Somehow we pulled ourselves together after a thrilling week of RootsTech SLC activities to discuss some of the news coming out of the annual conference. There was the #Ancestry media breakfast, the  #FindMyPast Luncheon where I served on the “One Tree” panel discussion with Rick Sayre, CG and and Nick Barratt from the Sticks Research Agency, and the plethora of news from #MyHeritage. We got the scoop from Cousin Russ about his Family Tree Maker “Help Bar” booth.



10:00:46               From  Molly McKinley : Hi from warm breezy Florida.

10:01:04               From  Betty-Lu Burton  to  All panelists : I watched Rootstech on the live stream

10:01:05               From  Graham Walter : Hello everyone – from London (just)

10:01:33               From  Sheryl Zeringue  to  All panelists : Good morning from South Louisiana.

10:01:41               From  Betsey Cotter  to  All panelists : Hi from Seattle. I watched almost all of the live stream sessions.

10:02:04               From  Robbin Smith : hello from Miami

10:02:10               From  Louis Kessler : Enjoyed RootsTech from afar this year. It was four full days for us as well and was almost as exhausting as being there.

10:02:24               From  Launa : I think internet was overloaded in Ogden, because had a very hard time watching

10:02:42               From  Gary Gauthier : Hello from Calgary! I watched the webcast from Salt Lake. It was good to hear from some rather interesting people.

10:02:47               From  Robbin Smith : i watched as much as i could

10:03:17               From  Robbin Smith : i have been playing around dna painter

10:03:28               From  Shelley Murphy : Good afternoon from Virginia!

10:03:31               From  Marian Koalski : I like seeing the panel. Can we do it more often?

10:03:36               From  Valerie Lisk : Crista Cowen’s ancestry session on Wed. was terribly pixiled. They cleaned it up on the Rootstech site and it’s very clear.

10:04:12               From  Louis Kessler : Yay for Randy’s Blog Compendium!

10:05:03               From  Marcia Philbrick  to  All panelists : NotAtRootsTech is very useful! I’m looking forward to the additional links for the virtual pass!

10:05:20               From  Shelley Murphy : LOL, I enjoyed the streaming…I like the Ancestry updates for the trees, etc.

10:05:21               From  Marian Koalski : As always, I enjoyed Curt Witcher and Amy Johnson  Crow’s videos

10:05:33               From  Louis Kessler : Randy’s blog compendium:

10:05:56               From  Pat Stano-Carpenter : Randy was best keeping us “live-streamers” up to date! Thanks, Randy!

10:06:19               From  John Laws : Hi everyone from a sunny but bitterly cold Scotland 30 miles East of Edinburgh

10:06:34               From  Cassandra Davis  to  All panelists : Hi from Michigan. RootsTech streaming presentations were great.  Inspired and recharged.

10:06:36               From  Pamla Hendrickson : Really enjoyed all the live streaming and reports from Roots Tech.

10:06:36               From  Marcia Philbrick : Yes — it was around $129. Much cheaper than trying to travel to Utah.

10:06:42               From  Devon Noel Lee : Howdy from a chilly, drizzly Houston

10:08:44               From  Marian Koalski : Kris Rzepczynski

10:09:28               From  Marian Koalski : Kris Rzepczynski’s presentation on Perilous Assumptions was entertaining and good advice.

10:09:33               From  Devon Noel Lee : Several folks stayed at the Comfort Inn or the Sheraton.

10:09:49               From  Linda Stufflebean : The Olive Garden closing was the first shock – Chico’s closed, too!

10:10:01               From  Devon Noel Lee : That’s a lot of closing. What’s up?

10:10:27               From  Devon Noel Lee : Poor Graham

10:10:42               From  Linda Stufflebean : Nathan’s genealogy mysteries will hook you in the first couple of pages.

10:10:45               From  Shelley Murphy : Poor Graham

10:11:03               From  Devon Noel Lee : My teenage son loves Nathan’s books

10:11:29               From  DearMYRTLE .  to  All panelists : .

10:11:44               From  Cousin Russ : RootTech Salt Lake City Review


10:11:56               From  Devon Noel Lee : Yeah! Janet did a great job.

10:12:23               From  Graham Walter : Myko is an entertaining speaker

10:12:40               From  susan bleimehl : My favorite was the very last on Saturday–Cemetery Tombstones. Very entertaining and educational.

