Today’s two special guests are none other than Daniel Horowitz, Chief Genealogy Officer at and Genea-Santa. We also discuss the closed captioning at Legacy Family Tree Webinars, the DNA results upload deadline at MyHeritage, NERGC New England Regional Genealogical Conference, Ohio Genealogical Society Conference (where Cousin Russ will be speaking!), WikiTree ScanAThon, CamScanner, JoyFlips, and Evidence Explained.




Legacy Family Tree Webinars now hashas closed captioning on the last two years of webinars.


MyHeritage2018Thanks to the parent company, MyHeritage, for implementing this option making it possible for those who experience deafness to hear what has been spoken rather than merely trying to get the gist of things from the presenters’ slides.


10:01:52 From grahamwalter : Hello everyone from London
10:02:05 From Daniel Horowitz to All panelists : Hi all from Israel !!!
10:02:13 From Randy Seaver : Hi Daniel…
10:02:20 From Bill West : Goood morning from sunny, chilly Massachusetts!
10:02:42 From Randy Seaver : Me too – I want to know when the Theory of Family Relativity will be released!
10:02:54 From Sheryl Zeringue to All panelists : Good morning from chilly South Louisiana.
10:03:27 From Betty-Lu Burton : Good Day from sunny but cold Arkansas
10:04:11 From Betty-Lu Burton : The closed captioning will help me when I can not understand the words. I have mid range hearing loss
MyHeritageLIVE 2018

10:06:43 From Pamela Wells : Good morning for Blowing Rock, NC….we just had 20” of snow in the last two days!!! Brrrrr
10:07:00 From grahamwalter : Finally uploaded mine to MyHeritage after the Oslo Conference 🙂  [NOTE: Here’s info and links to the live streams from the MyHeritage Oslo 2018 Conference at “MyHeritage LIVE 2018: Lectures now online!”

10:07:12 From Betty-Lu Burton : The closed captioning that uses just voice recognition does not help me because the sounds I have problems hearing are the ones the voice recognition tends to get wrong.
10:07:27 From Cousin Russ : MyHeritage Free DNA Uploads — Deadline Extended!
10:08:02 From Betty-Lu Burton : I got my DNA uploaded earlier
10:09:08 From Pamela Wells : Yes, I have mine there, as well!
10:09:12 From Hilary Gadsby : I am trying to get a third cousin to upload but not seen anything.
10:09:33 From Pamela Wells : I’m 100% European, so the European connection will be fabulous for me.
10:09:35 From Pat Kuhn : my DNA has been there from the beginning!. just had a new match from Switzerland
10:09:41 From grahamwalter : Great!!
10:09:59 From Doris Haskell : I have uploaded my raw data to My Heritage. Had a few surprises.
10:10:06 From Betty-Lu Burton : I have both Colonial American ancestors, and am third generation Northern Italy and fourth generation Norwegian

0:10:48 From Randy Seaver : Daniel – what’s new with Theory of Family Relativity?
10:11:08 From Daniel Horowitz : It’s in the oven 😉

10:11:24 From Valerie Lisk : Mine is there as well. Not only have I found new cousins, but I get the chromosome browser without begging people to upload to GedMatch.

10:13:33 From Randy Seaver : with MyHeritage the user can download all of their matching segments from the chromosome browser and use a spreadsheet to triangulate with other matches.
10:14:05 From Randy Seaver : MyHeritage already has more matches for me than I have on FTDNA and 23andme combined
10:14:24 From Betty-Lu Burton : It appears my Northern Italian is Jewish, even though the area was Roman Catholic
10:14:43 From Betty-Lu Burton : But if you look at the migration pattern it makes sense
10:18:30 From Brenda J. Williams : What is the last day we can do this for free?
10:18:43 From Daniel Horowitz  : December 15 !!!!

10:21:12 From Cousin Russ : Here’s the link to the NERGC brochure. The reg fees are on the last page in case that’s something we should talk about or at least mention.
10:21:13 From John Laws : Hiya True
10:21:57 From True Lewis : Hello John ! You look spiffy this morning! It’s good to see you!
10:23:35 From Doris Haskell : Will there be a live streaming?
10:23:50 From Valerie Lisk : I uploaded my cousin’s raw data to Myheritage and I did not show up as a match. I uploaded it again and I did show up as a match. So if known cousins do not show up as matches and they are matches on other sites, upload again.
10:25:32 From Doris Haskell : What a delightful challenge!

