ARCHIVED: US Military – Morning Reports

US Military morning reports

This poignant webinar features Jennifer Holik discussing Army and Army Air Force morning reports. Jennifer is a researcher, speaker, author, empath, and medium. She helps people find the answers to their family history and military questions. She offers expert, custom, and confidential World War I, World War II,Korean War, and Vietnam historical and genealogical research, analysis, and writing services.To learn more visit the WWII Research and Writing Center

WWII Jennifer Holik




19:01:46 From Shelley Murphy : Good evening!
19:02:42 From Cousin Russ : WII Education Facebook Group –
19:02:57 From Cousin Russ : World War II Research and Writing Center Facebook Page –
19:03:16 From Cousin Russ : Introducing Jennifer Holik of the World War II Research and Writing Center –

19:03:57 From Betty-Lu Burton : I have a cousin who died in France […] right now I am going through some things. I have found his grave.
19:04:28 From Molly McKinley : My 2nd cousin got frostbitten ears in Italy during WWII

Calvin Clark Davis


19:17:46 From Shelley Murphy : I enjoy the photos – one of my relatives died during a bombing raid on Meresburg, Germany.
19:20:21 From Shelley Murphy : He is buried in the American Cemetery overseas, he was left overseas. But his grave was adopted by now a family frien
19:22:19 From Shelley Murphy : My relative is Calvin Clark Davis:
19:24:50 From Shelley Murphy : He adopted my cousin’s grave.




19:25:55 From Sue Draper : My uncle was in the Navy in the Pacific; my dad was in Italy (Army Air Force) working on radio installments before D-day. Would there be morning reports for their stations? 
19:28:27 From Betty-Lu Burton : Would there be morning reports for Naval bases? My father was station in Hawaii, on land not on a ship.

Jennifer Holik writes about alternative record sets:

  • For those researching US Navy, the Naval Muster Rolls are available, some on Ancestry or Fold3. Some records did not survive the war.
  • Marine Corps Muster Rolls are on Ancestry. Only Jan/April/July/Oct are indexed, although all months exist online. You’ll go into the dropdown menu and select other rolls to find the next month and your unit.

19:29:38 From Sue Draper : What is the abbreviation Dy to MIA or Dy 745?
19:30:53 From True Lewis : MOS = Military Occupational Specialty. For Army it was CQ = Charge of Quarters Report Log.

19:32:54 From Rose Mazza s : My dad’s cousin was killed in the WWll. How can I find a report on his death? [Learn more at WII Education Facebook Group –]

19:36:55 From Cheri Passey : My grandfather was killed on Peleliu, one brother killed in Italy and another killed when his plane went down off of Sicily. Would love to find morning reports for their units.
19:38:10 From Shelley Murphy : that is so true.
19:41:57 From Sue Draper : love the map! nice drawing
19:45:16 From Sue Draper : Why restricted?
19:45:49 From Cheri Passey : That’s incredible! Really helps to put yourself in the moment with them!

19:47:49 From True Lewis : I’m just so excited to find out Daddy’s experience and compare it to what he told me about WW2 and as a Colored Troop you rarely hear their Stories in the moment like this! WoW! He was always animated when he talked about his experience like it was yesterday.
19:51:17 From True Lewis : These Reports look like the meat on the bones beside a personal soldier account. Very detailed.
19:51:40 From Shelley Murphy : They are @True
19:54:22 From Shelley Murphy : @True they didn’t know my family was “colored”, he was a radio gunner in a plane.

Jennifer Holik follows up by saying “Research in Morning Reports is the same for Colored Soldiers and Women as it is for men. Often people think because they were segregated, the Colored Soldier research is different, but it isn’t.”

19:55:17 From True Lewis : WoW ! Shelley. These Military Stories are Incredible.
19:55:28 From True Lewis : I know. I am so PROUD of Cousin Russ, for sharing!
19:55:48 From Shelley Murphy : Cousin Russ thank you for that!
19:57:54 From Rose Mazza : I had a uncle who was a POW was there any morning reports on that to.
20:04:22 From Kathleen Kelly Daetsch : I have a diary of a POW.  It has pictures.
20:04:23 From Shelley Murphy : amazing! Cousin Russ



Jennifer Holik books

20:09:16 From Shelley Murphy : Oh, I would love to travel to where Calvin was stationed and died.
20:09:32 From True Lewis : Shelley don’t make me cry…..
20:10:24 From Shelley Murphy : Yes, the Germans picked up his body parts from the plane crash, etc. They wrote a record on the bodies, etc.
20:13:26 From Shelley Murphy : Museum’s for units
20:15:18 From Shelley Murphy : Thank you! Enjoyed it
20:15:48 From True Lewis : Thank YOU so Enjoyed!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get a consultation!
20:18:12 From True Lewis : I’ll let her know.

