RootDig: GedMatch DNA Utility webinar

NOTE From DearMYRTLE: The following was just received from our friend Michael John Neill, author of the Genealogy Tip of the Day.

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GedMatch DNA Utility

The Basics–Avoid the Confusion
We are excited to offer our first webinar on using the free GedMatch utility. This session will focus on some of the free aspects of this website that gives users information about their DNA results and analytical tools that are not available on AncestryDNA and other sites. There is too much about this site to cover it in one presentation. This session will include:
  • uploading your results from another testing company
  • discussion of terminology needed to understand your matches
  • managing your results and matches
  • understanding and interpreting one-to-many matches
  • understanding and interpreting one-to-one matches
  • Admixture (Heritage)
This session will run live on 29 October at 8:00 pm central time. Registration is limited and pre-registration for the live session is required. We will not be allowing any registrations the day of the presentation. Those who cannot attend live can pre-order a copy of the recording and the handout.