Both Melissa and Myrt report on trips they’ve taken – each to a different archive. Find out why Mr. Myrt had to pay up on an ancestor’s 1892 bankruptcy debt. Special thanks to Liv Christensen and Finn Carlsen for assisting with the research trip to Norway. Myrt reports on THE Genealogy show.



09:59:07 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists :
09:59:31 From Melissa Barker to All panelists : Here is the link to the National Archives at Forth Worth website:

10:00:55 From Liv Christensen : Here is the link to Dora the Archive in Trondheim:
10:00:58 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists :
10:01:14 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : good morning from my cube! thanks for sharing the DNA for the relative that passed.
10:01:24 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Good Morning from Northern California.
10:01:28 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists :
10:01:36 From Michelle Minner to All panelists : Good morning from southern Arizona
10:01:38 From Melissa Barker : Hello Everyone! The Archive Lady is in the house!
10:01:53 From Melinda Culpon to All panelists : Howdy from Texas!
10:02:02 From ERIC COOK to All panelists : Helloooooo folks!
10:02:09 From Deb Andrew : Good day.
10:02:18 From garygauthier : Hello from Calgary and welcome back Myrt!
10:02:25 From Sally Smith to All panelists : Good morning from Northwest Washington.
10:03:13 From Bill West to All panelists : Happy Bunker Hill Day from Massachusetts!
10:03:13 From Gloria Oren : Good morning
10:03:21 From Sheila Benedict  : Sheila Benedict here but I need to leave and put Charlie out so he doesn’t bark.
10:03:23 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Good Afternoon
10:03:34 From Jenny Hawran : Hello from Connecticut 🙂
10:03:54 From Janet Iles : Hello from Ontario, Canada. I can only stay for 15 minutes or so as I have a meeting to go to.
10:04:01 From Pamela Wells : Hello from Blowing Rock, North Carolina 🙂

Sogge family church at Surnadahl, Norway

IMAGE: The local church where Mr. Myrt’s grandfather was christened in Surnadahl, Norway. Photo courtesy of our friend and guide, Liv Birgit Christensen.

10:04:24 From Liv Christensen to All panelists : See in the churches and Sogge guys:
10:04:33 From Janine Edmée Hakim : Hello one and all
10:04:56 From Michelle Minner : WOW! 1865 !! I hope it IS related to the infamous George Booth
10:05:43 From Alice Allen to All panelists : Good morning from cloudy Vancouver, USA (aka Washington)
10:08:37 From Cousin Russ : 3 mil Archival Polyester L-Sleeves (10-Pack) from Gaylord Archival
10:09:07 From Melissa Barker to All panelists : Dave check out for your display cases:

10:10:36 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Amazing thank you Melissa
10:11:01 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Sorry thank you
10:11:28 From John Laws to All panelists : hi everyone from Reno NV back to SFO tomorrow and back in Scotland on 24th watching on my droid.
10:11:46 From Hilary Gadsby : Hi John
10:12:03 From Sheila Benedict to All panelists : Santa Ynez Valley California
10:12:04 From ERIC COOK to All panelists : Iowa here.
10:12:17 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Levittown, Pennsylvania Maria C
10:12:24 From Pat Kuhn : Hi John!!!
10:12:46 From Danine Cozzens : Hello from San Francisco Bay Area, happy to see you all again.
10:12:47 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Very Nice picture
10:12:47 From Melinda Culpon : Great picture!
10:13:06 From Sheila Benedict : Sheila Benedict in central California
10:13:09 From Dave Robison : Just as a point of interest, my 4th cousin, 5 times removed was Pelatiah Chapin. He was the first minister of this congregation in 1774 when “First Church in Ludlow” was formed.
10:13:33 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Great picture for sure.
10:14:39 From Randy Seaver : I went to the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree on 5/30-/2 in Burbank and had genealogy fun.
10:14:56 From Randy Seaver : 5/30 to 6/2, sorry
10:15:01 From Michelle Minner : this week, on facebook, I saw a posting about checking for patents with your ancestors…and I hit a goldmine! who knew my family were such inventors: example website:
10:15:50 From Molly McKinley : I am scanning for duplicates files in my genealogy files and deleting the extras. Then I will be able to organize my files. I finally decided how I want to do it fully.
10:16:01 From Melinda Culpon : Just finished the Texas Institute of Genealogical Research #TIGR2019, Found the Civil War Muster Roll of my 3rd great grandfathers
10:16:03 From Dave Robison : One of these years, I’ll make it to that get-together!
10:16:10 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Tearing down our boat shed destroyed this winter. Young neighbors helping the old folks is a plus in this neighborhood.
10:16:33 From Maria Capaldi  : Searching for information on my 3x Grandfather. My 1st Grandchild Graduated and is leaving for Marines in October.
10:16:35 From Sheila Benedict : I spoke at Jamboree and was in Ireland the month of May before that.
10:16:59 From Doris Haskell : I am taking a summer class at our community college, Intermediate Algebra. And, I have been learning how to use the Tags on Ancestry, how to use the Dots on Ancestry, how to share more details between FamilySearch and Ancestry, and still struggling with sharing information between Legacy Family. Tree and MyHeritage.
10:17:00 From Holly Hansen to All panelists : I have been participating on Big Blend Radio. And writing for National Parks and Travel Online Magazine.
10:17:06 From Alice Allen to All panelists : Last Thursday, when volunteering at the CCGS library, discovered that my co-librarian was a jr high and high school friend of one of my daughters, and had even spent the night in my house. Small world!
10:17:29 From Marian Koalski : Good for you, Doris! Math counts!
10:17:45 From Sheila Benedict : I’m on the Jamboree committee

10:18:46 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : Saw this at THE Genealogy Show for passing on your digital memories
10:19:04 From Marian Koalski : Conferences might be going “more local.” People might want to concentrate on a particular region or stay in a particular region.
10:19:12 From garygauthier : Conferences are great, but airfares to/from Canada are ridiculous!
10:19:17 From Linda Stufflebean : I know Jamboree is in Burbank because SCGS is based there. However, it is way more expensive to fly into Burbank than LAX. I wish they would move to an LAX area hotel.
10:19:19 From June Butka : listening on phone
10:20:14 From Cathy Naborowski : It felt like the NGS conference was very well attended this year. I don’t know what numbers were.
10:20:18 From Randy Seaver : My 2nd great-grandfather Devier J. Smith received a patent in about 1885 for a buggy whip holder
10:20:23 From Deb Andrew to All panelists : I had SI joint fusion surgery and I’m recovering. In the meantime, I’ve been going over the different mind mapping apps. I
10:20:25 From Linda Stufflebean to All panelists : This past week, I took advantage of the free access on and found that the Passaic herald News, after years of waiting, has finally been digitized. 🙂 I mined over 100 items.
10:20:34 From Bill West to All panelists : I’m messing around with MyTree Tags on Ancestry
10:20:54 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Thank you
10:25:06 From Dave Robison : Randy, was he from Western MAss? Westfield, MA is referred to as “Whip City”
10:25:22 From Deb Andrew to All panelists : sacroiliac

FGS 2019 conference10:25:35 From Cousin Russ : Federation of Genealogical Society’s annual conference will be in DC this year.

10:26:15 From Marian Koalski : I noticed that the FGS conference is also offering guided research at several DC repositories for $10. Great deal!

