Congratulations to our friend and colleague Randy Seaver for 13 years of exemplary genealogy blogging. Always forthright in his comparisons of programs and websites, we particularly appreciate his step-by-step directions demonstrating how to accomplish a specific genea-task. We heartily recommend following Randy at: .


This week’s MwM attendees appreciate Graham Walter, our man in London, who demos some new map features on The Genealogist website. We discuss preparing to visit a distant cemetery, FindAGrave, BillionGraves, ordering a replacement headstone for a US military veteran, and take a look at Gary’s citation for the online presentation of a digitized record. John Laws, our man not in Edinburgh, Scotland asks “Is it time to drop Dropbox?” and shares a related video from Steve Dotto. Myrt demos how to share a specific Dropbox file with someone. With so many genea-buds traveling, we suggest “Wifi in Europe” a short subject video from Valerie & Myrt’s Excellent Genealogy Adventures blog. The equipment Myrt favors works in 120+ countries throughout the world without needing to change SIM cards.



10:00:30 From Graham Walter : Hello from London
10:01:01 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Good Morning everyone.
10:01:08 From Hilary Gadsby : Hello from Wales
10:01:10 From Yvonne Demoskof : Happy anniversary, Randy!
10:01:26 From Pamela Wells : Congrats, Randy! Great job!
10:01:35 From Deb Andrew : Congrats Randy
10:02:00 From Cousin Russ : Happy Blogiversary to Randy Seaver
10:02:08 From Robbin Smith : Good day from Miami
10:02:09 From Valerie Lisk : Congrats Randy and hello from St. Louis.
10:02:19 From Robbin Smith : Congrats Randy!
10:02:23 From Gloria Oren : Good morning from Washington state
10:02:37 From Kathleen Daetsch : Congrats Randy
10:02:51 From Bill West : Gooood morning from soggy Massachusetts!
10:02:57 From Gloria Oren : Moved down recently from Redmond to Vancouver
10:03:01 From Robbin Smith : A bit rainy here in Miami
10:03:02 From Kathleen Daetsch : New York City Raining here too
10:03:10 From Crystal Toenjes to All panelists : Don’t complain about rain, we go almost 6 inches of snow out here in the Chicago area!
10:03:10 From Danine Cozzens : Hello from cloudy SF Bay area!
10:03:11 From Bill West : And Happy Blogiversary, Randy!
10:03:24 From Pat Kuhn : very windy!!!! here in central PA
10:03:31 From John Laws : Hello from North Berick in Bonnie Scotland Enjoyed our meet with Charles E ‘Chuck’ Laws from Johnson TN Hope you enjoyed Scotland
10:03:37 From Valerie Lisk : We had a wind storm yesterday that took down trees, took out power, phone and internet.
10:03:39 From Graham Walter : THE GENEALOGIST
10:03:49 From Doris Haskell : Greetings from rainy Rock Springs, Wyoming. How about the news that 5G will be coming to the USA?
10:04:12 From Sue Tolbert to All panelists : Visiting Denton, Texas today where the sun is shining.
10:08:21 From Robbin Smith : wow very cool
10:12:22 From Hilary Gadsby : Just found one of the cemeteries where my ancestors were buried
10:14:52 From Marcia Philbrick : I would check BillionGraves first since there are GPS coordinates on Billion Graves.
10:15:11 From Doris Haskell to All panelists : If I couldn’t find information for a sexton or keeper, I would try the town hall, and if no luck there, I would try a local library.
10:15:22 From Marcia Philbrick : Check local library and city offices to see if they have any records.
10:15:26 From DearMYRTLE : FindAGrave
10:15:30 From marian koalski to All panelists : Call the cemetery office if one exists.
10:15:30 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : .
10:15:54 From DearMYRTLE : Billion Graves

10:16:59 From Deb Andrew : The area they are going to a rural area. Local churches, other cemeteries with caretakers may know, local funeral.
10:17:19 From Launa : try to look at florist directory. they might have cemetery info
10:18:41 From Deb Andrew : Murphysboro, Jackson county, Illinois, is the one from the fb group. My local area I was from.
10:19:00 From Graham Walter : I also use Google or Facebook to find the cemetery and then find out information from other visitors who been there
10:19:52 From Danine Cozzens : Check the website for the local genealogy societies — they may have links and clues.

