In which we discuss what’s new at , demo how to “watch” an ancestor on, and tackle the errors we may make inadvertently during data entry in our genealogy  management programs. We also discuss what to expect on an SS-5 Social Security application. See also: “Ordering the SS-5:2018 Style” posted 14 Dec 2018 at The Legal Genealogist Blog  by Judy Russell, CG, ( Viewed 18 Mar 2019.)



10:00:07               From  Graham Walter : Hello from London

10:00:34               From  Gary Gauthier : Hello Everyone

10:00:43               From  Michelle Minner : Hello from Arizona

10:01:42               From  Daniel Horowitz  : Hello from Israel

10:01:43               From  Cousin Russ : GeneaWebinars Calendar of Hangouts, Webinars and Online Chats this coming week:

10:02:57               From  Cousin Russ : DearMYRTLE’s Calendar

10:03:17               From  Cousin Russ : When posting in the “Zoom Webinar Chat” , change the “TO” portion to read “ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES.” By default it reads “all panelists.”

10:04:37               From  Bill West : Gooooooood morning from sunny Massachusetts!

10:05:17               From  Marian Koalski : Zoom installation hung up when I tried. I’m working by browser instead. Wha’s up?

10:06:52               From  Gary Gauthier : Does anyone know if it is available in Kindle format?

10:07:08               From  Pamela Wells : Good morning from the mountains of Blowing Rock, NC

10:07:59               From  Hilary Gadsby : I will probably get when kindle version is released

10:08:51               From  DearMYRTLE .  to  All panelists : Tracing Their Steps: A Memoir t

10:09:27               From  Cousin Russ : Genealogy Standards Second Edition 2nd Edition

10:10:06               From  Cousin Russ : The Family Tree Toolkit: A Comprehensive Guide to Uncovering Your Ancestry and Researching Genealogy

10:10:41               From  Betty-Lu Burton  : Yes the 2nd edition of Genealogy Standards includes a section on DNA which is not in the first edition

10:10:53               From  Cousin Russ : Research Like a Pro: A Genealogist’s Guide 1st Edition


10:11:35               From  Brenda J. Williams  to  All panelists : I just got in. What is Myrt doing on Sat where she is giving these away? [Genealogy Game Night .]

10:12:14               From  Cousin Russ : Brenda – please check DearMYRTLE’s Calendar

10:12:14               From  Gary Gauthier : No problem. Thank you, Myrtle

10:12:29               From  Cousin Russ : Hiding the Past (The Forensic Genealogist) (Volume 1) by Nathan Dylan Goodwin

10:13:05               From  Cousin Russ : When posting in the “Zoom Webinar Chat” , change the “TO” portion to read “ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES.” By default it reads “all panelists.”

10:15:06               From  Cousin Russ : WACKY Wednesday – Google+ is going away AAACK!

10:16:12               From  Cousin Russ :

10:18:31               From  Hilary Gadsby : I didn’t notice it was not working

10:19:06               From  Doris Haskell : The timing was good.  I didn’t even notice the outage either.

10:20:09               From  Doris Haskell : Yes.  I remember filling out my application when I was 16 so I could start working at Howard Johnson’s Restaurant.

10:21:06               From  Gary Gauthier : I found my dad’s old SSN card. Being Canadian, I had no idea he had one! Would be nice to find out more.

10:21:15               From  Betty-Lu Burton : Yes it happens at the hospital now. I think the hospital actually fills it out like the birth certificate

10:21:53               From  Doris Haskell : This rebel girl didn’t play that game.  It involved our last two children.  They didn’t get a SS# until they started delivering newspapers at the age of 10.

10:22:19               From  Mary Lou Gravatt : I remember in 7th grade the teacher has the class get Social Security Cards. Do not remember the application we filled out.

10:22:39               From  Lisa Reed  to  All panelists : Good morning! Late to the game.

10:23:33               From  Graham Walter : Hi John

10:24:01               From  Michelle Minner : I have used social security lists to make a lot of breakthroughs…especially because they record all of the married names or AKAs in the death records of social security.

