ARCHIVED: WACKY Wednesday – Google+ is going away, AAACK!

GooglePLUS is going away

From our discussions during this week’s Mondays with Myrt it became obvious we should dedicate an entire hour to overcoming misconceptions about the shuttering of Google+ mentioned in my early post “Google+ closing down” posted 3 Feb 2019. Basically, Google+ as a social media platform never went main-stream, as has Facebook with comparable features. Whether you are a blogger, a social media junkie or coder using the Google+ API script, be sure to follow Google’s best advice found here: Google+ Shuttering FAQ –

We met with Andrew Hatchett, a Google Product expert, and dissected the recent email notification from Google+. DearMYRTLE demoed downloading and installing the paid version of Google+ Exporter. This $19.95 program identified all of DearMYRTLE’s owned and affiliated communities, then Myrt prepared to download the .xml file and showed where on Blogger one may create a new blog and import the .xml file to populate the blog. The Google+ Exporter supports transferring Google+ feeds to WordPress, Blogger and JSON.

Importing your Google+ content (an .XML file created by Google+ Exporter) in Blogger is found in the same area where you invoke the monthly backup of your Blogger blog.
1. Create a new, empty Blogger blog.
2. Click “Settings” in the left menu bar.
3. Click “Other”.
4. Click “Import Content” button and follow the screen prompts to locate the Google+ Exporter .xml file.
NOTE: You may redesign the layout and theme as usual.

Blogger import xml process



18:31:05 From DearMYRTLE : Google+ Shuttering FAQ –
19:02:42 From Doris Haskell : Hi Andy! It’s great to see you!
19:02:43 From Renate Sanders : Good evening all. Just about 15 minutes ago I read the sad reality that any and all comments ever made on my blog via G+ are GONE forever!
19:04:33 From Renate Sanders to All panelists : Yeah I knew it was coming… still felt shocking to actually see it in real-time lol
19:05:31 From Tony Proctor to All panelists : Can you confirm the main difference between the 2 types of comment on our blogs? I believed that it amounted to whether a comment was made directly on the blog, or on a share in a Google+ stream
19:07:56 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : Evening folks
19:08:11 From Melissa Barker : Hello Shelley!
19:08:26 From Shelley Murphy : Hey Melissa!
19:08:45 From Renate Sanders : Hey Melissa and Shelley 🙂
19:08:53 From Melissa Barker : Hello Renate!
19:09:24 From Shelley Murphy : HI Renate!
19:09:28 From Lisa Gorrell : The only thing in my google+ personal account is the posting of my blog posts, which is done automatically by google. I have requested the files to download but have not done it yet.
19:14:05 From DearMYRTLE : Google+ feeds to WordPress, Blogger and JSON Get Google+ Exporter desktop app
19:16:47 From Don Varner to All panelists : What was the name of Cousin Russ’s genealogy methods blog? [NOTE:
19:26:05 From Renate Sanders to All panelists : That’s so true
19:32:15 From Shelley Murphy : amen!

Cross-post from Blogger to Google+ has been disabled for most consumers.
19:35:38 From Melissa Barker : When I post a blog post on Blogger it posts first to Google +, where do I go to change that setting? [We pointed out that Blogger has already removed that option on our Blogger accounts, so it isn’t necessary to take action.]
19:36:17 From Renate Sanders to All panelists : I changed that over the past weekend

19:38:32 From True Lewis : Thanks Cousin Russ. I didn’t want to disrupt your previous content. I’ll do the rewind when it’s posted on youTube. Thanks for showing me where to go.
19:39:39 From Shelley Murphy : Hey True…
19:40:50 From True Lewis : Hello Cousin Shells!
19:41:17 From True Lewis : I TRUST COUSIN RUSS! lol.
19:41:20 From Shelley Murphy : LOL, Dave, trust Russ!!!
19:46:28 From Shelley Murphy : You got all this Dave????
19:48:38 From Dave Robison to All panelists : I’ll have it by the 16th…..
19:53:33 From Yvonne Demoskoff : I cancelled my Google+ account last week. I had so little there, it didn’t worry me.
19:57:28 From Shelley Murphy : Melissa did it show up before and you closed it?
19:58:10 From Melissa Barker : Shelley, I haven’t closed my account. I go to it everyday and it’s not there.
19:58:16 From Tony Proctor to All panelists : On Monday, the “Google+ Comments” setting was reverted to “Blogger Comments”.
On Tuesday, I checked and this setting was still there but had been reverted. All my comments were still there too. Later on Tuesday, I disconnected my blog from my Google+ profile. All Google+ options were then turned off on the blog. And ALL my comments disappeared. This is why I’m confused.
19:58:26 From True Lewis : The Original “Green Room”.
19:58:34 From Shelley Murphy : Okay, it shows up on my page
19:59:33 From Shelley Murphy : not the main page

20:01:02 From Don Varner to All panelists : How come it [The Google+ Exporter listing page] shows 0 posts in all of the communities? [NOTE: Because the full scan had not been invoked. The screen you saw in the video was the preliminary identification of DearMYRTLE’s Google+ activities.]

