Congratulations to Gaylord Archival for attending their first main-stream genealogy conference. We have noticed they have been focusing advertising efforts to home archivists. Myrt explains how to sign up for Gaylord’s email list – where we are only required to complete the parts of the form labeled with the red star. [*]We also discuss that archival material must pass the P.A.T. test – Photographic Activity Test where a document such as a newspaper is encapsulated or filed so the newspaper aging does not affect nearby pages. An example of the problem that is eliminated is where we look at discoloration on pages in the family bible due to a newspaper obituary inserted between the pages. 


09:45:29 From Graham Walter to All panelists : Family Tree Live =
09:50:29 From Graham Walter to All panelists : Can anyone see this article from British Newspapers ?
09:53:14 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : I’ve been working on how to utilize the various reports e.g. Research Reports in my database. I’m having some success, but find some programs have some peculiarities.
09:53:35 From Randy Seaver to All panelists : Graham, I can see it. Very light and tight print.
09:54:17 From Randy Seaver to All panelists : I still have my transparencies!
09:54:57 From Graham Walter to All panelists : That’s good – thanks Randy
10:00:12 From Yvonne Demoskof to All panelists : Timmins Public Library digitizes Porcupine Advance newspaper
10:01:06 From Graham Walter : Hello everyone from a wet and drizzly London
10:01:08 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : He is my cousin! LOL.
10:01:25 From Randy Seaver to All panelists : Dave is my cousin too…
10:01:32 From Michelle Minner to All panelists : Hello from a sunny and warm Tucson, Arizona
10:01:45 From Robbin Smith : Hello all from sunny and not too muggy Miami
10:02:25 From Gloria Oren to All panelists : Hello from overcast rainy Washington state.
10:02:31 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Hello from California.
10:03:46 From Betty-Lu Burton : Good Day
10:03:59 From Bill West : Good morning from dank & dismal Massachusetts!
10:03:59 From Karen Trearchis to All panelists : I knew Laura, too. I liked seeing Gayload, too.
10:04:27 From JoAnn Lawrencw : Good Afternoon from sunny and warm New Jersey
10:04:36 From Molly McKinley : Hi from hot and muggy Florida
10:05:33 From Betty-Lu Burton : So Gaylord is learning about a new market
10:08:58 From Gary Gauthier : Could someone address whether these are USD prices?
10:09:26 From Graham Walter : Gaylord headquarters in Syracuse, NY
10:10:09 From Graham Walter : L-Sleeves at Gaylord’s
10:10:21 From Danine Cozzens : I hate to ask this — but how have archival materials from 20 years ago held up by today’s standards? Bought a lot of fine materials from Gaylord many years ago.
10:14:28 From Gary Gauthier : Can we ask Mellisa that?
10:15:28 From Danine Cozzens : There’s a lot of $$$ at Gaylord at stake for me! Melissa is sure to know.
10:17:43 From Betty-Lu Burton : that would be a good topic for an Wacky Wednesday with the Archive Lady
10:17:50 From Sue Tolbert to All panelists : I have a lot of my materials in archival boxes and sheet protectors that are more than 20 years old. I can’t see any difference in them and newer ones that I have.

10:19:09 From Cousin Russ : New England Regional Genealogical Consortium
10:19:44 From Karen Trearchis : My society was able to bring in 41 new members at NERGC.
10:20:02 From Karen Trearchis to All panelists : That is amazing
10:20:15 From June Butka : Awesome, 41 new members.
10:20:32 From Karen Trearchis to All panelists : It was not me this time, other society members that worked at the booth.
10:20:57 From Randy Seaver : what society is it, Karen?

