Summing up this edition of Mondays with Myrt, Gary Gauthier writes “Really enjoyed the DNA discussion” while Doris Haskell adds “You are absolutely amazing!” I couldn’t agree more – the discussion among our webinar panelists and attendees is amazing. How I wish more of our in-person genealogy society meetings could be held in discussion rather than lecture format.

We demonstrate the problem with Ancestry DNA tools pages not loading, returning a 404 error. We shouldn’t have to clear our cache several times a day to overcome the problems at We discovered the “incognito” web browser option works best. We also discussed Debbie Parker Wayne’s interpretation of the DNA standards published in Genealogy Standards Second Edition, compiled by the Board for Certification of Genealogists, released in March 2019.

About half-way through, we wax poetic and discuss the definition of family. It can be more than blood relations, and thankfully most mainstream genealogy software can handle multiple sets of parents – adopted, step, disproved, etc. We demo how to add these using RootsMagic 7.



09:54:03 From Cousin Russ to All panelists :
10:01:01 From Robbin Smith : hello from Miami
10:01:53 From Gary Gauthier : DNA?
10:01:56 From Mary Lou Gravatt : New DNA tools.
10:02:23 From Gary Gauthier : I’m in Canada – Alberta
10:04:40 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Yes, each time.
10:05:18 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Are you using Chrome to access Ancestry?
10:06:16 From Randy Seaver : I’m using Win7 and Chrome – had problems all week until I used the “Open Window Incognito” trick
10:06:17 From Gary Gauthier : Ok. It’s just that two browsers having the same issue seems to eliminate the browser.
10:06:21 From Lynn Tenney to All panelists : By deleting just the cookies, I was able to load the DNA pages without the error.
10:06:42 From Randy Seaver : Deleting Ancestry cookies helped me, but not consistently.
10:07:01 From Molly McKinley : I just got in without issues. I use Chrome and Windows 10
10:07:11 From Mary Lou Gravatt : I have ThruLines comes up when I click on an ancestor it says not found. I restarted the computer and it worked. I use Foxfire.
10:08:10 From Molly McKinley : New traits shows up on top
10:09:24 From Molly McKinley : Same here too
10:09:46 From Mary Lou Gravatt : I tried again and now ThruLines does not work.
10:10:38 From Linda Stufflebean : Roberta Estes wrote a post about now you see it, now you don’t last week.
10:11:06 From Molly McKinley : It goes right through to True Lines for me.
10:11:50 From Deb Andrew : I use Firefox, Windows 10, have ever thing that Russ has, it been there since they started the new items.
10:11:59 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Are you all using the same access port? Eg. .ca or .uk or .com? Maybe they all don’t work the same?

10:12:08 From Randy Seaver : In Windows, in the browser right click on the site you want (e.g. Ancestry) and open it by clicking “Open in Incognito Window” and it should work. Every time for me.
10:12:30 From Randy Seaver : Until they fix it all – coding, servers, etc. this is the best way to use it…

10:12:49 From Mary Buchholz to All panelists : When I signed in this morning — circles were back, NO ThruLines although I had used it on my page before.
10:13:28 From Randy Seaver : Google “incognito window” for a Mac.
10:13:36 From Randy Seaver : and follow directions
10:14:28 From Leslie Reyes to All panelists : I have not had any issues on iPad/Safari, MS Edge and chrome. I do remember that I needed to sign up for the beta about a week ago.
10:15:07 From Danine Cozzens : I’ve not had the trouble — the ThruLines are working well for me, on Chrome, Mac, updated. I use a utility which “tidies up” my caches. I’m a paid Ancestry customer. I have had “slow” days with Ancestry, mostly Sundays.
10:18:15 From Valerie Lisk : Ancestry hasn’t been working will in Chrome, I’ve only been able to use it on Firefox.
10:18:29 From Randy Seaver : Has anyone been able to see an updated ThruLines – one that has changed because you have changed your tree persons? I haven’t.
10:19:20 From Randy Seaver : This is from a “BIG Ancestry tree” created a year or more ago, and it’s probable that the lines won’t change.
10:28:11 From Randy Seaver : I use private trees to do research on ancestry of friends who don’t want it public, and also to build a quick tree for DNA matches with a small tree to find common ancestors. Works about 50% of the time.
10:30:40 From Cousin Russ :
10:31:34 From Hilary Gadsby : The link worked for me
10:32:07 From Dave Robison to All panelists : I get the error message in Chrome but it opens just fine in Firefox.
10:32:12 From Randy Seaver : link worked for me and started the video…
10:32:17 From Valerie Lisk : Myrt that is the page I get when I use Chrome. Try Firefox.
10:32:36 From Michelle Minner to All panelists : The color coding works the same as Blaine Bettinger’s color dots…and I have been using that…and I hope Ancestry keeps it!
10:33:39 From Michelle Minner to All panelists : DNA CONNECTION! woo hoo
10:33:44 From Michelle Minner to All panelists : MULTIPLE SPOUSES
10:33:51 From Randy Seaver : I’ve done some color coding for DNA matches, but haven’t used TreeTags. My working tree is temporary – I’ll eventually replace it.
10:34:45 From Randy Seaver : I ‘ve been adding “DNA Match” Facts in RootsMagic to identify my DNA Matxches, and then put them in AncestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA, 23andMe, FTDNA groups.
10:34:47 From Michelle Minner : Being able to FILTER on the tags is the BEST !!!
10:34:53 From Mary Lou Gravatt : My Ancestry Tree is private and unsearchable do not want to give wrong information. My DNA tree is smaller and public searchable.
10:34:54 From Randy Seaver : drat, Match!
10:35:37 From Michelle Minner to All panelists : yes’
10:36:30 From Shelley Murphy : My tree on Ancestry is nothing but all lines with a brick walls, which is a lot. It’s a mess. Once I figure it out or resolve the issue, I put in RootsMagic.
10:36:44 From Michelle Minner to All panelists : Don’t forget to show the other tags by dropping the down arrow… lots of different tree tags.
10:37:05 From cyndy Bray : Can you have more than one tag?
10:37:35 From Michelle Minner : Cyndy, YES! I have several tags on some individuals
10:38:01 From cyndy Bray : Thanks

