ARCHIVED: The Archive Lady “Do I Really Need to Keep That?”

Archives Lady with WW

Melissa LeMaster Barker responds to the latest push to downsize, organize and purge by talking about “Do I Really Need to Keep That? Family Records We Should Not Throw Out.”

Melissa is a Certified Archives Manager currently working as the Houston County, Tennessee Archivist. She is also a Professional Genealogist and lectures, teaches and writes about researching in archives and records preservation. You’ll find her work here and on the web at:

Melissa recommends the following resources for archival materials:


Ethnicity graphic created by DearMYRTLE
DearMYRTLE and Cousin Russ recognize the United Nations’ International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024. We reach out to _all_ regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural inheritance.


19:01:22 From Janine Edmée Hakim : minus 10 in Coventryville, chenango county ny
19:01:29 From Sarah Bell : I’m in Australia, a beautiful 77F today
19:01:35 From Dave Robison : We’re running out of degrees here in Western Mass and I believe we’ll be overdrawn!!
19:01:50 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Near Vancouver, BC, it’s 5 C/40 F
19:02:37 From Sally Smith to All panelists : 43F north of Seattle.
19:02:43 From Susan Bleimehl : Wisconsin -14 temp and down to -30wind chill down to -45 tonight. with -50 wind chill. Good for genealogy evening,
19:03:07 From Betty-Lu Burton : Arkansas about 30F
19:03:27 From JoAnn Lawrence : Delran, New Jersey is 12 but feels like -10
19:04:15 From DearMYRTLE . : I did!
19:04:47 From Betty-Lu Burton : Would not one question be how easy would it be to replace that record? can I just scan it?
19:14:10 From Betty-Lu Burton : I have looked at some Kansas newspaper through inter-library loan to my local library.
19:14:43 From DearMYRTLE . to All panelists : comments
19:18:23 From Yvonne Demoskoff : What about scanning the letters and putting them online, say in a blog?
19:21:01 From Dave Robison : I scanned every page of my grandfather’s 1913 diary when he was on the crew that built the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad in Canada. Back in 2013, I blogged each page on its 100th anniversary. He had terrible handwriting!
19:22:27 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Dave, would you post the link to your blog?
19:22:35 From Beverly Anderson : I connected with a distant cousin, who had letters from one of our mutual ancestors. It was the last letter he wrote to his parents, before he was killed at Atlanta during the Civil War. What a find!!!
19:22:41 From Launa Droescher : I scanned some letters sent by in laws to my dad then gave them to one of the children to keep for great-grandchild dad and
19:22:59 From Cousin Russ : Letter addressed to Cousin Russ
19:26:37 From Dave Robison : I’ll have to dig it up…
19:27:28 From Lisa Reed  : REED Images Lost and Found
19:27:32 From DearMYRTLE . : Thnak-you for looking, Dave.
19:28:26 From Lisa Reed to All panelists : The link I sent is a YouTube video I made about finding a “Suitcase Full of Pictures.”
19:29:46 From Betty-Lu Burton : I have pictures of all my great grandparents except for one. I know there are photos out there. He served in the Spanish American War and had an influencial brother in a small community
19:29:47 From Dave Robison : Yvonne, here’s a link to one of the pages:
19:30:19 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Thanks, Dave
19:32:50 From Yvonne Demoskoff : NP
19:33:02 From Yvonne Demoskoff : I did a search and found the articles
19:35:42 From DearMYRTLE . to Dave Robison and all panelists : DearMYRTLE’s “Food traditions & Gramma Myrtle” post from 16 Sept 2010,

19:44:50 From Cousin Russ : 2 mil Polyester Photo Mounting Sleeves (25-Pack)

19:45:54 From Cousin Russ : Organize Your Genealogy: Strategies and Solutions for Every Researcher Paperback – July 1, 2016, by Drew Smith.