10:24:03               From  Hilary Gadsby : We have an NHS number which is different to the National insurance number

10:24:39               From  Kathleen Daetsch : Yes when the time came that all children in the U.S had to get a social security number the schools in New York sent home a form to fill out for each child in the family

10:24:40               From  Rebecca Williams : Our mother filled out our ssan apps for all four of us.  our numbers are one digit different.

10:25:24               From  Randy Seaver : The Social Security Applications and Claims Index on Ancestry is a gold mine – lists all of the names they used, birthdate and place, death date but not place, date of claim, and names of parents sometimes.

10:25:47               From  Pamela Wells : I remember getting my SS card when I began my first job at 13 yrs. old teaching ballet at my dance school.  Wow!  Only about 58 years ago.  <grin>

10:25:48               From  John Laws : Hi everyone Feeling a trifle better thanks

10:26:33               From  Betty-Lu Burton : I got my grandmother’s form in hopes of determining her bithdate. Did not help since when she went to apply for SS is where the confusion showed up. She used a birth certificate that had a different name (same parents) and a different birth date.

10:26:34               From  Marian Koalski : Amen, Randy, about the SS Applications & Claims Index.

10:26:44               From  Yvonne Demoskoff : Hi John; glad to hear there’s some improvement

10:27:04               From  Rebecca Williams : We used our ssan at work for many years.  several years ago, it changed roughly 10 years ago to an 8 digt number we used for all our dealings with our pay.

10:27:06               From  Kathleen Daetsch : Yes when you marry a woman has to go down and change your name

10:27:25               From  Doris Haskell : On my card, it says, “Not to be used for identification.” Our public library updated their card system, and asked for my SSN. They did not get it.

10:27:44               From  Marian Koalski : I got the form for my Polish grandmother, showing her parents. She never qualified to receive SS, but she was the beneficiary of my uncle’s final benefit.

10:29:56               From  Hilary Gadsby : I use Discord for WikiTree

10:30:51               From  Hilary Gadsby : We use it to communicate with others working on a project together

10:34:52               From  Doris Haskell : Should I register first?

10:36:59               From  Doris Haskell : I’m downloading the app to my iPad.

10:44:34               From  DearMYRTLE .  to  All panelists :  WIKITREE The Free Family Tree, growing stronger since 2008 –

10:44:35               From  Doris Haskell : Okay!  I have a number now.

10:45:35               From  Cousin Russ : Cousin Russ on Discord –

10:45:51               From  Michelle Minner : I remember those old bad days of Message Boards!  you couldn’t link, you couldn’t change colors…and there were no separate little groups for a specific chat with individuals!

10:46:15               From  Michelle Minner : WHOO HOO I saw Civilization!  My biggest time-waster

10:46:21               From  Graham Walter : You can paste in the URL the Russ posted – paste into the ‘Add Server’

10:47:06               From  Kathleen Daetsch : I second doing a wacky on it

10:47:54               From  Cousin Russ :

10:48:12               From  cyndy Bray : Me, too, WACKY Wednesday

10:51:03               From  Yolanda Sanders  to  All panelists : have the app up, what do I need to put in for join the sever on Discord?

10:51:40               From  Cousin Russ : WIKITREE The Free Family Tree, growing stronger since 2008 –


10:51:56               From  Cousin Russ : Family Tree Magazine 2019 – Surname Research Series

10:55:20               From  Cousin Russ : Guild of One-Name Studies

10:55:29               From  Cousin Russ : F&W Media (Including the US-based Family Tree Magazine & Books) Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

10:55:39               From  Randy Seaver : F&W also produces many other hobby and craft magazines

10:58:13               From  Lisa Reed  to  All panelists : Hate to hear that …  Also Writer’s Digest

10:58:24               From  Doris Haskell : In this day and age, the key to survival is the ability to reinvent your business.

10:58:54               From  Randy Seaver : Had a minor breakthrough on one of my female ancestors without known parents –   found 1812 will of Catherine Ruth’s father – transcribed it in

10:59:00               From  John Laws : If you have uk research you could a version published in the UK

11:00:23               From  Doris Haskell : Just yesterday, I got a notice that I have a new cousin match on AncestryDNA.  It’s my cousin Wendy!  Such a nice surprise.

