Mondays with Myrt – 12 Nov 2018 Veterans Day Tribute

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Our special guest today is DNA specialist Maurice Gleeson from Dublin, Ireland, now living in London, England. He studied at the Royal College of Physicians of London and has established the COMMEMORATING THE MISSING Facebook Group.



Sand Portraits WWI casualties

IMAGE: from Danny Boyle’s video “Pages of the Sea” Armistice project sees studding sand portraits of WWI casualties.

09:57:41 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists :
09:58:30 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : My husband managed to get to the one near us in Colwyn Bay which had Hedd Wyn a war poet
09:59:23 From Melissa Barker : Can;t join video, I am working in the archives getting ready for an open house tomorrow night.
10:00:57 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : Wikipedia Page for Hedd Wyn
10:01:48 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Good Morning all from California.
10:02:57 From Deb Andrew : Good morning
10:04:32 From Molly McKinley : awesome sight
10:04:34 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Awesome, thank you.
10:04:55 From grahamwalter : evening all from London
10:05:07 From grahamwalter : fascinating video
10:05:16 From Hilary Gadsby : Wikipedia Page for Hedd Wyn

Pat O’Donnell Kuhn’s soldier tribute:

10:08:29 From Hilary Gadsby : My husband found a website with a photograph of his gt uncle killed in WW1.

10:10:36 From Leah Smith :
10:10:39 From Marcia Philbrick : My grandfather served in WWI –
10:10:53 From Mary Buchholz to All panelists : Here is an announcement about my dad’s being awarded the silver star in WWII Can I post it here?
10:11:46 From Cousin Russ : If you have a Link, Mary, please put it here
10:12:05 From Betty-Lu Burton : My father and maternal grandfather served in both WW II and The Korean War. My parents met because her dad and my father knew each other in the Navy

Commemorating the Missing
10:13:16 From Cousin Russ : COMMEMORATING THE MISSING Facebook Group.
10:15:03 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : My brother was a marine and served two terms in Viet Nam. My Step-father served in WWII as a fighter pilot shot down behind enemy lines and was a POW. He is currently 97 years old.
10:15:59 From Betty-Lu Burton : People forget there are still so many missing from WW I and WW II and Korea and Vietnam
10:16:37 From Randy Seaver : My grandfather, Lyle Carringer (1891-1976) is my World War I veteran – I posted a Fold3 memorial about him, with photos, in
10:18:49 From Betty-Lu Burton : Maurice that is fantastic. Hopefully they will eventually be able to identify all of them
10:21:13 From Marcia Philbrick : The Nemaha County Historical Society was recently contacted by a group trying to identify remains from a plane crash during WWII. They were looking for any dental records that might exist — or a female on the potential mother’s line for a mtDNA test.
10:23:31 From Betty-Lu Burton : I wonder how many families might have missing family members in a number of wars

10:23:42 From Cousin Russ : Commemorating the Missing Blog

10:24:43 From Cousin Russ : Everyone Remembered

10:26:12 From Molly McKinley : Both of my grandfathers were in WWI.
10:27:05 From Randy Seaver : Or a profile in FamilySearch Family Tree
10:27:08 From Doris Haskell : Thank you!
10:27:38 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : Thank you Maurice.
10:27:42 From grahamwalter : Thanks Maurice
10:28:51 From Randy Seaver : Megan Smolenyak and others have been finding relatives for WW2 and Korean War remains and matching with DNA for many years
10:29:06 From Lisa Reed : So true about long-term memory.
10:30:14 From Doris Haskell : Thank you, Maurice. My great grandmother was Mary Gleason.
10:30:35 From Hilary Gadsby : I rediscovered that an uncle and his uncle both part of my One Name Study died in WW1.
10:31:36 From Bill West : A late good afternoon from Massachusetts!
10:32:36 From Hilary Gadsby :
10:32:54 From Marcia Philbrick : US Missing in Action — WWI –
10:33:07 From Cousin Russ : My grandfather, Lyle Carringer (1891-1976) is my World War I veteran – I posted a Fold3 memorial about him, with photos, in
10:34:00 From Deb Andrew : I have done several on Fold3 for family members.
10:34:02 From Betty-Lu Burton : Are the Memorials on Fold3 free for people to look at?
10:34:59 From Maurice Gleeson : Full instruction for Commemorating the Missing is on the website at
10:35:16 From Maurice Gleeson : Facebook group …
10:36:29 From Maurice Gleeson : Video on YouTube …