10:29:25 From Randy Seaver : Dave, the patent was actually for a harness rack, and I can’t find it on the USPTO site now, it was No 331,565 He was born near Watertown NY. A link to it is
10:32:54 From Dave Robison : Thanks, Randy… Watertown is a long ride! If the patent shows up it might give more details on his location.
10:35:05 From sherry vachio to All panelists : My grandfather had a patent for a hosiery display rack ~ 1926.
10:36:19 From Michelle Minner : I was fascinated by searching history in a historical place!
10:39:59 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : amazing experience

10:41:38 From Michelle Minner : WOWWWWWWWWWW….Pope Clemens? I am so impressed!
10:44:19 From Mary Buchholz to All panelists : This is exciting We are taking a genealogy trip to Norway in August — to visit the Romundstad Valley and Rindal — hoping to see the farm book
10:49:59 From Sheila Benedict : Some call it a vestry, others a sacristy.
10:51:52 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : wow! I wish I could transport right now!
10:52:36 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : lol
10:53:35 From Sheila Benedict : I live in Solvang which was created in 1911 by Danish immigrants. Where I worked was the Spanish mission – I was the archivist there for almost 18 years. It was the first structure here and the Danish village grew around it.
10:53:42 From Randy Seaver : Linda and I have been to Norway two times – I wrote quite a bit about the 1999 trip to Oslo, Voss and Bergen in with some photos too. Linda is 25% Norwegian. In 2012, Torill Johnsen took us to the Archives in Oslo and sightseeing.
10:55:36 From bobbi to All panelists : what an amazing trip!
10:56:21 From Michelle Minner : Nice phrase…I like it. from now on, I will use “heritage travel” for my trips to look into documents and cemeteries.
10:59:42 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : This session has brought back the memories of my own trip to Denmark to meet unknown family and travels. The Scandinavian folks are so very welcoming and generous.

