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From our discussions during this week’s Mondays with Myrt it became obvious we should dedicate an entire hour to overcoming misconceptions about the shuttering of Google+ mentioned in my early post “Google+ closing down” posted 3 Feb 2019. Basically, Google+ as a social media platform never went main-stream, as has Facebook with comparable features. Whether you are a blogger, a social media junkie or coder using the Google+ API script, be sure to follow Google’s best advice found here: Google+ Shuttering FAQ –

We met with Andrew Hatchett, a Google Product expert, and dissected the recent email notification from Google+. DearMYRTLE demoed downloading and installing the paid version of Google+ Exporter. This $19.95 program identified all of DearMYRTLE’s owned and affiliated communities, then Myrt prepared to download the .xml file and showed where on Blogger one may create a new blog and import the .xml file to populate the blog. The Google+ Exporter supports transferring Google+ feeds to WordPress, Blogger and JSON.

Importing your Google+ content (an .XML file created by Google+ Exporter) in Blogger is found in the same area where you invoke the monthly backup of your Blogger blog.
1. Create a new, empty Blogger blog.
2. Click “Settings” in the left menu bar.
3. Click “Other”.
4. Click “Import Content” button and follow the screen prompts to locate the Google+ Exporter .xml file.
NOTE: You may redesign the layout and theme as usual.

Blogger import xml process



18:31:05 From DearMYRTLE : Google+ Shuttering FAQ –
19:02:42 From Doris Haskell : Hi Andy! It’s great to see you!
19:02:43 From Renate Sanders : Good evening all. Just about 15 minutes ago I read the sad reality that any and all comments ever made on my blog via G+ are GONE forever!
19:04:33 From Renate Sanders to All panelists : Yeah I knew it was coming… still felt shocking to actually see it in real-time lol
19:05:31 From Tony Proctor to All panelists : Can you confirm the main difference between the 2 types of comment on our blogs? I believed that it amounted to whether a comment was made directly on the blog, or on a share in a Google+ stream
19:07:56 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : Evening folks
19:08:11 From Melissa Barker : Hello Shelley!
19:08:26 From Shelley Murphy : Hey Melissa!
19:08:45 From Renate Sanders : Hey Melissa and Shelley 🙂
19:08:53 From Melissa Barker : Hello Renate!
19:09:24 From Shelley Murphy : HI Renate!
19:09:28 From Lisa Gorrell : The only thing in my google+ personal account is the posting of my blog posts, which is done automatically by google. I have requested the files to download but have not done it yet.
19:14:05 From DearMYRTLE : Google+ feeds to WordPress, Blogger and JSON Get Google+ Exporter desktop app
19:16:47 From Don Varner to All panelists : What was the name of Cousin Russ’s genealogy methods blog? [NOTE:
19:26:05 From Renate Sanders to All panelists : That’s so true
19:32:15 From Shelley Murphy : amen!

Cross-post from Blogger to Google+ has been disabled for most consumers.
19:35:38 From Melissa Barker : When I post a blog post on Blogger it posts first to Google +, where do I go to change that setting? [We pointed out that Blogger has already removed that option on our Blogger accounts, so it isn’t necessary to take action.]
19:36:17 From Renate Sanders to All panelists : I changed that over the past weekend

19:38:32 From True Lewis : Thanks Cousin Russ. I didn’t want to disrupt your previous content. I’ll do the rewind when it’s posted on youTube. Thanks for showing me where to go.
19:39:39 From Shelley Murphy : Hey True…
19:40:50 From True Lewis : Hello Cousin Shells!
19:41:17 From True Lewis : I TRUST COUSIN RUSS! lol.
19:41:20 From Shelley Murphy : LOL, Dave, trust Russ!!!
19:46:28 From Shelley Murphy : You got all this Dave????
19:48:38 From Dave Robison to All panelists : I’ll have it by the 16th…..
19:53:33 From Yvonne Demoskoff : I cancelled my Google+ account last week. I had so little there, it didn’t worry me.
19:57:28 From Shelley Murphy : Melissa did it show up before and you closed it?
19:58:10 From Melissa Barker : Shelley, I haven’t closed my account. I go to it everyday and it’s not there.
19:58:16 From Tony Proctor to All panelists : On Monday, the “Google+ Comments” setting was reverted to “Blogger Comments”.
On Tuesday, I checked and this setting was still there but had been reverted. All my comments were still there too. Later on Tuesday, I disconnected my blog from my Google+ profile. All Google+ options were then turned off on the blog. And ALL my comments disappeared. This is why I’m confused.
19:58:26 From True Lewis : The Original “Green Room”.
19:58:34 From Shelley Murphy : Okay, it shows up on my page
19:59:33 From Shelley Murphy : not the main page

20:01:02 From Don Varner to All panelists : How come it [The Google+ Exporter listing page] shows 0 posts in all of the communities? [NOTE: Because the full scan had not been invoked. The screen you saw in the video was the preliminary identification of DearMYRTLE’s Google+ activities.]

20:01:26 From Randy Seaver to All panelists :Where would I find Google+ Album photos? I may have something there.
20:03:42 From Cousin Russ :
20:03:51 From True Lewis : I just remembered my Template isn’t from Blogger. Will it be affected much? I had a designer do it. [NOTE: It may not be necessary for your to import your blog posts, if that was your principal activity over on Google+. DearMYRTLE recommends placing your Google+Exporter file into a new, empty blog for testing.] 
0:05:19 From True Lewis : Thank YOU!!!!!!! Cousin Russ
20:05:33 From Andy Hatchett to All panelists : True – does it presently work with Blogger? If so it should not be affected.
20:06:02 From True Lewis : Yes so far. It depends on what device I’m using. So far so good.

20:06:20 From Tony Proctor to All panelists : Are blog backup files still usable in case of emergency if they contain Google+ comments from before? 20:07:23 From Andy Hatchett to All panelists : Don- no posts have been read yet so it says 0 posts until the export is finished.
20:08:36 From Andy Hatchett to All panelists : Tony- once in a file you can re-use as needed because comments are included and are no longer linked to G+
20:08:51 From Susan Bleimehl : You folks did an excellent job tonight. Thank You!
20:10:05 From Tony Proctor to All panelists : I mean if you try to restore it ….
20:12:19 From Andy Hatchett to All panelists : Tony- restoring should work with comments if backup file is valid
20:12:47 From Shelley Murphy : Wow, this wacky Wednesday was packed! Thanks
20:13:02 From True Lewis : Thanks so much, Moving forward with confidence.
20:13:42 From Shelley Murphy : good evening!

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