10:28:43 From Dave Robison: NERGC Registration link:
10:29:20 From Shelley Murphy : oh thats awesome Cousin Russ. Congrats on being selected.

10:30:40 From Cousin Russ : I am participating in this.
10:31:02 From Cousin Russ :
10:31:26 From Cousin Russ :
10:31:50 From Cousin Russ : Scan-a-Thon link is

10:33:43 From Randy Seaver : do we have to actually scan? I already have images for many ancestors
10:35:09 From Kathleen Daetsch to All panelists : I uploaded mine as soon as it became available to do so

10:41:28 From Cousin Russ :
10:42:49 From Dave Robison to All panelists : I’m sneakin’ out! See you all next webinar.
10:43:02 From Hilary Gadsby : I have Camscanner and JoyFlips on my android phone
10:44:05 From Cousin Russ :
10:44:11 From Marian Koalski : Is it small enough to take to a drugstore or UPS scanner?
10:44:25 From grahamwalter : CamScanner for me
10:44:32 From Cousin Russ :
10:44:35 From Randy Seaver : The bigger problem is the lighting and the glare. I use CamScanner
10:44:37 From Rachel Evans : I use CamScan
10:44:46 From Shelley Murphy : nope, but will try it
10:44:54 From Valerie Lisk : camscanner
10:45:13 From Jenny Hawran : I love CamScanner
10:45:42 From Marcia Philbrick  : I started using the app, iScanner on my phone. I like this app since it allows me to draw the box (skewing). It also will create a file of multiple pages — which is helpful for scanning from books.

10:46:16 From Jenny Hawran : I do the same as Russ and turn lights off or down
10:46:37 From grahamwalter : low light capabilities are getting better with recent phones (last 3 years or so)
10:47:05 From Marcia Philbrick to All panelists : I’m going to opt out of being on the panel today.
10:47:10 From Rachel Evans : I also use the Helmut app on android for negatives
10:47:18 From Marcia Philbrick : I started using the app, iScanner on my phone. I like this app since it allows me to draw the box (skewing). It also will create a file of multiple pages — which is helpful for scanning from books.
10:48:03 From grahamwalter :
10:50:26 From grahamwalter : From Google Play Store –
10:50:46 From Rachel Evans : Can’t speak but I use my table and put a white paper under the negative
10:51:03 From Shelley Murphy : True Lewis the Glamma!
10:52:08 From True Lewis : Yes Shelley! GlamAuntie! I even pulled out Puddin’s old baby announcement from Tiny Prints to compare how to do Everly’s!
10:59:02 From Shelley Murphy : Yes, we need to keep warm! We are doing fine, we only got 10-12 inches in my county.
10:59:19 From Marian Koalski : How about a dark cloth over the head and camera?
10:59:56 From Marian Koalski : Like an old-time photographer?
11:02:02 From Anna Matthews : I’m playing with the Helmut app now. I’m going to need to borrow my mother’s lightbox but the results are really impressive just playing around.
11:03:16 From Cousin Russ : Randy Seaver’s Genea-Santa letter for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun is at
11:03:42 From Rachel Evans : The first few times I used Helmut I did have to take several copies of the negative to see which worked best but it’s great for when you are visiting relatives.
11:04:04 From Cousin Russ : Can you see this –
11:04:40 From Bill West : I need GeneaSnta to help me get out of the rut I’m in. I’m waaaaaaay behind on my blogging this year.
11:06:33 From Marian Koalski : Amen on Ancestry’s tree indexing!
11:10:50 From Betty-Lu Burton : I need GeneaSanta to help me organize 40 years of research in different filing system
11:11:21 From Pat Kuhn: have a question about Living DNA
11:11:23 From Marian Koalski : I should be asking Santa for more self-discipline about scanning research I did in the 70s-90s.
11:11:26 From Shelley Murphy : I also need a GeneaSanta to read these Rev War pension records.
11:11:37 From Doris Haskell : A housekeeper and a cook
11:12:07 From Rachel Evans : Someone to do all my household stuff so I can spend more time on genealogy.
11:12:26 From Betty-Lu Burton : Better health with a clearer thinking brain
11:13:08 From Kathleen Daetsch : I want one good source for my second Great-grandmother’s parents.
11:13:53 From Doris Haskell : I’m sorry. I accidentally hit the raise hand button
11:14:22 From John Laws : like to know how my blog gets 60 hits one day and 600 the next
11:14:29 From Maria Tegtmeier  : Software I could instantly download to my brain so I could read Polish, German and Danish Fluently and navigate their records fluently.
11:14:34 From Shelley Murphy : I do not understand Living DNA, I took their test. It is the most confusing stuff.
11:15:34 From True Lewis : LivingDNA has a Facebook Group and they are very responsive.
11:16:01 From Doris Haskell to All panelists : Does this involve video? I’m not camera ready.
11:16:02 From Betty-Lu Burton : Shelly I agree with you. I was hoping to get a better break down of my British ancestry, but mine just list everything as European
11:16:15 From Randy Seaver : John Laws – Russian bots trying to overturn Brexit probably
11:16:56 From Cousin Russ :
11:16:58 From Shelley Murphy : I will join the group, and maybe I will learn something
11:17:43 From True Lewis : I’ve been in there for over a year now.
11:18:02 From Shelley Murphy : I think we joined at the same time
11:18:03 From Hilary Gadsby : I am in Family Networks but no matching yet
11:18:20 From Cousin Russ : LivingDNA Facebook Group
11:19:39 From Kathleen Daetsch : I’m so over ethnicity estimates’. What do you think of yours
11:20:21 From Marcia Philbrick : I would like device to find all of the photos on my computer — I think a photo stick will do this but need to research it.
11:20:43 From Anna Matthews : I need an unlimited budget for archival supplies!
11:21:03 From Molly McKinley : I want Arkansas to scan and release all their early records
11:21:45 From Marcia Philbrick : I would like a tool to communicate with a GROUP of people on Ancestry — such as the members of a DNA circle
11:26:18 From Kathleen Daetsch : strangely enough I found over a hundred relatives in Ireland and they know less then I do
11:27:48 From Doris Haskell : This talking option may have just created a monster. LOL
11:34:09 From Valerie Lisk : I pulled out of the Dealership and lost wifi. I will finally get a handle on this technology. (g)

