Hilary is giving away a free pass to RootsTech London. We bemoan, somewhaty tongue in cheek the impending demise of the We’re Related app – a conversation starter at best. Some attendees weighed in on the % of correct paper trail lineage matches. On the heels of the “Just a Theory” post by The Legal Genealogist, DearMYRTLE reminds us critical thinking has always been part of sound research, genealogical or otherwise.

Randy Seaver explains to one of our newer attendees that transcriptions are derivative sources [derived from another source] , but it is primary information and direct evidence using the Genealogical Proof Standard terminology.

The Civilian Conservation Corps comes up in our discussions, based initially on a post about Lisa Reed speaking at the Blazing Family Trails  2019 Family History Conference in Houston, TX to be held in mid-October. What ensued was a collaborative discussion including a book recommendation and links to scanned images of CCC newspapers online at The Ancestor Hunt. We also note the US publication Family Tree Magazine  has been purchased by the venerable Yankee Magazine.

We are saddened to hear that the In-Depth Genealogist ezine and books are ceasing publication. This was a stellar collaboration, and we look forward to seeing that Jennifer Alford and Terri O’Connell do next. They are bright, young gals with a flair for explaining genealogy how-tos.



09:51:37 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : Who Do You Think You Are? (on the BBC
10:00:53 From Betty-Lu Burton : Hello
10:01:00 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : welcome back!! hello from my cube!!
10:01:18 From Michelle Minner : good morning from Arizona (cloudy and rainey)
10:01:19 From Robbin Smith : Good day from Miami!
10:01:26 From Molly McKinley : Good afternoon from very hot Florida.
10:01:37 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Hello Everyone
10:01:46 From Alice Allen to All panelists : Me too!
10:02:06 From Hilary Gadsby : Warm and humid here in Wales today
10:02:39 From John Laws to All panelists : Can’t seem to get in guys
10:03:00 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Good Morning to all. A pleasant day so far here in the mountains of Northern California.
10:03:22 From Cousin Russ : John you are in here twice so raise your hand on the Login you want me to bring you up
10:03:43 From Bill West : Good morning from slightly cooler Massachusetts!
10:04:10 From Dave Robison to All panelists : Bill West Slightly cooler here but only slightly!!

We’re Related smart phone app is going away
10:04:18 From Laurie Desmarais  : hi – the We’re Related App is being discontinued as of Aug 1. I’m sad, I enjoyed the app, even with the issues, but “leaves for finding friends” was interesting and fun!
10:06:22 From Randy Seaver to All panelists : I loved the We’re Related app because it was family bait. My accuracy rate was about 75% – I had Thomas Jones too on my list.
10:06:37 From Molly McKinley : About 65 percent for me. I have a lot of early New England ancestry, so lots of the older ones are kin to me.
10:07:23 From Michelle Minner : I couldn’t even get up to 50% on “We’re related”

10:07:30 From John Laws : Hi Guys from a hot humid North Berwick Scotland
10:07:37 From Randy Seaver to All panelists : nice and cool here in Chula vista – high should be around 80F here today. clear skies, lots of sun. Typical July so far.
10:07:53 From Deb Andrew to All panelists : Mine were in the dirt.
10:07:57 From Alice Allen to All panelists : Most of my hints come in from one line, but further back than I have researched so I don’t know for sure if they’re any good.
10:07:57 From John Laws to All panelists : Love to join
10:09:32 From Danine Cozzens : I gave up on using “We’re Related” after all my matches disappeared — late in 2017. Some of the “hints” I got then have reappeared in Ancestry DNA ThruLines.
10:12:03 From Molly McKinley : I had John Lennon and Charles Darwin..
10:12:04 From Sheryl Zeringue to All panelists : Hello from South Louisiana.
10:13:17 From Pat Kuhn to All panelists : I am going to go, feeling a bit off, see you all later
10:13:38 From Hilary Gadsby : No good connections for me
10:13:44 From Michelle Minner : I have very few English ancestors, and my tree is not very far back (or those that far back are iffy)
10:13:50 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : New England Research, New England people
10:14:05 From Robbin Smith : I think it has how to do with how recent your immigrant ancestors are
10:14:11 From Deb Andrew : Mine relatives were in the South, No New England.
10:14:23 From Michelle Minner : Most of my immigrant ancestors came over in the 1840s…very late in the game
10:14:29 From Randy Seaver to All panelists : Pat R-E – Here is a link to my post with SDGS photo –
10:14:39 From Molly McKinley : My breakdown is in one line that cannot be proved past a certain female ancestor whose father is unknown. There are so many people who have put a well-known man as her father, so all those are wrong.
10:14:53 From Kathleen Daetsch to All panelists : Yes a lot of my connections where in New England Mayflower a lot of Presidents
10:14:54 From Deb Andrew : I only had one that was correct.
10:16:01 From Bill West : I don’t know my breakdown off the top of my head. I haven’t had my coffee yet.
10:16:13 From Betty-Lu Burton : I think many times it is wrong is because of common and same names
10:16:31 From Michelle Minner : Bill West, Coffee, the elixir of Life…needed in daily morning doses
10:16:33 From Randy Seaver : so why do we think Ancestry is pulling the We’re Related mobile app? Perhaps they won’t be using the “Big Tree” any more? But then what will they use for ThruLines?
10:17:08 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Yes, I did read that off of your Blog Myrt
10:19:18 From Hilary Gadsby : I was working on unknown surnames this weekend and have found 2 people who had been mistaken for someone else.

