We explain that one may not install software on Chromebooks, as they require cloud-based productivity software (like Google Docs & Google Sheets) and all data is stored in the cloud as well. Liv Christensen takes us on a retreat to the Norwegian cabin her grandmother visited every summer for 70 years.



09:41:10 From Betty-Lu Burton : I have been seeing some new features of Family Tree Maker. Maybe Cousin Russ can talk about that today. Also I am thinking of getting a Chromebook when I replace my laptop. What are the options for a program.
09:42:46 From Betty-Lu Burton : I was wondering if the tree vault would be usable for a Chromebook
09:43:04 From Betty-Lu Burton : ok thank you
09:44:36 From Pat Kuhn : A great new genealogical mystery book:

09:54:28 From Danine Cozzens : My husband says we will have what the boys in the back room are having!
09:56:26 From June Butka : Happy Canada Day.
09:56:37 From Melissa Barker to All panelists : I am at work, just going to listen in.
09:57:28 From Sheila Benedict : Hi from Santa Barbara County CA
09:57:49 From Hilary Gadsby : The Connect-a-thon is not until July 12 so highlight it next week
09:58:20 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists :

RootsTech Generic09:58:52 From Graham Walter to All panelists :  Find out about RootsTech 2019 in London and at

RT London 2019 Line Up –

09:59:38 From john laws : Hi from Bonnie scotland we have returned from San Francisco & Reno NV good to be back walking Captain on the beach.

10:01:09 From Hilary Gadsby  : Nick Barratt is a great speaker I heard him in April
10:01:43 From Melissa Barker : Hello Everyone! The Archive Lady is listening in, working in the archives today!
10:02:37 From June Butka : Healing energy, Pat.
10:02:37 From Janet Iles : Greetings from Canada on Canada Day.
10:04:05 From William West to All panelists : Goooooooood morning from sunny Plymouth County, Massachusetts
10:05:19 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : It just proves you cannot hide from us.
10:05:19 From June Butka : Thank you all for the prayers you sent my friends son who went through Emergency Jaw surgery. He is home and doing well.

MyHeritageLIVE2019Amsterdam10:06:43 From Cousin Russ : The shortest possible URL when sharing a link from certain email “campaigns” such as:

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10:09:20 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : hello!!! from my cube
10:09:49 From June Butka : Great tip for smaller URL’s
10:09:51 From Sheila Benedict : It works
10:10:38 From Graham Walter to All panelists : By Pat
10:17:57 From Linda Theaker to All panelists : What are the ladders by the windows for ?
10:18:12 From Sheila Benedict : I live in a Danish community and all their last names end in “sen.” Is that true in Norway?
10:19:30 From Linda Jordan to All panelists : Not an Airedale
10:19:42 From Shelby Bender to All panelists : The dog is not an Airedale, maybe a Brittany Spaniel.
10:19:50 From Betty-Lu Burton : Where does Haugen come from? Is that a farm name? My 2-great grandmother had Haugen in her name
10:20:14 From Linda Jordan to All panelists : England has hanging baskets all over too.
10:20:44 From Randy Seaver : we have only the baskets, someone neglected to water the flowers this spring.
10:21:23 From Betty-Lu Burton : Sheila Norwegian names will have son at the end or will be what is called a farm name which does not have the son at the end
10:23:52 From Sheila Benedict : Thank you. Liv’s surname ends in sen which is why I am curious.
10:25:06 From Danine Cozzens : Sofa looks like our Regency-Federal of early 1800s — love the costumes!
10:27:00 From Randy Seaver : My experience is that Norway records use both -sen and -son. Norway became independent from Denmark in about 1814 (?) and was also influenced by Sweden -son.
10:27:32 From Betty-Lu Burton : Thank you Randy my family used the son
10:28:22 From Linda Theaker to All panelists : Thank you for sharing !!
10:30:24 From Randy Seaver : I really enjoyed going to the living history farm at Molster above Voss in Norway. It was set as in 1855 when Linda’s Liland family left Molster for america.
10:32:49 From Graham Walter to All panelists : . The Genealogy Squad
10:33:36 From Danine Cozzens : The Huntington Library in San Marino CA has an entire building for American history, including some amazing new colonial (US) artifacts, from ironwork tools to painted boxes and itinerant paintings. Highly recommended.
10:34:24 From Graham Walter to All panelists : Farm Name discussion
10:34:42 From Randy Seaver : Linda’s “Leland” name came from “Liland” farm in Voss in Hordaland. But her ancestors never lived on Liland farm. An uncle married a Liland farm girl, came to America, and they all adopted Leland in the 1870s. They were Sjursen in the 1860s and early 1870s with the patronymics.
10:35:29 From June Butka : A lot of AKA’s in that line.
10:36:03 From Randy Seaver : For pre-1870s, I use the patronymic name and add the farm names as Alternate Names
10:37:00 From Sheila Benedict : Your explanation is why I give clients a specialized researcher in Scandinavian names. As I was the archivist at a Spanish mission, I had to learn the two surnames system in the files there.
10:37:07 From Betty-Lu Burton : It took me a while to understand that idea of farm names and how they change
10:37:47 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Liv, did every farm have a name, or just some of the farms?
10:38:26 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Thank you, Liv.
10:39:32 From Randy Seaver : Liv, how do you pronounce “Sjur” ? It’s a common first name in my wife’s ancestry.
10:39:39 From Betty-Lu Burton : My understanding the farms in Norway are like villages in that there are several families that work the farm at different times
10:40:43 From Deb Andrew : I love the mystery and detective novels from Norway.
10:40:49 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : So the r is pronounced as a T?
10:42:07 From Randy Seaver : Sheryl, it sounds like a New England r sound to me
10:43:13 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Randy, I go through this with my Danish relatives. I annihilate/Americanize the language and I get laughed at.
10:43:17 From Betty-Lu Burton : In the South that are just small communities that are just a geographical location. Maybe at some point it was a small town but not any more
10:44:51 From Danine Cozzens : Reno is underestimated— this is on the charming waterfront walk. Lively arts scene.
10:46:12 From Randy Seaver : Hey, it hailed in Guadalajara over the weekend – a couple of feet in the photo I saw.
10:46:55 From Linda Jordan to All panelists : Saw the hail aftermath on TV — it was amazing!
10:47:12 From Graham Walter to All panelists : Hail in mexico 1.5metres….

10:49:18 From Randy Seaver:  Amanuensis Monday posts – I’m approaching 500 posts now of transcriptions. I’m curating them in

10:49:30 From Sheila Benedict : Roots Tech London – I would love to go. Maybe next year. Renting a house in Dublin for a month pretty much decimated my travel budget for 2019.
10:50:00 From Cousin Russ :
10:50:02 From Cousin Russ : .
10:51:02 From Linda Theaker to All panelists : Will people at home be able to watch some of the speakers like we did for Rootstech U.S. [NOTE: RootsTech has not announced a live streaming schedule for RT London.]
10:51:36 From Graham Walter to All panelists : Drew Smith will be speaking as well
10:53:24 From Sheila Benedict : Will it be in London in 2020 or back to SLC? [NOTE: There will be SLC in 2020.]
10:53:30 From Linda Theaker to All panelists : Thank you.
10:55:41 From LivChristensen : In Norway one will find the name “Haugen” often. ” “Haug” can be translated to mound or hill. The first owner of the family running the farm I am on now is Kristoffer Ellingsen Haugen. The ending “en” is the same as the.
10:56:31 From Betty-Lu Burton : Thank you Liv that will help with keeping confusion down as I work on that line
10:56:50 From William West to All panelists : I still feel guilty about not having gotten to that second one.
10:57:09 From Betty-Lu Burton : I will treat Haugen more like a farm name than a surname
11:00:12 From William West : It sometimes takes me more than hour for a page, depending on how messy the writing is.
11:02:50 From William West : I LOVE probate records!!