10:20:27 From Randy Seaver: Here is a blog post about Charles Auble burial site –
10:21:09 From Randy Seaver : My great-grandfather, Charles Auble, doesn’t have a stone in Mount Hope Cemetery in San diego. His obituary says he would be buried in another cemetery. The Mount Hope office gave me a map showing his location – beautiful green grass! I have a photo of it. Find A Grave has the wrong location for him – I need to fix it.

10:21:22 From Frances Stein : Congrats to Randy Seaver! Great blog! Thank you!!!!
10:21:30 From Deb Andrew to All panelists : FB groups that are from that area and counties.
10:22:24 From Robbin Smith : Yep that happened to me too, no headstone
10:22:37 From Gary Gauthier : I have an ancestor who also doesn’t have a headstone, Randy
10:24:08 From Kathy Richardson : A few of my Johnson ancestors are buried in Mount Hope Cemetery
10:24:43 From Valerie Lisk : I wish I could afford to put stones on all of my ancestors.
10:24:44 From Rachel Evans : I always contact the cemetery before I go. The cemetery I volunteer with only opens to the public once a month in warmer weather. However, if someone asks someone may meet them and walk them through when it’s closed. We also have events which may mean it is unavailable at given times.
10:24:50 From Pat Kuhn : have a few of these, no stone graves
10:25:30 From que251 : Calvary Cemetery in Queens wanted me to pay $2500 in maintenance fees and my gggrandparents did not even have a tombstone.
10:27:15 From Frances Stein : Calvary Cemetery in Queens, NY also tried to get $$ from me. I requested info on my husband’s ancestors. They provided a bit, told me that there were 11 people in that plot, and for $114, they would provide a full list. No thanks…LOL!
10:27:25 From Rachel Evans : que I got the same thing from them for multiple plots.
10:27:29 From Marcia Philbrick : Nemaha County, Kansas has cemetery notebooks for all of the cemeteries in the county. Those notebooks can be found at the historical society AND at the public libraries across the county.
10:27:41 From Kathleen Daetsch : I found a gravestone of one of my late husbands ancestors the stone is completly covered with a bush. I nearly missed it.
10:27:50 From Robbin Smith : I was in County Meath, and in Moynalty there was a visitors’ center with the map of the CofI cemetery
10:28:17 From Marcia Philbrick : Some tombstones are missing now and those older books have the information in them.
10:28:35 From Gary Gauthier : In small towns, the town office is a valuable source for grave locations. Sometimes the personnel serve in several posts.
10:29:05 From Pat Kuhn : the cemetery I am secretary for has no office on location, so people need to get in touch with me sometimes through our grounds keeper.
10:29:17 From Michelle Minner : the local historical society in Hermann, Missouri has fundraisers, where volunteers stand by headstones dressed in appropriate era costumes…and tourists take a tour of the cemetery. A lot of fun, and helps with raising money to keep the cemetery in shape.
10:29:22 From Randy Seaver : My Chula Vista Gen Society did a CD for Glen Abbey Memorial Park in nearby Bonita – from inception through 1999. Took `10 years to do, but it’s very useful. We have done La Vista Cemetery in National City – the first one in south SD County. Ready to publish. All volunteer effort.
10:29:34 From Hilary Gadsby : I have found headstone for Arthur Conan Doyle in the graveyard where I am trying to find my family
10:29:56 From Deb Andrew : The cemetery where my 2x great grandparents are in a cemetery that was on someone’s land. One family petition the curt to get an easement for access to the cemetery.
10:30:23 From Graham Walter : Friends of Tower Hamlets –
10:31:14 From Kathleen Daetsch : If the ancestor with no stone is a veteran the V.A. will put a stone on it.
10:31:23 From Graham Walter : all Israel
10:32:29 From Doris Haskell : If the VA won’t, check with the local American Legion, VFW or DAR.