10:13:28               From  Robbin Smith : i use roboform for my pws

10:13:33               From  Valerie Lisk : That’s what I have, Pat.

10:13:53               From  Devon Noel Lee : My kids know all of my passwords and the variations of them.

10:14:14               From  Randi Patrick  to  All panelists : I use iPassword and my son knows the initial entry code.

10:14:16               From  Bill West : Good morning from snowy Massachusetts!

10:14:42               From  Randi Patrick  to  All panelists : 1Password links Mac products.

10:14:42               From  Shelley Murphy : I have a contact person on my cellphone that has all my passwords.

10:15:17               From  Devon Noel Lee : I’m looking into how to make an “In Case I Die” file for the kiddos and the hubby. Trying to also make updates to my will to reflect my wishes for my digital accounts. That’s was recommended by a lawyer friend of mine.

QUESTION: What do y’all think? Have you added anything to your will?

10:15:34               From  Shelley Murphy : I print them out once in a while

10:15:44               From  Sharon Morrissey : I use one master pwd that unlocks Lastpass; and the family has that master pwd.

10:16:11               From  Mary Lou Gravatt : When I joined a community computer club we were given an address book to keep our passwords.

10:16:19               From  Valerie Lisk : I LOVE my Windowss 7!

10:16:24               From  Marcia Philbrick : While working as a school Tech Coordinator, I started using KeyPass for passwords. I think another program is First Pass.

10:16:28               From  DearMYRTLE .  to  All panelists : DASH LANE

10:16:28               From  Rachel Evans  to  All panelists : All my kids know my computer login and I have a notebook with passwords for sites.

10:16:34               From  Shelley Murphy : I have a binder that says “what you need to know”. Both of my kids know to look for it and they have all my passwords, etc.

10:16:54               From  Marian Koalski : I ain’t tellin’ ya where I keep my passwords.

10:17:05               From  DearMYRTLE .  to  All panelists : LAST PASS

10:17:30               From  Marcia Philbrick : If you have photos on Flickr, it is now a monthly fee to maintain a pro account. Otherwise, you loose access to photos.

10:17:30               From  Michelle Patient  to  All panelists : Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015, but extended support won’t end until January 14, 2020

10:17:38               From  Cassandra Davis  to  All panelists : use Passible app

10:17:46               From  Betty-Lu Burton : What does it mean not supporting Windows 7? I have windows 7 and cannot upgraded to windows 10

10:17:51               From  Michelle Patient  to  All panelists : ref re Win7

10:18:10               From  Cassandra Davis  to  All panelists : Site IDs, etc in yearly planner

10:18:16               From  Doris Haskell : I have recently read a notice that password apps are being hacked.  I keep mine somewhere else.

10:19:11               From  Betty-Lu Burton : Ok Thank you. I have not needed any help with my windows 7 so I should be ok

10:19:41               From  Marcia Philbrick : Discontinuing support for Windows 7 also means that patches for security issues won’t be available. We forget that all of those ‘Windows updates’ contain fixes for these security issues.

10:20:01               From  Launa : If a win 7 that was updated to win 10 then what  will not run zoom prog

10:20:08               From  Betty-Lu Burton : Thank you Marcia

10:20:16               From  Michelle Patient  to  All panelists : Snap Marcia – was about to say the same thing – security updates no longer available

10:21:50               From  Marian Koalski : I guess it also means you can’t install malware on a Chromebook. Might be good for someone who has had that trouble in the past.

10:22:06               From  Marcia Philbrick : My little laptop cost about $250. It has a small drive which means that I have to use the cloud or a USB drive for my data — BUT — I can have RootsMagic on my laptop.

10:22:11               From  Devon Noel Lee : Jamboard is a whiteboard tool.

10:22:24               From  Randy Seaver : I watched all of the Diahan Southard, Crista Cowan, Mike Mansfield and Jonny Perl livestreams, and part of Ron Tanner and Kris R’s livestreams.   I watched the Wednesday and Thursday Keynote, but only the first part of Friday and Saturday.

10:23:31               From  Bill West : I have a Lenovo ideapad notebook computer that was on sale for under $150. Not much memory but I use  an external 1TB hard drive to store files.

10:28:14               From  Devon Noel Lee : Do we join the meeting from our Zoom account rather than the link?