10:21:49 From Cousin Russ : Family Tree Maker
10:21:50 From Bill West : Genealogy is booming in New England! 🙂
10:21:51 From Karen Trearchis to All panelists : Yes, all ages, new people
10:22:01 From John Laws : LAWS FAMILY REGISTER used to have 120 members before the digital age 0 now
10:22:38 From Karen Trearchis to All panelists : A lot of people went to the the Orientation for their first NERGC.
10:23:42 From Karen Trearchis to All panelists : Both Russ and Dave worked long hours at NERGC & it was great to see them.
10:24:04 From Danine Cozzens : Tech Note: FYI we just had a power surge take out our internet for a moment, and Zoom flawlessly re-connected me with this meeting — just had to re-launch it.
10:24:36 From Karen Trearchis to All panelists : great
10:24:45 From Kathleen Daetsch : about how many people attended nergc
10:25:09 From Michelle Minner : I do a lot of presentations, and I love using a bluetooth keyboard, I am going to have to get a bluetooth mouse and pointer! WAY too cool!

Historical Atlas of Germany
10:25:32 From Cousin Russ : The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany Hardcover – May 28, 2019 by James M. Beidler

Freedman of the Frontier Vol 1
10:26:05 From Cousin Russ : Freedmen of the Frontier Volume 1: Selected Cherokee, Choctaw, & Chickasaw Freedmen Families
10:26:41 From Deb Andrew : The. maps look good on the 12.9” iPad. It will show color in the Kindle app.

10:27:30 From John Laws : 100-250 viewers on our daily blog most days but very few enquiries in last 4 years have we got your LAWS or LAWES relative
10:29:05 From Michelle Minner : Smell is one of the strongest senses of memory
10:29:15 From Devon Lee : I spent thanksgiving at home and we always ordered Domino’s Pizza.
10:29:39 From Molly McKinley : We are considering doing this for our elderly members of our church. We want to know how they used their faith to get through life.
10:29:53 From Devon Lee to All panelists : My great-aunt tape recorded her memories by answering questions I sent her. It was a great treasure
10:29:56 From Karen Trearchis : Nice technique, Dave.
10:30:21 From June Butka : Not seeing Pat
10:30:29 From Randy Seaver : John, I’ve not received many queries about Seaver folks for a year or two now. I do get blog comments and emails from blog readers, but no messages on Ancestry.
10:30:45 From Cousin Russ : June – you won’t. You are seeing her screen
10:30:48 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : it’s really effective, I do a similar thing.
10:31:01 From June Butka : Not seeing her screen is what I meant.
10:32:47 From Gary Gauthier : Memoirs are important in reminding us just how fortunate we are.
10:32:56 From Randy Seaver : my girls are going through this with Linda’s Alzheimer’s – so is her brother Paul who is here to visit this week.
10:33:00 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : I love this…it is so important to share our stories
10:33:27 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : I hear you, Randy <3
10:33:52 From June Butka : Julie’s Groucher Book of Me promptsor Michelle Beckman’s Sunday Dinner Stories prompts help me write mine.
10:34:11 From Gary Gauthier : Russ; it’s like eating an elephant…one bite at a time.
10:34:27 From Karen Trearchis to All panelists : I am sorry to hear that about your wife, Randy.
10:34:32 From Graham Walter : Spend 10 minutes at regular intervals just write down a small memory… over time it will build up
10:34:43 From June Butka : Hello, Pat.
10:34:45 From Cousin Russ : ATTN: Genealogy Content Providers The monthly “Book of Me” content prompts will be posted by Julie Goucher starting 1 January 2018.
10:34:51 From Dave Robison : “Mighty Mouse” is from BlackWeb and is called “Touch Bluetooth Presenter Mouse” Model No BWA18O014. Apparently it is a WalMart brand. That’s where I bought this one while in Upstate New York after stepping on my old one!
10:35:06 From Hilary Gadsby : I have saved Julie’s book of me so that I can use them
10:35:11 From Randy Seaver : I have 559 “Wordless Wednesday” post so far with a photo and explanation…
10:36:41 From Ellen Thompson-Jennings to All panelists : I’m creating a photo book of the ancestor stories and photos. I work on it one ancestor at a time and I can rearrange as I want to change it.
10:39:02 From Gary Gauthier : My father-in-law has Parkinson’s. He never would talk about his past. Such a shame. Now, his children and grandchildren will never really know him as they should.
10:39:13 From Betty-Lu Burton : when my speech problems flair up, I am thankful for my Church Family patience in not finishing my words of sentences
10:39:38 From Ellen Thompson-Jennings : I know so well how difficult it can be. My mom had Alzheimer’s . Even when she got to the point of not talking I realized how important was to talk to her as if she still understood even when I wasn’t really sure she did.