11:02:33               From  Cousin Russ : The Schwenkfelders

11:03:43               From  Kathleen Daetsch : That is very cool

11:04:50               From  John Laws : If you have UK research you could a version published in the UK Family Tree Magazine search for a subscription via Google [It is from a different publishing company.]

11:08:37               From  Randy Seaver : the images of the will showed that the papers had separated into three panels over time, so they taped them together.  And obscured quite a bit of information, including the date of the will writing at the end of the third image.

11:11:39               From  Cousin Russ : Reunions for the Mac

11:12:34               From  Michelle Minner : That’s why I use FTM (a PC person here)

11:13:05               From  Cousin Russ : Society of Genealogists

11:15:22               From  Randy Seaver : RootsMagic does notify you when there are same names and asks you to choose one or create a new person with the name

11:15:47               From  Michelle Minner : a lot of my Quaker Ancestors married/intermarried/cousin marriages..Loads of them

11:17:53               From  Michelle Minner : I finally had to add married names to the surname of one quaker ancestor…she was a Kidwell Thomas Kidwell

11:18:48               From  Kathleen Daetsch : I know your pain

11:20:45               From  Kathleen Daetsch : I use mine in Roots Magic all the time

11:21:19               From  Michelle Minner : I love those Data Error reports!

11:21:27               From  Deb Andrew : Legacy has it. It has a red dot that shows up on each person that has an issue. On the profile and also in the names lists.

11:21:54               From  Kathleen Daetsch : LOL

11:23:24               From  Deb Andrew : Yes

11:24:21               From  Michelle Minner : ALL THOSE SHORT CUT KEYS in WordPerfect!  I was an instructor!

11:24:31               From  Gary Gauthier : I remember the dearth of disks to load it.

11:25:36               From  Michelle Minner : I made WordPerfect cheat sheets for all the users on my network!

11:25:46               From  Gary Gauthier : The help doesn’t seem to work for me on a Mac RM7. Waiting for RM8.

11:26:45               From  Sheryl Whisenhunt : WordStar preceded WordPerfect and WordPerfect came installed on all new computers then Microsoft knocked WordPerfect out of the spotlight…..The Dinosaur 🙂

11:27:38               From  Kathleen Daetsch : Dropbox is the default for RootMagic I believe

11:27:48               From  Gary Gauthier : Mac version runs under a virtual machine

11:28:21               From  Maria Tegtmeier  to  All panelists : I have found the RootsMagic Facebook page useful as well.  So many tools to help.

11:28:49               From  Maria Tegtmeier  to  All panelists : Hello… just got back from the FHL in downtown.

11:29:24               From  Gary Gauthier : Laura Beeman is also a good RM7 source

11:29:42               From  Cousin Russ :

11:30:39               From  Graham Walter : Have a great day everyone

11:30:44               From  Pamela Wells : Thank you all!  Have a super day!

11:30:45               From  Sheryl Whisenhunt : Thank YOU!

11:31:35               From  Dorothy Oksner  to  All panelists : does anyone use Zotero?

11:31:42               From  Gary Gauthier : Has anyone seen a good Word template to use for Research Reports in “GPS style”.

11:32:29               From  Cousin Russ :



11:35:12               From  Dorothy Oksner  to  All panelists : sorry can’t unmute mike.

11:35:31               From  Hilary Gadsby  to  All panelists : Going to catch up with the family. See you next week.

11:35:45               From  Graham Walter : Does the mike have an inline mute?

11:37:24               From  Cousin Russ : THE WRITTEN CONCLUSION – A DearMYRTLE Study Group

11:40:55               From  Deb Andrew : They kind of do that in Research Like a Pro.

11:43:39               From  Valerie Lisk : Isn’t there a Styles section in the Certification book?

11:46:23               From  Cousin Russ :

11:46:55               From  Valerie Lisk : I think I have th Standard but I can’t lay hands on mine

11:47:27               From  Deb Andrew : In my group in Research Like a Pro, almost all are going for their credentials from BCG.

11:47:29               From  Graham Walter :

11:48:08               From  Deb Andrew : Yes, they just had a webinar.

11:49:47               From  Valerie Lisk : Oh! When you apply for Certification, they send you the Styles etc. You don’t have to follow through.

11:50:00               From  Graham Walter :

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