ARCHIVED: Mondays with Myrt – 1 April 2019


We hear from panelists John Law and Hilary Gadsby about the Guild of One-Name Studies 40th Anniversary Conference, and discover Hilary took a detour on the trip to a cemetery with a surprising result. The Shenandoah Valley, Virginia early settlers and two German books purchased by Mr. Myrt following his Germanic Fraktur SLIG Course are mentioned. Myrt describes the unusual interview she had with Alex Cox from as they viewed pages from an American Red Cross Service Center log book. Mentions of Operation Tiger and D-Day bring up tender memories.


09:59:15 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : We recommend the USB headset Microsoft lifechat LX-350
10:00:23 From Graham Walter : Hello from London
10:02:04 From Sheryl Zeringue to All panelists : Good morning from South Louisiana.
10:02:24 From Betty-Lu Burton to All panelists : Good day from sunny Arkansas
10:04:03 From Karen Trearchis : HI Everyone!
10:04:20 From John Laws : Hi Everyone from a cold wet Scotland wind going round to the north weatherman talking of snow Wednesday
10:04:30 From Gloria Oren to All panelists : Hi everyone glad to be back.
10:04:30 From Robbin Smith : Hello from Miami
10:04:30 From Danine Cozzens : It’s still breakfast time in California, Randy!
10:04:42 From Jennifer Holik to All panelists : Hi everyone from sunny Chicago!
10:05:08 From Hilary Gadsby to All panelists : Graham best websites genealogy blogs
10:05:11 From Karen Trearchis : Hi from sunny Massachusetts, 43 degrees!
10:05:12 From Randy Seaver : it’s a beautiful day in Chula Vista – already up to 70F at 9 a.m. Baseball season started and there is great hope in Padres-land.
10:05:49 From Randy Seaver : that was my daily chocolate chip cookie…
10:06:15 From Randy Seaver : I have breakfast before 7 a.m.
10:07:29 From Hilary Gadsby : Teatime here in the UK
10:07:35 From Gary Gautier: Ahnenblatt genealogy software
10:07:52 From Gary Gauthier : GRAMPS (free) genealogy software
10:08:58 From Marian Koalski to All panelists : Doesn’t Legacy have a Spanish switch?
10:10:18 From Cousin Russ :
10:10:45 From Valerie Lisk : will support Spanish.
10:11:11 From Graham Walter : I think Heredis will allow Spanish interface when region changed in OS
10:11:14 From Marian Koalski : I often see videos on the GeneaWebinars schedule that are in Spanish
10:12:17 From Leah Smith : TNG supports Spanish The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building
10:12:53 From Tom Hendricks to All panelists : Cyndi’s List have spanish websites available too?
10:14:13 From Cousin Russ : Google Translate Chrome Browser Extension

10:14:54 From Cousin Russ : Heredis software
10:15:12 From Dave Robison to All panelists : The HEREDIS home screen shows “FR” and “EN” in the lower right hand corner
10:15:38 From Betty-Lu Burton : How do you type international letters that are not found on your keyboard?
10:16:05 From Betty-Lu Burton : So you can look them up or use translate
10:16:29 From Valerie Lisk : I use my Character Map.
10:17:39 From Linda Stufflebean : ftDNA’s new add about crowdsourcing police help
10:17:42 From Robbin Smith : FTdna ads for criminal discoveries
10:18:23 From Randy Seaver : Reclaim the Records got NY Marriages online
10:18:37 From Randy Seaver : Baseball questionnaires appeared on
10:19:12 From Deb Andrew to All panelists : Amazon finally put up my review.

Advanced Genetic Genealogy

10:20:52 From Cousin Russ : Advanced Genetic Genealogy: Techniques and Case Studies
10:21:58 From Marian Koalski to All panelists : How many of the reviewers have finished reading this thick book? [Myrt only has studied the front matter and chapter 1, but has browsed the subsequent chapters for over an hour.]
10:21:59 From cyndy Bray : Is the Kindle version in color?
10:22:35 From Gloria Oren to All panelists : yes there is color in Kindle
10:25:24 From Karen Trearchis : Sounds like a great idea!
10:26:28 From Karen Trearchis : I will see you at NERGC Russ!
10:26:48 From Graham Walter to All panelists : Gary: Rebooted laptop to change default language to Spanish. Heredis interface remains as English… sorry
10:26:52 From Hilary Gadsby : I bought 2 books from the authors this weekend signed copies.