10:40:11 From Betty-Lu Burton : When I was younger we would go and visit my father’s uncle on the Russian River
10:41:14 From Devon Lee to All panelists : Pictures bring back people and comments folks shared. I love using pictures to trigger memories
10:42:01 From Graham Walter : sometimes it just takes a prompter from a photograph or keepsake to make us remember the stories
10:42:04 From marian koalski to All panelists : And there were Russians who settled there
10:42:44 From June Butka : Music triggers memories.
10:42:47 From Michelle Minner : I am a polio survivor, and we work very hard to get the “polio stories”. We feel that we do not want the future generations to miss the importance of how we lived through epidemics and persevered.
10:43:09 From Hilary Gadsby : The last time I visited my mother we spent the time looking through old photographs that my uncle had given me to scan.
10:43:38 From Pat Kuhn : when I saw one of my mother’s cousins I had pictures on my iPad to show her and she told stories!
10:43:47 From Sheri Fenley : Here in Stockton we have a young man earning his Eagle Scout by helping the elderly in nursing homes create memory books and recording music to help those with dementia
10:43:58 From marian koalski to All panelists : Gary, does your father-in-law have living siblings or cousins who could fill in blanks?
10:43:59 From Dave Robison : I’ve been invited to visit with a gentleman who was one of the last residents of Enfield, Mass before it was flooded for the Quabbin reservoir. The invitation came as a result of a conversation we had about unidentified pictures! He may be able to help me with mine. He’s only 99 years old so I should get there soon!!
10:45:03 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : Russ get a teaspoon of Honey…
10:45:10 From Randy Seaver : Betty Lu – where on the Russian River? Linda’s family vacationed in Monte Rio just west of Guerneville.
10:45:13 From Gary Gauthier : Marian: I’ve managed to obtain some information, but sometimes one finds that even the siblings do not wish to share.
10:45:48 From Randy Seaver : Linda was the Camp Meeker Princess one year! Probably when she was 14 or 15.
10:46:00 From Dave Robison to All panelists : 12:45…See you next week. Thanks!!
10:46:17 From Graham Walter to All panelists : bye Dave
10:46:21 From June Butka : It is harder of the caregivers than the person themselves.
10:46:27 From June Butka : Hugs.
10:46:42 From John Laws : My Paternal Great grandparents appear of the cover of my blog like to share them
10:47:11 From June Butka : I’m a Polio survivor, also.
10:47:14 From John Laws : Know where you guys are coming from
10:47:55 From Betty-Lu Burton : Randy I do not remember because it was back in the early 1970’s. But it was in an area that got flooded every winter when the opened the flood gates to lower the water level at the reservoir. In fact he had lost a home from the floods back in the 1950’s
10:48:24 From Devon Lee to All panelists : I wrote a draft of my memoir and then had my husband read it and then ask me further questions for explanations. This helped me add more depth to my story by having someone else asking for more details.
10:48:46 From Barbara Gressel to All panelists : This Wednesday I will be meeting with a cousin of my Uncle Bob who I know very little about. So looking forward to our meeting to find out more about him and his father (my uncle).
10:49:05 From Devon Lee : I don’t have anyone who can tell me stories because my ancestors are all deceased, so I have to write my story.
10:49:16 From Betty-Lu Burton : Randy it was up towards Santa Rosa I think
10:49:59 From Kathleen Daetsch : I just shared a photo this morning of my grandmother and two of her siblings on our family reunion site. I don’t know if other members have pictures.
10:50:15 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : You all are giving me some ideas, heart disease is rabid in my families, both sides – some survivors and some not. I need to write about this…as I sit here with the same! My angina came back a couple of months ago with a vengeance after five years of relief. Its a message that needs to go thru the generations.
10:50:45 From Randy Seaver : Good ideas, Devon! Are there more distant cousins who may have letters or photos that your folks sent to them for the holidays or family contact?
10:51:14 From Devon Lee : Some, but not many
10:52:16 From Danine Cozzens : Whew!
10:54:28 From Barbara Gressel : We had heart disease in my father’s family. Daddy died at 60 and grandpa died at 59. Thankfully, mother’s family lived long lives into their 90s. My DNA is mostly from my mothers family.
10:55:20 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : Timmins Public Library digitizes Porcupine Advance newspaper
10:55:23 From June Butka : I never had a granny to remember. My father’s Aunt was more of a granny than a Great Aunt.
10:56:21 From Kathleen Daetsch : I found a lot of articles about one of my ancestors in their newspaper these stories can be strung together and pretty much tell the story of her life.
10:57:02 From Cousin Russ : Timmins Public Library digitizes Porcupine Advance newspaper
10:57:06 From Cousin Russ : .
10:58:01 From Gary Gauthier : I have many memories of the area. Worked as a geologist there.
10:58:45 From Linda Jordan to All panelists : Isn’t Timmins where Shania Twain lived?
10:59:32 From June Butka : If you are a “Watson” you will find the old home remedies he sold by cart in news ads.
10:59:53 From June Butka : Watkins, not Watson. Typo.
11:01:11 From Michelle Minner : I actually have my maternal grandparents from Ontario area, all over, including some in Timmins
11:01:11 From June Butka : Tip Look at your old resumes to trigger story memories of what you did in you work life.
11:01:53 From Yvonne Demoskof : What years were they there, Michelle?