10:28:22               From  Cousin Russ : Skype


10:29:15               From  Marcia Philbrick : Cousin Russ — Be thankful you have high speed Internet! I wouldn’t be able to run Skype without losing access to everything else.

10:30:12               From  sherry vachio  to  All panelists : Zoom is iffy on my new laptop … weird sounds.  I sign in thru the web.

10:30:53               From  Marcia Philbrick : Ancestry ThruLines !!!!!!

10:30:56               From  Devon Noel Lee : RootsMagic * is almost ready for Beta!!!!

10:30:57               From  Shelley Murphy : The 2mil to the Museum

10:31:05               From  Robbin Smith : for me dna clusters for myHeritage

10:31:17               From  Betsey Cotter : Agree with Randy, TruLines.

10:31:21               From  Bill West : Thrulines from Ancestry is the big news for me.

10:31:38               From  Betty-Lu Burton : All the updates to DNA research on Ancestry and MyHeritage

10:31:44               From  Michelle Patient : Overall it was the improving intergration of DNA results into Trees from both Ancestry and MH

10:32:02               From  Valerie Lisk : Being able to group and color code your DNA matches on Ancestry.

10:32:14               From  Doris Haskell : The biggest news for me was the International African American Museum and the $2 million donation by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Hearts will be healed.

10:32:21               From  Louis Kessler : Yes, both Ancestry came out with ThruLines and MyHeritage came out with Theory of Family Relativity – effectively the same thing – on the same day.

10:32:48               From  Randy Seaver : What did you learn about RootsMagic 8?

10:32:52               From  Marcia Philbrick : I agree with Randy about Theory of Relativity. It didn’t pull up one of my known cousins. However, my ancestry is basically U.S. and I have more matches on Ancestry.

10:32:53               From  Hilary Gadsby : I only had 3 but one is spot on according to the tree

10:33:01               From  Betsey Cotter : I was VERY excited about the IAAM!

10:33:10               From  Marcia Philbrick : The other Ancestry tools are also useful.

10:33:21               From  Louis Kessler : I had 4 ThruLines (which were all correct and 2 were relatives I didn’t know had tested.) Theory of Family Relativity gave me nothing for both myself and my uncle.

10:33:41               From  Linda Stufflebean : Has anyone else read Liane Jensen’s post about ThruLines and privacy? Apparently, living people can be seen in others’ trees. down the blog post.

10:33:43               From  Mary Lou Gravatt : I like the new tagging tool on Ancestry.  The TruLine are the same wrong information that was the hints.

10:33:45               From  Michelle Patient : It was great to be in the room and watch Michael Moore’s face, I cried too cousin Pat

10:33:53               From  Cousin Russ : MyHeritage’s THEORY OF FAMILY RELATIVITY

10:33:59               From  Michelle Patient : I did

10:34:54               From  Randy Seaver : My blog post about my “worst” Theory of Family Relativity connection is .  One connection was a 20% confidence level.

10:35:31               From  Devon Noel Lee : Randy – They’re very close to having RootsMagic 8 ready for launch. They are going to have an improved research log functionality, could be very helpful for writing client or certification reports.

They also will have the ability to edit citation template forms. [NOTE: They already have the ability to edit citation templates.] I haven’t wrapped my head around it enough to explain to another person, but I understood what was explained to me.

I don’t know everything but I’m hoping to be in the initial beta group because I’ve been chomping at the bit for RM 8.

10:35:32               From  Louis Kessler : Tamura Jones says Theory of Family Relativity is misnamed, and it should be “Relationship Hypothesis” or “MyHypothesis”.

10:35:44               From  Cousin Russ : Suggested Relationship Paths: An Inside Look at the Theory of Family Relativity™ webinar

10:35:59               From  Randy Seaver : For both Ancestry and MyHeritage, the lack of well-populated trees is a problem

10:36:28               From  Randy Seaver : I agree with Tamura on hypothesis – used the term in my first post about ToFR.

10:36:30               From  Michelle Patient : From a scientific point of view,  you have a hypothesis which you test and if it passes the tests it becomes a theory until a future test disproves it.

10:37:29               From  Randy Seaver : right on, Michelle!

10:37:34               From  Marcia Philbrick : ThruLines helped me find a sibling of an ancestor. I’m still chasing the documents – but so far, everything supports what was suggested by ThruLines.

