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The AmericaGen Study Group – Chapter  26 “Military Records: Colonial Wars and the American Revolution” in Val Greenwood’s The Researchers Guide to American Genealogy, 2017 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company.)

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Val Greenwoods book

Note: All panelists were invited to read the chapter and then write about how that chapter relates to their personal research habits. 

AmericaGen Study Group – Chapter  26 “Military Records: Colonial Wars and the American Revolution” combined homework:



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10:09:19 From Maria Tegtmeier : great story Lisa
10:13:49 From Molly McKinley : I have an ancestor who died in the King Phillips War. I need to do more research on that one.
10:16:01 From Lisa Gorrell to All panelists : Got to go. Have fun! Will watch the recording.
10:17:18 From Deb Andrew to All panelists : I do.
10:17:24 From Molly McKinley : I have them from 1640s forward
10:17:41 From Kathy Richardson to All panelists : 1622 and on. First was Giles Gibbs
10:17:50 From Launa Droescher : Possibly TILLOTSON family line
10:17:55 From cyndy Bray : 6th GGrand uncle served in the French and Indian wars
10:18:28 From Rita Pinney to All panelists : My Welsh ancestor arrived in Pennsylvania in 1765.
10:18:55 From Leah Smith : Pequot War, and King Phillips. Tillotson from ?
10:19:06 From Tina Torsey to All panelists : N.H. in French and Indian War, MA in the Revolutionary War.
10:25:08 From Maria Tegtmeier : Great resource – on what wars your ancestor could have fought in!

10:25:16 From Cousin Russ :
10:27:28 From Maria Tegtmeier : THANK you everyone. I love all that I learn from you all! Look forward to watching the rest of this chapter later. Gotta take care of kiddos
10:30:54 From Molly McKinley : My 3rd great grandmother’s application for her husbands 1812 War pension was still being processed in 1870
10:37:03 From Melinda Culpon : Craig Scott, CG is a US military research expert. See his webinars in the archive here:
10:37:31 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : Craig Roberts Scott, MA, CG, FUGA is the author of The ‘Lost Pensions’: Settled Accounts of the Act of 6 April 1838 (Revised) and Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury, Inventory 14 (Revised). His most recent work is Understanding Revolutionary War and Invalid Pension Ledgers, 1818 – 1872, and the Payment Vouchers They Represent. He has authored seventeen books and several articles in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Family Chronicle and other genealogical publications. He is the President and CEO of Heritage Books, Inc., a genealogical publishing firm with over 6,500 titles in print. A professional genealogical and historical researcher for more than thirty years, he specializes in the records of the National Archives. He is a member of the Company of Military Historians on the editorial board of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, and is a former Director of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

10:45:13 From Cousin Russ : Guide to finding your ancestors in the Draper Manuscript Collection
10:49:22 From Rita Pinney to All panelists : Will all the links shown in chat be available later?
10:51:23 From Cousin Russ : Yes, this Chat will be the recording with the links
10:52:51 From Cousin Russ : Clicking on More (in the chat, right side) has a Save Chat option. When the recording is done, the Chat will be saved
10:53:24 From Melinda Culpon :

11:07:50 From Molly McKinley : Great class
11:08:01 From maria capaldi to All panelists : Thank you
11:08:26 From Robbin Smith : enjoyed the class
11:08:27 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Thank you, another great class and more info.
11:08:27 From Wanda Looney to All panelists : I learned so much from the panelists
11:08:45 From Rita Pinney to All panelists : I forgot to check in. Rita here from Indiana.
11:08:56 From maria capaldi to All panelists : Have a great day.

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