10:21:56 From Cousin Russ : Judy G. Russell, “Just a theory,” The Legal Genealogist

10:21:59 From DearMYRTLE . : “Theories and Critical Thinking”

10:22:27 From Cousin Russ :

10:22:39 From Launa Droescher to All panelists : I remember my Dad doing genealogy on Commodore 64. [NOTE: That’s the computer DearMYRTLE started out with!]
10:23:25 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : amazing
10:23:56 From Randy Seaver : I concentrate on 20 cM or more – could be 4th cousins or closer
10:24:52 From Lisa Reed : Hello from Lisa in Northeast Texas.
10:25:05 From Kathleen Daetsch : One good thing about ThruLines, Ancestry is listing a set of my third great grandparents as Potential Ancestors because there is not proof that this couple were the parents of my 2nd great-mother.
10:25:18 From Lisa Reed : Sure!
10:25:49 From Lisa Reed : Yes, that was fun!
10:27:05 From Randy Seaver : Kathleen – you have to be really careful with the “Potential” ancestors. I have many on ThruLines, but I’m pretty sure most of mine are wrong.
10:27:33 From Randy Seaver : Use the Potential Ancestors as clues like Judy Russell says.
10:28:22 From Molly McKinley : I have one male ancestor I wanted to prove and could not find documents. All his children have from 11-19cM in common with me. I feel like this is pretty good proof until I can get more documentation. He is my 4th great grandfather.
10:28:44 From Randy Seaver : And do the research before accepting them as true.
10:29:10 From Michelle Minner : That type of record makes data mining much easier!
10:30:33 From Randy Seaver : For many of the English parish church records, there are transcribed lists done by local societies from the original records, also IGI has some of them.
10:30:53 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : So that would be secondary evidence or derivative?
10:32:00 From Randy Seaver : Maria, the transcriptions are derivative sources [derived from another source] , but it is primary information and direct evidence using the Genealogical Proof Standard terminology.
10:32:12 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : okay thank you
10:32:32 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Thanks Randy
10:38:28 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Congrats!
10:40:52 From Robbin Smith : ooh good topics the ohio company!10:41:21
10:41:36 From Cousin Russ : Ohio Company of Associates

10:42:59 From Randy Seaver : My New England and New York ancestors skipped right over Ohio on their way to the Midwest and West.
10:43:00 From Sheila Benedict to All panelists : My husband’s Quakers ere in Morrow, HIghland, and Franklin counties. Very interesting research.

Pioneers McCullough
10:43:27 From Sheila Benedict to All panelists : I just bought PIONEERS. Need to start reading it.
10:43:34 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : The Pioneers: The Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought the American Ideal West Hardcover – May 7, 2019 by David McCullough (Author)
From Marian koalski  : I recommend Measuring America by Andro Linklater, especially for people studying the settlement of Ohio (and the attendant surveying). Ohio began the rectangular land survey system
10:46:31 From Robbin Smith : how wonderful that she was your great aunt!
10:49:05 From Deb Andrew : I have several Pinkneys, as a middle name from my Alabamians.
10:49:35 From Robbin Smith : i’ve done research on families from
Alabama including Anniston
10:50:28 From Deb Andrew : One of my cousins,, Dr. Frank Lawrence Owsley was. a professor at Auburn.
10:50:55 From Denise Coughlin : I”m with you Pat! I live “grand” so I know what generation I’m dealing with!!
10:52:57 From Marian koalski to All panelists : Amen on grands!
10:53:20 From Cousin Russ :


