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Melissa LeMaster Barker joins DearMYRTLE’s very distant cousin, Sweet Sadie, to discuss surprising things that can be discovered in an archive.



19:04:10               From  Cousin Russ : The Archive Lady Facebook Page

19:12:41               From  marian koalski : I think that even now Leavenworth is no piece of cake.

19:13:55               From  Launa Droescher : spend 5 hrs scanning Grandfather’s PSA Photo Portfolios.  Still have twice that much still to scan. Have to figure out what to do with material down the road. any ideas?

19:14:00               From  nadine guilbault : My biggest surprise in an archives was my grandfather’s name AND his brothers names listed in a court record, being sentenced and sent to a boys school. I dismissed it a few times, but then dug into it. It was a sad tale of being poor and caught for stealing winter coat and boots.

19:14:04               From  Shelley Murphy : We have to be able to take the good and the bad of our ancestors.

19:18:05               From  Kathy Richardson : Civilian Conservation Corps started during the Great Depression

19:21:21               From  Cousin Russ : Dorothy –  please type your question

19:21:52               From  marian koalski : Marvelous!

19:21:55               From  Sweet Sadie : “The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a voluntary public work relief program that operated from 1933 to 1942 in the United States for unemployed, unmarried men. Originally for young men ages 18–25, it was eventually expanded to ages 17-28.”


19:25:13               From  Sarah Bell : Wow, that is a great genealogy find!

19:26:17               From  Shelley Murphy : what year is the document? it’s full of info

19:26:47               From  Shelley Murphy : Thanks Cousin Russ.

19:31:53               From  Maurene Fehling : my biggest discovery was that my grandfather committed murder, was sentenced to 15 yrs in prison:   jumped bail and disappeared.  changed his surname and started a new life

19:32:41               From  Yolanda Sander  to  All panelists : where would you look for school register in your state or city?

19:35:16               From  Shelley Murphy : I love my brick walls.

19:42:09               From  Kathleen Daetsch  to  All panelists : I have a murder in my family one brother killed the other brother.

19:44:26               From  Shelley Murphy : My most recent find in Loudoun Co. they had a list of Constables, Patrollers, Jail-my 4th great grandfather, who was a free colored in 1808, was a “Patroller”.  I am learning about them, etc. It was a shock.

19:45:47               From  Sarah Bell : I found an indexed record on Ancestry for a school record from South Africa – approached the school directly and they were able to send me a photocopy of the page including my ancestor!

19:47:08               From  Kathleen Daetsch  to  All panelists : I live in New York school records are probably locked up. I know that current records are private only parents can view them.

19:49:05               From  Shelley Murphy : what? wow, is there another record that covers it?

19:50:00               From  Shelley Murphy : Check the at the state level for superintendent records

19:50:34               From  Shelley Murphy : also, check with the churches


19:50:44               From  Kathleen Daetsch : some of those schools had to be integrated by the late sixties

19:53:32               From  Kathleen Daetsch : Could the school records been collected by a college for a collection

19:53:54               From  Shelley Murphy : In Virginia, annual school reports went to the state, each county had a rep, etc.

19:55:39               From  Melissa LeMaster Barker : Thank You Dr. Shelley for all the great suggestions, I will let you know if I find out anything.



From  Shelley Murphy : call the state education office

19:58:48               From  Shelley Murphy : @Melissa, I am actually doing some research for the school board committee now, newspapers is another place.

19:59:48               From  Cousin Russ : The Archive Lady Facebook Page

20:00:10               From  Cousin Russ : Family Tree Webinars – Melissa LeMaster Barker r



From  Cousin Russ : The Archive Lady on DearMYRTLE Playlist –

20:00:26               From  Cousin Russ : “The Archive Lady’s Corner” in the Going In-Depth digital genealogy magazine.

20:00:33               From  Cousin Russ : The Archive Lady @ Abundant Genealogy

20:00:41               From  Cousin Russ : Gaylord Archival



From  Cousin Russ : Hollinger Metal Edge

20:01:06               From  Cousin Russ : University Products

20:01:14               From  Cousin Russ : Light Impressions /

20:01:22               From  Cousin Russ : Brodart

20:01:32               From  Cousin Russ : Archival Methods

20:01:49               From  Cousin Russ : DearMYRTLE’s Calendar

20:03:15               From  Maurene Fehling  to  All panelists : thank you!

20:03:42               From  Shelley Murphy : thank you!!!

20:03:45               From  Maria Capaldi  to  All panelists : Thank you xo

20:03:54               From  Kathleen Daetsch : Thank you for a most interesting meeting.

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