19:47:06 From Cousin Russ : How to Weed Your Attic
19:49:15 From Launa Droescher : @Where do I send OLD computer programs and sometime I still have prog disk?
19:50:17 From Launa Droescher : still have books
19:53:38 From Dave Robison : I think it’s Honus Wagner’s card
19:55:10 From Lisa Reed to All panelists : also Vernon

19:57:48 From Sarah Bell : Do they ship internationally?
19:58:50 From Cousin Russ. to  : Australian recommended archival supply firms
19:58:53 From Sarah Bell : Thanks 🙂
19:59:21 From Yvonne Demoskoff : Carr McLean in Canada

20:03:57 From Dave Robison : Speaking of YouTube, I discovered today that the videos can be read with the “cc” button for closed captioning at the bottom of the page… I’ve got to spread the word for the hearing impaired members.
20:05:40 From Launa Droescher : I use to use my long hair pins, the kind used in jumbo hair curlers.
20:05:55 From Dave Robison : eGlad I made it tonight! Thanks Melissa!!
20:06:16 From Susan Bleimehl : Thanks for the interesting topic.

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ARCHIVED: AmericaGen Study Group Successful Correspondence

AmericaGen Study Group

15 Aug 3027 AmericaGen Study Group tackles Chapter 8 “Successful Correspondence” from Val Greenwood’s The Researchers Guide to American Genealogy, 2017 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company.)

Please note all hyperlinks are non-affiliate links.

Val Greenwoods book

Note: All panelists were invited ro read the chapter and then write about how that chapter relates to their personal research habits. Combined AmericanGen Chapter 8 “Successful Correspondence” Homework



09:51:26 From Shelley Murphy : Good afternoon!
10:01:06 From Cousin Russ : AmericaGen Study Group tackles Chapter 8 “Successful Correspondence” from Val Greenwood’s The Researchers Guide to American Genealogy, 2017 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company.)
10:01:33 From Cousin Russ : When posting in the “Zoom Webinar Chat” , change the “TO” portion to read “ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES.” By default it reads “all panelists.”
10:05:16 From Melissa Barker : Hello All, listening in from the Houston County, TN. Archives! The Archive Lady is in the house!
10:06:32 From Molly McKinley : Geocities website..yes all gone now…
10:07:20 From Cousin Russ : How-to quickly convert Gmail email into PDF
10:07:23 From marian koalski : What do you do when a message refers to more than one relative?
10:08:09 From marian koalski : I should have said, “How do you name the PDF” when it refers to more than one relative?
10:09:52 From marian koalski : I’m facing the question with Aunt Pearl’s letters from 1976
10:10:11 From Molly McKinley : I found some 1998 AOL forum notes…fun to read but did not help much.
10:10:24 From DearMYRTLE to All panelists : So is the item an EVENT on the ancestor’s time line?
10:10:26 From Melinda Culpon : I handle multiple by duplicating the information – can name it for each
10:10:48 From Rebecca Williams : You could save the pdf more than once, into each family it refers to.
10:11:41 From Shelley Murphy : I would probably put it under notes and questions, but it could have its own line with the date received depends on the info received. great question.
10:11:46 From marian koalski : I finally have settled on one name for each message but linking to it from citations on all those people
10:13:56 From Cyndy Bray : If you forward email to Evernote, does the attachment go with it?
10:14:41 From Cousin Russ : Combined AmericanGen Chapter 8 “Successful Correspondence” Homework
10:14:55 From Danine Cozzens : Thanks, Russ!
10:16:29 From DearMYRTLE to All panelists : Facebook and message board posts also come to mind. (In lieu of handwritten correspondence.)
10:18:56 From Shelley Murphy : the glasses are interesting to pose for a picture

Gaylord_C-Line sheet protectors
10:22:07 From Cousin Russ : C-Line® Heavy Weight Polypropylene Clear High-Capacity Sheet Protectors (25-Pack) Part #: 62020-1
10:22:11 From Melinda Culpon : I did the letters my dad wrote to my mom when he was on navy cruises – like Melissa “archive lady” recommended and gave to my mom as a Christmas present
10:28:51 From Maria Tegtmeier : Grateful for a reminder to preserve letters. I gave some letters my mom wrote to her parents to my brother a long time ago to digitize and he hasn’t. This conversation has reminded me that to get the letters and digitize them and put them in protective sleeves.
10:34:06 From Valerie Lisk : In the Genealogy Do-Over Facebook Group, Thomas has a lot of forms that are free to use. [See:]
10:34:58 From Shelley Murphy : Just yes emailed him to see, thanks
10:35:49 From DearMYRTLE to All panelists : I can show people how to download the file RUSS.

