Cheryl and Myrt mention AncestryDNA pages return 404 error messages. We discuss chromosome browser alternatives. Also making the list is a discussion at 1:31:25 where Randy Seaver and his correspondent have figured that Ancestry has gone from adding over 300 new databases added a few years ago to under 100 most recently – owing to Ancestry’s change in emphasis from record digitization/indexing to DNA tech support.



09:41:59 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : Have a few things to mention today.
10:00:17 From Graham Walter : Hello everyone from London

One Pot Meals
10:00:57 From Cousin Russ : ONE POT MEALS FOR BUSY GENEALOGISTS (Facebook Group)
10:01:37 From Janine Edmée Hakim : Good morning all….BTWay the Pampered Chef’s “page is GREAT
10:01:59 From Robbin Smith : Hello from Miami
10:02:09 From John Laws : Gotta say Hi from Bonnie Scotland
10:02:48 From Nancy Myers : Hi everyone – from rainy Germany
10:03:19 From Gary Gauthier : Hello from Oh so cold Calgary, Alberta, Canada!
10:04:25 From Betty-Lu Burton : Hello from drowning Arkansas. I had some problems with Zoom earlier so I may be registered twice

10:05:25 From Cheri Hudson Passey : I have been having trouble with Ancestry DNA the last couple of weeks. Getting error messages or things are not coming up correctly. No tree links, no circles etc. 

10:06:34 From Doris Haskell : When I get that screen on AncestryDNA, sometimes it helps to click on the Refresh button.

10:06:39 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Good Morning, working off generator, no power. Trees, poles and lines down for a couple of days now. Snow and ice.
10:08:00 From Betty-Lu Burton : Sheryl glad you have a generator. I hope you get your normal power back quickly