10:37:40               From  Devon Noel Lee : I also loved that Legacy Tree Webinars will have CLOSED CAPTIONS. (Can you tell I’m excited?!?!) [Yes, this feature was announced many weeks ago, and they have been true to their word, even going back gradually to previously recorded webinars.]


Additionally, LTW will be available in multiple languages – French, Finnish, and more.

10:37:41               From  Graham Walter : good point Michelle

10:37:43               From  Betty-Lu Burton : I need to upload an extension to my Norwegian line on MyHeritage. Do I just upload a Gedcom for that line and then can I link it to my existing tree?

10:38:00               From  Janine Edmée Hakim : sorry for my internet connection deciding to drop out for a “New York minute”

10:38:22               From  Michelle Patient : Blaine said the same thing in one of his talks at RT – aiming to disprove avoids confirmation bias.

10:38:26               From  Michelle Patient : bias

10:39:34               From  Cassandra Davis  to  All panelists : Is MH Theory of Relativity only for family not already in your tree?  Only one for me was a known cousin was is not in my tree yet.

10:39:47               From  Bill West : I check each common ancestor before accepting them. Many of them I can confirm because I’ve added many collateral branches and relatives to my Ancestry tree within the last year.

10:39:54               From  Linda Stufflebean : See my comment above about Liane Jensen. People in private trees can apparently be seen in ThruLines.

10:40:01               From  Marcia Philbrick : Crista said to ‘Attach trees’ — for everyone with unattached trees.

10:40:35               From  Launa : what do we do on any online data base when we know for fact there is an adoption when data has in past been connected by adopted family?

10:40:57               From  Marcia Philbrick : I thought ThruLines also used private trees IF they were searchable. I know I’ve seen PRIVATE on some of my ThruLines.

10:41:07               From  Randy Seaver : Cassandra, yes, basically.  It’s an attempt to help you understand how you might be related to your DNA match.It’s stuill a DNA match.  If the theory is wrong, you still have the DNA match, but are related through some other path.

10:41:32               From  Deb ANDREW  to  All panelists : TheuLine was wrong right out the gate, gave my half-brother the wrong father.

10:42:26               From  Louis Kessler : The most exciting announcement I heard is that MyHeritage is beta testing it’s MyHeritage/FamilySearch Syncing. Currently it is only available to members of The Church.


10:42:48               From  Randy Seaver : Marcia – Private can also mean that the person may be living, or not have a death date if less than about 110 years old.

10:43:23               From  Randy Seaver : Louis – my understanding is that the MH/FS sync will only be for LDS members, not the public.

10:43:36               From  Susan MacEwen  to  All panelists : the problem I have with ancestrys throughlines is that it no longer shows the others connected that you do not share DNA with. I wish they would still show the others who connect to a different “cousin” but not you.

10:44:04               From  Jacqueline Wilson  to  All panelists : Does this work if you yourself have a private tree?

10:44:51               From  Cassandra Davis  to  All panelists : Hard to keep up with all cousin’s children, and grandchildren.  So, yes 5th cousins may not be on your tree. Good example.

10:45:53               From  Michelle Patient : HI Launa – re adoptee linking – both companies are having some significant issues with this where a person has both biological and adoptive parents linked seems the adoptive parents are getting preference over bio lines. I have issues with both companies, my mother is unlinked from her adoptive parents (I unlinked them over a year ago) but only their lines are showing in our ThruLines and Theory of Relativity. Have tech support from both sites looking at it!

10:45:58               From  Marcia Philbrick : Randy — My post, ThruLines Find contains a screenshot of what I assumed was a private tree:

10:46:19               From  Randy Seaver : We also have a “number of Matches” problem – I have 51,000 on AncestryDNA, and “only” 6100 on MyHeritage.  So, I have about 100 ThruLines and only 15 ToFR matches.  Having DNA matches a well-populated tree is critical for both.

10:46:19               From  Molly McKinley : Ancestry’s new ethnicity estimates has been updated.  My new one took out my 29% Scandinavia and made it almost all United Kingdom and Ireland

10:46:51               From  Louis Kessler : Randy: Hopefully that’s only temporary and they’ll eventually open the syncing to everybody.

10:46:58               From  Devon Noel Lee : Michelle. I asked about the bio vs adoptive lines. I was told to put the adoptive trees in a separate ‘tree’ rather than the biological tree. Does that make sense?


Not a great fix but that was the answer I heard.