11:02:24 From Michelle Minner : Yvonne, they immigrated from England to Canada in the early 1800s…and They were quite prolific – surname of Bickle
11:02:51 From Michelle Minner : YES…the same Bickle line that was JP Bickle who founded the Toronto Maple Leafs professional Hockey team.
11:03:51 From Pat Kuhn : a cousin and I had been looking for death info for a Fitzpatrick and she found a newspaper article from a far away state that led us to the information
11:04:11 From Yvonne Demoskof : my aunt and her family summer at Camp Bickle near Timmins; I wonder if that’s your family?
11:04:39 From Michelle Minner : Yvonne, I would have little doubt in believing that Camp Bickle would be part of my family! LOL
11:04:51 From Gary Gauthier : Yvonne: Did you know a Ginn family from South Porcupine? I went to university with Libby Ginn.
11:05:42 From Yvonne Demoskof : No, Gary, the name isn’t familiar. South Porcupine was a bit far from Timmins when I was young
11:06:36 From Yvonne Demoskof : Michlle look at this link:
11:07:19 From Cousin Russ : Blog post about changing programs and putting tree online is
11:08:05 From Michelle Minner : Yvonne!!! BINGO…yep..I know by the spelling of the surname (Bickell) which side of the line that is…and when I read that JP Bickle the mine owner…Yep…they are definitely cousins!
11:08:30 From Yvonne Demoskof : Cool, Michelle!
11:08:32 From Ellen Thompson-Jennings to All panelists : I’m happy to hear that Randy. I do the same thing. Import my gedcom to other programs to get different reports.
11:08:50 From laptop : I have Bickels from Ontario. They were originally from Germany.
11:09:51 From Michelle Minner : There is a family tradition in the Bickle/Bickell family of naming boys JOHN (for the patriarch of the family)…and P for the middle name of Paris (one of the maiden names of the matriarch of the family). so you will see a lot of johns, JPs, Jonathan’s, and Johnnys!
11:09:52 From Gary Gauthier : Pat: I remember a time when the Chief Mine Geologist wanted a new-fangled computer mouse. So we found him one in the head frame of the mine. I just wouldn’t stop running around his desk! :>)
11:10:31 From Michelle Minner : Gary! LOL be careful what you want!
11:11:29 From Michelle Minner : I so agree, Randy! hints, and gives you ideas for further searching for sources!
11:14:23 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : my true tree is in RootsMagic, but the tree is the cousin bait along with brick walls.
11:14:43 From John Laws : I have mine on
11:14:45 From Graham Walter to All panelists : I have a cut-down tree (minimal sources) for the online trees but rely on my own locally stored database as the Prime repository
11:15:11 From Graham Walter : I have a cut-down tree (minimal sources) for the online trees but rely on my own locally stored database as the Prime repository
11:15:18 From Gary Gauthier : I like the hints, but I definitely don’t use the feature that adds info from the web into my database.
11:16:11 From Robbin Smith : That is what I do
11:16:14 From Randy Seaver : Porcupine and Timmins are really distant places aren’t they? Looks like about 200-300 miles northwest of Ottawa and 200-300 miles east of Thunder Bay.
11:16:32 From Randy Seaver : .
11:16:59 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : I find FS tree hard to use, especially when I have to fix something. I typically do not use it.
11:17:33 From Randy Seaver : I do use the Web Hints as clues – very helpful sometimes.
11:17:41 From Yvonne Demoskof : Randy, we used to drive from Timmins to Toronto and it would take 8 or so hours; long drive
11:17:47 From Gary Gauthier : Randy: The trip to Timmins requires one to go over 100 miles without a gas station on one stretch. Quite an adventure, if you don’t plan.
11:17:52 From Michelle Minner : I love clicking WATCH, and when any sources get added, and easy to ignore if the changes are not sourced.
11:18:11 From Randy Seaver : Yvonne, so 400 to 500 miles from TO?
11:18:46 From Shelley Murphy : Agree…
11:18:51 From Yvonne Demoskof : My Dad made the trip from Ottawa to Timmins in his diesel truck; didn’t need to refuel because of the dual tanks the truck had
11:19:31 From Yvonne Demoskof : Randy, I’d have to check, but sounds right
11:19:56 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Will be right back. Have a call.
11:20:17 From Pamela Wells : I have my family tree on as well, John. I don’t keep it as up-to-date as I do my family tree, though. Do get some new cousins occasionally.
11:20:22 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : Murphy!
11:20:35 From Cousin Russ to All panelists : Gary – You can Mute your Video when you step way
11:20:38 From Cousin Russ to All panelists : Thank you
11:20:39 From Devon Lee : No keeping my maiden name! No one can spell it! I married my husband for his last name. 😉
11:20:52 From Betty-Lu Burton : Myrt with him being born in Sweden his father’s last name may not of been Erickson
11:20:55 From Michelle Minner : Devon! True, same here!
11:21:11 From Kathy Richardson : I empathize with you. Both my paternal aunt and my dad’s first cousin were killed off in FamilySearch Family Tree. I worked with FamilySearch Support to resolve the problems.