11:05:00 From Cousin Russ :
11:06:10 From Deborah Glover : thx SO much
11:06:21 From DearMYRTLE : Cloud-based genealogy software ROOTSFINDER
11:08:38 From Betty-Lu Burton : Many times Ancestry has sent me to FamilySearch to look at the image
11:09:08 From Linda Theaker to All panelists : I have an appointment and have to leave… Thanks for sharing everything.. I will look for the recording….

Abe Lincoln

IMAGE: This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.

11:09:18 From Randy Seaver : Just like information on the Internet, Abraham Lincoln said that “all genealogy records are on”

11:09:38 From Deborah Glover : Ancestry trees … so so many mistakes in trees. Ancestry always crashing, major errors.
11:09:44 From Graham Walter to All panelists : also depends on what you are researching at a particular time as to which subs site is the better at this point
11:10:15 From Betty-Lu Burton : I have seen that quote also Randy. It makes you realize how not everything is true and you need to find it out yourself
11:10:16 From Randy Seaver : So if RootsFinder is now owned by Findmypast, does FMP have plans for RootsFinder as their “big” tree? Or personal trees?
11:10:25 From Kathleen Daetsch to All panelists : I have always had a software program on my computer with my data base on it I use two now I have Brothers Keeper and Rootsmagic
11:11:03 From Dave Robison : Randy, Lincoln also stated “If it’s on the internet, it’s true!”
11:11:09 From Shelby Bender to All panelists : Enjoyed the live visit to the museum – what a great treat today.

11:12:02 From Cousin Russ :
11:12:14 From Betty-Lu Burton : I have heard people that will make a list of what they want to look at on the various websites and then when the list gets long enough they will get a months subscription and find all the records on their list
11:13:29 From Randy Seaver : I use Ancestry, FamilySearch, MyHeritage, Findmypast and American Ancestors every day. I’d be lost without them since I can’t travel much any more.
11:14:17 From Randy Seaver : I have a yearly US subscription to Ancestry – $189, less than 55 cents a day! I use it almost every day, often for hours.
11:14:41 From Graham Walter to All panelists : .Site contents Scots People –