10:08:29 From Cousin Russ : GEDMATCH
10:08:44 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Thank you Betty, me too! Goods neighbors though, we all chip in and help each other.
10:08:55 From Cousin Russ : DNA Painter
10:09:06 From Graham Walter : and Jonny Perl (DNA Painter) will be at RootsTech SLC 2019
10:09:25 From Jim Everhart to All panelists : Where can I enter a recipe?
10:09:25 From Randy Seaver : I’ve found that the AutoCluster feature on Genetic Affairs is helpful – it groups your AncestryDNA matches by Shared Matches. If you know your common ancestor for one person in the cluster, the others in the cluster have a common ancestor with you and your known cousin further back in time.
10:09:29 From DearMYRTLE . : Cannot wait to see Jonny Perl!
10:10:06 From Randy Seaver : You have to know common ancestors with your matches to really fill in DNA Painter.
10:10:46 From Valerie Lisk : DNA Painter is great for ancestry matches because you don’t get a chromosome browser. I was able to determine that a match who was listed as a 2nd cousin on ancestry is actually doubly related from two line that were not supposed to have crossed
10:11:28 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : Ancestry DNA
10:11:52 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : Living DNA
10:12:04 From Marcia Philbrick to All panelists : Cousin Russ — Do you drill down to county when looking at the DNA maps — or just to region?
10:12:34 From Valerie Lisk : Randy, do you need to have a minimum number of matches to get a cluster? I have 4 known cousins on ancestry and we don ‘t form a cluster.
10:13:06 From Robbin Smith : on MyHeritage I found my cousins related to my Swiss Great Grandfather confirming my hypothesis about where he lived.
10:13:30 From Betty-Lu Burton : I have both recent (mid 1800’s) and colonial ancestors.
10:13:47 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : 23& Me DNA
10:14:10 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : FTDNA
10:14:26 From Randy Seaver : Valerie, are your four cousins in the same grandparent line? I have a cluster with 37 members, down to clusters with 2 persons in them.
10:14:56 From Randy Seaver : I have 52 clusters with AncestryDNA with limits of 25 to 900 cM.
10:15:07 From Betty-Lu Burton : I uploaded my Ancestry DNA to MyHeritage. Would there be any advantage to take a MyHeritage DNA also? [Note: No.] I have Northern Italian that may have come back as Jewish DNA
10:16:05 From Randy Seaver : Betty-Lu, I don’t think so. MyHeritage finds matches with your uploaded raw data. I haven’t taken a MH DNA test but have uploaded 3 sets of raw data. Lots of matches.
10:16:05 From Valerie Lisk : Randy yes we are from the same grandparents. We share 3 siblings.
10:17:00 From Randy Seaver : The benefit of MyHeritageDNA is the chromosome browser and triangulation tools – I was permitted to put my cousin’s DNA on MH and now know which chromosomes are our Richmond/Rich line.
10:19:33 From Randy Seaver : Valerie, I’ve had a similar experience with close relations, but I don’t have any sibling matches. They seem to recommend an upper limit of 300 cM.
10:20:47 From Randy Seaver : I really need to do the SAR and Mayflower descendants. Just haven’t done it.
10:20:53 From Doris Haskell : I was told I would have my DAR membership number on Feb. 5th. Not yet.
10:21:05 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : SAR – Sons of the American Revolution Eligibility
10:21:24 From Valerie Lisk : Thanks Randy.
10:22:04 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : Daughters of the American Revolution
10:22:06 From Doris Haskell to All panelists : Yes. Same here. My mother, her sister and their mother were all members. Piece of cake? Pretty crummy.
10:22:37 From Rachel Evans : My son isn’t interested in genealogy but loves to hear stories about the ancestors that served. I’m hoping that’s a way of hooking him in.
10:23:06 From Doris Haskell  : Rachel, the stories are vital.
10:24:55 From Michelle Minner : My Revolutionary Ancestor was moved to Mt. Vernon by Washington himself, in order to build arms and ammunition. Nobody in my immediate family knew about it. Those SAR and DAR approvals have lots of information that help with your search, even if you aren’t applying for membership.
10:25:30 From Betty-Lu Burton : Ok then Quakers can then be on the list of eligible people? One of my lines were Quakers and I had figured since they opposed war that I would not be able to go through any of them for DAR
10:25:50 From Daniel Horowitz to All panelists : Hi guys, Daniel Horowitz logging in 😉
10:26:23 From DearMYRTLE . : Hiya Daniel. We just spotlighted MyHeritage DNA.
10:26:42 From Graham Walter to All panelists : Hi Daniel
10:27:18 From Doris Haskell : Betty-Lu, Quakers might qualify if they were instrumental in the formation of the new government.. They didn’t have to serve in battle.
10:29:42 From Betty-Lu Burton : Thank you Doris
10:30:19 From Marian Koalski : I think that even paying local taxes is considered a qualifying act of patriotism by the DAR.
10:30:41 From Rachel Evans : One of my ancestors nursed her brother for 40 days before he died from wounds along with 2 sisters. Their father asked for reimbursement for them and supplies used in his care. I’m planning on joining on another line but want to add her as a supplemental
10:31:45 From Marian Koalski : Good idea, Rachel! We need to have more women patriots documented and on the “rolls” of the DAR.
10:33:05 From Randy Seaver : Dave, how do you document the names, events, dates, places, relationships, etc.?