10:47:25               From  Randy Seaver : My guess is that they are using our trees from months ago – not updated for several months – to do these analyses.

10:48:25               From  Louis Kessler : Population of Norway = 5,233,000.

10:49:29               From  Michelle Patient : Hi Devon, the big tree working behind the scenes is the issue – so yes this solution makes some sense but as long as any tree is on their site with a person linked to a line than it will affect the process. I am just disconnecting the adoptive branch but leaving it within the one tree

10:49:42               From  Shelley Murphy : I been using Firefox for Ancestry it is not working good for Safari.

10:49:49               From  Randy Seaver : Devon – thank you for the RM8 update.  Interesting!  Nothing about a cloud RootsMagic?

10:50:05               From  Randy Seaver : FTM just announced a cloud FTM program.

10:50:24               From  Michelle Patient : being a beta process I won’t be making major changes till the service has settled down

10:52:38               From  Louis Kessler : An Autosomal test is better than a Y-DNA test to find father’s father

10:53:16               From  Shelley Murphy : Big Y?

10:53:27               From  Michelle Patient : Perfect solution 1. Test at Ancestry – upload to MH and FTDNA and test 2. Y at FTDNA if you need more evidence as unknown surnames are only confirmed about 30 – 60% of the time.

10:54:37               From  Randy Seaver : the Y test will not find the actual “father” – only a surname group.  There are not many Y-testers – hundreds of thousands, not milluions.  An autosomal test is more likely to find the actual father or relative of the father IMHO

10:54:46               From  Cassandra Davis  to  All panelists : My best rests have come from mtDNA (X?) tests and brothers YDNA tests, not autosomal. You never know.

10:55:28               From  Michelle Patient : Unfortunately, it is a bug in the big tree index they create from Ancestry our trees. [Michelle, can you provide more info about this? We would like to test it out.]

10:55:32               From  Cassandra Davis  to  All panelists : sorry My best results. Did not check my self checker.

10:56:12               From  Michelle Patient : Agree with you pat, it was great – they listened to us

10:57:30               From  Randy Seaver : Bravo!!!!  You did good, Pat.  Happy to hear her mouth dropped.  Hopefully she will respond

10:57:37               From  Marcia Philbrick : THANK YOU DearMYRTLE!!!!

10:57:38               From  Marian Koalski : Thanks, Pat!

10:58:10               From  Michelle Patient : Had a similar experience when I raised points with her…

10:58:10               From  Debbie Moore : Bravo Pat!

10:58:22               From  Randy Seaver : she needs to read Michael John Neill’s blog too – he finds lots of screwy things

10:58:29               From  Shelley Murphy : Bravo! You are awesome.

10:58:35               From  Linda Stufflebean : I was told by an Ancestry tech person that the team reads Randy’s posts every day although they don’t like it!!!

10:58:51               From  Marian Koalski : It’s worrisome that it seemed to be news to the Ancestry CEO.

10:58:59               From  Michelle Patient : She is new Marian

10:59:06               From  Randy Seaver : Linda Stufflebean asked questions of several Ancestry staff at the exhibit – and got answers.  I hope she blogs about it.

10:59:08               From  Jim Everhart : Ancestry has been told by me that the same data from a gedcom gets ignored but if you enter it manually in the AMT that get used in DNA Circles????

11:00:00               From  Linda Stufflebean : I will leave the blogging up to you Randy. Most were your questions. However, I am well write about census search engine issues.

11:00:08               From  Michelle Patient : This CEO is changing the company culture to listening

11:00:18               From  Marian Koalski : Yes, she’s new, but hundreds of people have reported it to her in response to that initial Ancestry blog post she wrote.

11:00:31               From  Michelle Patient : Like pricing in each region is a huge problem and membership loyalty

11:00:32               From  Randy Seaver : 12 years ago we had the same problem with Ancestry…

11:01:04               From  Linda Stufflebean : I flat out told several Ancestry people that the company doesn’t value long term subscribers.

11:01:22               From  Graham Walter : Margaret Georgiadis was previous CEO of Mattel, Inc.; also director of McDonald’s.

11:01:38               From  Michelle Patient : They asked us to make one suggestion each –

11:01:49               From  Michelle Patient : HA HA HA – we filled out MANY cards didnt we

11:03:18               From  Jacqueline Wilson  to  All panelists : YEAH for MAC!

