An Adoptee's Quest

From: An adoptee
My birth family ancestry is one which (out of love and respect) I’ve put off until the recent passing of my (adopted) mother this last year. I think the time has now come to look at my ancestry and not just that of my adopted family. I have been following the issue of DNA testing as it has been discussed in passing during the recent  webinars, but I haven’t wanted to chime in during a group discussion, since the issue of my being adopted is something that I don’t talk about much in public. 

However; I am interested in learning more about the subject. 

I was born in the mid 1900s and have almost every communication and piece of paper written regarding my birth and adoption, including a passport in my original name. None of this has helped a great deal, so possibly DNA could shed some light on my ancestry. 

All that said, I’d like to suggest a DNA webinar subject. I’d like to hear about what types of DNA testing would be appropriate, when one knows almost nothing about one’s parents. I also understand there are some countries that does not allow DNA testing. What does one do in such cases? Even if one manages to select the correct type of test, it doesn’t sound as if one would be likely to get many matches.

I particularly appreciate it would be helpful to speak in a “kindly & comfortable” environment when discussing the tender subject of adoption and I appreciate your trust in asking me to do so. While I understand your plight, I feel woefully inadequate to discuss the topic and would have to spend several hundred dollars to hire a DNA expert to speak with us. May I direct your attention to the following:

It is my belief (as long as you do not reside in France or some other restrictive country) is that you should take an autosomal test first at, then transfer the raw data to FtDNA and to MyHeritage. 

May I also direct your attention to the following:

I wish you good luck in your quest to trace your blood line. Keep me posted, as I am most interested in your progress.

Happy family tree climbing!

Myrt     🙂
Your friend in genealogy.