10:37:51 From Daniel Horowitz :
10:38:26 From Betty-Lu Burton : My Quaker ancestor is in the DAR database
10:41:09 From Marian Koalski : Excellent, Betty! Do you see any known relatives among the descendants?
10:41:44 From Cousin Russ : MyHeritage LIVE 2019, September 6-8, 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands!
10:42:37 From Cousin Russ :
10:43:24 From Betty-Lu Burton : I just put the known last name and the father of the man, Delaplain Ridgeway, I have been working on came up and someone has gone apparently has gone through Delaplain because his name comes up as an eligible child
10:45:57 From Graham Walter : You’ve got to get there Myrt!!
10:46:01 From Michelle Minner : I have a folding wheelchair, and used it a LOT when I traveled (even on cruise ships, and airplanes, etc.) they are GREAT for mobility.
10:47:31 From Graham Walter : Bye Daniel
10:47:32 From Betty-Lu Burton : It is neat to hear able genealogy activities in Europe
10:51:56 From Hilary Gadsby : I have had to sort out a few tangles on Family Search someone disconnected my grandmother from her family
10:53:07 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : Yes, Randy!
10:53:30 From Hilary Gadsby : I am cross matching with WikiTree so that I can keep things straight.
10:55:53 From Rachel Evans : I have had the same issues with FamilySearch. I ended up adding a discussion item to the person’s profile with my argument.
10:56:07 From Marcia Philbrick to All panelists : I like the ability to ‘collaborate’ or ‘discuss’ on the Family Search tree.
10:56:23 From Randy Seaver : I still think FamilySearch Family Tree is a fantastic resource – it should last a long time, has all of the features needed, and has more profiles than any other collaborative tree.
10:58:52 From Valerie Lisk : I have met many cousins through familysearch.
10:58:54 From Marian Koalski : I sometimes think that most? People don’t notice the Discussions section on FamilySearch. Would the Life Sketch be a better place to explain that Uncle Jack is not dead?
10:59:51 From Randy Seaver : Some contributors to FSFT have added a message at the top of the Life Sketch to call attention to conflict issues.
10:59:54 From Betty-Lu Burton : My Ridgeway DAR is through my great grandmother’s sister
10:59:54 From Dave Robison to All panelists : Thanks for bringing in the SAR/DAR discussion… See you next week!
11:00:15 From Jim Everhart to All panelists : another question
11:01:52 From Kathleen Daetsch : Although they can’t change your tree on Ancestry I get hints that are coming from some of my dna matches adding people to there trees without any sources and no proof
11:03:02 From Marcia Philbrick to All panelists : An advantage of FS tree is the ability to attach the images from the county records in their collection.
11:05:19 From Valerie Lisk : Is there an advantage to having a tree on both familysearch and WikiTree? What is the advantage of WikiTree?
11:05:55 From Linda Jordan to All panelists : Will the link only work if you are already on Wikitree? By on — I mean a member.
11:07:33 From Betty-Lu Burton : I consider WikiTree more stable than familysearch because those working on WikiTree tend to use sources more.
11:08:05 From Valerie Lisk : Thanks Betty-Lu.
11:08:30 From Brenda J. Williams to All panelists : So I take it that none of the members in the screen shot are living, correct, for privacy issues? [NOTE: William Gist Froman is one of DearMYRTLE’s Unions Civil War soldiers.]
11:08:37 From JoAnn Lawrencw : Thanks for the tip about DAR. I just found by 5th great-grandfather on the list. Joseph Gaunt married to Elizabeth Borton. I’ve been looking for this info. Thanks again
11:09:18 From Randy Seaver : advantage of WikiTree is that there are different researchers than on FamilySearch. You never know where you will find a breakthrough.
11:09:46 From Randy Seaver : disadvantage is WikiTree has “only” 20-some million profiles, and FS Family Tree has over 900 million.
11:09:55 From Randy Seaver : both are FREE!
11:10:16 From Sharon Morrissey : On Wikitree .. do you have to input the information by hand or cn you upload?
11:10:19 From Valerie Lisk : Thanks Hilary and Randy!
11:11:03 From Randy Seaver : on WikiTree you can upload a limited GEDCOM file, but then have to discern if your entries match an existing profile. You do this before the GEDCOM profiles are uploaded.
11:11:21 From Valerie Lisk : How do you copy your familysearch tree to WikiTree?
11:11:25 From Robbin Smith : can you add family via gedcom to wikitree?
11:12:20 From Randy Seaver : you cannot copy your FSFT profiles directly. You could download them to a family tree program like RootsMagic, create a GEDCOM, and upload it to WikiTree.
11:12:44 From Randy Seaver : WikiTree has a Help section that tells you the GEDCOM upload process.
11:13:03 From Valerie Lisk : Thanks Randy!
11:13:42 From Robbin Smith : TY i found the upload
11:20:03 From Graham Walter : WikiTree has a comment in their forum answering the question if integration with Rootsmagic – (
11:20:50 From Kathleen Daetsch : I have seen a whole line of my gg grandmother’s line that has no sources at all on WikiTree
11:22:03 From Cousin Russ : Graham Walters’s most excellent #RootsTech suggestion
11:22:06 From Michelle Minner : I use Avery Business cards, and print them myself! LOL…I have always liked doing them myself.
11:23:47 From Cousin Russ : For inexpensive, high quality business cards both Myrt and Graham use
11:23:55 From Cousin Russ : To create a word cloud as Graham and DearMYRTLE shared during this webinar, try
11:24:19 From Kathleen Daetsch : I like what Myrt said before that the guy she contacted said “I know your one of those people who use source” It seems like the new breed of researches have no use for them.
11:28:48 From Doris Haskell : I can see how that might affect my tree too. I have three people named Russell Simonson Davison. And three people named William Gleason Buckley.
11:29:35 From Gary Gauthier : Graham: A side-note for you. If people are asking about the Mac version of MetaProxy, please tell them I’m doing my best to implement similar features as Tony Proctor has done in the Windows version. I will let people know as soon as I’ve something I can send out.
11:30:21 From Graham Walter : Gary: will do
11:30:55 From Doris Haskell : Michelle Simmons Lewis is a valuable resource for help with Legacy Family Tree see: Legacy 9 Family Tree Software – Users Group (unofficial)