History of the Valley of Virginia _Kercheval

10:27:29 From Cousin Russ : History of the Valley of Virginia

Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants A History of Frederick County Virginia
10:27:49 From Cousin Russ : Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants: A History of Frederick County, Virginia

German Names_A Practical Guide

10:28:27 From Cousin Russ : German Names: A Practical Guide

German English Genealogical Dictionary _ Ernest Thode

10:28:45 From Cousin Russ : German-English Genealogical Dictionary
10:30:18 From Marcia Philbrick : History of Valley of Virginia (I think same book as mentioned) is on Internet Archive –
10:30:26 From Bev Anderson to All panelists : I want on the wait list for the Advanced Genetic Genealogy

Simon Wells Pen and Sword Author Page

IMAGE: Simon Wells’ Pen and Sword Author Page

10:31:14 From Hilary Gadsby :
10:32:44 From Marcia Philbrick : Book: Shenandoah Valley and Their Descendants – on Internet Archive –

Shenandoah Valley _ at Internet Archives

IMAGE: Shenandoah Valley book digitally preserved at the Internet Archives.

10:33:16 From Marcia Philbrick : Shenandoa Valley Pioneers and Descendants — searchable on Ancestry –

10:33:24 From Cousin Russ : How Our Ancestors Died

10:34:41 From Cousin Russ : Lifeboatmen

10:36:03 From Dave Robison : One of my Mayflower ancestors fell off the boat! John Howland was “fished” out of the sea. I happy about that otherwise I wouldn’t be here!!

10:37:12 From Cousin Russ : Voyages from the Past

10:38:04 From Valerie Lisk : Dave, Scott Fischer tells the same story!
10:38:27 From Karen Trearchis : My ancestors, The Billington boys, played in the gunpowder room and almost blew up the Mayflower!
10:38:40 From Graham Walter : Tacoma Narrows Bridge
10:39:32 From Dave Robison to All panelists : Valerie, I’ll have to talk with him about that! Apparently we could be cousins???
10:40:09 From Betty-Lu Burton : I found a record where a ship sailing to New Sweden by the time it reached the colony the colony was taken over New Amsterdam and the captain had to negotiate in order to land. This was about 1650
10:41:34 From Betty-Lu Burton : Can you imagine what it would be like if they had to turn around and sail back to Europe.
10:44:25 From Kathleen Daetsch : There was a problem with the Palatines when they arrived in New York
10:45:45 From Graham Walter : Fantastic!
10:46:01 From Graham Walter : nice find Hilary
10:47:37 From Cousin Russ : GUILD OF ONE NAME STUDIES
10:53:23 From Randy Seaver : Does anyone know what Nick Barratt said about the future of family history?
10:53:43 From Graham Walter : Maureen Taylor, Elizabethan one :–lectures/maureen-taylor-an-elizabethan-wardrobe-revealed

10:55:40 From Graham Walter : Maureen Taylor’s personal website:
10:59:40 From Robbin Smith : Anybody watch the PBS show Mrs. Wilson? it was a fascinating study of an English woman who found out she was “married” to a bigamist when he died. Turned out he was “married” at least 4 times.
11:00:09 From YvonneDemoskoff to All panelists : I recorded it, Robbin; will watch later today
11:00:54 From YvonneDemoskoff : I recorded it, Robbin; will watch later today
11:01:11 From Hilary Gadsby : I have it recorded from when it was shown here not watched yet
11:02:32 From Danine Cozzens : Chatelain = the keeper of the keys. 