Instant Secretary's Handbook

10:37:41 From Cousin Russ : From Melinda Coulpon’s homework – Instant Secretary’s Handbook: A Reference Source And Guide For The Professional Secretary


Handbook for Genealogical Correspondence (revised edition)

10:37:52 From Shelley Murphy : they don’t do it anymore but I using social media is probably on the table
10:38:14 From Launa Droescher : I have the spelling book from that set that my father gave me years ago. My children kept trying to run off with it.
10:42:10 From Melissa Barker : Be nice to archivists, be specific please.
10:43:48 From Maria Tegtmeier : Any suggestions on corresponding with foreign genealogical societies or archives?

10:44:41 From Cary Bright  : I have trouble with citations from things I request copies of. I include the request that they include the roll or book, newspaper, But rarely get all the specifics like page number, col number etc. You think when you pay for something you could get it! Thanks to the volunteers who run these programs, but please go the extra mile with ESM type citation info. I can format it!!

10:44:42 From Valerie Lisk : I have used the online request form and sent a prepaid snailmail request with an SASE to a particular county library, only to recieve a response when I made a phone call.
10:46:13 From marian koalski : See FamilySearch Wiki’s word list for other countries, like Poland Word List. Frequently it will have a sample letter form
10:47:33 From Cousin Russ : Letter Writing Guide for Genealogy
10:48:07 From Cary Bright to All panelists : Great fix Cheri… fill in the blank!

10:49:21 From Leah Smith : I use Google Translate to help with Polish language and then try to have someone from a Polish genealogy group review. Concise language, and good etiquette are important. I find sometimes charts can be valuable. [ See Google Translate: ]
10:49:55 From Valerie Lisk : When I make a request from an online index, I cite the information on the index.
10:51:06 From Melinda Culpon : Once again – older genealogy books can show how to request information. I know I have found older Czech research books are still valid sources
10:54:00 From Shelley Murphy : twitter too
10:55:22 From Melissa Barker : Be consistent!
10:56:57 From DearMYRTLE: Include names, dates, places in your queries.
10:56:57 From Maria Tegtmeier : Sometimes I do a “screenshot” when I need to save something that I have on my phone screen. This might work for twitter.

This is the link to the multi-tabbed “Genealogy Research Log” created by Thomas MacEntee on his Abundant Genealogy website. See Free Genealogy Resources page at

GenealogyDoOver Workbook
10:58:23 From Melinda Culpon : Thomas MacEntee’s book on amazon –

11:03:52 From Randi Patrick : Thank you. You guys are great; I am learning so much!
11:04:03 From Maria Tegtmeier : Yay
11:04:03 From Shelley Murphy : Thanks all!

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COMMENT AFTER the webinar at


An Open Letter to an Archivist

Dear Melissa LeMaster Barker, The Archive Lady

Got some questions about filing photos and unusual family papers in acid-free metal edge Hollinger boxes.

  • I have the pencil you recommend.
  • I have acid-free archival file folders.
  • Do I need acid free tissue paper?
Hollinger document storage box

IMAGE: Courtesy Hollinger Metal Edge flip top document storage case.

1. With my father’s 1918 baby book, should I insert acid-free tissue paper between each page before placing in the file folder?

2. When an old photo has a cover, should it be stored with the cover open to view the image? It is flatter that way.

3. Should these rare late 19th and early 20th century photos be inserted in those archival photo sleeves or will the acid-free file folder suffice? Note I plan to store late 20th century photos in sleeves in photo filing boxes.

4. Is there a naming/numbering protocol for labeling each folder that’s generally accepted by archivists?

5. Is there some type of inventory log I should create for each Hollinger box? This could possibly be more descriptive than the hand written label on each file folder tab.