Genealogy Standards 2nd edition

“DNA Standards – Part 1” see In the first part Debbie Parker Wayne paraphrased the standards for using DNA evidence for genealogy into bullet points.

10:40:37 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Nice to see someone boiling it down. (The standards.)
10:41:06 From June Butka : Not yet in an official way.
10:41:24 From Shelley Murphy : for DAR it’s a support tool
10:41:56 From Randy Seaver : I could start a proof argument for a DNA connection but I don’t know the connection between my Devier Lamphier Smith and his grandparents, Isaac and Rosina Lanfear.
10:42:22 From June Butka : DAR under specific guidelines to follow. The don’t accept a blanket DNA evidence.
10:43:37 From June Butka : Yes, that is what I’m saying . Thank you.
10:44:23 From June Butka : Guidelines for using DNA Evidence in DAR Applications
10:46:54 From Michelle Minner : I hired a DNA expert, because my sister did not match to parents or siblings…
10:48:10 From Gary Gauthier : I would imagine that when you don’t have firm links to family members, it’s wise to hire an expert.
10:49:32 From Robbin Smith : In genealogy terms, family is usually means a “blood” relative
10:49:39 From June Butka : My grandson is adopted. I still consider him my grandson.
10:49:52 From Kathleen Daetsch to All panelists : It depends on whether you are talking about genetic family or emotional attachments
10:50:10 From Janine Edmée Hakim : I fully agree with you DearMyrt….family as a concept has evolved over the time humans have been here….
10:50:19 From Michelle Minner : My sister and I are STILL sisters, but she is obviously not BLOOD family.
10:50:27 From June Butka : PS I do have a bio family tree for my grandson.
10:50:45 From Randy Seaver : then there is “kin”!

10:50:51 From Shelley Murphy : DNA really raises the flags for me. I love the research and the connections, but if things are surprises or brings the unknown, folks need to be ready for it, its emotional and does damages to some.

10:50:55 From Valerie Lisk : 3 of my grandchildren are from my stepsons. They are still my grandchildren.
10:52:04 From June Butka : I’m everybody’s auntie June.
10:52:08 From Cheri Hudson Passey  : Y’all know I have both birth and adopted children. They are ALL my children. I hate it when people ask which are my real children. My answer? They all look real to me!!
10:52:40 From Randy Seaver : agree completely, Cheri!
10:53:03 From Andrew Hatchett to All panelists : It can be quite a shock when you find out that your brother- isn’t!
10:53:14 From Gary Gauthier : I understand that this is why France doesn’t allow DNA testing
10:54:56 From Kathleen Daetsch to All panelists : My children’s friends children are like grandchildren to me their parents have been a part of my life since they were children now they have children who have been a part of my life since they were born We have become an extended family.
10:55:01 From Randy Seaver : bye cousin Dave!
10:55:13 From June Butka : I found the most of the DNA hints already in my tree.
10:55:44 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : Deciding what your DNA tree is a huge question for me. What to include? How big? Today’s discussion great for me. Thanks.
10:55:51 From Randy Seaver : My daughter is a nanny for 3 children from infancy – she is part of their family. Holidays, dinners, etc.
10:57:17 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : How to add non-blood family to your tree?
10:58:24 From Randy Seaver : Cassandra – I add them as individuals and then add Facts to tie them to a family. A nanny might be in a Fact like “Friend” or “Caregiver”
10:58:47 From Michelle Minner : My sister’s genetic line does not show up properly either! it keeps throwing MY DNA to her tree on Thrulines
11:00:32 From Cassandra Davis: Thanks. That is similar to how I have added midwives, pallbearers, ministers, and neighbors.
11:01:17 From Randy Seaver : good examples, Cassandra
11:01:37 From Shelley Murphy : I have not done it.
11:03:05 From Cheri Hudson Passey : You can do the same in Legacy.
11:03:19 From Cassandra Davis : Do you include Play or Second Mom’s? Had not thought of it, but I should. Just I should add Godparents. Thanks.
11:03:45 From Deb Andrew : You can add others in Legacy.
11:04:03 From Michelle Minner : I had one set of biological parents, an adopted father, and a set of guardians…I have in family tree maker all set up.
11:04:27 From Randy Seaver : I have many small “Seaver bushes” in my RootsMagic tree and AMT because I’m trying to find all Seaver folks. They are not connected to my really big Seaver tree.
11:04:49 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : People may only live in your trees, so it is important.
11:04:53 From Danine Cozzens : Yes, Reunion [for Mac iOS] can do this, too.
11:06:01 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : if you do a one pace or one name study, you have bushes.
11:06:02 From Danine Cozzens : I track some parallel families that I know were close but not related that I know.