11:21:45 From DearMYRTLE: “United States Veterans Administration Pension Payment Cards, 1907-1933,” database with images, FamilySearch ( : 11 March 2018), William G Froman, 1907-1933; citing NARA microfilm publication M850 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.); FHL microfilm 1,634,824.
11:21:54 From June Butka : A quick review of the document. Saved for later to review. That just saved Pat a lot of time in the future.
11:21:55 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : Well I know my Momma did not marry my dad for his last name of Murphy. My biggest brick wall is William Michael Murphy, a great grandfather.
11:22:03 From Monique Riley : Yes, love the FB Messenger reminders for my ancestors,BMDs.
11:22:06 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Back again.
11:22:22 From Randy Seaver : Imagine doing that trip before roadways and railroads…when was Timmins settled?
11:23:09 From Yvonne Demoskof : Randy, it was in early 1900s, when gold was discovered
11:23:33 From Pat Kuhn : what makes it hard is finding the married daughters only as “Mrs. John Smith” instead of giving at least their own first name
11:24:04 From Randy Seaver : My daughter dropped her married name and uses her middle name “Lee” on Facebook.
11:24:05 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Sorry Russ. Didn’t realize I could “mute” video or I would have done so.
11:24:32 From Randy Seaver : Yvonne, that explains it all, doesn’t it?
11:24:47 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Russ: Is it “Stop Video”?
11:24:55 From Yvonne Demoskof : It does, Randy
11:25:03 From Randy Seaver : Gary, it is
11:25:04 From Cousin Russ to All panelists : Gary – Yes
11:25:10 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Thank you
11:26:31 From Robbin Smith : yes I love the application and claims index
11:26:36 From Betty-Lu Burton : I think there is a card for each person who received a pension, soldier, widow, minors, mother’s etc
11:26:47 From Pat Kuhn : sometime you find the parents names
11:27:05 From Michelle Minner : The applications and Claims index helped me find all 5 husbands of my grandmother!
11:27:31 From Cousin Russ : Judy G. Russell’s INDEXING THE DIFFERENCES:Two Social Security indexes

