Find out how you can use Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar technology for family events, society meetings, 1-on-1 client consults and such. Cousin Russ explains how he and DearMYRTLE use this technology to host interactive study groups and technology demos. Hosted by DearMYRTLE’s *very* distant cousin Sweet Sadie.



19:03:07 From Melissa Barker : Hello Everyone!
19:03:33 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Hi all!
19:11:39 From Dave Robison to All panelists : I was taking a bite of my dinner!!!
19:18:47 From Rose Mazza : hi everyone
19:43:08 From Andy Hatchett : Right before this show started Zoom announced an integration with Google’s G Suite :0

Zoom Logo
19:43:36 From Cousin Russ :
19:48:41 From Cousin Russ : Website with copyright-free graphics to use with green-screens
19:49:11 From Sarah Bell : unsplash is good too
19:50:58 From Dave Robison to All panelists : Can you show how to take “Record” off the menu at the bottom. I’m always afraid I’ll click it when I go to chat!
19:54:58 From Andy Hatchett  : Dave- even if you click it it won’t start without other input from you- (local or cloud, etc) Not sure the button can be totally removed.
19:55:24 From Shelley Murphy : Thanks, very informative. I need to go, was listening in.
20:04:43 From Mark Barrus: Thanks for the Demo. I heard Zoom went public today at $36 / Share
20:07:29 From Andy Hatchett  : Melissa- Thanks for subscribing 🙂
20:07:39 From Mark Barrus : Nice to see you
20:08:21 From Mark Barrus  : Thanks for the invite.

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