11:03:20               From  Marian Koalski : Yay, native for Macs!

11:03:30               From  Cassandra Davis  to  All panelists : It was nice they offered the RootsTech offer to #NotAtRootsTech folks.

11:03:39               From  Shelley Murphy : I have Roots Magic and it’s on my MAC

11:03:50               From  Jacqueline Wilson  to  All panelists : Will this happen any time soon with Legacy.

11:03:53               From  Deb ANDREW : Yea

11:04:09               From  Shelley Murphy : I have 7.03

11:04:15               From  Devon Noel Lee : Randy… I don’t know if they’re going to have Cloud service, we’ll have to see. [NOTE: RootsMagic has the ability to create a website based on your RM data.]

11:04:30               From  Pat Kuhn : I have Roots Magic on my MAC also

11:04:39               From  Yolanda Sanders  to  All panelists : Is Root magic better than Legacy?

11:04:46               From  Cassandra Davis  to  All panelists : RootsMagic on iOS tablets and phone! Yeah.

11:05:19               From  Valerie Lisk : Will RootsMagic be able to work on a Kindle?

11:05:22               From  Jacqueline Wilson  to  All panelists : Roots Magic for Mac is not native. It has a special software like wine to make it work on the Mac

11:05:24               From  Shelley Murphy : Awesome!

11:05:54               From  Randy Seaver : Was there a press release for the FTM announcement?

11:06:11               From  Randy Seaver : I only saw the FB post DM posted

11:06:55               From  DearMYRTLE .  to  All panelists : Latest FTM announcement

11:07:09               From  DearMYRTLE .  to  All panelists : Randy, FTM doesn’t do press releases

11:07:21               From  DearMYRTLE .  to  All panelists : FTM posts in it’s FTMUsers Group on FB

11:07:34               From  David Farstead  to  All panelists : Will the FTM Tree Vault make it easier/safer to use the same FTM file on different computers (e.g. desktop and laptop)? [Until Tree Vault is available, we won’t be able to test it out and discover the true answer for you David.]

11:08:03               From  Michelle Patient : There wasn’t a PR – I went many times to the stand asking for one – they only had the printed cards which they turned into a post after the last time I visited and said they really needed some PR material for us to share

11:08:17               From  Randy Seaver : will the Tree Vault be interactive – if I change in desktop FTM will the Tree Vault FTM get it immediately?

11:08:51               From  Graham Walter : and I think Tree Vault allows for the passing of the tree to other family members when you pass-on

11:09:38               From  Marcia Philbrick : Cousin Russ — What I heard in the Family Search session was that the download of profiles would only be available for church members. It didn’t sound like I would be able to use that capability.

11:09:40               From  Michelle Patient : Yes the passing on feature was very nice

11:11:02               From  Michelle Patient : Newer genies don’t seem to realize that you can use a stand alone database programme.

11:13:50               From  Michelle Patient : If you are on FB here is the photo of the announcement

11:13:51               From  Leah Smith  to  All panelists : Will there be a limit to the number of trees you can have in Tree Vault? Or will there just be a data amount limit? [We could say. That’s a question for MacKiev.]

11:15:41               From  Cousin Russ : Be sure to read: Elizabeth Shown Mills, “How Careful Are You When Imaging Documents?” blog post, QuickTips: The Blog @ Evidence Explained ( : posted 24 February 2019).

11:16:13               From  Gary Gauthier  to  All panelists : While you’re talking software… I’ve released MetaProxy for the Mac v0.1 (There is also a video on the FB forum).

11:16:29               From  Cousin Russ : Suggested Relationship Paths: An Inside Look at the Theory of Family Relativity™ webinar

11:16:55               From  Cousin Russ : New edition GENEALOGY STANDARDS includes DNA standards.

11:17:02               From  Shelley Murphy : I am going to order the standards book as well

11:17:05               From  Betty-Lu Burton : I have it on pre-order too

11:17:23               From  Cousin Russ : GPS flow chart

11:17:42               From  Cassandra Davis  to  All panelists : DNA Painter webinar of Legacy Family Tree Webinars upcoming.

11:18:29               From  Graham Walter : Gary: is the Mac Metaproxy in the ‘standard’ Dropbox folder or a separate one?