11:29:00 From Devon Lee : Where do we see the original image after we find an text-only portion of the application?
11:29:25 From Pamela Wells : Pat, this is SO ironic….I clicked on William Gist Froman to see my relationship to him and it showed me our common relative of William Scott 1675-1724 KGYH-FMJ ! Go figure! My husband’s family goes thru Elizabeth Scott LHNC-S8W.
11:29:57 From Devon Lee : Never mind. I see the answer. $16-27 fee per original.
11:30:45 From Randy Seaver : Devon, you can order an image of the actual application card from SSA, but it costs about $30 each
11:30:51 From Cousin Russ : Vivid-Pix
11:31:18 From Randy Seaver : always go for the one with more info – the $16 one doesn’t give you parents and other info.

REGISTER for this WACKY Wednesday “Exploring Vivid-Pix RESTORE” here:

11:31:19 From June Butka : I love Restore.
11:31:43 From DEb Andrew : I have it and love it. Great for faded records.
11:33:00 From DEb Andrew : Restore is good for when you pull old photos from the net, and does a good job of photos.
11:33:37 From DEb Andrew : Itis very easy to use.
11:33:49 From Ellen Thompson-Jennings to All panelists : I’ve used and blogged about it
11:34:15 From Graham Walter : I’ll be there!
11:34:28 From Monique Riley : The podcast Extreme Genes always has the folks from VividPics to a segment. It’s really good.
11:34:46 From Cousin Russ : Family Tree Live =
11:35:04 From Graham Walter : and MyHeritage Amsterdam!
11:35:48 From DEb Andrew : Thanks.
11:36:50 From Randy Seaver : maybe even Tamura Jones?
11:37:12 From Danine Cozzens : Restore has a Mac version, just downloaded demo…
11:37:16 From Monique Riley : *Vivid-Pix do a segment
11:37:21 From Graham Walter : cool!
11:37:26 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : so cool!
11:38:44 From Pamela Wells : Have a super day everyone! Thanks for all of your help!
11:38:45 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : Thank you all, get some honey
11:40:51 From DEb Andrew : Gary, you ask wonderful and good questions in Research like a Pro.
11:41:15 From Graham Walter : You may also to need to ‘enable advanced features’ in your Zoom profile
11:45:04 From Yvonne Demoskof to All panelists : Gary, what part of Canada are you in?
11:45:27 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : I’m in Calgary, Alberta, Yvonne
11:45:34 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : This is the program that permits one to share the screen of their tablet or smart phone
11:45:49 From Yvonne Demoskof : I’m in Hope, BC. I wonder if we’re related? I have Gauthier ancestors
11:46:04 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : I have the history
11:46:06 From Graham Walter : Bye everyone – have a good day

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