DearMYRTLE takes some of her favorite family photos and runs them through the powerful Vivid-Pix RESTORE automatic enhancement settings. No more struggling with complicated and very expensive photo editing programs, RESTORE is a snap to use and provides excellent results on those faded ancestral photos and documents.

Download the full program here: (non-affiliate link) NOTE: The trial version lasts for 10 saved photo edits before asking you to purchase the program. So try it, you’ll like it!




18:51:11 From Cousin Russ to All panelists : Can you hear us ?
19:00:34 From Melissa Barker : Hello Everyone!
19:02:26 From Cousin Russ : DearMYRTLE learned about Vivid-PixRESTORE by following Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective

19:02:57 From Cousin Russ :
19:03:26 From Betty-Lu Burton : Hi Melissa and cousin Russ and everyone
19:06:59 From Shelley Murphy : wow!
19:10:23 From Deb Andrew : This programs works well with old photos posted on the web.
19:26:41 From nadine guilbault : How long does the trial period last? [NOTE: ten saved images]
19:27:34 From nadine guilbault : Beautiful images.
19:28:57 From Betty-Lu Burton : In otherwards clean up unprofessionally taken old photos
19:29:43 From Shelley Murphy : I like the sky also, this is great
19:30:28 From Sarah Bell : I like the automation… I wonder how it would compare to something like Photoshop. [NOTE: Myrt mentions she has taken several expensive courses on learning Adobe’s Photoshop, and she still hasn’t mastered it.]

19:42:36 From Cousin Russ :
19:50:40 From nadine guilbault : Can you do cropping of photos? I am not a good picture taker. [NOTE: Yes!]
19:58:48 From Shelley Murphy : it looks like a great program
19:59:31 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Thank you for this informative session.
20:00:39 From nadine guilbault : Thank you.
20:00:41 From Shelley Murphy : thanks

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