11:07:14 From Gary Gauthier : I track some associated families to flesh out the story/context.
11:09:00 From Shelley Murphy : But that is not how most view it, sadly to say.
11:09:10 From Robbin Smith : This post is particularly true in Miami, we have Bahamian-Americans, Haitian-American, etc.
11:09:13 From Shelley Murphy : “I am a rebel”
11:10:01 From Shelley Murphy : Things keep happening to make these things come out.

Ethnicity graphic created by DearMYRTLE
11:10:48 From Cousin Russ : DearMYRTLE and Cousin Russ recognize the United Nations’ International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024. We reach out to _all_ regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural inheritance.
11:11:08 From Shelley Murphy : Take me with you to Wales… [NOTE from DearMYRTLE: We would have a blast, Shelley. 🙂  ]
11:12:44 From Valerie Lisk : Shelly, I am happy to say I have not seen this. Might be that I am in the MidWest and I am ALWAYS the only one.
11:13:29 From Shelley Murphy : Thank you Cousin Russ..
11:14:20 From Shelley Murphy : Scared = many things, Fear, embarrassed & etc.
11:14:20 From Kathleen Daetsch to All panelists : I live in NYC when I attend a class at the New York Public Library we have people of different nationalities and races I never assume anything I have learned that people come from all over the world and you can’t assume anything, and that is just from living in New York
11:15:37 From Shelley Murphy : Valerie it’s all over, I am from the Midwest and now live in the South. I typically am the only one in most of the group I flow.
11:16:50 From Michelle Minner : Disability prejudice is RAMPANT! My husband was in a wheelchair, and everyone always asked what he wanted, or assumed I was paying the bill, etc.
11:16:52 From John Laws : Currently in the UK referring to folk as being ‘people of color’ is considered old language and offensive.
11:17:14 From Hilary Gadsby : We cannot assume anything we need to approach our research with an open mind.
11:18:23 From Shelley Murphy : We can make the change needed.
11:18:50 From June Butka : Even in our own communities, words have different meaning depending on where you live. You can easily hurt someone’s feelings without even knowing it.
11:18:53 From Michelle Minner : Shelly Murphy…YES! It is up to each of us to be the ones that make that change!
11:19:40 From Shelley Murphy : Amen Pat!
11:20:28 From Shelley Murphy : They are telling a little story!
11:20:45 From Kathleen Daetsch  : My neighbor is from Suriname and what we have in common is our Dutch ancestry we forget that South Americans were also immigrants from different part of the world.
11:21:59 From Danine Cozzens to All panelists : Russ, someone did an Excel spreadsheet that helps analyze several of those pre-1850 families on the same page. I’ll try to find that.
11:22:29 From Cousin Russ : Danine – I think that is the one I have looked at and want to study
11:25:00 From Launa : Are Hilary and Pat sharing male intruders?
11:26:11 From Cheri Hudson Passey : Yet!!!!
11:26:27 From Hilary Gadsby to Launa and all panelists : My husband brought me a cup of tea.

11:26:42 From Cousin Russ : RANDY SEAVERS’ RootsTech 2019 SLC Blog Compendium – Updated
11:27:38 From Danine Cozzens to All panelists : Russ, I think this is the site that had some census tools.
11:27:56 From Cousin Russ : Thank you, Danine
11:29:55 From Gary Gauthier : Really enjoyed the DNA discussion.
11:29:58 From Janine Edmée Hakim : Thank you
11:29:59 From Doris Haskell to All panelists : You are absolutely amazing! Thank you
11:30:02 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Thank you.
11:30:04 From June Butka : Awesome job all.
11:30:11 From Michelle Minner : Yes…good day meeting!
11:30:14 From Shelley Murphy : Enjoyed it. Thanks Always good to be here and be involved.
11:30:17 From Doris Haskell to All panelists : Hugs from my heart to everyone
11:30:19 From Kathleen Daetsch to All panelists : Thank you for sharing with us

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