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DearMYRTLE’s *very* distant cousin, Fräulein Schmidt, hosted this edition of WACKY Wednesday where panelists and attendees shared their favorite tools. Some were designed specifically for the genealogy market while others are mainstream and adapt perfectly well to “getting the job done.”



19:02:11               From  Yvonne Demoskoff : Hi from B.C.!

19:02:39               From  Melissa Barker : Hello Everyone!

19:03:18               From  nadine guilbault : Excel spreadsheets. Organizes notes, logs, and odd seemingly unrelated people.

19:03:52               From  Cousin Russ : Evernote


Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. are free programs associated with Google Drive.

19:04:35               From  Sheryl Whisenhunt : OneNote. OneNote now has a comparable webclipper also.

19:04:49               From  Nancy Chouteau  to  All panelists : Windows Snipping Tool, Excel Spreadsheets

19:06:15               From  Sheryl Whisenhunt : Actually, I have both and go back and forth.

19:06:34               From  nadine guilbault : I use Backblaze to back up everything.

19:16:48               From  Nancy Chouteau : Excel for repository info

19:17:18               From  Sheryl Whisenhunt : What is this word “focus” you keep using? I frequently lose my way. 🙂

19:17:51               From  Yvonne Demoskoff : I really like using MS Word doc, but use Excel occasionally (I find it complicated)

19:17:59               From  Cousin Russ :  for more information about Thomas MacEntee’s sample Excel worksheet.


19:19:56               From  Fräulein Schmidt  to  All panelists : CMD-Shift-3

19:20:30               From  Cousin Russ : CMD-Shift-3 or CMD+Sift+4 full screen snipping on Mac iOS

19:27:18               From  Fräulein Schmidt  to  All panelists :

19:29:09               From  Cousin Russ :

19:29:16               From  Cousin Russ :

19:29:41               From  Sheryl Whisenhunt : This dinosaur still uses WordPerfect, I use MSWord also but my all time favorite is still WordPerfect.

19:32:36               From  Sheryl Whisenhunt : Yes, they are very compatible with each other.

19:40:49               From  Sheryl Whisenhunt : lol, Bless you my child for fessing up.

19:46:24               From  Sheryl Whisenhunt : When doing Danish research, I use The Danish National Archives and when doing Swedish research, I use Arkivdigtal.

19:48:58               From  Kathleen Daetsch : I have been using lately it has all kinds of written materials, I’m interested in an old genealogy magazines Called Olde Ulster since a lot of my research is in Ulster county NY

19:50:14               From  Kathleen Daetsch : I use the Irish Archives website for my Irish research.

19:50:15               From  Cousin Russ :

19:50:23               From  Cousin Russ :

19:51:29               From  Cousin Russ :

19:52:25               From  Kathleen Daetsch : I found this  when I searched my ancestors name in google I also often use google books

19:54:19               From  Kathleen Daetsch : You can search a church or a town or a name in this Archive

20:05:23               From  Sheryl Whisenhunt : Thank you for a pleasant evening.

20:05:34               From  nadine guilbault : Thank you

20:05:43               From  Kathleen Daetsch :

20:06:06               From  Mark Barrus  to  All panelists : thanks

20:06:35               From  Kathleen Daetsch : There are census records on this site

20:07:06               From  Mark Barrus  to  All panelists : sure

20:07:38               From  Kathleen Daetsch : goodnite

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