11:02:51 From Kathleen Daetsch : I have alway wished I could find a link to Beth of Hardwick in my tree
11:03:24 From Kathleen Daetsch : Oh yes I saw that
11:03:52 From Randy Seaver : “What Would You Like me to Write About” in
11:03:58 From Dave Robison to All panelists : Charles Lindbergh was a bigamist! One family here and one in Germany
11:04:48 From YvonneDemoskoff to All panelists : I recently read about that about Charles, Dave; very surprising
11:06:48 From Cousin Russ :
11:07:44 From Dave Robison : Dangers of online trees…that’s one of my NERGC topics!
11:08:14 From Kathleen Daetsch : Join the club Dna is a double-edged sword
11:08:38 From Marian Koalski : It isn’t just the DNA testers!
11:09:41 From Marian Koalski  : Before DNA testing was so cheap, people were swallowing false genealogies for generations.
11:10:15 From Mary Lou Gravatt : I enjoy Randy’s Blog and how he shows how to write a source.
11:10:38 From Kathleen Daetsch : I have been recommending to my matches that they at least take a course at a local library.
11:11:08 From Maria Tegtmeier : That is a great quote
11:11:24 From Kathleen Daetsch : My Heritage is also using on line trees to link me in theories
11:12:28 From Tom Hendricks : FYI Abraham’s inaugural carriage is the Wizard of Oz Horse of a different color carriage at the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, MIN   [ :::giggle::: ]
11:12:53 From Pam Helm : There is a conference coming up at the end of April in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I am registered and very excited
11:13:18 From Karen Trearchis : I will be there and will be attending DNA day.
11:13:58 From Karen Trearchis : That’s funny!
11:14:30 From Karen Trearchis : And he is listening to you now! We enjoyed being with you, too.
11:14:55 From Graham Walter : Dave: where will the 2021 conference? Is it known yet? [Springfield, Massachusetts]
11:15:07 From Karen Trearchis : My society is Massachusetts Society of Genealogists and we are charter members.
11:15:37 From Pat Stano-Carpenter : Maybe you’ll come to NERGC again! You were a fun addition to the conference.
11:15:44 From Karen Trearchis : It is all volunteers!
11:16:14 From Karen Trearchis : We do much more than 25 hours, hundreds of hours.
11:16:40 From Karen Trearchis : I was a chair for Librarian’s Day several years ago.
11:18:15 From Karen Trearchis : I volunteered for the Boston road show.
11:18:57 From Randy Seaver : you could do something in the even years
11:19:15 From Karen Trearchis : Yes, Pat we want you and your husband to come to NERGC again!
11:19:32 From Karen Trearchis : Sounds good!
11:19:47 From Cousin Russ : Tami — do you have a question ?
11:23:06 From Jennifer  : You might need a tissue tomorrow night!

Is it time to write your MEMOIR
11:23:55 From Cousin Russ : WACKY Wednesday 9pm Eastern most Wednesdays throughout the year. ONE topic – ONE hour. “Is it time to write your MEMOIR?” Invite your friends

11:25:16 From Cousin Russ : DearMYRTLE’s Exploring FindMyPast: American Red Cross Visitor Book 1943-1945 & Ray Wilton
11:25:32 From Cousin Russ : .
11:29:49 From Jennifer Holik  : I cried through both of those BBC videos you posted. So moving to hear his grandpa speak about his experiences.

11:33:11 From Cousin Russ : Announcement: ***Maryland Will and Probate Records – Newly Available on the Maryland Genealogical Society website. *** 

11:36:07 From Cousin Russ : “Opt Out is not informed consent” by Judy G. Russell, JD, CG.
11:36:45 From Robbin Smith : they started advertising to help police with your dna
11:39:07 From Gary Gauthier to All panelists : Thanks for covering this.
11:39:42 From cyndy Bray : I chose to leave my kit on Gedmatch. And not to upload the kits I administer because they are not familiar. Then FTDNA took that option out of my hands and than told me I was a bad person for disagreeing.
11:40:49 From Cousin Russ : 1,100 sets of Church of Ireland Parish Registers from as early as 1619

11:42:25 From Karen Trearchis : Thank you!
11:42:56 From John Laws : I stayed awake Yipee!!
11:43:11 From Graham Walter : Have a good day everyone
11:43:37 From Graham Walter : that went quickly today
11:44:32 From Pamela Wells : Have a super day all!
11:49:32 From YvonneDemoskoff : Thanks, Myrt! Bye everyone!

