Breaking up ISNT Hard to do Google Drive_Photos

With the anticipated breakup of Google Drive and Google Photos slated for 10 July 2019, what’s a genealogist to do? Cousin Russ has looked in to the issue and reports on his findings. Six-sub topics include:

  1. Google always tells us in advance (and how Cousin Russ continues to use Picasa)
  2. Google Drive includes Google Docs & Google Sheets. Pictures are embedded in these and will still show up.
  3. CNet advises “Sync & Download” but we caution those with little remaining hard drive space to leave everything in the cloud.
  4. Images embedded in Blogger blog posts will not be affected.
  5. Cousin Russ explains his Google Pixel cell phone automatically uploads to Google Photos. He demos sharing a photo with DearMYRTLE’s very distant cousin Sweet Sadie, tonight’s webinar host.
  6. Google Photos employes facial recognition, tagging people for albums if you accept the suggestions.



19:02:18 From Cousin Russ : Wikipedia Article on Picasa –

Google Drive an Office in the Cloud
19:06:43 From Cousin Russ : Google Drive: an Office in the Cloud

19:09:30 From Cousin Russ : Upcoming changes to Google Photos & Google Drive. What’s happening? Starting July 10, 2019, Google Photos and Google Drive will no longer automatically sync. These changes will let you easily choose where photos and videos are stored across products.

Advice from CNET

Wikipedia Article on Picasa –

Wikipedia Article on Google Photos –

19:10:50 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : When it syncs it syncs to all devices. It overloaded my smaller size portable devices. Will we be able to backup without syncing in new design? Thanks. [NOTE from DearMYRTLE:You must take into account the obviously small hard drive size of small portable devices.]
19:11:32 From Debb Andrew : Several of us in the Research Like a Pro Group, trouble with the sync caused a lot of problems. It almost wiped my pc out. Hubby who is a computer techie, had to spend about 6 hours repairing the damage.
19:12:49 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : How do you backup photos on portable devices?
19:17:26 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : Tag?
19:21:47 From Sue Tolbert to All panelists : Universal Resource Locator
19:24:37 From Debb Andrew to All panelists : Google Sync Drive. Just like you did
19:25:18 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : Apple devices
19:25:37 From Debb Andrew : I was doing it for Google Drive and had very little in it.
19:26:40 From Debb Andrew : Yes, I knew it would download to mine what was on my Drive.
19:27:12 From Debb Andrew : I had a lot memory space.
19:27:52 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : Google backup great, but keeps crashing my iPad mini. Apple photo backup wants to dump photos on all devices vs just keeping it in the cloud.
19:29:03 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : Dropbox maybe my new photo backup. I can backup without syncing.
19:29:25 From Shirley Wilcoxon to All panelists : If you delete a photo in one place, will it delete from all places?
19:29:36 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : Yes, my PC is small than cloud photo space
19:30:05 From Debb Andrew : Drop Box [automatically] sync with me D Drive just fine, with their new auto sync. I was syncing the same drive to Google. I have 2 internal Drives, a C and D drives.
19:31:59 From Debb Andrew : I use MemoryWeb for my photos. It syncs across devices.
19:32:38 From Michael D to All panelists : hey gang. wanted to stop by and say hello to you fine folks
19:34:07 From Michael D to All panelists : Google photos is the best! it really starts to learn
19:38:50 From Debb Andrew : Pretty quilts.
19:40:55 From Lisa Reed : Sometimes your camera will take several shots at once and software can display them as a “movie.”
19:45:55 From Debb Andrew : I always read CNET before buying or their comments of different processes.
19:47:54 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : photo editing capability in Photos, but not Drive.
19:50:49 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : My ios device apps’ share feature often has Google Drive, but seldom has Google Photos
19:51:27 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : Great topic. Thanks.
19:52:27 From Debb Andrew : My iPad pictures show up in Google Pics.
19:55:41 From Shirley Wilcoxon to All panelists : If you share photos and the other person deletes them, will they delete from your device? [NOTE from DearMYRTLE: No.]
19:56:56 From Shirley Wilcoxon to All panelists : if you a the person to whom the photos have been shared, will you be able to download and save them? [NOTE from DearMYRTLE:Yes.]

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