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The AmericaGen Study Group – Chapter 25 “Immigrant Ancestor Origins” in Val Greenwood’s The Researchers Guide to American Genealogy, 2017 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company.)

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Val Greenwoods book

Note: All panelists were invited to read the chapter and then write about how that chapter relates to their personal research habits. 

AmericaGen Study Group – Chapter 25 “Immigrant Ancestor Origins” combined homework:



00:15:08 DearMYRTLE .: Researchers Guide to American Genealogy 4th Edition by Val D. Greenwood, 2017 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co.) Available in paperback
00:36:48 Molly McKinley: I like finding my soldiers coming into New York both in WWI and WWII.
00:37:39 DearMYRTLE .: Bravo, Molly.
00:37:43 DearMYRTLE .: Welcome Danine!
00:37:55 Cary Bright: Thanks Molly!
00:39:50 DearMYRTLE .: Ancestry Passenger Lists
00:47:10 Robbin Smith: The naturalization does say “emperor of Germany and russia”
00:51:37 Valerie Lisk: Where would you find the permission to leave papers?
00:52:44 DearMYRTLE .: In the stadt archives in Germany. Some in the town that haven’t yet been released to the state
00:53:06 Cary Bright: Valerie, If Norway, the parish books had lists. German…. not sure.
00:53:23 Valerie Lisk: Thank you!
00:54:51 DearMYRTLE .:
00:56:09 Robbin Smith: for genealogy research
00:56:10 Robbin Smith:
00:57:02 Lisa Gorrell: Thanks, Robbin!
00:58:22 DearMYRTLE .: you CAN save this chat
00:58:55 DearMYRTLE .: WHERE are DearMYRTLE’s Webinars archived? At MYRT’S MUSINGS
00:59:01 Cary Bright: Just click on the more dropdown button at the bottom and click to save chat.
01:05:13 Lisa Gorrell: This is why it’s important to study the history of your ancestor’s homelands. The history of central and eastern Europe is very complex with lots of boundary changes.
01:08:45 maria capaldi: amazing
01:09:54 Cary Bright: Great examples of it takes a village sometimes!!
01:10:28 Robbin Smith: Wow – the magic of DNA
01:10:45 maria capaldi: opened up all new information and family–congrats
01:10:49 Valerie Lisk: Wow!
01:11:21 Valerie Lisk: Melinda you give me hope!
01:13:29 Irene: This was a great session. Lots of good ideas for research.
01:13:36 June Butka: A more recent change is Yugoslavia is a more recent change from one country to two.
01:13:40 Cary Bright: Thanks for all your interest and comments from the attendees!
01:14:21 June Butka: Bosnia, Herzeegovina and parts of Croatia.
01:15:09 June Butka: Safe enjoyable travels.
01:15:19 maria capaldi: Enjoy!! Stay safe
01:15:41 Danine Cozzens: What a wonderful trip! Enjoy!!!

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