20:01:26 From Randy Seaver to All panelists :Where would I find Google+ Album photos? I may have something there.
20:03:42 From Cousin Russ :
20:03:51 From True Lewis : I just remembered my Template isn’t from Blogger. Will it be affected much? I had a designer do it. [NOTE: It may not be necessary for your to import your blog posts, if that was your principal activity over on Google+. DearMYRTLE recommends placing your Google+Exporter file into a new, empty blog for testing.] 
0:05:19 From True Lewis : Thank YOU!!!!!!! Cousin Russ
20:05:33 From Andy Hatchett to All panelists : True – does it presently work with Blogger? If so it should not be affected.
20:06:02 From True Lewis : Yes so far. It depends on what device I’m using. So far so good.

20:06:20 From Tony Proctor to All panelists : Are blog backup files still usable in case of emergency if they contain Google+ comments from before? 20:07:23 From Andy Hatchett to All panelists : Don- no posts have been read yet so it says 0 posts until the export is finished.
20:08:36 From Andy Hatchett to All panelists : Tony- once in a file you can re-use as needed because comments are included and are no longer linked to G+
20:08:51 From Susan Bleimehl : You folks did an excellent job tonight. Thank You!
20:10:05 From Tony Proctor to All panelists : I mean if you try to restore it ….
20:12:19 From Andy Hatchett to All panelists : Tony- restoring should work with comments if backup file is valid
20:12:47 From Shelley Murphy : Wow, this wacky Wednesday was packed! Thanks
20:13:02 From True Lewis : Thanks so much, Moving forward with confidence.
20:13:42 From Shelley Murphy : good evening!

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ARCHIVED: Mondays with Myrt 4 Feb 2019


In which we discuss MetaProxy, the fiasco with FTDNA changing it’s terms of service, Lucient Chart and other tools for mapping family relationships.



  • 09:44:49 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : Tony has updated MetaProxy so you can automatically get meta files created just been trying it.
    10:00:27 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : I have just accepted a new post on WikiTree as a regional coordinator for South East England. I will say more when I know what I am doing. [CONGRATS, Hilary!]
    10:01:13 From Graham Walter : Hello everyone from London
    10:01:46 From Robbin Smith : Good Day from Miami
    10:02:00 From Michelle Minner : Morning from Tucson, Arizona
    10:02:10 From Shelby Bender to All panelists : Good morning from cloudy Florida.
    10:02:49 From Linda Stufflebean : Hello from Tucson, AZ.
    10:03:47 From Graham Walter to All panelists : Has a ‘meeting’ with Darris Williams (Utah) on Saturday to discuss a meet up at RootsTech
    10:04:19 From Sheryl Zeringue to All panelists : Hello from South Louisiana.
    10:04:38 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Gary Gauthier here from “Oh so cold Calgary, Alberta -27C)
    10:05:05 From Randy Seaver to All panelists : I’m not seeing he people on the big screen
    10:05:29 From Cousin Russ to All panelists : Randy – you won’t
    10:05:35 From Tony Proctor to All panelists : I have an unusual tale of tracing living relatives that folks might find amusing 🙂
    10:05:48 From Cousin Russ to All panelists : Its a chicklet in the Webinar
    10:05:51 From Randy Seaver to All panelists : oh…why not?
    10:06:14 From Graham Walter : Hi Gary: 8 in London
    10:06:50 From Betty-Lu Burton : Good day everyone

    10:07:02 From Cousin Russ :
    10:07:20 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : Hi Tony
    10:08:18 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Here’s some Canadian news: the 1926 Prairie Provinces census can now be browsed at FamilySearch (Gail Dever of Genealogy a la Carte announced it on her blog this morning)