10:33:20 From Doris Haskell : They get local volunteers to donate for a specific project.
10:33:23 From Gary Gauthier : I can speak for Canada here in municipal cemeteries for veterans headstones
10:34:03 From marian koalski to All panelists : In Massachusetts, each town has a town official who handles veterans affairs. I expect counties in other states might have similar officials, who can provide the form for requesting a military stone.
10:34:41 From Pat Kuhn : my grandfather’s had an incorrect birth year
10:35:15 From Kathleen Daetsch : My cousin was applying for a civil war veteran in a local family plot but I don’t know what the outcome was.
10:36:01 From wanda looney to All panelists : I found a veteran grave in the woods where he lived, no family is alive, how do i get him moved to the veteran cemetery in my state, they stated they will accept his remains if I can get him moved
10:36:06 From Hazel Meldrum : In Scotland it is a good idea to contact the local family History society as there is a history of creating Monumental Inscription booklets these include maps.
10:36:51 From Kathleen Daetsch : In the national cemetery at calverton L.I. they replace the stones when they get worn of messy looking.

10:37:33 From Cousin Russ : Edmonton Cemetery (in Canada)
10:39:27 From Mary Lou Gravatt : My Great-grandparents do not have a headstone; their youngest son is buried in the same plot with a headstone. A list from the cemetery and their grandson telling where his father is buried helped me find the grave.
10:39:39 From Kathleen Daetsch : I found relatives who had been interned in another cemetery but they couldn’t tell me why
10:39:49 From Cousin Russ :
10:40:25 From Pat Stano-Carpenter : We recently had a gov. marker made up for my father-in-law and were encouraged to not do it in bronze because of theft.
10:41:02 From marian koalski to All panelists : Pat, that’s very interesting (and sad).
10:43:19 From Kathleen Daetsch : The ancestor who was interned has no marker I wonder if there was a headstone in the original cemetery.
10:51:46 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : In Denmark the graves and cemeteries are located at the churches. Families are required to maintain the graves or pay to have the church maintain them. If a family does not pay, the church removes the headstones and toss them into a headstone graveyard behind the church and bury someone else in the sight on top of your family member.
10:52:49 From Randy Seaver : Gary, did you have to figure out the content and elements, and order of elements, yourself, or was there an Evidence Explained model you used?
10:53:22 From marian koalski  : Have we allowed Ancestry or FamillySearch to establish “Image” as a standard without consulting the community? Or ISO?
10:53:27 From Randy Seaver : I think you did a great job on this.
10:54:07 From Randy Seaver : This is really hard to do from scratch!
10:55:51 From Randy Seaver : Marian – I think EE uses “image” for many of the citation models for digitized records
10:56:28 From Randy Seaver : I use “image x of y all the time in my citations – it’s the key shortcut to the actual record.
10:56:29 From Cathy Naborowski : I keep both locality guides and repository guides in Evernote.
10:56:55 From Graham Walter : Looking at the record in context of the data set as a whole
10:57:50 From Rachel Evans : I need to check the record set. I have several who served in WW1 in Canada. Thanks Gary!
11:00:28 From marian koalski to All panelists : I think Gary is wise to use the term that the bac-lac web site uses.

11:05:25 From Cousin Russ : Elizabeth Shown Mills – 5 years ago What is the main purpose of a #citation? No, it’s not “identifying our source so others know what we used” or “so it can be found again.”

11:11:35 From Cousin Russ : U.S., Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963

11:12:31 From Robbin Smith : Steve Dotto
11:12:38 From Launa to All panelists : I watch him all the time
11:12:45 From Yvonne Demoskof : Hes’ aged since I last saw his pc/tech show
11:12:48 From Cousin Russ : – Is it Time to Drop Dropbox?
11:12:54 From marian koalski to All panelists : John, I like him a lot, too. Steve Dotto. I got lots of ideas for using Evernote from his videos.
11:13:13 From Robbin Smith : he does techy youtube video
11:13:18 From Graham Walter : Dropbox offers this information
. Quoting:
“Other Dropbox users can’t see your files in Dropbox unless you share links to files or share folders. Like most online services, we have a small number of employees who must be able to access user data for the reasons stated in our privacy policy (e.g., when legally required to do so). But that’s the rare exception, not the rule. “
11:13:54 From Cousin Russ : SYNC

11:14:12 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Randy, you asked about whether I used EE or figured the citation format out myself… I used the EE principles as a basis, but the example has no direct “template” in the EE book.

