In which we discuss GEDMatch’s new terms of service, Norwegian Constitution Day (May 17th), MyHeritage’s new “Health” DNA test and the new Sunday and Monday hours for the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.



09:51:27 From Liv Christensen : Norwegian Constitution Day and
09:52:06 From Cousin Russ to All panelists : .
09:52:29 From Liv Christensen to All panelists : Constitution day= 17. of May
09:58:26 From Graham Walter to All panelists : .
MyHeritagee Health:
10:01:53 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : good morning from my cube at work!!

10:03:10 From Holly Hansen : New Family History Library Hours
10:06:50 From Randy Seaver : GEDMatch Terms of Service at
10:08:50 From Doris Haskell : I’m staying with GEDmatch. I don’t like what they did, but I’m staying.
10:09:55 From Kathleen Daetsch to All panelists : I was under the impression, when I joined, that it was wide open and I know that I could see the matches of my matches who did not match me.
10:10:22 From Randy Seaver : I just opted in for the LE matching at GedMatch.
10:10:48 From Danine Cozzens : I manage DNA kits for several relatives so that might be inappropriate for me to make that decision. Would like to hear others’ thoughts.
10:11:22 From jeannecourval : If you opt in, can you later opt out?
10:11:34 From Kathleen Daetsch to All panelists : I checked with the person I manage first
10:12:21 From Kathleen Daetsch to All panelists : I only manage one at this time.
10:12:27 From Randy Seaver : Yes, you can opt-out any time. There is a “Police” link on the line with your kit number
10:12:32 From Sheryl Zeringue to All panelists : Good morning from South Louisiana
10:12:58 From Randy Seaver : Click on the “Police” link and scroll down to opt in. The default is Opt-out at this point.
10:13:08 From Deb Andrew : I took all my many kits off of gedmatch. I know longer trust them to keep their word.
10:13:42 From Yolanda Sanders to All panelists : so at FTDNA you can opt out, if you opt out, does that keep you from seeing your matches?
10:13:44 From Hilary Gadsby : I have not gotten around to adding any gedcom file other than with My Heritage so they would not find anything useful from mine. I might hold fire until this gets sorted.
10:17:23 From Deb Andrew : I do read the ToS.
10:17:57 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : Before managing others DNA, I detail LE consequences, and specifically ask permission. All have agreed for LE access. We want a victim whether on life suspect vs murdered vs an un-IDed found female body, we want LE access. There are alot of missing women on Canadian borders and reservations.
10:18:16 From Kathleen Daetsch : I read up on it before I joined because I don’t read the terms of service myself
10:18:57 From Graham Walter to All panelists : It makes sense to use the expertise of those in our community in their specialised areas
10:20:21 From Doris Haskell : Now that I have finished my classes, I’m spending time looking at my own family tree. I’m working to link my Legacy records with Family Search. I’m at 1% so far.
10:20:21 From June Butka : I was one who did my DNA in Early years as a request from a person searching to rule out a possible “Killer” for the girls in our area in the 1970’s.
10:20:28 From Pamela Wells : I use Gedmatch every day and I only use initials of the DNA person whose raw data it is along with asking the person if they agree with my uploading of their DNA when I become their DNA manager. I have helped a few adoptees find their parents with the Gedmatch service. It has helped me enormously and I intend to keep using it based on this scenario. I sincerely appreciate Judy’s input and service to our genealogy community with her legal advice. I would think that Blaine Bettinger would be a great advisor on this issue.
10:20:33 From June Butka : To help solve the case.
10:20:53 From Randy Seaver : Marian, we don’t know what MH would do in that situation. Most law enforcement organizations have their own DNA databases for bad actors and maybe whole populations. The US does, but it doesn’t have the “genealogy” capability.
10:21:30 From Doris Haskell : Pamela Wells, what a wonderful work you do! Bless you!
10:22:02 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : Do people read every change of terms your bank and telephone companies send in your statements? I get of tiny prints pages often.
10:23:21 From Janine Edmée Hakim : May I ask…so if a distant, unknown relative “opts in” and GEDmatch uncovers my DNA info in the process ( I also being a GEDmatch customer who chose not to opt in) . can my information now become available indirectly through my relatives search ?
10:23:34 From Pamela Wells : You can also upload your Gedcom at
10:23:59 From Pamela Wells : Thank you Doris Haskell for your kind comment.
10:24:12 From Mary Buchholz to All panelists : But the trees are what help the law enforcement Gedcom files
10:25:58 From Doris Haskell : Thank you, Dear MYRTLE!
10:27:28 From Pamela Wells : They can identify you on Gedmatch by email address
10:27:54 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : Michigan State Police have had a DNA collection campaign from victim families.
10:29:49 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : CODIS is 13 markers and Gedmatch has more
10:30:05 From Graham Walter : .

10:30:28 From Randy Seaver : GEDmatch and the other genealogy sites use 700,000 (aprox.) SNPs
10:32:41 From Randy Seaver : Linda’s ancestry is from around the Hardanger fjord.
10:34:07 From Marian Koalski : Like US war reenactors
10:34:10 From Deb Andrew : MyHeritage just announce the release of Health testing+Ancestry.
10:34:48 From Randy Seaver : MyHeritage health is additional $120
10:35:30 From Randy Seaver : Oops, my mistake – Linda’s ancestry is around Sognefjord
10:37:41 From Marian Koalski : Maine and Massachusetts have Patriots Day on April 19 (movable)
10:37:55 From Marian Koalski : The shot heard round the world
10:37:57 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : RI celebrates VJ Day
10:38:13 From johnlaws : Visually I’m with you but have intermittent sound Will catch you guys on the recording Take care Oh I do so miss my old Samsung.
10:38:17 From Marian Koalski : They move it to Monday to suit tourism for Boston Marathon
10:38:20 From Randy Seaver : California has Cesar Chavez day March 31, school holiday
10:38:30 From Doris Haskell to All panelists : Patriots Day is April 15t, according to Siri
10:39:15 From Marian Koalski : Oh, and Boston has March 17 (Evacuation Day) for the day that the Brits evacuated Boston in 1776
10:40:02 From Linda Jordan to All panelists : Texas Independence Day – March 2.
10:40:27 From Deb Andrew : Nice maternity hospitals in Adelaide, the Queen Vic.
10:40:39 From June Butka : Chancellor’s Day 18 December
10:41:14 From Kathleen Newbill : “Boring and Dull Day,” Aug 9 in Oregon.

JaneSinclairebook10:41:38 From Kathleen Newbill : Great read! I’m almost finished.
10:42:01 From Cousin Russ : The Sinclair Betrayal: A Jayne Sinclair Genealogical Mystery Kindle Edition by M J Lee (Author)  

THE_GenealogyShow10:43:43 From Cousin Russ : THE Genealogy Show –
10:45:15 From Graham Walter : £15 = approx $19 US; $25 Can

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