6. Years ago I made a frame for an old family photo, but isn’t it best to remove the old photo from the frame and store it in a file folder in a Hollinger box? Right now the photo is out of direct sunlight on a darkened corner of a climate controlled bedroom.

7. You have taught me to remove all staples and paper clips before storing a document. Should something be inserted between pages of a particularly fragile multi-page document? What about encapsulation of particularly thin paper or messy carbon copy tissue paper?

8. The important middle pages of a heavy 1890s family bible are tearing apart down the center. How should I prevent further damage if someone wishes to view and turn the pages? I know Scotch tape is out.

8. Is there some sort of finding aid I should create, summarizing what’s in each box in this family archive? There will be about 6 vertical and three horizontal Hollinger boxes, 2 custom bible boxes and several photo filing boxes when I’m done.

9. Do you have a brand of printer paper you’d recommend for printing my inventories and finding aids? I’d hate to go to all this trouble only to put high acid, easily degradable paper into my beautifully preserved collection. Also, will laser printed info pages last longer than inkjet?

10. Is there an accepted protocol for labeling the spines of my Hollinger boxes?

As you can see, I’m getting serious about archiving precious family items in my collection. Maybe these 10 questions would make good fodder for 10 blog posts?

Thank you for all the advice and training you’ve given us about preservation and using archives.

If my descendants don’t want to keep this family archive, I’d like it to be readily processed into a regional archive collection with minimal fuss for the accession archivist.

(That’s a whole lotta archiving going on.) 🤗

ARCHIVED: Mondays with Myrt – 9 Apr 2018


THANK-YOU to our special guest, Geoff Rasmussen for showing Ol’ Myrt the Google backup process.

Google Search logo 2018-04-12_14-59-59


00:41:44 Pat Kuhn: hi everyone
00:41:59 Janine Edmée Hakim: Good good morning Myrt and Russ
00:42:03 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Hello To All!
00:42:04 Dave Robison: I missed last week, too!
00:42:07 Hilary Gadsby: I have a follow up to something I mentioned on the webinar with Tony last week
00:42:24 Robbin Smith: hello from miami
00:42:50 Bill West: Good afternoon from sunny, chilly Massachusetts.

Legacy 9 Census
00:44:01 Cousin Russ: Legacy 9 Unlocked (part 3): Adding a Census Record – free webinar by Geoff Rasmussen
00:44:23 Sheryl Whisenhunt: It was awesome Geoff. Really enjoyed it.
00:44:26 Marian Koalski: Thank goodness he DOES talk through it patiently!

00:44:53 Cousin Russ: GeneaWebinars Calendar of Hangouts, Webinars and Online Chats this coming week:
00:45:04 Teri Chaffin: good morning
00:45:56 Melissa Barker: Hello, a little late, listening in from the Houston County, TN. Archives! The Archive Lady is here!
00:46:05 Cousin Russ: Geoff Rasmussen to discuss Google Backup (a manual procedure)
00:46:39 John Laws: Tnknk you Sir
00:50:45 Valerie Lisk: I’m always watching the Legacy family tree webinars. This is weird to actually watch Geoff speaking.
00:54:29 Sheryl Whisenhunt: First time hearing about it.
00:54:34 Robbin Smith: new to me
00:54:37 Susan Bleimehl: Never knew about it.
00:54:53 Geoff Mulholland: First I have heard of it
00:55:19 Danine Cozzens: New to me, and I use a lot of Google products to keep an eye on my son’s employer.
00:55:27 Valerie Lisk: First I’ve heard ot it. Thanks for the link Russ, I’m going to watch that webinar.
00:58:03 Marian Koalski: I enjoyed hearing Dave Robison speak at the New England Family History Conference over the weekend. He is a busy man!