    10:09:18 From Janine Edmée Hakim : One word guys….Instant Pot
    One Pot Meals
    10:11:29 From Cousin Russ : One Pot Meals for Busy Genealogists Facebook Group
    10:11:57 From Tony Proctor to All panelists : My stomach is starting to rumble now …
    10:12:59 From Graham Walter : This is so cruel this close to meal time 🙂
    10:14:27 From Randy Seaver : when can we order these meals from MyrtDash or WendyDash?
    10:17:08 From Hilary Gadsby : I have the old style pressure cooker that I use.
    10:17:45 From Graham Walter to All panelists : Judy Russel link
    10:19:20 From Wendy Gunderson to All panelists : Portable Soup- you can find almost anything on Wikipedia!
    10:19:49 From Michelle Minner : I was angry, because they changed their terms of service with no notice!
    10:19:53 From Doris Haskell : Don’t they have to have a warrant? And isn’t it on a case-by-case basis?
    10:20:00 From Shelby Bender to All panelists : Big brothers is always there…in today’s world with the internet we are just better at keeping up with the changes.
    10:20:04 From cyndy Bray : Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not happy
    10:20:46 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : This is why I haven’t had my DNA tested. It was bound to happen sooner or later.
    10:20:47 From Shelley Murphy : I am angry about it. That is not what I signed up for.
    10:20:52 From John Laws to All panelists : like to join the panel
    10:21:20 From Shelby Bender to All panelists : If we OPT out now, does that take away the information that they already have?
    10:21:49 From John Laws : breach of contract?
    10:22:21 From Cousin Russ : John, you ARE on the Panel
    10:22:35 From Randy Seaver : all they have is the match data. FBI or LE isn’t getting anyone’s raw DNA. They are seeing matches like all of us see.
    10:22:44 From Michelle Minner : I totally agree, I don’t mind sharing my DNA (especially for law enforcement)…I don’t like not being asked…and not being told that they were going to open up the information.
    10:23:37 From John Laws : thank you sir
    10:23:55 From Randy Seaver : GEDmatch didn’t change their TOS until it was revealed that LE was using it after the Golden State Killer event.
    10:23:58 From Tony Proctor to All panelists : I agree about the T&C being changed without notice. I’d be happy to share results with law enforcement, but can you guarantee that’s where it stops? There are people who do not agree as a matter of principle, but suppose that insurance companies got access
    10:24:26 From Wendy Gunderson to All panelists : Hilary, I hope you’ll come to the Facebook group and share your expertise with pressure cooking. It’s intimidating for so many new users.
    10:24:27 From Hilary Gadsby : Even if they mentioned it previously they should have told everyone when this change was being made.
    10:25:23 From Michelle Minner : is user anyone at all? or is user a paid subscription? I need definitions to feel more comfortable
    10:25:30 From Hilary Gadsby to Wendy Gunderson and all panelists : I am in the facebook group so happy to share what I can.
    10:26:11 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : bushwhacked aka sidelined aka snookered aka backdoored
    10:26:25 From John Laws : makes you wonder who else gets to take a look perhaps russian security?
    10:27:51 From Marian Koalski : Maybe we should ask ourselves about all kinds of online services: “Are we letting someone else hold our wallet?” (Or other private or treasured asset?)
    10:29:42 From John Laws : I don’t see how the EU thing applies outside Europe we get out when we leave
    10:29:53 From Graham Walter : Clarity of communication is what is needed
    10:30:14 From Michelle Minner : I WAS surprised by an NPE, and I don’t want to share that DNA, by the request of the family member that doesn’t want anyone to know about the NPE involving her DNA test. However, I don’t like the company changing it without notice. I only opted out for that one DNA test.
    10:30:49 From Betty-Lu Burton : I think people do not understand that law enforcement must still do a lot of leg work. The DNA does not give them a definite match until after the detective work
    10:31:35 From Linda Stufflebean : I am not happy about ftDNA’s sneaky method, although I don’t mind them using my DNA to catch criminals either. On the other hand, given the adage that once something is online, we lose control of it fits here so it sadly isn’t all that surprising.
    10:32:12 From Randy Seaver : two sets of detective work – first to find descendants of a common ancestor, second to sort out the descendants to find the right person.
    10:33:48 From Graham Walter : Can you send some chicken over to London?
    10:34:47 From Cousin Russ :
    10:35:11 From Wendy Gunderson to All panelists : Graham, maybe we can invent a new “portable” chicken app!
    10:35:15 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : FIND MY PAST APP for smart phones
    10:35:47 From Graham Walter : FMP blog link –
    10:36:08 From Cousin Russ : FIND MY PAST APP for smart phones
    10:36:18 From Cousin Russ : FMP blog link –
    10:36:27 From John Laws : I have a beef with FMP my membership of Ancestry shows up regardless whether I go on dot co uk or dot com but doesn’t work with FMP
    10:36:29 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : Thank-you, Graham.
    10:36:43 From Hilary Gadsby : I am waiting for the records in Southampton, England to be online as my 2xgt grandparents married in the catholic church and their family were catholics.
    10:37:47 From Graham Walter to All panelists : Wendy: good idea!
    10:40:56 From John Laws : Not all registries or churches give permission to digitizing of their records and some churches haven’t released their records to the county record offices yet and still keep them in cold damp vestries
    10:42:22 From Robbin Smith : What irritates me is that *not* all the records from St. Peters on Staten Island have been added and of course that those are the records I need
    10:45:56 From Janine Edmée Hakim : the borough of Manhattan is New York County
    10:45:56 From Graham Walter : FindMyPast datasets for U.S. records
    10:46:35 From Cathy Naborowski : FMP has an agreement with these Archdiocese. Jen Baldwin did a great webinar – I think on FMP a whle back talking about the process they are going through.
    10:46:45 From Randy Seaver : My guess is that when Josh Taylor was with FMP he tried to contract digitizing the church records that FamilySearch doesn’t have.
    10:47:24 From Robbin Smith : I did send an email to FMP and they said they will be updated .. still waiting
    10:47:27 From John Laws : surprised just how many children are registered without the father’s name and the mother and child have the same surname since WWI. Of course we had always had illegitimacy
    10:47:30 From Dave Robison to All panelists : Fading away! Battery warning…. See you all next week…
    10:48:02 From Graham Walter : have a good day Dave
    10:48:28 From John Laws : they consider the records to be their personal records how dare you want to know anything
    10:48:40 From Hilary Gadsby : Not sure if catholics do transcripts in the UK
    10:49:36 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Pat, I’ve had some success walking into a church’s office and speaking with the secretary. I was able to view my grandfather’s baptism record (1889) in Quebec that way.
    10:50:56 From Randy Seaver : This is a great example of how “not everything is online.” There will never be “all records online.”
    10:50:57 From John Laws : maybe the mice had thanksgiving lunch on the records