11:31:42 From Cousin Russ : Randy Seaver’s “A Reader’s Take on Problems – Part III – Reduced Number of New Record Collections”
11:35:16 From Robbin Smith : BTW I found a pair of indices for 1850 for towns of Castleton and Northfield were incorrect as of last week
11:37:57 From Cousin Russ : ONE POT MEALS FOR BUSY GENEALOGISTS (Facebook Group)
11:39:13 From Cheri Hudson Passey to All panelists : Congratulations Laurie!!
11:40:15 From June Butka : I will participate with a recipe with my Sweet and sour meatballs. [NOTE: Thank-you, June!]
11:40:44 From Brenda J. Williams to All panelists : Randy, what was the total amount of DNA customers with the 10 percent interested in doing genealogy?
11:41:17 From Graham Walter : Have a great day everyone
11:41:21 From Rachel Evans : Have a great day everyone!
11:41:39 From Brenda J. Williams to All panelists : Randy, what was the total amount of DNA customers with the 10 percent interested in doing genealogy?
11:42:05 From susan bleimehl : Really nice event today. Thanks.
11:42:14 From Randy Seaver : Brenda, 15 million DNA testers probably 1.5 million are genealogists with a tree over 100 profiles. Just an estimate.
11:42:24 From Brenda J. Williams to All panelists : A genealogy society I belong to is trying to figure out how to connect to those very people.
11:42:39 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Yippee! Electrical company is finally here to install a new pole and get up back up and running.
11:42:42 From Pam Helm : Thank you for adding me
11:43:24 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Thanks, Myrtle. Do you want new recipes contributions?
11:43:39 From Doris Haskell : I’m not sure if I’m in this group already.
11:43:47 From Randy Seaver : Brenda, you can search on Ancestry Member Connect for subscribers in a community. Target them with an Ancestry message asking them to email back to you.
11:44:23 From Brenda J. Williams to All panelists : Thanks Randy!
11:44:33 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Got it. I cook from scratch, since I’m allergic to soy and MSG
11:44:33 From Jim Everhart to All panelists : I clicked join but no reply
11:44:38 From Rachel Evans : I will have to join and go through my recipes.
11:44:40 From Randy Seaver : If your society is brave enough, offer your society to help make a family tree with them.
11:44:54 From Valerie Lisk : You can buy riced cauliflower in the freezer section.
11:47:42 From Randy Seaver : Brenda, Ancestry’s “Search > Member Directory” doesn’t let me find members in a place any more. Only ancestral names in a place. Sorry for the bad lead.
11:49:29 From Randy Seaver : -35 C is about the same as -35 F
11:49:44 From Randy Seaver : the crossover is at -40 C = -40 F
11:49:56 From Brenda J. Williams to All panelists : I think it will be a challenge to connect people who have taken the DNA test to actually doing genealogical research. But I think that most societies will need to do this – to help get younger members as our members age.
11:51:50 From Randy Seaver : A message on Facebook on a community page might put out the word about DNA tests, family trees and genealogy societies.
11:52:46 From Brenda J. Williams to All panelists : I like that suggestion> Something all the lines of “Do something more with your DNA results”
11:53:13 From Randy Seaver : exactly! Use an example of connecting to a DNA match.
11:54:05 From Kathleen Daetsch : Goodbye

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