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Syllabus: Thomas W. Jones. Mastering Genealogical Documentation, (Arlington, Virginia: National Genealogical Society, 2017.) Softbound available from the publisher’s website Kindle format at Amazon here:

Homework is submitted in advance by panel participants. To observe copyright, they are encouraged to use their own research example to illustrate a point made in each chapter.

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Myrt’s Musings

24 Jan 2018

Dearest Cary, Claudia, Dave, Hilary, Lisa, Melinda, Marceline, Sheri, Valerie, and Cousin Russ,

The value of your participation in the GenDoc Study Group these past 17 sessions has proved invaluable. Each week, your homework provided intriguing and varied case studies. We couldn’t have assigned portions of a chapter with better results than each of you somehow manage. Taking “the part of the chapter that spoke to you” proved a good strategy – your examples certainly put our citation skills to the test. I know attendees who cannot believe there was no scripting, no assignments. Our only collaboration has been during the 30 minutes before Ol’ Myrt here hits those “start broadcast” and “recording” buttons.

When Cousin Russ and I branched out into study groups, we aimed for conversation. We wanted to get out from behind the podium, leaving the lecture circuit behind. We wanted to roll up our sleeves and consider together how to improve research skills.

Your efforts have eclipsed anything we could have imagined for the study of Dr. Thomas W. Jones’ Mastering Genealogical Documentation.

Please accept my sincere and heartfelt gratitude for the effort you’ve put into this project.

“Proudly to you!”

That’s something my very literate, always grammatically correct father used to say with enthusiasm, as if he were jumping out of his shell when his children or grandchildren did something wonderful.

I consider you ten of the best minds in the field. I am honored to have you as colleagues, but more importantly appreciate your friendship.

With gratitude,
Myrt     🙂
Your friend in genealogy.