    10:51:56 From Shelby Bender to All panelists : Find My Past is a subscription site??
    10:52:08 From Randy Seaver : yes Shelby
    10:52:19 From Cousin Russ : FindMyPast Blog
    10:52:31 From Shelby Bender to All panelists : Ok – have an account already registered, but it wants more $$
    10:52:40 From Graham Walter : Some of the pages launch your smartphone browser but if it’s you online tree it’s sync to phone
    10:53:03 From Randy Seaver : and FMP now accesses the FamilySearch Family Tree to help find common ancestors for DNA matches.
    10:55:13 From Graham Walter : You can also do Newspapers directly at British NEwspaper Archives

    10:58:12 From Randy Seaver : Ancestry Search Engine Problems from my correspondent – link is
    11:00:08 From Wendy Gunderson to All panelists : This is annoying to hear, but I’m glad I’m not going crazy.
    11:01:20 From Valerie Lisk : I liked the HeritageQuest search engine before Ancestry bought them. You could browse on the County level or you could browse by Institution.
    11:04:51 From Tony Proctor to All panelists : Moving from 32-bit to 64-bit software is not the only way of solving this. That’s a little like a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
    11:07:24 From Cousin Russ : RootsMagic

    11:10:13 From Cousin Russ : discussion of Tony Proctor’s MetaProxy program
    11:13:10 From John Laws : Thats pretty good eh!
    11:13:59 From Randy Seaver : love Tony’s fractal screen
    11:17:25 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : The Mac version of MetaProxy is progressing along the same lines.