[Regarding RPAC Records Preservation and Access]
00:58:08 Cousin Russ: MGC newsletter
01:01:13 Melissa Barker: Tennesse is a “Sunshine” state which means all records are open to the public with a few exceptions like adoption records, medical records, etc.
01:02:06 Betty-Lu Burton: I can see limiting birth certificate since about 1990 when they started requiring SSN at birth. But Records 50 or more years is not going to affect peoples privacy
01:02:22 Anna Matthews: NYC is considering amending their decision thanks to all the people that have spoken out. There will be another hearing in two weeks.
01:02:35 Cousin Russ: RPAC for for all states
01:06:04 Betty-Lu Burton: Too many people have a misconception as to what is actually public and what is private.
01:07:26 Cousin Russ: This one might be interesting:

01:08:29 Cousin Russ: Randy Seaver’s BEST OF THE GENEA-BLOGS
01:08:36 Cousin Russ: .
01:08:42 Hilary Gadsby: We have some restrictions but I am not sure what they are. The most recent records do not have an index widely available.
01:10:05 Joanne Shackford Parkes: On Monday, I look forward Randy’s updates to Ancestry & FamilySearch lists along with the Best of Blogs list!

01:10:27 Cousin Russ: Judy Russell CHASING THE SS-5
01:12:56 Dave Robison: Thanks for the mention, Marian! IT was a very busy weekend…
01:18:17 Janine Edmée Hakim: Russ, what has been your experience finding records in Ancestry for countries that are not specifically mentioned (like Israel)…
01:23:00 DearMYRTLE: Ancestry LOST their wiki link
01:23:33 Randy Seaver: Micki – yes, I do. I mine Hints for one database using that technique
01:24:33 Joanne Shackford Parkes: Find it easiest to get to the Family Search wiki by googling FamilySearch wiki county state then ensuring I look for the latest update

01:25:53 Marian Koalski: The Red Book info is at
01:26:19 Randy Seaver: Micki – it takes time for Ancestry to find Hints for your tree people. I usually wait 6 months after a new collection to search the Hints for that database.
01:26:44 Dawn Carlile: It now only talks about the company on regular wikipedia.


01:27:17 Cousin Russ: Lorine McGinnis Schulze lost 8 generations of research.
01:29:00 Dawn Carlile: The Redbook can still be found at,_County,_and_Town_Sources
01:30:09 Dave Robison: I just tried the Redbook link and I get “Whitelabel Error Page
01:30:10 Betty-Lu Burton: I have noticed while reveiwing index records for FamilySearc indexing that some indexers will assume the female middle name is the maiden name and I have seen times when yes it is a maiden name but the maiden name of the female’s mother or grandmother
01:31:16 Marian Koalski: I have found family members 30 years after thinking that I had them all… in probate records that have recently come online.
01:31:42 Marian Koalski: I should say “found ADDITIONAL family members”
01:32:06 Betty-Lu Burton: Ihave a family in the 1800’s where all the children had the grandmother’s maiden name for a middle name
01:33:23 Cousin Russ: Dawn – thank you, but it isn’t linked to “the Wiki”
01:33:47 Bill West: Having to trim a branch off the family tree is almost as painful for me as deciding which books I need to cull from my bookcase.

01:34:18 Joanne Shackford Parkes: Have found a book that takes my ancestors back six more generations, very good quality but really want to find the author’s original source material (tough as it was written in 1912). Do have distant DNA matches to some folks who also document this line but am still on the hunt for these original documents that the author used to write the book.
01:34:26 Cousin Russ:,_County,_and_Town_Sources
01:34:30 Dawn Carlile: The wiki is gone, just the Redbook works. If you search Wiki on Ancestry you only get a few articles, no wiki.
01:36:43 Randy Seaver: I’m still seeing Pat’s screen and not Russ’s comments
01:37:01 Doris Haskell: My first experience at the FHL was finding a book that had my paternal ancestors in a book about Lexington, MA records. The author did not itemize his sources, and this is still a source of a brick wall for me.
01:37:24 Janine Edmée Hakim: Thank you Cousin Russ, have sometimes found it difficult to find records for Indonesian relatives.
01:37:29 Randy Seaver: The latest blog post for Hints in a specific Ancestry database is

01:38:28 DearMYRTLE: FamilySearch


01:39:28 Betty-Lu Burton: I have found more information on my ancestors Italian towns in the French and Italian Wikipedia then in any of the English Wikis.

