.
10:09:03 From Jenny Hawran to All panelists : I’m participating in Healther Rojo’s Honor Roll project. I’ve transcribed 3 monuments in my town with photos for my blog. It is amazing when you really LOOK at these monuments and see family names you recognize from your town

10:09:04 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Your voice seems a bit deeper with that desk mic, Russ
10:10:36 From Betty-Lu Burton : Headphones and earbuds, for me my ear ringing just gets louder

10:12:43 From Dave Robison : Heard a great presentation for David Allen Lambert yesterday at the MSOG annual conference. He spoke mostly about WW I and especially about Canadian records at It’s a site I’ve used to get an enormous amount of information on my materenal grandfather’s experience in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces.

10:12:47 From Pat Kuhn : taking a picture of my grandfather’s military stone showed that the dates were wrong
10:12:47 From Marian Koalski : I’m surprised that he could find your phone number, Russ!
10:12:53 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : The link I posted includes information about events in Denmark and Germany
10:14:55 From Betty-Lu Burton : It is booming outside now. Here in Arkansas
10:15:43 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Search is In the sidebar on the top left
10:15:45 From Rachel Evans : I’ve also used the Canadian expeditionary Forces records. Discovered a relative who enlisted as Applegate but later changed it later to the original very German sounding name. It was very informative.
10:16:54 From Yvonne Demoskoff : try the previous page
10:17:04 From Yvonne Demoskoff : seems like you get general search results
10:18:14 From Denise Coughlin : Yes, Kathryn’s webinars are also great!
10:18:19 From Dave Robison :
10:18:49 From bjanvier to All panelists : Can you give a link to Kathryn’s webinars?
10:19:24 From jeannecourval : Also, that is the name of person who has webinar on thursdays?
10:20:28 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : This is what I was talking about
10:20:41 From Karen Trearchis : Wow, you are so lucky Dave! My grandpa was WWI US
10:21:02 From jeannecourval : I have a distant cousin who served in WWI, but he had enlisted in Navy rather than was drafted. Where would I find more about him?

10:23:19 From Randy Seaver : So the DNA challenge will be to get the DNA from the envelope or stamped that our Civil War pension guy sent in
10:25:15 From Karen Trearchis : So cool! I have a couple of letters from my grandmother and want this done!
10:25:29 From Betty-Lu Burton : Has MyHeritage posted any of the conference on the Internet? I heard that they may be posting some of the sessions, but am not sure where.
10:25:33 From Pat Kuhn : I have a letter my great grandfather sent to my father
10:26:32 From Randy Seaver : The MH Live videos aren the MyHeritage Users Group Facebook page.
10:26:37 From Christine Cotton : Don’t forget the possibility that the postmaster licked and affixed the envelope for your ancestor!
10:26:43 From Danine Cozzens : Could DNA be extracted from one of those hair wreaths done in the 19th c? Would not know whose hair was which tho. Interesting project.
10:27:29 From Randy Seaver : They said that hair was not able to be analyzed like that
10:28:08 From Louis Kessler : Once you get the DNA results, you’ll be able to determine whether it was from a relative or not, and if so, it shouldn’t be too hard to determine who.
10:28:26 From Randy Seaver : The MyHeritage LIVE videos are on They will be on Family Tree Webinars at some point
10:28:40 From Dave Robison : Is that Roberta Estes?
10:28:52 From Randy Seaver : yes, it is roberta
10:29:01 From Dave Robison : Tx Randy!
10:31:24 From Cousin Russ : Redux of MyHeritage LIVE (videos)
10:31:54 From Betty-Lu Burton : I tried to watch one of the sessions but my internet kept refreshing and it was to distracting
10:32:20 From Bill West : Good afternoon from Massachusetts. Finally!
10:34:22 From Louis Kessler : That was a question from a person in the audience that referred to “infidelity”
10:34:29 From Karen Trearchis : Excellent point Pat.
10:35:22 From bjanvier to All panelists : It is a closed group can’t see archives.
10:36:09 From Betty-Lu Burton : I just asked to join the MyHeritage facebook page.
10:37:09 From Cousin Russ : US – WDYTYA starts Dec 3 on TLC at 10pm Eastern.
10:37:55 From Doris Haskell : Henry Louis Gates has a new series beginning in January
10:38:19 From Betty-Lu Burton : Yes this is his birthday month, He is 30 and holding says his daughter that is approaching 30 herself
10:39:12 From Randy Seaver : FH Ron is one of my YouTube subscriptions.
10:39:19 From Cousin Russ : Family History Ron on FB
10:39:49 From Betty-Lu Burton : Family History Ron will answer your questions concerning FamilySearch/ FamilyTree
10:40:33 From Betty-Lu Burton : He is not afraid to let you know that he does not know.
10:40:33 From Randy Seaver : Family History Ron YouTube channel is
10:43:55 From cyndy Bray : Are there tutorials on th FS family tree? I tried to fix the wrong parentage for my 2nd GGrandmother and instead of fixing it I just made it worse
10:45:46 From Valerie Lisk : Cyndy, they are on on the BYU page.
10:46:21 From cyndy Bray : Thanks Valarie
10:46:21 From Randy Seaver : Cyndy, The Family History Guide has tutorials too – see
10:46:33 From Valerie Lisk : Now, when I am on the person page on FS and click view tree, I get a 404 error message.
10:47:12 From Valerie Lisk : YWCyndy
10:48:53 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : I have added Hugh’s record from 1870 census.
10:49:46 From jeannecourval : One other way to tackle this might be to go to and pull up the census record there. If there error is in the record, you can leave a note as to why it should be changed.
10:50:11 From jeannecourval : It may be that the is getting its info from
10:50:37 From Randy Seaver : We all have a number on FamilySearch Family Tree – I am LH5N-K6D but you can’t see my info because I think I’m still living
10:52:17 From Valerie Lisk : Randy, you are correct. You ARE still living.
10:52:58 From Randy Seaver : LOL Valerie, I guess so, but how do you know i’m not a time traveler from the future?
10:54:37 From Pat Kuhn to All panelists :
10:54:48 From Valerie Lisk : Randy, would you consider being a time traveler from the past? I have lots of questions you could help with.
10:54:56 From Randy Seaver : BYU Family History Library YouTube channel is It has many tutorials and presentations about Family Tree
10:56:34 From Cousin Russ : Jeannecourval — do you have a question ?
10:57:57 From Deb Andrew : I’ve had it were I found a record and it will not let me attach the record to the person. I also have another person changing info on my great grandparents saying they immigrated to the states in 1879. They were not even a live at the time. The parents visist back and forth, but immigrated in 1906 and naturalized in 1915.
10:58:54 From Betty-Lu Burton : Here is the URL for a new BYU video on correcting gender and relationships
10:59:15 From jeannecourval : No question – I put my comment about going back to the link in Ancestry to see what is listed there.
10:59:26 From Susan Ennis : The director of our local Family History Center offers a time slot for patrons to get assistance with these types of problems. We really appreciate our local director!
10:59:48 From Susan Ennis : sorry..that is time slot!
11:00:02 From Deb Andrew : I was lucky that I have the information on the naturalization as it was a big write up in the newspaper as a father and son were naturalized at the same time.
11:00:37 From Valerie Lisk : Once they are finished with the recoding, will that corrrect not being able to go to a person’s tree from their person page?
11:01:05 From jeannecourval : I just checked and the record is correct
11:01:29 From Cousin Russ : The Family History Guide has tutorials too – see .