10:59:44 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : congratulations Melissa
11:00:08 From DearMYRTLE . : Yes, Sheryl, the people were very open and friendly.
11:00:30 From Linda Jordan : I live in the Ft. Worth area. The Archives here is great!
11:01:03 From DearMYRTLE . :
11:01:06 From marian koalski : With plenty of parking, no doubt!
11:01:09 From Sheila Benedict : I was given a tour of the working area of the NARA archive in southern California. It was awesome
11:01:24 From Cousin Russ :
11:02:03 From Randy Seaver : In 1999 we were lucky to hook up with a member of the Liland farm (near Voss) family that was our guide and arranged a lunch at the farm with the current owners -cousins of Linda’s. We also visited the farm (now a living history museum) in Molster that Linda’s family left from in 1855. Bjorg Liland was a treasure! Great memories.
11:02:21 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : WOW! Randy. 🙂
11:02:33 From DearMYRTLE . : WOW! Randy. 🙂
11:02:58 From Liv Christensen : I have read some of your blogposts on this Randy. Thank you for posting it.
11:03:07 From Randy Seaver : I arranged quite a bit of this using the NORWAY-L email list and message board. Met several genealogists in Oslo too.
11:04:49 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Really!
11:04:50 From marian koalski : That’s recycling!
11:05:44 From Sheila Benedict : There are two branch NARA arcchives in Califronia – northern and southern
11:07:42 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : I bet!!! Holy Cow!!
11:09:05 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : May I ask What Headsets everyone uses…I am wondering if I should get a Pair?
11:09:49 From Cousin Russ : Micdrosoft LiveChat LX3000
11:10:10 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : Stockyards Museum in the Historic Stockyards, Fort Worth, Texas
11:10:18 From Cousin Russ : Stockyards Museum in the Historic Stockyards, Fort Worth, Texas
11:10:35 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : .
11:10:48 From Dave Robison to All panelists : Headsets are recommended. I have a “VTIN” which you can find at Amazon or just Google it. I think Dear Myrt has also bought one. Very cusshy earphones…very comfortalbe!
11:11:34 From Dave Robison : MAria, Headsets are recommended. I have a “VTIN” which you can find at Amazon or just Google it. I think Dear Myrt has also bought one. Very cushy earphones…very comfortalbe!
11:12:39 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Thank You Cousin Russ and Dave Robinson : )
11:13:00 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : Historical Markers 4+ Astrodantastic Software
11:13:01 From Cathy Naborowski : There’s another app called Field Trip that tells you about stuff in the area.
11:13:17 From Cousin Russ : Historical Markers 4+ Astrodantastic Software
11:13:33 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Yes, I had that at one time
11:13:41 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists :
11:13:51 From Cathy Naborowski : I think that’s it.
11:14:17 From Doris Haskell : How cool! Hubby likes those kinds of things when we travel, and I like to see family members (both living and dead).
11:14:28 From Cousin Russ :
11:15:54 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : The Family Nexus
11:16:01 From Bill West to All panelists : I have Amesbury ancestors as well, Russ!
11:16:11 From Cousin Russ : The Family Nexus
11:17:37 From Randy Seaver : I have lots of Amesbury and Salisbury ancestors too. It was originally called Almsbury I think. I also have ancestry in Salem and Beverly and Marblehead relatively near Manchester-by-the-sea.
11:17:44 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : I have an Android, Google Play has it. I just checked.
11:19:19 From Sheila Benedict : regional archive
11:20:17 From Sheila Benedict : I came across some things in the archive where someone glued pictures to a cardboard – ugh
11:20:59 From Sheila Benedict : No, it was in the early years when I first started there
11:21:18 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Please!!!!!!!
11:22:03 From Randy Seaver : THE Genealogy Show has great branding!
11:22:30 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Dave Robinson, would you get handset or earbuds?
11:22:57 From marian koalski : Why is the THE PEOPLE’S SHOW?
11:22:59 From Sheila Benedict : Can you recommend someone that could go to Ford Cemetery in Merseyside and take pics of some of my son in laws relatives buried there?
11:23:18 From Cousin Russ : head set — mic is better, hearing helps with backround
11:24:41 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Thank you again
11:24:41 From Dave Robison : Maria, Headset….earbuds pop out of my ears!! A headset usually has a mic that can be adjusted close to your mouth so others can hear better as it usually blocks ambient noise. And the headphones blocks your hearing of ambient noise as well.
11:25:25 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Great, thank you
11:26:00 From marian koalski : Sounds like a good way of arranging a show, with no single-party line
11:27:38 From marian koalski : Were they able to keep it affordable without large corporate sponsorships:
11:28:42 From Maria Tegtmeier to All panelists : Looks way fun!
11:29:03 From marian koalski : Very affordable!
11:29:35 From Dave Robison : $18.83 per Google
11:30:35 From Randy Seaver : $1,25 to 1 pound – so about $20 per day. Affordable. SCGS 3 days was $130 registration
11:34:34 From Randy Seaver : is that a Thomas lookalike?
11:35:10 From Randy Seaver : .
11:35:21 From Randy Seaver : what was the attendance at THEGenShow?
11:35:31 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : If you mean thomas MacEntee—that isn’t him
11:36:15 From Hilary Gadsby :
11:36:23 From Cousin Russ :
11:36:40 From Danine Cozzens : Alas, Field Trip no longer appears in the Apple App Store. Their FB page and website date from 2015. Their parent company, Niantic, lists only several games. So cherish the software as long as it works!
11:37:04 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : Family Tree Magazine –
11:37:05 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : Where was that article by Blaine?
11:37:15 From Cousin Russ : Family Tree Magazine –
11:39:06 From Linda Jordan : Field Triip no longer is available on Google Play either.
11:40:24 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists :
11:40:31 From Cousin Russ :
11:40:41 From Cousin Russ : .
11:44:12 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : let’s wrap this up!!!! THANKS team! 🙂
11:45:49 From Holly Hansen : Thank you everyone! This has been an informative and interesting broadcast.
11:46:43 From Randy Seaver : my brother-in-law and wife just bought a small house on Whidbey Island in Washington.

11:47:02 From Cousin Russ : If you like the work we do here at DearMYRTLE consider donating to the cause.
11:47:08 From Sheila Benedict : Very interesting for my first time. I am unsure I can be at all of them.
11:47:46 From Randy Seaver : Sheila, you can usually see and hear them on YouTube once Pat has the time to post them.
11:47:55 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : thank you and have a good day!!!

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