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Melissa LeMaster Barker is a Certified Archives Manager currently working as the Houston County, Tennessee Archivist. She is also a Professional Genealogist and lectures, teaches and writes about researching in archives and records preservation. You’ll find her work here and on the web at:

Melissa recommends the following resources for archival materials:


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19:02:25 From Cousin Russ : GeneaWebinars Calendar of Hangouts, Webinars and Online Chats this coming week:
19:03:19 From Jette Cander` to All panelists : Love it!
19:03:30 From Beverly Anderson : Great job Melissa on your presentation at Pirates of Pedigree.
19:05:15 From Jill : First time for me on Zoom. On our recent to trip a cousin in England just passed on a 3 volume bible from Mr GeniAus’ 3x Great-Grandparents.
19:08:08 From Jill : It’s just after midday
19:11:41 From Cousin Russ : National Archives (US) YouTube
19:15:46 From Lisa Reed : The TVA one was good (as were they all!).
19:16:11 From Sweet Sadie : Jill, I am soooo happy about the bible!!! That’s pretty cool.
19:16:21 From Sweet Sadie : Thank-you for joining us tonight/today.
19:20:02 From Launa Droescher : think Mrs Bush helped get digital Genealogy going

19:23:16 From Sweet Sadie : The SLC Main Library does have a small genealogy reference section. However, they chose not to compete with the Family History Library just a few blocks away.
19:25:08 From Launa Droescher : but SLC fhl is not open all night either. I’ve tried to get them to just lock me in
19:27:39 From Sweet Sadie : I wish I could be there overnight as well. 🙂
19:33:29 From Launa Droescher: San Bruno 1998 had no idea what I was doing did find stuff just not enough time. the same for CA Sacramento archives
19:36:20 From Launa Droescher : we could keep u busy looking for records for us
19:36:46 From Jill : Our State Library gives us access to Proquest
19:36:50 From Doris Lanier : That reveal happen to be my ancestors on my moms side hope to go see Melissa next year
19:37:46 From Jill : Yes please
19:38:05 From Kathleen Daetsch: I have been to the New York City Municipal Archive a lot. The records online are not complete there is more then the online transcription gives you in the original.

New Jersey State Archives
19:40:00 From Cousin Russ :
19:40:59 From Cousin Russ : National Archives of Australia
19:42:01 From Sweet Sadie to Jill and all panelists : New South Wales State Archives & Records
19:43:30 From Sweet Sadie to Jill and all panelists : Queensland State Archive
19:46:11 From Cousin Russ : THE Genealogy Show

19:58:27 From Cousin Russ : The John Gray Centre

20:04:48 From Cousin Russ :
20:04:53 From Susan Bleimehl : Had a free day and watched them all! Excellent as usual.

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