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I’m not Catholic or Muslim, nor do I live in the Louisiana communities where three principally Black churches were ravaged by an arsonist’s torch. But I care when others are hurting. 💔

Communities gather around houses of worship and cemeteries where loved ones are laid to rest. These sacred spots are the heart and soul of a community.

What prompted my writing? Several friends have said regarding Paris’ Notre Dame fire “It’s only a church – just stone & brick.”

So too, was another house of worship that burned yesterday – the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. (1)

They are all just made of brick and stone, but they represent the best hopes for learning to live a kind life by thinking of our Maker.

Happy to read in The New York Times “The fire at Notre-Dame cathedral on Monday prompted immediate pledges of millions of euros to help rebuild it. On Tuesday, it spurred donations to do the same for much smaller places of worship thousands of miles away that were recently destroyed by arson.”(2)

On a completely different level these are historical icons that were there, for good or bad, when our ancestors walked the face of the earth.


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(2) Zraick, Karen and Niraj Chokshi, “Donations to Black Churches Destroyed by Arson Spike After Notre-Dame Fire”, New York Times, 16 Apr 2019 ( : viewed 16 April 2019)

IMAGE: “Peace Dove with Olive branch” vector illustration, bphotoplotnikov licensed by Adobe to Pat Richley 19 Apr 2019. (https://stock/ : licensed 19 Apr 2019). [ file modified to .png format for this blog post alone.]