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ARCHIVED: Jewish Genealogy 1 with Emily Garber


This is the first of a two-part Jewish Genealogy Study Group hosted by DearMYRTLE. In this session Emily advised us to be aware of historical, political, and religious context and reminded us to follow our usual research process working backwards, being as thorough as possible and to remember the FAN principle.  We discussed migration patterns, naming systems, translation services and DNA.

Jewish Genealogy Study Group Google Sheet


Emily Garber profileCONTACT
Emily Garber has been conducting family history research since 2007. She specializes in Jewish genealogical research and has worked with records from both German-Jewish and Eastern European Jewish immigrants. Her client work has included research into narrowly-defined genealogical problems as well as development and writing of broadly-based family history narratives. In June 2013, she toured family shtetlach in Ukraine and explored archives in Lviv, Khmelnitsky and Zhitomyr. An archaeologist by training (B.A., and M.A.), she recently retired after a 30+ year career in natural resources management.If you would like to hire Emily as a researcher or as a speaker for your group, this is her contact info as the Association of Professional Genealogists


00:44:42 Cousin Russ: Emily Garber’s (going) The Extra Yad Blog
00:46:52 Cousin Russ:
00:48:32 Cousin Russ: Avotaynu
00:52:14 Cousin Russ: Link to the Jewish Genealogy Study Group Sheets
00:55:36 June Butka: Thank you for the excellent links.
ViewMate at JewishGen

Translation assistance
01:32:00 Jane Belmont: I have a postcard written to my grandfather in Vienna that appears to be written in shorthand. How do I find someone to translate? FB translation group page?
01:33:11 Cousin Russ: JewishGen ViewMate application

01:34:42 Cousin Russ: Genealogy Translations Group on FaceBook
01:35:17 Cousin Russ: Tracing the Tribe FaceBook Group
01:35:46 Cousin Russ: Jewish Genealogy Portal

01:42:31 Cousin Russ: JewishGen website
01:42:48 Cousin Russ: How to read a Jewish Tombstone
01:50:32 Cousin Russ: Lara Diamond, Lara’s Jewnealogy blog

01:53:18 Cousin Russ: MyHeritage DNA
01:55:34 Susan Bleimehl: Fascinating topic today. Looking forward to the next one.
01:56:28 Melinda Culpon: Extremely interesting, great job Emily!
01:56:45 Janine Edmée Hakim: Thank you, thank you

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Jewish Genealogy Study Group starts Wednesday

You are invited to attend the Jewish Genealogy Study Group series to be held 7th and 14th February 2018. The live broadcasts begin at Noon Eastern. Registration is free, and the webinars will be archived with comments and links we mention here in DearMYRTLE’s blog.
Registration link: 

Emily Garber,
researcher, speaker and writer, has been conducting family history research since 2007.  She specializes in Jewish genealogical research and has worked with records from both Eastern European and German Jewish immigrants. Her client work has included research into narrowly-defined genealogical problems as well as development and writing of broadly-based family history narratives. In June 2013, she toured family shtetlach (communities) in Ukraine and explored archives in Lviv, Khmelnitsky and Zhitomyr.

An archaeologist by training (B.A., and M.A.), she recently retired after a 30+ year career in natural resources management. She holds a certificate from Boston University’s Genealogical Research program.  She has created a Kehilalinks webpage ( and writes a family history blog (

Emily has authored three articles published in Avotaynu. The most recent is in the Avotaynu 32:3 (Fall 2016): “Beyond the Manifest: Applying the Genealogical Proof Standard to Confirm One’s Ancestral Origins.”

Emily is Chair of the Phoenix Jewish Genealogical Society and on the board of the Arizona Jewish Historical Society. She has served for several years as one of the moderators of the JewishGen Discussion Group and communications director of the Ukraine Special Interest Group. Emily owns Extra Yad Genealogical Services.













Bookshelf: Plantagenet, 30,000 Names & Pennsylvania Marriages

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was just received from our friends at the Genealogical Publishing Company.

