organizing active research notes

We canvassed attendees to see how they organize their current research notes – assuming they aren’t posting items into their main genealogy database yet.




00:28:22 nadine guilbault: Hi Everyone. I love Drew’s book.

00:42:14 Cousin Russ:
00:42:24 Cousin Russ:
00:42:38 DearMYRTLE .:
00:56:06 Cousin Russ: Randy Seaver used
00:59:51 DEB Andrew: Some of the techies are saying Evernote is being viewed as a legacy app.
01:08:50 nadine guilbault: I use a 3 ring binder for my passwords. I know old fashioned.
01:09:24 DEB Andrew: Transition instructions
01:10:04 nadine guilbault: Good idea. I can scan them.
01:15:01 DEB Andrew: It is like making a will.
01:16:25 DearMYRTLE .: RootsMagic
01:17:01 nadine guilbault: Roots magic
01:17:09 DEB Andrew: MemoryWeb is cloud based and saves in five different sizes, has an app for which access. It saves from your phone, tablets and desktop.
01:19:23 DearMYRTLE .: Let’s review what people said they are doing in response to my Facebook post.
01:20:50 Robyn Buehler: For phone photos, the Gallery on my Android phone auto syncs with Google Photos. Google Photos allows free storage of unlimited photos but it reduces the file size to accommodate storage space. If you want your photos to remain Original quality, you’re limited to 15G of space. For this reason at the end of each year I download from Google Photos and delete them, to start from scratch on Jan 1.
01:22:48 Robyn Buehler: For cloud backup, I use Backblaze. Also external WD 4TB hard drive with nightly auto-backup/sync of all data on 2TB internal hard drive.
01:25:11 Robyn Buehler: I use FTM to sync my Ancestry account, which I’ve typically used for my online research. However, in the interest of being better about citations, I’m starting over directly in FTM, with no sync with Ancestry. I want to switch to manual management of my files, for better control of file names, citations, etc.

01:25:54 Cousin Russ:
01:25:58 Robyn Buehler: Evernote for easy web clipping. Like the easiest I’ve ever experienced.
01:28:49 DEB Andrew: Notion is an up and coming productivity app.

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