11:18:48               From  Dave Robison  to  All panelists : I was taught by the Palmer method in the 50s and 60’s

11:19:09               From  Cousin Russ : Genealogy Game Night – 23 March 2019 at 9pm Eastern US. More info at:

11:19:16               From  Gary Gauthier  to  All panelists : Graham; It’s in a different Dropbox folder, but Tony put the link on his blog.

11:19:40               From  Graham Walter : Gary: thanks, will have a look later

11:20:27               From  Shelley Murphy : this sounds like fun..woohoo….

11:20:33               From  Valerie Lisk : Blaine Bettinger posted on FB that he is going to have a spot on the Genealogy Guys Poscast.

11:20:47               From  Cousin Russ : WACKY Wednesday 9pm Eastern most Wednesdays throughout the year. ONE topic – ONE hour. Invite your friends

11:22:16               From  Shelley Murphy : I did a two-hour workshop with J. Mark Lowe at NGS in Ohio a few years ago, he is amazing.

11:22:20               From  Cousin Russ : J. Mark Lowe


11:22:37               From  Cousin Russ :

11:22:48               From  Randy Seaver : Kinda wish I had a southern ancestor that Mark Lowe would mull and ponder with me about

11:22:49               From  Sue Tolbert  to  All panelists : We love J. Mark Lowe in Oklahoma.  He does a workshop here every summer.

11:23:39               From  Graham Walter : A great addition to the Genealogy Guys podcast

11:24:31               From  Graham Walter : I went to one of Maureen’s web sessions at FTM – well done

11:25:20               From  Cousin Russ : The Photo Detective


11:26:18               From  Graham Walter :

11:26:23               From  Graham Walter : Blaine image

11:27:00               From  Valerie Lisk : Thyat’s too cool!

11:27:12               From  Cousin Russ : DearMYRTLE’s Calendar

11:27:43               From  Shelley Murphy : What I love about your calendar is at the bottom, it says copy to your calendar

11:28:34               From  Doris Haskell : Thank you, everyone for a magnificent Monday morning.

11:28:40               From  Shelley Murphy : Thank you all…enjoy your day

11:29:30               From  Graham Walter : Have a good day everyone…

11:29:33               From  Cousin Russ :


11:29:42               From  Randi Patrick  to  All panelists : Thank you

11:29:54               From  Graham Walter : another one in the can

11:30:07               From  Jacqueline Wilson  to  All panelists : Off topic: Is there any information on Korean research?

11:30:35               From  Michelle Patient : Must go their next time

11:30:43               From  Michelle Patient : Tx Hilary

11:31:46               From  Michelle Patient : Graham might know

11:33:05               From  Randy Seaver : SCGS may have a group or expert on Korea – lots of Koreans in Los Angeles

11:33:38               From  Jacqueline Wilson  to  All panelists : By the way, I found my birth mother!

11:33:46               From  Graham Walter : Cutty Sark to Excel Centre is about 5 miles away – about 30 minutes on the tube

11:34:00               From  Jacqueline Wilson  to  All panelists : This is for a friend, not me!

11:34:32               From  Randy Seaver : California Gen Society in Oakland may know of a Korean expert – ask Valerie Elkins too – she may know someone

11:35:29               From  Cousin Russ :


11:35:53               From  Jacqueline Wilson  to  All panelists : I was asking more for professional help rather than what is on than wiki

11:36:43               From  Susan MacEwen  to  All panelists : I’ll test next time. I’m on a tablet today and wouldn’t be able to mute the panel

11:37:53               From  Launa : used google map to find house once lived in found overhead view once

11:37:59               From  Michelle Patient : Oh that would be great to see – and your sewing room

11:38:45               From  Michelle Patient : They are about 2009 mostly from the ones I look at

11:38:57               From  Michelle Patient : down here

11:40:39               From  Gary Gauthier  to  All panelists : Must go. Have bean soup on the stove and need to watch over it. Take care until next week.

11:45:36               From  Sharon Morrissey : I think there’s a site that shows Bronx neighborhoods in 1940

11:46:25               From  Molly McKinley : And all the mosnyquitos too, Pat…here in Florida

11:46:46               From  Rachel Evans  to  All panelists : NY public library is doing an interactive map of NYC area that has old maps of the city

11:46:56               From  Graham Walter :

11:47:08               From  Sharon Morrissey :

11:47:35               From  Graham Walter :

11:48:54               From  Michelle Patient : bye

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