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ARCHIVED: AmericaGen Study Group Successful Correspondence

AmericaGen Study Group

15 Aug 3027 AmericaGen Study Group tackles AmericaGen Study Group tackles Chapter 8 “Successful Correspondence” from Val Greenwood’s The Researchers Guide to American Genealogy, 2017 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company.)

Please note all hyperlinks are non-affiliate links.

Val Greenwoods book

Note: All panelists were invited ro read the chapter and then write about how that chapter relates to their personal research habits. Combined AmericanGen Chapter 8 “Successful Correspondence” Homework



09:51:26 From Shelley Murphy : Good afternoon!
10:01:06 From Cousin Russ : AmericaGen Study Group tackles Chapter 8 “Successful Correspondence” from Val Greenwood’s The Researchers Guide to American Genealogy, 2017 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company.)
10:01:33 From Cousin Russ : When posting in the “Zoom Webinar Chat” , change the “TO” portion to read “ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES.” By default it reads “all panelists.”
10:05:16 From Melissa Barker : Hello All, listening in from the Houston County, TN. Archives! The Archive Lady is in the house!
10:06:32 From Molly McKinley : Geocities website..yes all gone now…
10:07:20 From Cousin Russ : How-to quickly convert Gmail email into PDF
10:07:23 From marian koalski : What do you do when a message refers to more than one relative?
10:08:09 From marian koalski : I should have said, “How do you name the PDF” when it refers to more than one relative?
10:09:52 From marian koalski : I’m facing the question with Aunt Pearl’s letters from 1976
10:10:11 From Molly McKinley : I found some 1998 AOL forum notes…fun to read but did not help much.
10:10:24 From DearMYRTLE to All panelists : So is the item an EVENT on the ancestor’s time line?
10:10:26 From Melinda Culpon : I handle multiple by duplicating the information – can name it for each
10:10:48 From Rebecca Williams : You could save the pdf more than once, into each family it refers to.
10:11:41 From Shelley Murphy : I would probably put it under notes and questions, but it could have its own line with the date received depends on the info received. great question.
10:11:46 From marian koalski : I finally have settled on one name for each message but linking to it from citations on all those people
10:13:56 From Cyndy Bray : If you forward email to Evernote, does the attachment go with it?
10:14:41 From Cousin Russ : Combined AmericanGen Chapter 8 “Successful Correspondence” Homework
10:14:55 From Danine Cozzens : Thanks, Russ!
10:16:29 From DearMYRTLE to All panelists : Facebook and message board posts also come to mind. (In lieu of handwritten correspondence.)
10:18:56 From Shelley Murphy : the glasses are interesting to pose for a picture

Gaylord_C-Line sheet protectors
10:22:07 From Cousin Russ : C-Line® Heavy Weight Polypropylene Clear High-Capacity Sheet Protectors (25-Pack) Part #: 62020-1
10:22:11 From Melinda Culpon : I did the letters my dad wrote to my mom when he was on navy cruises – like Melissa “archive lady” recommended and gave to my mom as a Christmas present
10:28:51 From Maria Tegtmeier : Grateful for a reminder to preserve letters. I gave some letters my mom wrote to her parents to my brother a long time ago to digitize and he hasn’t. This conversation has reminded me that to get the letters and digitize them and put them in protective sleeves.
10:34:06 From Valerie Lisk : In the Genealogy Do-Over Facebook Group, Thomas has a lot of forms that are free to use. [See:]
10:34:58 From Shelley Murphy : Just yes emailed him to see, thanks
10:35:49 From DearMYRTLE to All panelists : I can show people how to download the file RUSS.

Instant Secretary's Handbook

10:37:41 From Cousin Russ : From Melinda Coulpon’s homework – Instant Secretary’s Handbook: A Reference Source And Guide For The Professional Secretary


Handbook for Genealogical Correspondence (revised edition)

10:37:52 From Shelley Murphy : they don’t do it anymore but I using social media is probably on the table
10:38:14 From Launa Droescher : I have the spelling book from that set that my father gave me years ago. My children kept trying to run off with it.
10:42:10 From Melissa Barker : Be nice to archivists, be specific please.
10:43:48 From Maria Tegtmeier : Any suggestions on corresponding with foreign genealogical societies or archives?

10:44:41 From Cary Bright  : I have trouble with citations from things I request copies of. I include the request that they include the roll or book, newspaper, But rarely get all the specifics like page number, col number etc. You think when you pay for something you could get it! Thanks to the volunteers who run these programs, but please go the extra mile with ESM type citation info. I can format it!!