11:01:47 From Cousin Russ : Hilary’s RootsTech pass contest is live:
11:02:07 From Randy Seaver : I haven’t started my RootsTech contest yet…
11:04:06 From bjanvier to All panelists : Do you have a link about the FS Coders working this week?
11:04:37 From Randy Seaver : James Tanner and Sue Maxwell and others are drivers of the Family History Guide
11:05:17 From Devon Lee : I can come in if you want
11:06:22 From Deb Andrew : No pain, no gain Devon.
11:14:50 From Cousin Russ : Findmypast Friday November 2nd
British Irish Military Records COVER 1
11:20:14 From Cousin Russ : DearMYRTLE’s British & Irish Military Records Study Group
11:20:33 From Deb Andrew : He is funny.
11:22:17 From Deb Andrew : I have an all access subscription. You can do a monthly as well.
11:23:32 From Cousin Russ :
11:27:21 From Cousin Russ :
11:27:24 From Doris Haskell : What was the name of that mystery author again? Jane Sinclair?
11:28:11 From Doris Haskell : Thanks. M. J. Lee?
11:28:29 From Cousin Russ : Christmas truce
11:29:43 From Pat Richley-Erickson to All panelists :
11:29:50 From Maria Tegtmeier  :
11:29:54 From Doris Haskell : Yay! Thanks, Deb Andrew
11:30:36 From Randy Seaver : My CVGS Workshop blog post is
11:31:38 From Bill West to All panelists : There was a song written about it, “Christmas in the Trenches”
11:32:16 From Cousin Russ : Silent Night ??? Mr West ???
11:33:42 From Cousin Russ : or was it Land of Hope and Glory – Men of Harlech
11:34:18 From Maria Tegtmeier to All panelists : I think that a lot of people also don’t know what questions to ask.
11:34:32 From Hilary Gadsby : I was looking at someone on FamilySearch earlier and prior to that I was looking at a search for someone else now when I go to attach a record it wants to attach it to the last person I was looking at rather than the person in the search. I wonder if this is what happened to Pat.
11:35:45 From Susan Ennis : Our local genealogy society has partnered with our Local FHC director to publicize. This has increased visitors to the FHC.
11:36:16 From Devon Lee : Around here in Houston, folks prefer to go to the large library in Houston – Clayton, rather than the FHC. They’ll also rather go to the public library than the FHC. One FHC is in entirely the wrong place… not close to anything.
11:37:05 From jeannecourval : Randy , can you send us that “guide” as well? I have tried to use the catalog without a lot of success.
11:37:30 From Cousin Russ : its been posted several times earlier
11:37:54 From jeannecourval : OK, How do I find it?
11:38:01 From Cousin Russ :
11:38:14 From jeannecourval : Thank you.
11:38:27 From Cousin Russ : scroll up the chat
11:39:00 From Doris Haskell : We are holding a series of open houses at our FHC in an attempt to get the word out that we are interested in helping our entire community.
11:39:02 From Randy Seaver : JeanneCourval – send me an email please also on Family Tree Webinars
11:39:54 From Pat Kuhn : was using this over the weekend, only way to find Luzerne County PA records
11:39:57 From Joanne Parkes : Sadly the Family History Center in Flagstaff, AZ where I’d been volunteering (as a non LDS member) on Tuesday mornings, just restricted it’s hours to only Wednesday evenings. The church had a difficult time finding volunteers and the reality was that very few people came to use these wonderful resources.
11:40:49 From Doris Haskell : Grocery store lines are wonderful. You have a captive audience.

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IMAGE: DearMYRTLE AfterParty created by by Teri Chaffin. Thank-you dear Teri.

11:41:37 From Maria Tegtmeier : “Bling”
11:41:44 From Devon Lee : Bling
11:42:45 From cyndy Bray : Love it wonder what font she used

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