10:37:45 From Cathy Naborowski : My friend’s great uncle is buried in this cemetery which I think is a beautiful cemetery. Helen Smith commented that it has special meaning for Australians.
10:39:48 From Cousin Russ :

10:44:20 From True Lewis : Thank You! for mentioning the Lewis Family. Eddie is doing good. He’s a Veteran now after 10 years and 3 Tours.
10:44:39 From Janine Edmée Hakim : Coventry NY’s museum held 5th annual October Veterans honor/remember/bringing services to program …emphasis this year on world war I exemplified by 1st Lt. Joseph G Stark, whose family had emigrated from the Austro Hungarian Empire.
10:47:12 From Melissa Barker : I am suppose to be off for the holiday but chose to come in an get ready for our archives open house that is tomorrow night. A LOT TO DO!
10:48:01 From Deb Andrew : I wore a POW/MIA bracelet for ten years, and still have it from the Vietnam War. Mine was for Capt. Lawrence Helper. He was finally declared KiA.
10:49:44 From Randy Seaver : My Fold3 memorial for my Civil War soldier, Isaac Seav er(1823-1901) is at
10:50:11 From Betty-Lu Burton : Melissa can report next week about how the open house went
10:52:44 From Betty-Lu Burton : I can attest that there is a difference between neuroligcal problems and psych problems.
10:54:25 From Betty-Lu Burton : My brother joined the military at the end of the draft. He would comment on the different attitudes between the last of the draftees and those who volunteered
10:55:28 From Lisa Reed : <3

10:58:46 From Marcia Philbrick : The employees of the Santa Fe Railroad in Dodge City are likely the people in this picture of purchasers of war bonds –
10:59:05 From Deb Andrew : Yes, I remember.
10:59:30 From Pat Kuhn : I have some of these things from my Dad’s service
11:03:03 From Molly McKinley : We have my Dad’s shore leave passes when he was in Wales, England and Panama Canal in WWII. He told stories about each place his ships landed. He was in the US Navy Armed Guards.
11:04:59 From Robbin Smith : I have my Dad’s certificate of crossing the “International date line” when he was on the way to Guam as a SeaBee.
11:05:28 From John Laws : I posted on my blog my dad book about his childhood from the 1920s and also I posted about his military service in WWII he qualified as a flying instructor in the RAF and taught over 400 men to fly before being transferred to Bombers then after VE day moved onto Transport to read them look at back copies of my blog
11:05:46 From Mary Lou Gravatt : I have letter that my Uncles sent home to family. The special letter is the one that my dad asked Mom to married him.

11:09:04 From Janine Edmée Hakim : May I ask. what is the best way to research family members who served full time in the USO during/after WW II …thanks
11:11:15 From Lisa Reed : I don’t have any answers, but I have a related question. My great aunt was said to have been a comedian at the Hollywood Canteen.
11:11:28 From Betty-Lu Burton : Look at see if Cyndi’s List has a category on the USO
11:12:11 From Deb Andrew : My step-dad’s father served in WW I, he was a musician. He had a trumpet that he played during his service. My step-dad told how all his brothers took it and used it as a bat to hit rocks with. He said they got in such much trouble, they couldn’t walk for a week.
11:12:22 From Cousin Russ :
11:12:51 From Janine Edmée Hakim : my mother was in Germany, said that they wore army uniforms and were classified as officers
11:13:00 From Lisa Reed : I have just posted a letter on my blog. The Armistice was in the Eleventh Month, 1918, but the Peace was not signed until June 1919. The letter is about a feast the soldiers had the day they found out about it.