10:44:42 From Valerie Lisk : I have used the online request form and sent a prepaid snailmail request with an SASE to a particular county library, only to recieve a response when I made a phone call.
10:46:13 From marian koalski : See FamilySearch Wiki’s word list for other countries, like Poland Word List. Frequently it will have a sample letter form
10:47:33 From Cousin Russ : Letter Writing Guide for Genealogy
10:48:07 From Cary Bright to All panelists : Great fix Cheri… fill in the blank!

10:49:21 From Leah Smith : I use Google Translate to help with Polish language and then try to have someone from a Polish genealogy group review. Concise language, and good etiquette are important. I find sometimes charts can be valuable. [ See Google Translate: ]
10:49:55 From Valerie Lisk : When I make a request from an online index, I cite the information on the index.
10:51:06 From Melinda Culpon : Once again – older genealogy books can show how to request information. I know I have found older Czech research books are still valid sources
10:54:00 From Shelley Murphy : twitter too
10:55:22 From Melissa Barker : Be consistent!
10:56:57 From DearMYRTLE: Include names, dates, places in your queries.
10:56:57 From Maria Tegtmeier : Sometimes I do a “screenshot” when I need to save something that I have on my phone screen. This might work for twitter.

This is the link to the multi-tabbed “Genealogy Research Log” created by Thomas MacEntee on his Abundant Genealogy website. See Free Genealogy Resources page at

GenealogyDoOver Workbook
10:58:23 From Melinda Culpon : Thomas MacEntee’s book on amazon –

11:03:52 From Randi Patrick : Thank you. You guys are great; I am learning so much!
11:04:03 From Maria Tegtmeier : Yay
11:04:03 From Shelley Murphy : Thanks all!

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Seattle: Unlock the Past pre-cruise conference adds virtual component

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was provided by Alan Phillips who sponsors Unlock the Past Cruises for genealogists. Mr. Myrt and I will attend this all day pre-cruise conference in person Seattle before we board ship for our Alaska adventure. Now non-travelers may attend the pre-cruise conference virtually. 

Unlock the Past in Seattle with Blaine Bettinger and Maurice Gleeson LIVESTREAM

DNA  |  Irish research |  Genealogy and the Little Ice Age | The hidden web: digging deeper

Adelaide, South Australia, 14 August 2018 – Unlock the Past Cruises announces that the Unlock the Past in Seattle full-day two-stream conference (previously announced) will now also be available to watch live online – and for a limited time after as a series of 10 recorded webinars.

Date & time: Thursday 6 September 2018, 9am-5pm (Pacific Daylight Time)


– watch in your own home – from anywhere in the world
– attend in person at Seattle Public Library, 1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA


live stream tv music or video button icon or sign live on air broadcasting movie or radio program

– US$65 – Unlock the Past in Seattle Livestream

– US$45 – attend in-person at Seattle Public Library, 1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA
– US$20 – upgrade from in-person attendance to add access all 10 recorded sessions after

The program will feature 10 presentations in two streams – a DNA stream and an Irish/general stream

The presenters – see also presenters page

  • BLAINE BETTINGER (USA) – Blaine is a professional genealogist specialising in DNA evidence. He is the author of the long-running blog The Genetic Genealogist and the books The family tree guide to DNA testing and Genetic genealogy.
  • DR MAURICE GLEESON (UK) – Maurice was voted Genetic Genealogist of the Year 2015 (SurnameDNA Journal) and Rockstar Genealogist, Ireland 2016 (Anglo-Celtic Connections). He runs a variety of Y-DNA Surname projects and organises the DNA Lectures at Genetic Genealogy Ireland.
  • CYNDI INGLE (USA) – Cyndi is the creator and owner of the award-winning web site Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet, a categorised index to more than 333,000 online resources. In its first three years, Cyndi’s List was voted the best genealogy site.
  • WAYNE SHEPHEARD (Canada) – A retired geologist, Wayne now spends most of his time on family history research. This has resulted in the pioneering publication Surviving Mother Nature’s tests: The effects climate change and other natural phenomena have had on the lives of our ancestors.

Details and bookings –

About Unlock the Past
Australian based Unlock the Past was established in 2009. It is the event and publishing division of Gould Genealogy & History which has served family and local historians since 1976. It is a collaborative venture involving an international team of expert speakers, writers, organisations and commercial partners to promote history and genealogy through innovative major events and a new publishing brand. It also maintains general and events directories online. Since 2010 Unlock the Past has run over 130 events, including expos, roadshows, regional seminars, history and genealogy cruises around the world – even Australia’s first ever battlefield tour. They’ve published over 100 guide books and handy guides for researchers, all of them offered in print and ebook editions.