British India Office Deaths & Burials

Our guest from London Alex Cox of FindMyPast joins DearMYRTLE to discuss the British India Office Deaths & Burials record set. “Discover details about the deaths of your ancestors who died in the UK, British India, Burma and other territories connected to the India office (St Helena, Sumatra, Kuwait, Aden, Penang, Macao). Discover where, when and in some cases how they died as well as where they were buried.” 

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Alex explains the amount of information you can discover can vary, but the British India Office death and burial records usually include a combination of the following information about your ancestors, namely death and burial details, name of deceased, date of death, place of death, date of burial, place of burial, officiating minister, rites of burial (occasionally) along with certain biographical information such as age at death, occupation, birth place, and cause of death.

British India Office Deaths & Burials -Sample Entry

IMAGE: Parish register transcripts from the Presidency of Bombay, 1709-1948, Charles Newel Grant entry, 25 March 1861, digital image collection, British India Office Deaths & Burials database, Find My Past ( : viewed 3 May 2019).

Alex rightly suggests we look to the British Newspaper Collection, also at FindMyPast for a write up on the death.

Officer Killed by Tiger

IMAGE: Hereford Times, “An Officer Killed by a Tiger in India” citing the Poona Observer, regarding Lieut. C. N. Grant, 18 May 1861, page 12, column1; digital image, Find My Past, British Newspaper Archive ( : viewed 3 May 2019.)


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