11:13:24 From Robbin Smith :
11:13:34 From Molly McKinley :
11:13:34 From Robbin Smith : has some history
11:14:59 From grahamwalter :
11:15:17 From Molly McKinley :
11:16:40 From Janine Edmée Hakim : Thank you so much Pat and Molly, any link is a help WOW
11:18:36 From Mary Lou Gravatt : Several Article on about the USO.
11:19:37 From grahamwalter : Also a lot of external references on the wikipedia page at the bottom might help…
11:19:40 From grahamwalter :
11:19:48 From Cousin Russ :
11:20:10 From Molly McKinley : The Great British Baking Show showed films about the WWII “Donut Dollies” women who served donuts in the field.
11:21:45 From Janine Edmée Hakim : I will… mother shared being in post war Germany, in US Army uniform, and trading cigarettes for a meissen china dining set that I ate from as a child
11:23:28 From Janine Edmée Hakim : Thanks again for your help Molly McKinley. The donut dollies, originally from the Salvation Army, were the precursor to the USO

Affiliate FamilySearch Centers
11:23:43 From Robbin Smith : i have a question about affliated libraries
11:24:01 From Robbin Smith : no
11:24:10 From Robbin Smith : yes
11:24:51 From Marcia Philbrick : Blog about my local library becoming an affiliate –
11:25:10 From Robbin Smith : in my area miami there are few fhl centers and they never answer the phone or emails. so i thought that getting my library to be an affiliated library might help
11:26:05 From Betty-Lu Burton : Marcia I think what it means is that your library can now work as a Family History Center.
11:26:10 From Marcia Philbrick : Primary requirement for a library to become an affiliate is for them to have a static IP address. If they purchase any database for their users, then they likely have a static IP.
11:27:09 From Marcia Philbrick : Betty-Lu — Yes! I can travel 1/2 mile to my local public library vs traveling 75 miles to a family history center or other public library affiliates.
11:27:34 From Robbin Smith : the closest to me there are about four
11:27:42 From Robbin Smith : but none answer phone
11:27:59 From Robbin Smith : sw 12th in only open 9 to 12 on Sundys
11:28:29 From Betty-Lu Burton : Robin they only answer the phone if someone is in the library
11:28:38 From Robbin Smith : most are less than that
11:28:57 From Randi Patrick : That’s because they’re volunteers. Go in person.
11:29:28 From Marcia Philbrick : The map hasn’t been updated since they opened up the applications in September. Seneca, Kansas, has a library affiliate that is not currently showing on the map.
11:30:19 From Robbin Smith : if i have the local library do the application would that work
11:30:42 From Betty-Lu Burton : Many of the FHL are open during the activity nights for the youth. The parents will staff the center while their kids are at youth Church activities during the week
11:31:42 From Robbin Smith : well thanks
11:32:25 From Randy Seaver : Look for affiliates also in nearby cities – like Fort Lauderdale area
11:32:38 From Cousin Russ : Researchers Guide to American Genealogy 4th Edition by Val D. Greenwood, 2017 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co.) Available in paperback
11:32:43 From Robbin Smith : i have looked in fort lauderdale also
11:33:21 From grahamwalter : have a good evening, afternoon, day everyone
11:36:52 From grahamwalter : Hello
11:56:53 From grahamwalter : pop filters
11:57:48 From grahamwalter : have a fun day all
11:57:49 From Randi Patrick : No. I want to hear more!
11:57:52 From Randi Patrick : Thank you!

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Heroes Proved

Heroes Proved

Today I’m thankful “for heroes proved in liberating strife, who more than self their country loved…”

Through the sacrifice of many, I enjoy freedoms undreamed by my ancestors. Thank you men and women serving at the battle’s front as well as those who kept the home fires burning.