also for Scotlands People – Records Guides A-Z
11:15:12 From Linda Jordan to All panelists : Scotlands People is the best site for Scottish ancestors. Almost anything I have looked for I’ve found there. The only thing that I don’t like is that it helps the more you know so you don’t pay for a lot of records that aren’t yours.
11:15:54 From Sheila Benedict : Is Scotlands People free or paid? [NOTE: Pay to view. You can see the results list, but to see the actual document, you purchase credits and then spend them as needed.]
11:16:02 From Linda Jordan to All panelists : Libraries are the best for accessing databases — and most can be accessed from home with a library card.
11:16:09 From Marcia Philbrick to All panelists : State of Kansas provides access to and Ancestry. A Kansas driver’s license is required.
11:16:13 From Graham Walter to All panelists : Scotland People is a paid site but you pay by view
11:16:19 From Betty-Lu Burton : Anyone heard of Notion it came up in my facebook newsfeed and it looks interesting. It says it is a possible replacement for Evernote
11:16:36 From Dave Robison : Nearly all libraries here in Western Mass carry Ancestry Library. In our clinics, I show people how they can email found documents directly to themselves without printing.
11:17:04 From Marcia Philbrick to All panelists : Our local library digitized the local papers as did a neighboring library (Seneca, Kansas and Sabetha, KS) Links to the digitized copies are on their websites.
11:17:40 From Dave Robison : I’ll be explaining all that at
11:17:47 From Dave Robison : OSG next year!
11:17:53 From Sheila Benedict : Yes Dave, here in my area, the genie societies, if you are a member, can access a lot of them. However, I have to pay for many of them.
11:17:59 From Dave Robison : OGS…..
11:18:17 From Betty-Lu Burton : Many libraries will also have subscriptions to Find My Past and My Heritage
11:19:05 From Deborah Glover : fabulous webinar I found this LAST night on FB via Twitter which I am a newbie @. Wow so grateful to all the folks here. Again fabulous. I do have a question. The SAR and DAR applications on record are a LOT of the time blank and unproven. These are not confirmed that I can tell … so is there a Dominion Genealogist that reviewed/reviews these? How does this work now and historically?
11:20:30 From Deb Andrew : Ancestry is doing it now. It was there yesterday and today.
11:20:48 From Dave Robison : Deborah, If the record is at, then it has been proven at some point. However, record copies approved prior to 1985 are no longer acceptable and must be re-researched and resubmitted.
11:21:14 From Betty-Lu Burton : I tried it out the hints yesterday
11:21:25 From Dave Robison : Also, the local chapter’s Registrar should be able to help….
11:22:22 From William West : I’ve had that for about a week. I’ve already used the Other box to umm…point out that one hint was for a person who lived 200 years after my ancestor.
11:22:36 From Betty-Lu Burton : I knew about the ignore hints feature but I did not realize it was also for those you accept
11:23:22 From Sheila Benedict : Interesting dialogue but tonight is our APG Virtual Chapter presentation and as president of the chapter, I need to get busy on that. I had hoped there would be more on Scotland today as I am in the middle of Lanarkshire work so thank you for the URL for Scotlandspeople. I will sign up.
11:23:35 From Marcia Philbrick to All panelists : I’m putting in info on hints in hopes that the computers will get more accurate and so that others will avoid adding those inaccurate hints to their trees.
11:23:41 From Deborah Glover : I am also in this database. Have claimed 2. One from Scotland and the other England via Bailey’s Court records to Van Dieman’s Land.
11:23:45 From Betty-Lu Burton : I get frustrated when the hint is for some one that lived in a different country
11:23:59 From Deborah Glover : FREE
11:24:40 From William West : Sometimes I think Ancestry sort of throws the Hints at the wall and sese what sticks
11:26:37 From Deborah Glover : When I search ALL records on USA I get all ENGLAND records. So frustrating. Ancestry says they are “working on it”.
11:27:02 From Deborah Glover : So this link will help
11:27:04 From Randy Seaver : Another problem is that Ancestry Hints are offered from their Top 10% of collections by record number.
11:27:28 From DearMYRTLE . : Sheila, I’m sorry you were unhappy with the variety of information provided during this morning’s Mondays with Myrt. Check out
11:27:54 From Randy Seaver : And you don’t get ALL ancestry Hints for a person immediately – sometimes you have to stimulate Hints by editing a person or clicking on the Family View for a person profile.
11:28:41 From Sheila Benedict : Actually not unhappy, it was interesting to hear about areas I do not do any work in.
11:30:07 From Randy Seaver : You can get all records for your AMT person by searching from the person profile. But you also get lots of other records not for your person. The records for your person will be near the top of the list – in the first 100 matches.
11:30:28 From Danine Cozzens : Great job persisting when foiled by technology today!
11:30:56 From William West : have a great reunion!
11:31:46 From Shelby Bender to All panelists : yes!
11:31:47 From Danine Cozzens : I hear it!
11:31:50 From Cyndy Bray : we hear it too
11:31:51 From Molly McKinley to All panelists : yes
11:31:52 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Yes, we hear it.
11:31:58 From Kathleen Daetsch to All panelists : yes
11:32:00 From Deb Andrew to All panelists : Yes, even when late.
11:32:01 From William West : I heard it
11:32:05 From Deborah Glover : yes and wonderful info.
11:33:09 From Deborah Glover : thx panel I am a newbie living Ontario, Canada
11:33:36 From Kathleen Daetsch to All panelists : That is great! gives you some independence.
11:33:42 From Randy Seaver : Deborah, where in Ontario? I have ancestry in Norfolk County and Prince Edward County. Loyalists.
11:34:02 From Deborah Glover : researching Hunterdon N.J.
11:34:06 From Danine Cozzens : Facebook post did it for me.
11:34:59 From Deborah Glover : I have TONS of Norfork Co. info if interested
11:35:07 From Danine Cozzens : Thanks again

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