11:34:22 From Shelley Murphy : I am planning my trip to London/Rootstech

11:36:05 From Cousin Russ : Valerie & Myrt’s Excellent Genealogy Adventures “How to Plan the Perfect Travel Itinerary”
11:36:34 From DearMYRTLE : This is the link to the portable wifi device and service Myrt is testing out. It is supposed to work in dozens of countries throughout the world.

11:37:03 From grahamwalter : I’ve used their earlier product (SkyRoam Mobile Hotspot – not Solis) for a number of years – Good Product

11:37:37 From Cousin Russ : The digital calendar DearMYRTLE and Mr. Myrt use:
11:39:22 From John Laws : Maybe your prowler is that mountain Lion or Lynx I suggested you get?
11:39:35 From Shelley Murphy : I have one calendar for all, all other calendars link to my google calendar.
Another Privacy Bug found in Google+ resulting in shutting down of service 3 months earlier than previously announced – April instead of August – sorry if this bit (April) is old news.
11:45:39 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists :
11:47:17 From Marian Koalski : Is your cable provider an unusual one? Likely to pay its bills?
11:48:43 From grahamwalter : The Ancestry link above shows the image (with zoom capabilities) successfully – with the additional text
11:48:47 From grahamwalter : Olga Erickson has one child with Martin Erickson.

Discovered by Pat Richley in U.S., Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Church Records, 1781-1969
11:49:22 From grahamwalter : Nope
11:49:27 From grahamwalter : not logged in
11:49:53 From Rachel Evans : It’s letting me view the image without being logged in
11:50:07 From grahamwalter : shows image to left with basic text to the right
11:50:19 From grahamwalter : that’s what I see!!
11:50:42 From grahamwalter : also allow comments to be added by the recipient of the link
11:51:03 From Valerie Lisk : I emailed an Ancestry link to my cousin and he couldn’t open it. I had to send the actual image.
11:52:10 From grahamwalter : bye everyone
11:52:10 From Kathleen Daetsch : bye
11:52:11 From Valerie Lisk : bye

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