    11:18:30 From Cousin Russ :
    11:19:48 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Is this a web-based analog of Visio?
    11:20:01 From Graham Walter : Gary: yes
    11:20:33 From Cary Bright to All panelists : Try this – FREE with sign up
    11:20:42 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Thanks, Russ.
    11:20:54 From Graham Walter : It allows to import Visio files as well
    11:21:08 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Graham,. Thanks to you too.
    11:21:37 From Graham Walter : Pricing model =
    11:21:45 From Tony Proctor to All panelists : Dia is another similar generic drawing package for data relationship diagrams. The SVG designer is far simpler, and free, but Windows specific
    11:22:20 From Hilary Gadsby : My favourite for the UK is
    11:23:09 From Graham Walter : Genuki – Definitely a good one!
    11:23:21 From Cousin Russ : One of my favorites for Florida interest – Florida Memory Project –
    11:23:23 From Randy Seaver : Favorite go-to site for help — FamilySearch Research Wiki –
    11:23:42 From Shelby Bender to All panelists : Have to depart for one of those pesky business meetings…cheers and happy day everyone!
    11:25:47 From Randy Seaver : Another is Randy’s Genesalogy Links –
    11:27:22 From Marcia Philbrick : Map of U.S. –  shows changing county boundary lines over time (United States resource) – very helpful for research in area prior to statehood –
    11:27:32 From Doris Haskell : I just stepped away because I got a FaceTime call from my baby boy, who is serving in the Middle East.
    11:27:35 From Graham Walter : also the go-to-website Cyndi’s List 
    11:30:44 From Brenda J. Williams to All panelists : Can you put the New York Historical Society link for Will Abstracts in the chat.

  • 11:33:01: From Randy Seaver : Brenda – and scroll down to “New York Surrogates Court”
  • 11:31:30 From Valerie Lisk : For Michigan Death Certificates etc. For Missouri Death Certificates To connect Missouri families using court cases
    11:33:12 From Maria Tegtmeier : Favorite Polish websites and and BASIA _ Database of ARchival Indexing System
    11:33:35 From Doris Haskell : In PA, Richard has ancestors from Montgomery County.
    11:34:07 From Randy Seaver : Brenda – and scroll further to NY Historical society links

11:35:42 From Cousin Russ : DearMYRTLE’s Blog

11:36:38 From Tony Proctor  : When Google+ goes, so will many of the Blogger comments (if you have a blogspot)
11:37:34 From Randy Seaver : Can we get on the panel that day at FHL?
11:40:34 From Randy Seaver : I never had many commenters from Google+ to my blog posts.
11:41:01 From Randy Seaver : extraordinary webinars…

11:44:18 From Cousin Russ : Download your Google+ data
11:44:28 From Hilary Gadsby : If we posted using our Google account that should still be active.
11:44:42 From Marcia Philbrick : – says comments will no longer appear on blog
11:45:11 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : yay!
11:46:39 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : that will be fun
11:47:35 From Cousin Russ : DearMYRTLE’s YouTube Channel
11:48:11 From Graham Walter : Farewell everyone!
11:48:14 From Shelley Murphy to All panelists : thanks
11:49:05 From Brenda J. Williams to All panelists : How is your kitty cat doing?
11:49:42 From cyndy Bray : might be me not you
11:50:51 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : Daughters of the American Revolution
11:51:01 From Cousin Russ : Daughters of the American Revolution
11:55:28 From Mary Buchholz to All panelists : I definitely think there is interest in Tony’s software and it is something a person needs to heard more than once.

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One Pot Meals for Busy Genealogists

One Pot Meals

Our genea-friend Wendy Gunderson will join us this again this year for “One Pot Meals for Busy Genealogists.” It’s a Facebook Group devoted to our sharing delicious, time-saving meals with a little kitchen help from Pampered Chef.

Wendy writes “Welcome to Dear Myrtle’s 3rd Annual Pampered Chef Party! This year our focus is One Pot Meals for Busy Genealogists! Delicious, easy, one pot meal recipes and kitchen tools can help can help you feed the family and still have lots of time for the important stuff, like finding that one missing record for our 4th great grandmother! Ordering closes on Monday, Feb 18.” Note: You do not have to order to participate.

Important Links You’ll Need:

* Party Shopping Page:
* Door Prize Registration:
* Create Your Wish List:
* Interactive Catalog:

Find out more at:

DearMYRTLE will share the scrumptious recipe for INSTANT POT BAKED APPLES that Mr. Myrt just LOVES.


Google+ closing down

Google Plus Logo


You’ve heard Google+ is shuttering in a few weeks. Its just Google PLUS. I panicked a little myself, but Cousin Russ set me straight, as did this post from The Guardian. I am no longer using Google+, since it will be shuttered within a few weeks. Google+ just couldn’t compete as a social media platform and Google chooses to puts its energy elsewhere.

“The deletion does not affect other Google services. … Your Google account, which is linked to services such as Gmail, YouTube and Maps, will continue to work, but your Google+ account, which was only used for the social network, will be deleted.” SOURCE: The Guardian, “Closure of Google+: everything you need to know” posted 1 February 2019 at The Guardian website.  SOURCE: : viewed 1 Feb 2019.

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Fold3: Black History Month free access

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was received from our friends at