In which we congratulate Hilary Gadsby on publication in the Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine and find out what Cousin Russ did when his laptop presented the blue screen of death about 20 minutes into his 2-hour workshop at the Ohio Genealogical Society annual conference. We also ask “Does your home have a witch bottle?”



00:22:17 Graham Walter: Hello from sunny London!
00:23:40 Betty-Lu Burton: Hello everyone
00:24:22 Robbin Smith: Hello from Miami
00:24:55 Betty-Lu Burton: Well at one time NJ and Penn was somewhat separate countries, historically speaking
00:26:52 Betty-Lu Burton: A beautiful dress
00:26:57 Hilary Gadsby: I was in Salisbury for a wedding and can share a photo of the car if you want.
00:30:43 John Laws: Hi from bonnie Scotland sad to say am without my Samsung finally gave up the ghost it’s back in the shop in Edinburgh tried to join on my old hp zv6000 but even though I got zoom OK no Web Cam fitted have a great show watching over my droid
00:31:19 Graham Walter: Hi John
00:33:01 Graham Walter: Brilliant cake!
00:43:55 Molly McKinley: Some of my Merrill line comes from there
00:44:23 Randy Seaver: Different strokes for different folks: My oldest daughter married in the redwoods, rode in on a horse, but in a long wedding dresses. Married in their back yard in Santa Cruz mountains. Younger daughter married in same church we were married in and she was baptized in – very traditional wedding.
00:45:24 Cousin Russ:
00:46:10 Yvonne Demoskof: which issue, Hilary?
00:46:12 Bill West: Good morning from soggy Massachusetts!
00:46:21 DearMYRTLE .: Current issue Yvonne.
00:46:26 DearMYRTLE .: Just not up on the web yet.
00:47:09 Hilary Gadsby: This is the latest June issue
00:47:36 Linda Stufflebean: Mine has pretty much stayed the same. I always wanted to share tips and techniques for researching in addition to sharing ancestral stories.
00:47:37 Randy Seaver: The article calls me a “blogging behemoth” – guess I need to lose weight?
00:47:42 Shelley Murphy: nope mine is not focused all Genealogy
00:48:05 Randy Seaver: Was able to pull up the link – try again?
00:48:22 Jenny Hawran: Mine started out for my daughters to tell them my stories. Then it morphed into stories of my ancestors. Now it is about my genealogy journey overall.
00:48:27 Marcia Philbrick: not really — I just blog about my current research / and/or things I learn or figure out with software and websites
00:48:34 Bill West: Nope, same old same old on my blog. Still posting the stories I find about my ancestors.
00:49:50 Hilary Gadsby: I also saw at least 2 historically important things whilst I was in Salisbury and I may write a blog post.
00:50:20 Yvonne Demoskof: Love SNGF!
00:52:01 Frances Stein: love, love, love Randy’s Blog! I look several times per week. Thank you, Randy Seaver!
00:52:22 Randy Seaver: thank you, Frances!
00:52:32 Molly McKinley: I have not blogged much this year, still trying to get settled in after moving. I have three different ones. One as a tool box, one as direct family and one about different genealogy things.
00:54:12 Randy Seaver: I have seen no blog posts yet describing activities at the NGS Conference. Some Facebook, but not much. Genea-Blogging has waned, I fear.
00:54:30 John Laws: I’m blogging
00:54:55 Denise Coughlin: Not many tweets about NGS conference either this year
00:55:55 Randy Seaver: John, I would love to see you blog about your one-name process – when someone sends you a new Laws person, what do you do? When you find a new profile in a book or online, what do you do? What does your database look like? Etc.
00:56:50 Robbin Smith: more people are using twitter as opposed to blogging
00:58:24 Randy Seaver: I would add YouTube and other video platforms, podcasting, etc.
00:59:08 Cousin Russ:
00:59:24 Cousin Russ:
00:59:36 Cousin Russ:
00:59:51 Randy Seaver: In most cases, social media posts and info is ephemeral – you can’t find them by Googling. That’s why I’ve concentrated on blogging.
01:00:45 Randy Seaver: and why podcasts and YouTube and webinars are the most useful platforms now.
01:00:59 Holly Hansen: I agree Randy. We post things that we want to be around and found through Google on the blog. Events we use more social media since they are over quickly. We have new events weekly.
01:01:52 Marcia Philbrick: I totally agree with Randy about the issue of re-finding a FB post – it is almost impossibly UNLESS you like and/or share it
01:03:46 Graham Walter: Sub 10 minutes for vid seems to be a good measure
01:09:16 Randy Seaver: Pat reaches her blog audience by posting about her videos.
01:10:02 Randy Seaver: I add YouTube videos to my Genealogy News Bytes posts twice a week for that reason too. Devon Lee now posts a weekly curation of genealogy videos.
01:11:35 Marcia Philbrick: Does anyone ‘post’ their blog posts on Pinterest?
01:12:15 Robbin Smith: I follow a lot of people on twitter
01:13:13 Robbin Smith: you can link to blog from twitter
01:13:30 Marcia Philbrick: IFTT (If THis Then That) allows one to automatically set up posting from Blogger/WordPress to Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is a pretty generic post – but it is automatic
01:13:31 Robbin Smith: and have graphics
01:15:34 Cousin Russ:
01:15:43 Randy Seaver: I post blog post links to Twitter and Facebook. Facebook picks up the first graphic. I wish Twitter would do that. It takes just a minute to write it in Twitter, post it, copy/paste into FB.
01:18:47 Cousin Russ: JSTOR: Is there a WITCH BOTTLE in your house?
01:19:13 Janine Edmée Hakim: I have been reading it for about 2 years
01:20:19 Janine Edmée Hakim: It’s French
01:20:24 Betty-Lu Burton: It could be Dutch too
01:21:03 Betty-Lu Burton: I have a de Kleyn in the 1600’s
01:21:25 Cousin Russ: 150 years Golden Spike commemoration
01:24:20 Graham Walter: Utah Golden Spike
01:24:24 Betty-Lu Burton: A family history note: I remember using Railroad spikes for tent spikes
01:26:07 Holly Hansen:
01:26:25 Holly Hansen:
01:27:50 Betty-Lu Burton: My understanding the western part of the Railroad was Chinese labor because the Chinese immigrated to the west coast
01:28:13 Graham Walter: Chinese Railroad Workers Descendants Association
01:31:57 Deb Andrew: I came across a voters list for the “Rough and Ready” in California. It turns out now it is a historical site.
01:33:22 Graham Walter: Is this it for Rough & Ready?,_California
01:33:55 Cousin Russ: Here is the site:
01:34:12 Graham Walter: Also Rough & Ready –
01:37:57 Holly Hansen: Very nice.
01:41:00 Molly McKinley: Sounds like our parlors in New England and in the deep south
01:41:03 Randy Seaver: there’s the “parlor” – probably used for death watches too
01:44:46 Yvonne Demoskof:
01:45:48 Graham Walter: Flickr reducing the amount of photographs for free accounts .
01:45:50 Liv Christensen: My local library uses Flickr to post pictures taken at their events.
01:50:34 Randy Seaver: I put the RootsTech After-Party from 2014 on Flickr at
01:50:44 Bill West: I Yep, Stephen Hopkins and two of his children are my ancestors.
01:52:09 Graham Walter: From the Flickr website: “Beginning January 8, 2019, Free accounts will be limited to 1,000 photos and videos. If you need unlimited storage, you’ll need to upgrade to Flickr Pro.”
01:53:50 Pat Kuhn: my mom always complained about leaving the closet door open.


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