This is an actual picture of Mr. Myrt *smiling” with the spirit of Christmas. It’s about family, friends, love, and all the good things in this world. 🎄❤️🎄

The variety of our family and faith traditions is simply wonderful. We love it as you dear friends share your good wishes and prayers with each other on and off throughout the year. It’s uplifting to observe your thoughtful kindness. This is what’s good in this world.

We have some among us who are living with big challenges, and we are humbled by the privilege to support each other through difficult trials. 🎄❤️🎄

Others note there is one less chair around the table this December. As we’ve mourned with them, we recall our own grief, remembering loved ones who have gone on ahead.

Young children look forward to family time and the teenagers are hoping their first love won’t be embarrassed by the usual silliness at the family dinner table. Our fur animals are just glad to see the college kids home for the holidays.

This Ol’ Myrt has seen a lot of Christmases come and go. What brings me the most joy are those family gatherings where we reminisce. Fond memories include great-grandma Blanche’s homemade blackberry pies and the time great-grampa Glen rode his gas-powered mini-bike in the front door, down the hallway and out the laundry room door — over the brand new pale green (almost white) carpeting. (If we had done that, we would not have lived to tell the tale!) 🤣

Here’s hoping you have a marvelous time with family and friends. Let us set aside our worries and make time to relax, and have joy in our hearts.

And in the words of Charles Dickens’s Tiny Tim, “God bless us, every one!”