Through 11:59 PM EDT Tonight, October 11th, 2017 you can select from 3 hand-picked book titles that are among some of their most popular on the shelf, right now.


THE PLANTAGENET ANCESTRY Being Tables Showing Over 7,000 of the Ancestors of Elizabeth (Daughter of Edward IV and Wife of Henry VII), the Heiress of the Plantagenets by Lt.-Col. W. H. Turton. A classic work on royal ancestry, this unusual book gives the lineages of all the known ancestors of Elizabeth Plantagenet (1465-1503), including both legitimate and illegitimate ancestors, numbering altogether over 7,000. The ancestral tables are divided geographically, English lines predominating, with lesser numbers of Scottish, Irish, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and German lines. As this is a book of ancestors, its focus is restricted to the direct line, but it does allow room for every ancestor within ten generations. NORMAL PRICE: $55.00, TODAY ONLY: $36.50.
A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776 by Israel Daniel Rupp. This work is concerned mainly with early Palatine immigration and contains 319 ships’ passenger lists with a total of 30,000 names. The arrangement is chronological according to date of arrival, listing the names of the ships on which the passengers arrived and the places from which they emigrated. In addition, the appendices list over a thousand early settlers who landed at some port other than Philadelphia, but who afterwards came to Pennsylvania from New York, North Carolina, and Georgia. NORMAL PRICE: $40.00 TODAY ONLY: $27.50.
IMAGE: Pennsylvania MArriages
Record of Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810 by John B. Linn and William H. Egle. The marriage records in this work were compiled from church registers rather than licenses. They cover 1685-1810 and comprise about 65,000 entries, arranged for the most part under both bride and groom. Over half of Vol. I is the marriage records of Christ Church (1709-1810) and Swedes’ Church (1750-1810) of Philadelphia. The rest are records from churches at Carlisle, Chester, Falkner Swamp, New Hanover, Paxtang, and Derry. Vol. II has marriage records of the First, Second, and Third Presbyterian Churches of Philadelphia; Moravian church records of Bethlehem, Emmaus, Lititz, Nazareth, and Philadelphia; records of various churches in the counties of Bucks and Montgomery; and Quaker records of the Monthly Meetings of Buckingham, Falls, Middletown, Philadelphia, Quakertown, Richland, and Wrightstown. NORMAL PRICE: $105.00 TODAY ONLY: $69.95.

Inaugural International Germanic Genealogy Conference (2017)

German genealogy experts you say? Traveling from Germany you say? Gathering in Minneapolis you say? Well, this Ol’ Myrt is so there. In fact, Mr. Myrt and I leave within the hour.


Connections: International. Cultural. Personal.
The International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP), formerly the German-American Genealogical Partnership, is proud to announce its inaugural conference to be held in Minneapolis, MN. The Germanic Genealogy Society (GGS) is the local host.

When: July 28-30, 2017
Where: Minneapolis Marriott Northwest
Registration is closed for the 2017 IGGC Conference.
If you have registered and need to make a change, please email:

As an added bonus, from the website we find that Fritz Juengling PH.D.,AG has prepared a document to describe how to use the new online version of Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-lexikon des deutschen Reichs. Meyersgaz description

DearMYRTLE's Profile Pic

Myrt’s Musings

I’m quite certain the IGGC instructors will share new research strategies with this Ol’ Myrt. In addition to my 1848ers from Saxony, I’m now working on my brother-in-law’s Bohemian WAGNER family who came directly to New Ulm, Minnesota in 1881. And you can bet I’ll be applying my new-found knowledge as we travel to New Ulm on our way home.

I look forward to attending a class session nearly every hour. There are no ambassadors or official bloggers to my knowledge, but I hope to see many of the usual suspects in attendance. It’s a concept – attend a conference and actually go to classes to learn. As we speak, our favorite German Genealogy Girl, Ursula Krause, has left for the Berlin airport, soon to be on her way. I look forward to meeting her and hosting a brunch in her honor when she travels to Salt Lake following the conference. Here are the two GermanGen Study Group sessions with Ursula from mDearMYRTLE’s YouTube Channel.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     🙂
Your friend in genealogy.