ARCHIVED: WACKY Wednesday – FamilySearch Catalog


We consider logical research patterns as one would transition from an Ancestry Member Tree to digital records on Participate in an unscripted, open discussion hosted by DearMYRTLE’s very distant cousin Annie Oakmont.



00:32:58 Deb Andrew: Good evening.

00:34:22 Marceline Beem: Hi everyone

00:34:58 Melissa Barker: Hello Everyone!

00:40:54 Betty-Lu Burton: It also shows the Cousin Russ is aware that FamilySearch and Ancestry have different records group

00:43:44 Betty-Lu Burton: You can also look in the 1871 and 1881 census. Both would show the family he was living with, place of birth and religion 00:51:50 Betty-Lu Burton: The Canadian Censuses has been indexed just like the USA Census Records.

Betty-Lu Burton: Unless he came with his parents, their name would not be listed on his border crossing record

01:02:25 Deb Andrew: Just don’t ask Siri if there are any airplanes over your location!

01:02:51 Betty-Lu Burton: Do you know when and where he was married? Marriage records might give you information on parents

01:06:40 Betty-Lu Burton: Have you considered that Herbert’s parents were not married and McAlister is his mother’s maiden name or McAlister is his father’s surname and Johnston his mother’s maiden name

01:11:03 Betty-Lu Burton: You might try looking for Herbert in the 1871 census to see if he is listed with his parents now or with another family. This might help decide if his parents may have been dead in 1861. It would also tell you if he is still with the same family

01:14:21 Betty-Lu Burton: Modern gun hunting starts Saturday here in Arkansas

01:19:16 Deb Andrew: You had the most interesting Fudge Pie Recipe.

01:21:21 Melissa Barker: Thanks Deb!

01:25:38 Betty-Lu Burton: Stamp number is the page in the book, the image number is where it is (the page) on the microfilm

01:27:53 Betty-Lu Burton: Could you have looked in the land records to find out when the land was sold for the probate and would not that give you a better idea of when the probate happened?

01:30:12 Deb Andrew: I put surname first followed by state, county and then date.

1:34:09 Deb Andrew: I had a grand uncle who had to register for World War I will he was at Wetumpka State Prison, in Alabama.

01:34:21 Betty-Lu Burton: The register of prisoners should also be in the catalogue listed as item 2 on the microfilm

01:36:09 Betty-Lu Burton: some of the microfilms can have several different items that are not related, but each one is listed in the catalogue with the item number. Or at least it was like this before everything was digitized.

01:38:02 Cousin Russ: FamilySearch Catalog Film/Fiche Number Search…

01:38:11 Cousin Russ: FamilySearch Catalog Locality Subject Subdivisions…

01:38:17 Cousin Russ: Deciphering FamilySearch Catalog Entries…

01:38:28 Cousin Russ: Abbreviations in the FamilySearch Catalog –…

01:38:42 Cousin Russ: I didn’t know you could search like that by Debbie Gurtler…

01:38:49 Cousin Russ: FamilySearch Catalog Call Number Search…

01:38:55 Cousin Russ: FamilySearch Catalog Film/Fiche Number Search…

01:39:54 Susan Bleimehl: Thanks for all these links–I’m working with a couple of newbees and this will be extremely helpful for them.

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We have much love for our precious grandchildren. 🧡Thankful for the LRHG*, Ty, Braden, Tannon, Treven, Bree, Tracen, and Bronson in heaven. It is a joy to watch them grow & develop into cool kids – thoughtful & kind. I’m not biased or anything, am I?

* The Little Red Headed Girl.


Recap of MyHeritage Live

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was just received from our friend Daniel Horowitz, Chief Genealogy Officer at MyHeritage.


Yesterday we posted a recap of MyHeritage LIVE, our first-ever user conference which was held last weekend in Oslo, Norway. We will be releasing videos of each one of the 25 main lectures soon, but for now we’re releasing the emotional keynote address given by MyHeritage’s Founder and CEO, Gilad Japhet. Don’t miss it!
In addition, here is a fun video featuring some of the highlights of the conference. Don’t miss this one either!:
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