01:40:33 Dave Robison: The good news about the Red Book is that all I have to do to find it is look to myleft where it sits on a shelf!
01:42:28 Dave Robison: This Red Book is the Third Edition. I have no idea if that’s the latest.
01:42:33 Pat Kuhn: in my VanBilliard line there are two couples that have the same names and I keep finding trees that put children in the wrong family
01:44:56 Deb Andrew: I had a cousin who had to move his line over to a different ancestor. He thought my 2nd great grandfather was his great grandfather. Through extensive DNA testing it turns out that my 2nd great wasn’t but his brother was his great grandfather.
01:45:38 Randy Seaver: Amazon has Third Edition from 2004.

01:46:06 Joanne Shackford Parkes: Thanks for the tips – have a trip to Albany, NY in my future — this author actually also went to Haarlem, Holland so that’s also on my future dream trips!!
01:47:44 Randy Seaver: Hard cover Redbook on sale at Amazon is $40, only 10 left in stock. Kindle is $20

1939 Register
01:48:28 DearMYRTLE: regarding John Laws “You might find the original record BUT beware it may have original errors 1939 Register on FMP has my mother-in-law before her marriage has overwritten error and very misleading for a newbie.” FindMyPast 1939 Register
01:48:33 Rachel Evans: I have the same issue Pat. There are four generations of men named John Bennem in my tree. Not including collateral Johns. It’s difficult to keep track and even worse to try to get people to fix things.
01:48:41 Randy Seaver: every record MAY be wrong due to informant error or clerk error. Thankfully, most are correct.

01:50:58 Cousin Russ: MyHeritage – New Collections added in March 2018

Billion Graves
01:58:27 Karen Trearchis: I am just joining your program today, so I hope this has not been stated today. I just learned to use BillionGraves [smart phone]  app on Saturday. I had attended Family History Day in Franklin, MA. One of the speakers shared information on BillionGraves & taught us to use the app. We went to a local cemetery to practice & I am impressed. Once I practice I am going to see if other chapter members of MSOG want to work together in doing part or all of a cemetery. It was so fun!

01:58:54: Dave Robison: Karen Trearchis, that speaker was Brian Moncur who is the chief technology officer at Billion Graves

02:00:45 Karen Trearchis: Great idea Russ, we have Scout come to our chapter each year to earn their Merit Badge. One of the officers is also a Scout leader.

02:01:06 Randy Seaver: I really hate the ads now on FindAGrave. They slows down my work.
02:01:23 Joanne Shackford Parkes: Re the cemetery project – perhaps a local college has a GIS program and they would be willing to create a CAD drawing of the graveyard for you.
02:01:44 Karen Trearchis: What is GIS?
02:02:08 Marian Koalski: I think the same about FindaGrave, Myrt!
02:02:15 Yvonne Demoskoff: I sponsored my father’s memorial for a modest fee, which makes the ads disappear
02:02:35 Marian Koalski: It’s very hard to distinguish between data and advertising
02:04:25 Randy Seaver: I’m happy spring is here – I got two gravestone photos of 3rd great-grandparents stones on FindAGrave from a volunteer in Glocester RI.
02:06:22 Marian Koalski: Pat Kuehn, if you can email (or mail) me pieces of your project, I’ll be glad to do data entry for you.

02:06:54 Cousin Russ: Elizabeth Shown Mills writes “This well-done discussion of a very complex subject may help some of you who are seeking context for your research. In fact, this _American History_ site from the Oxford Reference Encyclopedia is a rich trove we can explore for many research projects.”

