Who is Cousin Russ?

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You refer to Russ Worthington as “Cousin Russ” in your hangouts. You two work so well together. Is he really your cousin? 
Curious Sue

CousinRuss_NARA May2012bDearCURIOUS,
Cousin Russ is indeed my real cousin. Most folks know him to be a Family Tree Maker expert from waaaay back. He’s a serious “original documents” family history researcher, a student of genealogical methodology, a Find-A-Grave volunteer, a public speaker and a technology expert. He served in the US Coast Guard in Viet Nam. He used to listen to my old podcasts while he commuted to work, but we didn’t meet until years later. I was demonstrating a genealogy software program. Cousin Russ piped up that he had the same early Welsh Quakers in Philadelphia and Chester County, Pennsylvania. It is my honor to have him work with me producing the DearMYRTLE hangouts.

Heres’ where you can find Cousin Russ:

When you visit Cousin Russ’ Family Tree Maker User Blog, you’ll see he has tabs sorting his FTM advice into the two most recent versions of the program, though I should say he’s been teaching folks how to use the program for several decades. The last few years he has been demonstrating features in short subject videos posted on his YouTube Channel and linked to this blog. Cousin Russ explains vlogging (video blogging) is easier than blogging with screen shots and dealing with typos. I think it’s easier to learn FTM watching his videos. His calm voice makes it easy to listen and learn. Most recently the owner of FTM hired Cousin Russ to teach in the FTM booth at RootsTech 2017 and the Federation of Genealogical Society’s annual conference.

ftmuser screen shot

The Family Tree Maker User Blog is where I found his most recent video FTM2017 – Media Workspace embedded below. Watch how and why Russ protects certain images from being uploaded to his synced Ancestry Member Tree.

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Thank-you for giving me the opportunity to share a bit about my good friend and colleague Cousin Russ. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime, ummmm, conversation.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     🙂
Your friend in genealogy



FTM: Last Chance for Upgrade Pricing

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was received from our friend Jack Minsky of MacKiev, developers of Family Tree Maker genealogy software.



All good things come to an end sometime — in this case, October 1st. That’s the last day to upgrade to FTM 2017 for a 50% discount if you haven’t already. I know it’s hard to believe that discounted upgrades have been available now for the past six months, but there it is. So if you or someone you care about has been hesitating, now is the time to make your move — upgrade from ANY previous edition for just $39.95 (vs. $79.95 regular price). Click here to upgrade now.

Why upgrade? Have a look at the bottom of this email for a sampling of new features.

We’re delighted to announce that a full German language edition of FTM 2017 is underway. It’s the first for Family Tree Maker in more than eight years — Ancestry last published a German edition in 2009. So how did it happen? Well, a few months ago a German FTM fan started a petition and sent it to us — with more than 800 signatures on it. So what could we do? We said “danke schoen” and got started. The German edition will be free for anyone who already owns FTM 2017. Click here to be notified when it’s ready.

It’s been two months since the official release of FTM 2017 and we’re finishing up a free update (version 23.1) for release in the next three weeks or so. There’s further improvements in syncing, performance and security, some frequently requested enhancements to our new 2017 features — and a few happy surprises. If you aren’t already a beta tester and would like to get a sneak preview of things to come, click here to apply. And for the rest of you, well we’ll let you know when it’s ready.

That’s it for now. The adventure continues. Stay tuned.

Jack Minsky's Signature

Jack Minsky
Software MacKiev