10:53:46 From Cousin Russ :
10:53:49 From Betty-Lu Burton : I had a grand aunt the did not like being called grand or great aunt. She said it sounded so old
10:54:08 From Lisa Reed : I am finishing an article! I would rather not, today, but I can add that the collaboration was energizing. You shared my post, I responded, then others responded. I’ll be sharing Kenneth Marks’ work as a resource in a talk I’ll be giving! (I wish I could collaborate today but not advisable!)
10:56:18 From Launa Droescher : he was great when at RootsTech here
10:56:48 From Pamela Wells : I’m related to both Osmonds via We’re Related….now need to prove it
11:01:28 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : no
11:01:29 From Marian koalski to All panelists : I did!

2019 Texas Conference

From Lisa Reed :

11:02:42 From Bill West : I have a photo in a book with my Grandfather West blowing up dynamite to make a road as part of the CCC
11:02:56 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : Uncle was CCC in AL. Roanoke and Monroeville, AL.
11:05:05 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : CCC counted as Army service, so it went on his headstone along with WWII service.
11:05:54 From Lisa Reed : Just one thing … I’ll be doing a similar talk at FGS, focusing on the EDUCATION that the CCC provided “the boys.”
11:06:01 From Marian koalski to All panelists : My father went from Ohio to Idaho.
11:06:56 From Deb Andrew to All panelists : My granduncle was sent to Colorado mountains to help build a military training area.
11:07:40 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : I’m doing this!! please ensure I’m on the list.. with Amy..
11:07:57 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : PM me if I’m not in the just… Please
11:09:11 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : You could have come to my house
11:09:29 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : Thank You!!
11:09:30 From Randy Seaver : Mine is in
11:10:42 From Betty-Lu Burton : A nice picture
11:12:09 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : lol
11:13:42 From Bill West : The probate files on have been a tremendous help for me.
11:14:39 From Deb Andrew : Almost call on Randy to help with a person who had attached the wrong family to my great-grandfather.
11:14:53 From Sheila Benedict to All panelists : Got to go, grandkids! Good conversations [GREAT! Family comes first!]CCC in Alabama: A Great and Lasting Good

11:18:07 From Cassandra Davis to All panelists : Uncle was interviewed, and recorded in The Civilian Conservation Corps in Alabama, 1933–1942: A Great and Lasting Good by Robert Pasquill Jr.
11:18:30 From Deb Andrew : Did you see the post i did on a little girl who gets a wheeler for Christmas. She had polio.
11:18:57 From Michelle Minner : Deb Andrew…I am also a polio survivor…and newly into a wheelchair!
11:19:36 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : I am! I just started using it. It’s wonderful! Thank you Randy I will do that.
11:19:47 From Deb Andrew : Michelle, this was a cousin, who in 1950 was 4 years old.
11:19:53 From Cousin Russ :
11:19:55 From Randy Seaver : For the Top Ten Search tip handout, please email me at and i’ll send it as a PDF. The alternative is to come to San Diego and see me present it again.
11:21:01 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : I would love to do that someday thanks again!
11:22:10 From Randy Seaver : And Family Tree Magazine in US was purchased by Yankee Mag
11:22:19 From Kathleen Daetsch : wow
11:22:55 From Randy Seaver : In-Depth did a wonderful job with their magazine.
11:23:02 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Yankee Magazine is very good and has a good rep
11:34:00 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : Need to go see you next week
11:35:59 From Michelle Minner : I found this same issue with my father during WWII…he was “washed overboard” during the battle of leyte in 1942…but found on muster records of another ship that he was not assigned to….still looking to see if the muster records is on the ship that rescued him???
11:36:24 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Like a research log of sorts
11:38:28 From Dave Robison : Time to bow out to finish preparing tonight’s “ABCs” class. Thanks…great meeting!
11:39:19 From Betty-Lu Burton : I have a slightly different problem with an ancestor’s death date. Throughout his mother’s pension there are 2 dates given for his death. July 25 and 26. My belief is he died during the night of July 25 or early morning July 26 and that is what caused the confusion.

11:43:54 From Betty-Lu Burton : Thank You Carol Petranek for all the great work
11:44:28 From Maria Capaldi to All panelists : Thank you
11:44:34 From Pamela Wells : Thank you all!
11:45:40 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : sorry I’m in my cube.
11:45:40 From Bill West : Have a good week, everyone.
11:45:56 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : thank you – you did a great job. today!!!
11:46:04 From Laurie Desmarais to All panelists : nice to see/hear you

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