02:08:00 Cousin Russ: Elizabeth Shown Mills weighs in on Formulating a research question. Why bother?
02:09:05 Cousin Russ: Facebook just promised to offer its users around the world the same privacy controls required under a new European data protection law.
02:09:16 Cousin Russ: Be sure to see Katherine R. Willson’s Genealogy on Facebook listing of over 11,000+ groups and pages: –
02:09:22 Bill West: My research plan is based on finding the next shiny thing. Not very organized, I know, but it’s fun. :0
02:09:31 Dave Robison: We had a good reminder lesson from Thomas Jones at the MGC conference this past weekend.
02:09:57 John Laws:
02:09:58 Dave Robison: Don’t forget Gail Devers list for Canadian FB pages.

5000 members
02:10:29 Cousin Russ: 5,000 # of DearMYRTLE Facebook Group members
02:10:58 Sheryl Whisenhunt: Congratulations!
02:11:30 Karen Trearchis: Congratulations!
02:12:41 Cousin Russ: ARCHIVED: One Soldier’s Story – SSG Christian Werthwein. Handouts are here >

02:14:12 Karen Trearchis: Yeah!
02:14:30 Cousin Russ: GeneaWebinars Calendar of Hangouts, Webinars and Online Chats this coming week:
02:16:39 Cousin Russ: Our Conversation continues HERE —
02:17:22 Doris Haskell: Thank you, everyone for a wonderful time.

This DearMYRTLE Event is presented at no cost. If you find the information useful, consider the Pay What You Want business model Ol’ Myrt employs:

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ARCHIVED: One Soldier’s Story – SSG Christian Werthwein

Christian Werthwein 2

SSG Christian Werthwein, Company L, 305 Infantry Regiment, 77th Division, US Army, WWII took pictures. A LOT of pictures. His granddaughter, Alexa Klimas Corcoran, inherited many documents and photos from the time of his basic training and his service in the Pacific, including the report of his injury at Leyte, Philippines. Our goal is to figure out what to do with this incredible collection.


19:02:59 From Betty-Lu Burton : Hello everyone
19:03:24 From MelissaBarker : Hello Everyone!

WWII Education FB

19:06:13 From DearMYRTLE : WWII Education (Group on FB admined by Jennifer Holik)

WWII ResearchWriting

19:06:29 From DearMYRTLE : JENNIFER HOLIK’S Finding the Answers Through WWII Writing Course:
19:06:41 From Irene Rossman: I’m going to take it, too!!
19:13:52 From Irene Rossman: Alexa told some of us about it.

19:14:03 From MelissaBarker : “Preserving Black Paper Photo Albums” from A Genealogist in the Archives blog
19:14:29 From Irene Rossman: I’m definitely looking forward to that blog post about preserving the black paper photo albums. I have inherited quite a few.
19:14:38 From Irene Rossman: Thank you, Melissa!
19:14:57 From MelissaBarker : Your Welcome Irene, if you have any questions please email me.
19:15:07 From Irene Rossman to All panelists : I sure will!!

iMAGE: Courtesy WikiPedia Commons

19:34:24 From MelissaBarker : Battle of Leyte Wikipedia:

19:37:30 From Deb Andrew : My dad was in WWII, awarded the bronze star, came home disabled.

IMAGE: US Army, Leyte: United States, Army Campaigns of World War II, p 16, citing National Archives. Caption reads “Infantrymen cautiously move toward an enemy
machine gun position.” ( : viewed 4 April 2018.)

Regarding SSG Christian Werthwein’s unit, this brochure explains

“Meanwhile, on the west side of Leyte, the XXIV Corps received welcome reinforcements on 7 December with the landing of the 77th Infantry Division, commanded by Maj. Gen. Andrew D. Bruce, three and a half miles south of Ormoc City and one mile north of 7th Division positions. The 77th Division’s 305th, 306th, and 307th Infantry Regiments came ashore unopposed’ although naval shipping was subjected to kamikaze air attacks. As the newly committed unit landed and moved inland’ the 7th Division resumed its march north, and the defenders were quickly squeezed between the two forces.

The commitment of the 77th Division proved decisive.” 


IMAGE: US Army, Leyte: United States, Army Campaigns of World War II, p 23, citing National Archives. Caption reads “Filipino volunteers carry supplies into the mountains to reach 1st Cavalry Division troops.” ( : viewed 4 April 2018.)