11:17:19 From Jim Everhart to All panelists : Check out a video by Steve Dotto about Sync and the Terms notice from Dropbox claiming the have the use of your data if they want
11:18:53 From Kathleen Daetsch : That is how mine is set up I use dropbox and sync. I also have one drive with some pictures.
11:19:53 From Gary Gauthier : 10 MB drive was $800 CDN in about 1980.

11:22:43 From Cousin Russ : “Wifi in Europe”


11:23:08 From Cousin Russ : THEGenShow2019 – For #ThePhotoAlchemistComp, we’ve decided to EXTEND the deadline for photo submissions! Got any 😍 #blackandwhite couples photos/ a portrait you’d ❤️ to see in colour? You have until Wednesday 24 April, 5pm to send them in! See our competition page

11:23:23 From Cousin Russ : Valerie & Myrt’s Excellent Genealogy Adventures “Spotlight: The Photo Alchemist Competition”

11:24:01 From John Laws : For Trip Planning download Trip it keep all your itinerary in one place

Advanced Genetic Genealogy
11:24:36 From Cousin Russ : Debbie Parker Wayne, Editor of Advanced Genetic Genealogy: Techniques and Case Studies
11:24:48 From Louis Kessler to All panelists : Hi
11:29:35 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : Review by Louis Kessler
11:29:42 From Cousin Russ : “The names of the chapter writers is a who’s who of genetic genealogy: Bartlett, Bettinger, Hobbs, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Kennett, Lacopo, Owston, Powell, Russell, Stanbary,Turner and Wayne. If you know who these people are, then you are likely knowledgeable enough in this field to take in their wisdom. It is advanced. This is no beginners course. You’ll have to have experience and the knowledge of working with your DNA to fully grasp what is said.” From Louie Kessler’s review of Advanced Genetic Genealogy: Techniques and Case Studies
11:29:58 From Randy Seaver : I put Louis’ post in Best of the Genea-Blogs this week.

11:31:30 From Louis Kessler to All panelists : By the way, You’ll note in Debbie Parker Wayne’s errata that there is just one small item listed. That just illustrates the quality of the work.

11:31:34 From Cousin Russ : Saskatchewan Cummins Map Company Fonds 1917-1930

We are sad to note Notre-Dame in Paris is on fire.

11:31:50 From Deb Andrew : Notre-Dame De Paris is on fire.
11:32:57 From Cathy Naborowski : The Notre Dame fire looks really scary.
11:33:12 From Ellen Thompson-Jennings to All panelists : I’ll be checking that out

11:33:26 From Gary Gauthier : Yes
11:33:38 From Deb Andrew : On tv
11:33:40 From Cathy Naborowski :
11:33:45 From Rachel Evans :
11:33:57 From Hilary Gadsby : Find My Past are now showing hints to newspapers
11:33:57 From Cathy Naborowski : Sorry that’s a big link. The source is my eyes. I’m watching it.
11:34:26 From Maria Tegtmeier to All panelists : Truly sad.
11:34:28 From Yvonne Demoskof : major fire
11:34:38 From Yvonne Demoskof : what a loss this might be
11:34:47 From Gary Gauthier : I have pictures of it from when I lived in Paris
11:35:10 From Valerie Lisk : No! I’ve visited Notre Dame twice an even had Sunday Mass there.
11:36:24 From Graham Walter : bye everyone
11:37:10 From Marcia Philbrick : roof fire at the Kansas State University library affected all collections
11:39:06 From Robbin Smith : oh yes it was destroyed
11:40:35 From LouisKessler to All panelists : Bye all.
11:40:36 From Valerie Lisk : bye

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