19:42:50 From MelissaBarker : Pritzker Military Museum & Library Link:
19:42:56 From Sheryl Whisenhunt : My step-father, turning 97 later this month, was a fighter pilot in WWII, shot down behind enemy lines, taken prison, and made to march many miles in the snow, with no protection, only food was bugs if they could find them, beaten numerous times. He received the purple heart.
19:43:09 From Deb Andrew : I have his discharge papers, Baine Washington Stone. My husband’s uncle was in the South Pacific theatre, Cyril Peter Zurlinden, correspondent in the service.
19:44:14 From Betty-Lu Burton : My father and maternal grandfather both served in the Navy during WW ll. My father was stationed in Hawii after Pearl Harbour
19:47:00 From Janine Edmée Hakim to All panelists : Good evening Jennifer Holik, does the museum have infrmation about,or links to information about the individuals in the USO who went overseas, in military uniform, during WWII ?
19:47:43 From Jennifer Holik to All panelists : Hi Janine – Does Pritzker have that? You should check their catalog and if you cannot find it then send an email and ask to be sure.
19:51:29 From Terri Kallio: Many of these WWII Units have websites – I learned a great deal about my Uncle’s service and time at Port Moresby.
19:55:13 From Anna Matthews : There is.
19:57:51 From Betty-Lu Burton : May be she could do a Blog or website with it and then note where you donated the originals
20:01:03 From Terri Kallio to All panelists : She can also turn the blog into a self published book
20:02:06 From Betty-Lu Burton : A Weebly website
20:02:23 From Terri Kallio: Smaller reach but, copies can be donated to local libraries where he lived and historical societies.
20:03:01 From Terri Kallio: I donated a copy of mine to the High School where my Uncle lived.
20:07:27 From Deb Andrew : Check out books by Cyril Peter Zurlinden, he wrote several books on the war in the South Pacific. He was at several of the worst battles fought in that area. He always said he was shot in the typewriter.
20:09:55 From Anna Matthews : Those photos are just amazing. I have some letters home from my grand uncle who was killed in Holland. In one of them he asks for family to send him film, but no camera, film or photos are listed in his effects. I have seen some photos of his regiment online but they were dated about a week after he was killed. I keep searching, though. I do have some photos of my grandfather overseas but they are military photos, not personal like these.
20:10:36 From Jennifer Holik: Anna did you get his IDPF?
20:10:47 From Deb Andrew : He was there.
20:11:09 From Deb Andrew to All panelists : He was there.
20:12:13 From Anna Matthews : He is, but he was Canadian military. His file is on Ancestry. I have visited there with my mother and grandmother many years ago. I’m crying again.
20:12:33 From Terri Kallio: She can look for the man from Kearney’s grave marker in Manilla –
20:12:39 From Jennifer Holik: We are crying with you Anna. Hugs. Is he still buried overseas?
20:13:11 From DearMYRTLE : ((((gentle hugs))))
20:13:26 From Terri Kallio: There is also a site for men who received purple hearts –
20:14:10 From Deb Andrew: Go to google books.
20:19:18 From Anna Matthews : I have read about how the Dutch people care for war graves to this day, it is very touching. I think the entire cemetery was photographed on flickr before it was on FindAGrave. There are some gorgeous photos of the cemetery on flickr. Much better than the ones we took with our plastic Kodak camera 🙂
20:19:47 From Deb Andrew: He might of met Cyril as he was a Lt. in the Marines.
20:20:44 From Janine Edmée Hakim : Thank you so muchfor the rare oprtunity to hear you generous;y share yur grandfater’s life
20:20:54 From Anna Matthews : I will have to tell Uncle Lawrence’s story – he had no direct descendants. I’ll have to start scanning those letters this weekend!
20:21:52 From Debi Polen : Thank you so very, very much.
20:22:25 From Susan Bleimehl : Excellent evening. Thanks for sharing
20:22:50 From Molly McKinley: Oh my, that made me think of my dad so much. He was Navy, but the memories are stirred up now.
20:22:54 From Anna Matthews : Thank you!

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